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Miss America 2019

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Miss America
Date of Event: 9 Sep 2018 - 9 Sep 2018
Event Location: Boardwalk Hall, Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
51 Contestants
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Miss America 2019 People's Choice Awards

In an effort to raise more scholarship money for the Miss America 2019 competitors and the Miss America Organization as a whole, Miss America 2019 has partnered with Pageant Planet to do a People’s Choice competition. Supporters and fans can now vote for their favorite candidate as their choice for Miss America 2019. Vote for your favorite candidate now!

The competition is underway with the preliminary competitions on September 5, 6, and 7th. The final competition will be held on September 9, 2018 at 9pm ET in Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall and will be broadcast live on ABC. Stay tuned for results below!

Miss America 2019 Results

Top 15 Finalists

Miss Florida
Miss Minnesota
Miss District of Columbia
Miss Colorado
Miss Idaho
Miss Wisconsin
Miss Louisiana
Miss Indiana
Miss Massachusetts
Miss Washington
Miss Nebraska
Miss New York
Miss Connecticut
Miss Oklahoma
Miss Alabama

Top 10 Finalists

Miss Florida
Miss District of Columbia
Miss Colorado
Miss Idaho
Miss Louisiana
Miss Massachusetts
Miss Nebraska
Miss New York
Miss Connecticut
Miss Alabama

Miss America 2019 Quality of Life

Finalists: Miss Arkansas, Miss District of Columbia, Miss Georgia, Miss Maryland, Miss Mississippi, Miss New Jersey and Miss Tennessee
Winner: Miss Arkansas Claudia Raffo with New Life Saves Lives: Umbilical Cord Donation
First Runner-Up: Miss Maryland Adrianna David with The Kidney Project
Second Runner-Up: Miss Mississippi Asya Branch with Finding Your Way: Empowering Children of Incarcerated Parents

Miss America 2019 STEM Scholarship

Finalists: Miss Vermont, Miss Montana, Miss Nevada, Miss New Hampshire and Miss Massachusetts
Winners: Miss Massachusetts Gabriela Taveras, Miss Montana Laura Haller and Miss Nevada Alexis Hilts

Miss America 2019 Women in Business

Finalists: Miss Hawaii, Miss Nebraska, Miss Tennessee and Miss South Dakota
Winners: Miss Hawaii Penelope Ng Pack and Miss South Dakota Carrie Wintle

Miss America 2019 Preliminary Competition Winners:

Talent: Miss Florida, Miss Louisiana, Miss Indiana
On Stage Question: Miss Wisconsin, Miss Virginia, Miss Massachusetts

Miss America 2019 National Miracle Maker Award:

First place: Miss South Carolina Davia Bunch with $33,006.64
Second place: Miss Kansas Hannah Klaassen with $25,838.62
Third place: Miss Alabama Callie Walker with $5,790.20

Meet the Miss America 2019 competitors and see what they have to say about the Miss America 2019 competition!

Miss America 2019 Competitors Talk About Miss Conceptions

Miss America 2019 Competitors Talk About Being Miss America 2019

Miss America 2019 Competitors Talk About Scholarship Money

2019 Miss America Contestants Arrive in Atlantic City

On August 28, 51 competitors arrived in Atlantic City, New Jersey to compete for Miss America 2019. Despite a rocky year within the organization a new Miss America 2019 will be crowned on September 9, 2018.

At the start of 2018, the entire Board of Directors and the Miss America CEO, Sam Haskell, were forced to step down in the wake of a scandal. Haskell sent emails to fellow Miss America Organization executives and board members regarding the weight and sexual history of Miss America competitors and titleholders. After public outrage, Haskell and the board vacated their positions in the organization and new leadership was brought into the organization.

Miss America 1989 Gretchen Carlson was selected as the Chair of the Board of Directors to lead the organization in a new direction. With the future of the Miss America Organization unclear, Carlson and the new Board of Directors secured the Miss America 2019 competition a home in Atlantic City and spot on national television for the final competition.

Miss America 2019 Competition Changes

On June 5, 2018, the new board announced major changes to the structure of the Miss America 2019 competition. Most notable among the changes was the elimination of the swimsuit competition. For the first time in the organization’s 97-year history, the Miss America 2019 competitors would not compete in the Lifestyle and Fitness competition. This change launched “Miss America 2.0,” with the mission, “Prepare great women for the world. Prepare the world for great women.” The change was met with some backlash from long-time supporters of the program, even garnering opposition from state organizations and volunteers.

Despite the opposition, 51 incredible young women are competing in a truly historic Miss America 2019 competition. This year’s scoring has changed dramatically from past years. The personal interview with preliminary judges will account for 20 percent of the competitors’ preliminary score. Competitors will compete in an on-stage interview, which will account for 15 percent of their preliminary score and 25 percent of their final score. The evening gown competition will account for 15 percent of the competitors’ preliminary score and 20 percent of their final score. A significant change was made in the weight of the talent competition score as this competition accounts for 50 percent of the preliminary score and 30 percent of the competitors’ final score.

Miss America 2019 Scholarships

During the Miss America 2019 competition, the Miss America Organization will award $302,000 to participants in the competition. The break down of scholarships for Miss America 2019 is below:

  • Miss America $50,000

  • First Runner-up $25,000

  • Second Runner-up $20,000

  • Third Runner-up $15,000

  • Candidates finishing sixth and seventh $8,000 each

  • Candidates finishing eighth through tenth $7,000 each

  • Candidates finishing eleventh and twelfth $5,000 each

  • Candidates finishing thirteenth through fifteenth $4,000 each

  • Non-finalists $3,000 each

  • Preliminary Talent Winners $2,000 each

  • Preliminary On-stage Question Winners $1,000 each

  • Non-finalist Talent Winners $1,000 each

  • Miss Congeniality $2,000
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