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Top Pageant Hairstyles of All Time (2020 Edition)

29, January 2020

Every year Pageant Planet compiles a list of the best pageant hairstyles from the previous year based on our Best in Pageantry Awards. This list may even help you find your next photoshoot or pageant look!

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Top 10 Jr. Princess/Princess Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

Top 10 Jr. Pre-Teen/Pre-Teen Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

Top 10 Jr. Teen/Teen Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

Top 10 Miss Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

Top 10 Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

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Top 10 Jr. Princess/Princess Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

10. Camdyn Fisher

In our tenth spot for Best Pageant Hair of 2019 is your Miss Arizona Jr. Elementary, Camdyn Fisher! Camdyn's soft curls look natural and elegant. Her hair is not overdone and it works perfectly for her age division. The swoop in Camdyn's hair helps frame her face and give her look more dimension. Her hair is ever so slightly lifted at the roots so we can see her face clearly. We love this natural look on Camdyn and think that she looks absolutely adorable!

Photo: Camdyn Fisher

9. Teagan Morris

Coming in ninth for Best Pageant Hair of 2019 is your 2019 America's Majestic Miss Baby, Teagan Morris! Teagan's honey blonde hair complements her beautiful brown eyes. Her ringlet curls hold their shape without being too tightly wound and are held back out of her face by a big red hair bow. This look on Teagan is age appropriate and looks darling with the rest of her styling! Congrats, Teagan!

Photo: Teagan Morris

8. Laila Edwards

Laila Edwards, your 2019 International Junior Miss Texas Jr. Princess, took home the eighth spot for Best Pageant Hair of 2019! Laila is changing it up on the list. We have been seeing hair down and curly, but Laila is showing us her beautiful face by pulling her hair back into a ponytail! Though Laila's hair is pulled back, we are still able to see and appreciate her gorgeous natural curls. This hair style allows us to focus on Laila's face and we are living for it!

Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography

7. Skylar Catron

Skylar Catron, your 2019 USA National Miss South Carolina Jr. Princess, was voted into the seventh spot for Best Pageant Hair of 2019! Skylar may look familiar to you as she was voted into the Top 10 for Best Evening Gown! We love Skylar's diverse hairstyle because this hairstyle has a classic glitz look and it translates well to the natural pageant world too! Skylar's hair has great volume and is pulled out of her face. Her blonde curls are soft and fall perfectly enhancing her entire look! We think Skylar looks great and clearly has a great team helping style her!

Photo: Skylar Catron

6. Maddex Piller

In our sixth spot for Best Princess Pageant Hair is your Little Miss Illinois Royalty International, Maddex Piller! This fun hairstyle shows of Maddex's personality! Her hair is teased into a poof at the front of her hair and she is rocking a half up, half down ponytail! The half up part of her hair brings the focus to her face and the half down section of her hair is curly and bouncy! Imagine the movement it had on stage while she was rocking it out! Maddex's blue eyes pop against her blonde hair and she looks absolutely stunning! Congrats, Maddex!

Photo: Maddex Piller

5. Kamryn Mathis

Kamryn Mathis, your USA National Miss Princess 2019, was voted into the fifth spot for Best Pageant Hair of 2019! Kamryn has long, beautiful golden blonde hair that complements her blue eyes. The soft curls in her hair make her look relaxed and friendly! During competition, Kamryn opted to add more volume to her hair to really enhance her presence on stage. This girl can rock a multitude of looks and that's why she made it on to our Top 10 list! Way to go Kamryn!

Photo: Kamryn Mathis

4. Tatyana Wallace

Tatyana Wallace is your International United Miss Princess and is taking home the fourth spot for Best Pageant Hair of 2019! We are loving Tatyana's naturally curly hair in this photo! She is unapologetically herself and she looks happy! Her hair length is just above her shoulders and she looks absolutely darling! Her dark hair makes her eyes pop in this photo! Tatyana is another girl who can rock numerous hairstyles and you can see her work these looks on her contestant profile! We think Tatyana looks stunning and this straight A student proves that a queen can have beauty and brains! Congratulations, Tatyana!

