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Welcome to Pageant Planet! You’ve found the definitive source for the beautiful planet of pageantry. Pageant Planet is the largest online pageant database in the world. Here you can find everything from the very best coaching advice to a database with thousands of pageants, contestants and businesses in our industry at your fingertips. Our goal is simple: to connect and expand the pageant industry.

Our founder and CEO Steven Roddy noticed a gap in our industry ten years ago: it didn’t have one central place that competitors could find affordable and credible coaching and pageants. What once began as a one-man operation blogging from a coffee shop has grown exponentially through the years.

As a company, Pageant Planet has been fortunate to have major partnerships starting with brands like AshleyLauren and Mon Cheri. We’ve moved from a blog with a few fans to over 400,000 followers on our social media channels. Through our Best in Pageantry Awards, we recognize excellence in pageantry throughout the world each year. We’ve even been featured on media outlets across the globe like Sunrise Australia, The Epoch Times, Insider, NY Times, Yahoo! Financial, Bustle and more!

In 2018, we launched a brand new version of our site, meant to connect and regulate pageantry in a groundbreaking way. Not only are we helping individuals succeed in pageantry, we are advancing the industry as a whole. Check out this tutorial to get started on our site:

Have questions or want more information? Email us at [email protected] or check out our FAQs below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pageants are outdated for today’s society, aren’t they?

Nope! Pageantry is more relevant today than ever before. Our industry is constantly evolving to empower the women (and men) who compete in it every year. 

Hundreds of former winners and contestants are launched into successful careers because of their experience in the industry. Check out Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, who has launched a clothing line, beauty products and a modeling career. Maybe names like Oprah Winfrey, Gretchen Carlson and Priyanka Chopra ring a bell. If pageantry was “outdated,” would it really lead to empowered women with successful careers? Hm, we think not.

Can anyone compete in a pageant?

One of the great things about pageantry is that there’s a pageant out there for everyone. No, really. Married and want to compete with other married women? Try a Mrs. pageant like Mrs. America. Want to try out a male pageant? Find one of the many in our database. Have a talent to showcase? Head on over to National American Miss. Want a specialty pageant for dog moms? Seriously, check the database. You’ll find something for everyone in there.

I’ve seen “Toddlers and Tiaras.” Is that really what pageants are like?

Now, you know better than to believe everything you’ve seen on television and the internet, right? Sure there’s a small subset of the industry called, “glitz pageantry,” which is known for heavier makeup, fully blinged-out dresses and small children with hair pieces. This is contrasted with “natural pageantry,” which typically doesn’t allow makeup, hair pieces or false teeth for children and is more subdued than your typical reality television show. Once again, one of the great things about pageantry is that there’s a pageant out there for everyone. Don’t believe us? Check out the pageant database and see for yourself. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

We don’t buy the “sisterhood” thing. It is a competition after all. Are the contestants actually nice to each other?

When contestants come out of pageants talking about finding their best friends, it’s not a big conspiracy to fool “the outsiders.” There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline of putting yourself out there on a stage and hours of rehearsals with other like-minded women to bond competitors together. At the end of the day, everyone competing knows there can only be one winner so most people bring their “A game” but try focus on fun during pageant weekend, too.

This isn’t to say bad experiences can’t happen. That’s why we’ve implemented a review system on pageant pages. Anyone who has competed with a particular pageant can rate and review their experience on the pageant’s Pageant Planet profile. Then, contestants can see those reviews before deciding to compete in a particular pageant.

Miss America and Miss USA... they’re basically the same thing, right?

Not exactly… Those outside of the industry are always surprised to find out that Miss America and Miss USA are two different pageants! As a quick guide, Miss America is the competition with a talent portion and its winner does not advance to an international pageant. Miss USA does not have a talent portion, but its winner advances to the Miss Universe pageant to represent the United States in the competition. Want a more in-depth look? Check out the Miss America and Miss USA & Teen USA profiles for all the information you desire.

Really want to be an expert? Learn the difference between Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth. Hint: All the information you’ll need is on their Pageant Planet profiles. See how easy we’ve made it?

It seems like there are a ton of pageants and professionals out there. How do you decide who to work with?

Research, research, research! That’s why we created our database. The database is a one-stop shop for finding pageants, coaches, personal trainers, manufacturers, emcees and more.

What’s even better? We actually take the time to compile the best of industry each and every year as part of our Best in Pageantry Awards. Check out the Best Beauty Pageants: 2019 Edition for an example of our Best in Pageantry Awards.

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