Photo: Tatyana Wallace

3. Ayva Yoeub

Your International Junior Miss Princess 2019, Ayva Yoeub was voted into the third spot for Best Pageant Hair of 2019! Ayva's fun fashion hair is super cute and is full of personality! She is rocking a half up, half down hairstyle that is slicked back into a high ponytail. Ayva's face is framed by the curled down pieces. What works so well about Ayva's hairstyle is that it isn't trying too hard. We think Ayva looks great and it's no wonder she walked away with her second international title!

Photo: Ayva Yoeub

2. Dahlia Schwartz

Dahlia Swartz, your 2019 Tiny Miss Regency International, is taking home the second spot on our list for Best Pageant Hair of 2019! Dahlia is coming in with a bang! (Hah! Get it?) She looks so sweet with these face framing bangs! Dahlia has long, thick hair that holds beautiful curls. Her hair looks soft and, my goodness, can we talk about the shine?!? Dahlia's look is natural and polished. I think we can all agree that crown belongs on a head of hair like Dahlia's! Congratulations, Dahlia!

Photo: Legnar Ekim Photography

1. Emma-Charles Townsend

In the first spot for Best Pageant Hair of 2019 is your Miss Georgia Elementary America, 2nd Grade Queen 2019 Emma-Charles Townsend! Emma-Charles is the first girl on this list to rock a set of ponytails! Her hair is teased in the back to give her hair some dimension on stage. Her hair is lightly curled and looks age appropriate and natural on her! Emma-Charles is wearing a red headband with a bow on it to match her dress, socks and shoes to pull her entire look together. We love this look and how different it is from the rest of the list! Congratulations, Emma-Charles! You look beautiful!

Photo: Sean Charlton

Top 10 Jr. Pre-Teen/Pre-Teen Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

10. Rylee Ann

Coming in at the number 10 spot on the Best Jr. Preteen/Preteen Pageant Hair is Rylee Ann, 2019 Regency Gulf Coast and National American Miss 2019 Jr. Pre-Teen National Photogenic!

In this photo, her lovely chestnut brown hair has been parted on the side of her head which is always a sophisticated look for a pageant contestant. The crown of her hair has been lightly teased to add just a bit of height and then brushed back off of her face and secured with a barrette. The length of her hair has been deliberately coaxed into long tendrils of ringlets that have been separated into delightful individual curls. This is a very classic, youthful hairstyle that can be adapted for just about any young lady!

Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography 

9.  Amelia Hussong

Placing at number nine on the list this year is Amelia Hussong, Little Miss United States 2019!

This is the way that you want your hair to look during a crowing photo! Amelia has luxurious long chocolate brown hair that has been parted on the side, right over the center of her eye. When the hair is parted like this, it serves to bring the attention right to the eyes, so it's the perfect choice for a pageant competition. Her hair was teased a bit all over to add some dramatic volume, so that it didn't go flat underneath those hot stage lights. The stylist separated the hair into sections and then curled each into loose, deep waves, resulting in a fabulously modern version of old Hollywood glamour!

Photo: Stella Martinez Crowl

8. Emmy Gelardi Bunyi

Selected for the number seven spot is Emmy Gelardi Bunyi, Royal International Miss International Sweetheart 2019-2020! Emmy is also no stranger to our Best in Pageantry lists, having also been on the top ten list for Fun Fashion outfits

This pageant competitor knows exactly what works for her because this hairstyle is one of Emmy's go-to styles for pageant competition. Her natural hair texture is thick and wavy and she controls it by parting it on one side and then, she pulls it all back loosely on both sides of her head. That way the judges can clearly see her pretty face. She gets significant volume from teasing the hair at the crown and the rest of her glossy, ebony curls are allowed to explode freely. She can then push the hair over to one shoulder if she likes or she can allow it to cascade straight down her back. It's a brilliant style choice when you're on stage and don't have time for significant changes to your hair!

Photo: Emmy Gelardi Bunyi

7. Claudia Fether

International Junior Miss Georgia Preteen 2019, Claudia Fether ranks at number seven on our list this year! Claudia is another young lady who has been a previous member of the Best in Pageantry awards, having been on the Best Evening Gown list of 2019

We're sure you'll agree that this is the ultimate glamour-girl pageant hair look, and we just love it! It's got all the wow factor that a girl needs for on stage competition. Claudia has long, lustrous golden hair and she has mastered the art of sky-high volume. Her mane has been parted deeply on the side of her head, and then thoroughly teased at the crown. The hair has been brushed away from her face so that it does not overwhelm, and the length of it has been coaxed into glorious waves. It's a dramatic, attention getting look and this Georgia peach is owning it!

Photo: International Junior Miss

6.  Alena Mascarenas

Coming in at the number six spot is Alena Mascarenas, National American Miss Arizona Pre-Teen 2019-2020! We love seeing regulars like Alena Mascarenas from our Best in Pageantry lists. She was on the list for the Best Pageant Gowns of 2019 as well. 

This is a very unique hairstyle that got everybody's attention! At first glance, it looks like a traditional high ponytail, but makes it so special is the way that her hair has been styled on the top of her head. Alena's hair has been parted just slightly off center and each top section was crafted into large coils of hair. It's a hairstyle that is actually reminiscent of the 1940s, so we were tickled to see this contemporary take on it. The pony tail part of the hair in the back is separated into loose tendrils and allowed to hang down freely. This is such a fun, fresh and creative hairstyle for the Fun Fashion outfit that Alena is modeling!

Photo: National American Miss

5. Alyssa Hernandez

2019 USA National Miss Grand Canyon Preteen, Alyssa Hernandez has been selected for the number five spot on the list! This 13 year old is also a previous member of the Best in Pageantry awards, having been on the Best Evening Gown list of 2019!

Alyssa is sporting a very sophisticated hairstyle here that we have to agree is a winning look for this young beauty. She has a curtain of coffee colored hair that is glorious on its own, but in this photo, her hair has been taken to the next level. What takes this style from ordinary to wow is the detail. Her hair hasn't just been straightened; it has been arranged meticulously and artfully. She has a very modern, straight middle part and the crown has been given just a bit of height. Then each side has been slicked down into separate sections and the result is very sleek and regal. Alyssa's hairdresser selected the ideal look to accentuate this contestant's exquisite bone structure!

Photo: Amanda Ferguson Photography

4. Kali Soliz

Placing at number four on the list this year is Kali Soliz, Miss Texas High School America Senior Elementary 2019!

Who doesn't love a high ponytail hairstyle, and Kali is putting her own twist on this adorable style! This 10-year-old has outstanding long, chocolate-colored hair that has been pulled up high on top of her head. Each strand of her shiny spirals has been allowed to flow down over her shoulders freely, giving a ton of movement as she walks. A fringe of bangs emphasizes her eyes, which is so on trend. We think this look is utterly charming on Kali!

Photo: Sheldon Smith

3. Madelyn Rose Sheffel

Madelyn Rose Sheffel ranks at number three!

Madelyn has glorious warm brown hair that is kissed with caramel and auburn tones. This is a very polished and tasteful hairstyle that we think is absolutely divine on her, especially for the interview portion of competition. Madelyn's hairdresser gave her a soft side part that is not too severe, and likely set her hair on very large rollers of some kind. The hair was then carefully brushed straight down the back and sides, in contrast to the ends of the hair, which are voluminous barrel curls. This style is on point and magnificent!

Photo: Beyond the See Photography

2. Brooklyn Kennett

Coming in at the number two spot is Brooklyn Kennett, 2019 Royal International Miss Heartland Princess!

This hairstyle demonstrates that simplicity can be sublime! Brooklyn has a mane of ash brown hair with honey highlights that we are so envious of! In this photo, she's done something so fun with her hairstyle. The hair has been parted just off center in a very casual way, and the length of it has just been brushed into a cascade that falls down over one shoulder. To finish off the look, she's wearing a hot pink double headband with a fluffy floral bloom in the same color. This is the kind of hairstyle you choose when you want the girl to be noticed, not just the hair, and we think it's quite charming!

Photo: Brooklyn Kennett 

1. Claire Mcguigan

Topping the list of the Best Jr. Preteen/Preteen Pageant Hair is Princess of America Preteen Tennessee Claire Mcguigan in the top spot!

This young lady loves to style her hair in a variety of ways for competition and you can tell that she had a lot of fun with this particular hairstyle! She's not afraid to explore new looks and we think that this take on a half-up/half-down style is just marvelous! Clair's hair is a soft brown color with a medium texture and it's been arranged into long, medium sized curls that have been brushed out into loose waves. Just the hair in the very middle of the top of the crown has been gathered into an unfussy ponytail. You can see that the hair has been teased but it's not overly high. The beauty of this hair style is that it's a fun and sassy look that would work for a number of different hair types, and is completely appropriate for many on and off stage situations.

Photo: Kristy Belcher Photography 


Top 10 Jr. Teen/Teen Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

10. Sydney Baldwin

Sydney Baldwin, USA National Miss Jr. Teen Kentucky 2020, wins the tenth position on our Top 10 Teen Pageant Hairstyles list, with this cute, short cut! Her soft curls gives the style body and helps to keep it age-appropriate while standing out on a Teen contestant. Sometimes short hairstyles can feel too mature for teen contestants, however, if styled right, the hair can become perfect for a teen and help the contestant standout. These soft curls keep her hair fresh, feminine and fun for the stage!

Photo: Press Shots

9. Alexis Victoria Santana

Wining the ninth position is Alexis Victoria Santana, USA National Miss Florida Teen 2019. Rocking her power ponytail helped to set Alexis apart from the other compeititors. This power pony helps Alexis' attitude to shine on stage, showing her confidence and personality! This hairstyle helps show of her face and highlights her accessories beautifully. With such an exuberant green jumpsuit, this simple hairstyle doesn't overdo the outfit. Her hairstyle truly finished her bold and confident look for the national stage!

Photo: Amanda Ferguson Photography

8. Kennedy Edwards

Eight spot is awarded to Kennedy Edwards, Miss Texas Teen USA 2019! Kennedy rocked a stunning straight and sleek look for her Miss Teen USA headshot, creating a popular and stylish look that the judges could not forget! The sleek look suits her unique personality and helps her stand out from all the other contestants who chose classic curls and volume. This natural look and shine, creates a frame for her beautiful face and features!

Photo: Kennedy Edwards

7. Khiana Michelle Provido

Winning the seventh spot is Khiana Michelle Provido, the current International United Miss Jr Teen 2019-2020! With her classic, polished hairstyle worn during her evening gown portion of the competition it's no wonder why she made the list. Her comb through curls feels relaxed and elegant, setting her apart from others on stage. The height in her hair keeps it off and out of her beautiful face, allowing her to draw the judges' attention to her radiant smile. 

Photo: International United Miss Pageant

6. Dajania James

 Dajania James is next on the list of top hairstyles for 2019, your reigning National United Miss Junior Miss 2019, wore a stunning styled ponytail on stage during the fun fashion portion of the pageant. Her styled ponytail is perfect for high necklines, and help the judges and audience see the whole dress. The gently styled side portions help to not overwhelm the face, and keep the attention on your eyes and facial expressions, especially in fun fashion!

Photo: International United Miss Pageant

5. Lauren Robinson

Finishing at the halfway point for the Top 10 Teen Pageant Hairstyles of 2019 is Lauren Robinson, your Teen Miss Princess of America 2019. Lauren's hairstyle is a stunning, loose curl hairstyle. With the hair tossed behind one shoulder, the style shows off her dress as well as her earrings. This hairstyle shows off her personality and goregous natural hair. The loose curl makes this look daring and dramatic; a showstopper on any stage.

Photo: Lauren Robinson

4. Taylor Stuart

Taylor Stuart, Miss Freedom USA Teen wins the fourth spot on this year's list, with her polished version of curly hair. Adding just the slightest touch of curl to the bottom of the hair sets Taylor apart from all the other contestants. With her hair pulled back over one shoulder, this style allows her smile and personality to shine through in the interview competition. The hair is not too over-styled, or with too much volume, which makes this a perfect age-appropriate option for a hairstyle.

Photo: Taylor Stuart

3. Jade Eilers

Jade Eilers comes in the third spot on the Top 10 Teen Pageant Hairstyles of 2019. The reigning National Jr. Teen Captivating 2020 adds a unique hairstyle to this list. Her beautiful updo shows excellent volume and texture, while not being too much or too over-styled. With a ponytail she is able to pull the hair away from her facial features, keeping the attention on her framed face and her personality which shines with the hairstyle. Adding a pony tail and texture on stage is sure to help any contestant be unforgettable!

Photo: Jade Eilers

2. Autumn Harabedian

Second place this year is awarded to Autumn Harabedian the reigning International Junior Miss Southern California Teen 2019. Autumn rocked a traditional pageant look, which captured her essence and personality on stage. Keeping it tried and true, not too busy. Hey, it's traditional for a reason! 

This look is glam, but still natural. Her beautiful long hair is perfectly suited with this hairstyle. This style helped highlight her natural shine, beauty and thickness of her hair!

Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography

1. Peyton Stuewe

Winning the top spot for Top 10 Teen Pageant Hairstyles of 2019 is Peyton Stuewe the current Miss Junior High America 2019. Peyton kept her hairstyle fresh and current this year. Showing off her natural tight curls is a daring and bold idea that paid off for Peyton. Keeping her hair down and styled naturally helped her stand out on stage. She often highlighted the style with a loop or chandelier earrings so as to not overpower the hairstyle or change its overall impression.

Peyton kept it natural and truly herself on stage with this one of a kind, look at me, hairstyle of hers!

Photo: Sheldon Smith Photography

Top 10 Miss Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

10. Zozibini Tunzi

Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019, makes our tenth spot in our Best Miss Pageant Hair of 2019! Zozibini's short buzz cut look is not for everyone, but for someone with striking facial features and elegant style, like Zozi, this highlights her beauty and boldness! With such an amazing look, Zozibini was able to stand apart from the Miss Universe delegates and prove herself to be the one to beat! Congratulations, Zozibini!

Photo: Miss Universe Organization

9. Harleigh Goodman

Harleigh Goodman, Miss Illinois Collegiate 2019, takes our ninth spot in the Best Miss Pageant Hair of 2019! In this amazing orange organza dress, it is Harleigh's hair that takes our breath away! She keeps her brunette locks tucked behind her ears and with an off center part, she opens up her face and wows us with her sleek look. Congrats, Harleigh!

Photo: Harleigh Goodman

8. Courtney Smits

Courtney Smits, Miss Virginia USA 2019, steals our eight spot in the Best in Miss Pageant Hair of 2019! In her state winning gown, we can clearly see why she won her title! To coincide with the regality of her gown, Courtney wore her brunette hair in a twisted bun. The bun itself was perfectly relaxed, not too tight and not too loose. This hairstyle was the perfect style choice and won her the crown. Great job, Courtney!

Photo: Courtney Smits

7. Kendall Gayle Johnson

Kendall Gayle Johnson, National Miss Captivating 2020, makes our seventh spot on our Best in Miss Pageant hair of 2019! In one amazing headshot, we see the beauty that is Kendall's hair! In this modernly curled style, Kendall has pieces of her hair covering her forehead, which serves to give it a perfectly effortless aura! Matched with a white shirt and burgundy background, the hair choice makes Kendall stand out ten times as much. Great choice, Kendall!

Photo: Kendall Johnson

6. Michaela McLean

Michaela McLean, Miss Florida 2019, takes our sixth spot in our Best Miss Pageant Hair of 2019! In her winning look, we can see exactly why Michaela was able to take home the title of Miss Florida! With her dirty blonde locks, Michaela chose to have more of a relaxed, romantic curl with a side bang. A look like this can take a long time to get perfect, and we applaud Michaela for her hard work! Congratulations, Michaela!

Photo: Michaela McLean

5. Olivia Miller

Olivia Miller, USA National Miss 2019, begins our top five in our Best Miss Pageant Hairstyles of 2019! With her daring look, Olivia made a great choice! With her shoulder length, blonde hair, Olivia chose to do a beautiful beach wave that transported us right to the beach! With a tiny piece of hair framing her face, this look was perfect for her headshots! Great choice, Olivia!

Photo: Austin Ryde Photography

4. Nicki Dipietro

Nicki Dipietro, Miss Texas International Junior Miss 2019, makes our fourth spot in our Best in Miss Pageant Hair of 2019! Donning a baby blue cocktail dress, Nicki stuns us with this vintage style curl! With a side part and bang reminiscent of the fifties, which has become a new and modern pageant style, Nicki shines with her blonde hair! This effervescent look is incredible, Nicki!

Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography

3. Taylor Kessler

Taylor Kessler, Miss Texas USA 2020, takes our third place spot in our Best Miss Pageant Hair of 2019! Taylor looks sleek and sharp in this amazing hairstyle! With a middle part, hair tucked behind her ears and her hair at the crown of her head gelled down, this look keeps all the focus on her amazing face, which is perfect for the interview competition! This look took months of practice for Taylor and her hard work shows! Congratulations, Taylor!

Photo: Miss Texas USA

2. Nellys Pimentel

Nellys Pimentel, Miss Earth 2019, makes our second place spot in our Best in Miss Pageant Hair of 2019! With her crown on, Nellys chose this beautiful, loose wave look that complements everything about her outfit! With her long, brunette hair, it's easy to see how Nellys walked away with her title! The look is entirely natural and easygoing! Congrats, Nellys!

Photo: Nellys Pimentel

1. Cheslie Kryst

Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019, rounds out our list and takes the top spot in our Best Miss Pageant Hair of 2019! If there was one word to describe Cheslie when she first walked on the Miss USA stage, it would be: HAIR! Cheslie made the brave, bold and beautiful decision to rock her natural curls on the Miss USA stage, and it got her noticed! The texture of her curls softened her, but the volume of her hair made her visible to every eye in the audience and on our television screens. She made every woman of color want to rock their natural hair for their next competition, and for that, we salute you, Cheslie!

Photo: Miss Universe Organization

Top 10 Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hairstyles of 2019

10. Ashley Cambers

Ashley Cambers is your Ms. Ohio United States 2019 and was voted into the tenth spot for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! This veteran of the Army National Guard is no stranger to rocking a bun. Instead of being combat ready, this elegant bun is set higher up and is stage ready. We love that Ashley has her hair pulled back so we can see her face and that her hair is also up to further elongate her neck and body. Her dark hair pops against her hazel eyes and her face is framed by her long AB stone earrings. Congrats, Ashley!

Photo: Ashley Cambers

9. Robin Towle

Coming in at ninth for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019 is your Mrs. International 2019, Robin Towle! Robin's hair is long and beautiful! Her chocolate brown hair is filled with curls and falls naturally down her back and over her left shoulder. Not only is the eye dancing with all of her curls, but she has that classic pageant bang swoop on the left side of her face. We think Robin looks gorgeous, relaxed and like she put in the work and effort into her appearance. Nothing is stopping this mom of six from looking stunning and wowing us all!

Photo: Paula Preston

8. Amanda Middleton

Amanda Middleton, Ms. Regency International 2019, was voted into the eighth spot for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! Amanda is no stranger to our Best in Pageantry lists as she was voted into the Top 10 for Best Evening Gown! What made Amanda's entire evening gown look so beautiful is her long, dark hair. The contrast between her hair and her white dress makes Amanda stand out on stage. Her long, curled hair is slightly teased at her scalp and around her face so her hair doesn't obstruct our view of Amanda. Her hair complements her facial features and her entire ensemble. Congrats, Amanda!

Photo: Tarquin Hooper Photography

7. Amber Goodner

Amber Goodner represented the Midsouth at Royal International Miss and was voted into the seventh spot for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! Amber is sporting a fun, voluminous ponytail. She has a strand of hair wrapped around her hair tie for a seamless, put together look. We love that Amber's hair is pulled back and out of her face. She looks fresh, youthful and friendly. Her brown hair makes her blue eyes pop and we think that Amber is totally killing this look!

Photo: Beyond The See Photography

6. Ronica Jackson

Ronica Jackson, United States of America's Ms. Texas 2019, came in sixth for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! Ronica's hair is the epitome of glamour. She has big, voluminous "look at me" pageant curls! Her hair is lifted at the roots to frame her face and she has the classic pageant bang side swoop, which looks absolutely stunning. Ronica has layers for days helping add to the volume of her hair and making her curls more dynamic. The highlights in Ronica's hair add dimension and compliments her eye color and skin tone as well. Everything really is bigger in Texas! Congratulations, Ronica!

Photo: Ronica Jackson

5. Makeva Armant

Makeva Armant, your Royal International Miss International Role Model Ms., was voted into the fifth spot for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! Makeva is sporting a look that we have yet to see on this particular list! She is changing up the game by rocking this pixie cut with bangs. While others may tend to lean toward the traditional pageant curl look, Makeva is breaking the mold and is standing out from the crowd with her short hair. We love this look and we love a girl who isn't afraid to stray from the "norm." Way to go Makeva!

Photo: Makeva Armant

4. Allison Snyder

Allison Snyder, your International United Ms. 2019, was voted into the fourth spot for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! Allison is no stranger to the glam life as she is the owner of Allison Kaye Hair and Makeup where she services weddings and pageants. We love the soft curls in Allison's hair. Her light brown hair with blonde-ish highlights give her hair dimension and makes her blue eyes pop. The length and layering works so well with Allison's facial features and truly makes her stand out amongst the crowd! Keep doing your thing, Allison!

Photo: Studio RM Photography

3. Christine Rich

Christine Rich is your Mrs. Eco USA 2019 and is taking home the third spot for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! Christine's hair is your traditional pageant hair and that's why we love it! Her blonde hair has different shades in it, making her curls more dynamic. Her hair is long and layered giving her curls more volume and a more interesting shape to allow the eye to dance. Christine's hair is teased and lifted from the root to make her hair more voluminous and to frame her face. Can you say "blonde bombshell?!" Congrats, Christine!

Photo: Carlos Velez

2. Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson

Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson holds the title of Mrs. Diamond United Kingdom 2019 and took home second for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! Leigh went au naturel with her beautiful curly hair. There is nothing overly done about this stunning woman. Leigh was her authentic self and showed that natural hair is beautiful! We love the length and the cut of her hair because it gives her a styled and dimensional look. Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson is slaying the game and it's no wonder why she took the second spot on our list!

Photo: Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson

1. Elizabeth Peace

Elizabeth Peace, Mrs. Atlantic States, was voted into the first spot for Best Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hair of 2019! What we love about Elizabeth's hair is that it is elegant and works for all ages! She didn't allow herself to be pigeonholed into what a Mrs./Ms. Should look like. Her long, curly hair is soft and the way it was styled helps elongate her body in her form-fitting mermaid dress. Elizabeth has a few layers around the front of her hair that, when curled, help frame her face. Elizabeth looks absolutely stunning and we are so jealous of her hair! Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Photo: Paula Preston

Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018

10. Meghan Wallace

Meghan Wallace was voted in the tenth spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. Outstanding American Miss, National Young Miss 2018 Meghan Wallace, is a curly-haired cutie with attention getting hair! This auburn-haired beauty has the most gorgeous ringlet curls you have ever seen, and when she competed this year, you can bet that her hair got her noticed! Curly girls, be inspired! Wear your curly locks proudly because they will make you a stand out at your next pageant!

Photo: Clover Storm Photography

9. Bella Rose Rivera

Bella Rose Rivera was voted in the ninth spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. Bella means “beautiful” and there is no better description for this little princess’s hair. USA National Miss Arizona Jr. Princess 2018, Bella Rivera loves to wear her hair in unique ways and when she competed this year, she chose to wear her rich brown waves pulled to the side with a delicate barrette that matched her gown. Apparently the judges loved it as much as we do!

Photo: USA National Miss Facebook

8. Brooklyn Kennett

Brooklyn Kennett was voted in the eighth spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. Royal International Miss Lone Star State Princess 2018, Brooklyn Kennett hails from the great state of Texas, so having fabulous pageant hair is in her blood! She likes to wear her shiny maple brown locks in all kinds of ways. From straight and sleek to glamorous waves, or with trend setting bows and hair bands, this budding fashionista knows how to make the most of her crowning glory!

Photo: Brooklyn Kennett Facebook

7. Claire McGuigan

Claire McGuigan was voted in the seventh spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, we’re sure every contestant noticed her angelic hair. USA National Miss Tennessee Princess 2018, Claire McGuigan’s hair is so soft and pretty, and it looks amazing no matter how she styles it. In fact, we think that fair Claire’s long, silky caramel kissed curls make her look like a princess even when she’s not wearing a crown!

Photo: USA National Miss

6. Emory Cooler

Emory Cooler was voted in the sixth spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. When Emory Cooler was crowned the 2018 USA National Miss Jr. Princess, she looked every bit the winner, and her hair was as divine as her gown. One thing that Pageant Planet noticed that little Emory does with her hair, is that she loves to use cute accessories like barrettes, flowers and bows that match her outfit perfectly! We were so impressed at how those adorable accessories enhance her look, but they are never distracting. This young lady may be a young competitor but she sure has some stand out style!

Photo: Amanda Ferguson Photography

5. Libby Baird

Libby Baird was voted in the fifth spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. IJM Natural State Princess 2018, Libby Baird has a halo of honey brown hair that gives us such hair envy! She may be young, but she’s already discovered that variety is the spice of life when it comes to hair. This photogenic doll is one busy little lady, and seems to have a cool hairstyle for every activity. Whether she is twirling a baton, modeling for photos or collecting stuffed animals for kids in foster care, her hair always looks fantastic!

Photo: Darren Lykes

4. Maleena Luna

Maleena Luna was voted in the fourth spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. National Elite Little Miss Texas 2018, Maleena Luna is a striking girl with equally striking hair. She has long, coffee brown hair that seems to do pretty much anything she wants it too. From stand out spirals to big barrel rolls, and every kind of adorable feminine updo that you can imagine, this Texas tot is having a blast with her hair. To top it off, her Mommy just happens to be a photographer, so she takes photos of every look. I think we’ve got the makings of a supermodel on our hands!

Photo: Julia Luna

3. Araceli Freeman

Araceli Freeman was voted in the third spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. Royal International Miss Bayou State Princess 2019, Araceli Freeman is a go-getter with some great hair! Being a gymnast, dancer, cheerleader, model and an actress are just a few of the things she likes to do. This sassy little princess has as many different hair styles as she has hobbies! She loves wearing her hair down and styling it straight or curly, as well as wearing it in pony tails, braids and pigtails. In fact, she even has a cool do’ where she wears double pigtails. We wouldn’t be surprised to see her on a shampoo commercial someday!

Photo: Araceli Freeman Instagram

2. Tessa Marino

Tessa Marino was voted in the second spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. USA National Princess 2018 Tessa Marino, is as talented as she is beautiful. This future Broadway bound dancer has already sung the National Anthem at many charity and sporting events. And, when you’re in the spotlight performing as often as Tessa is, your hair has got to look flawless. As much as she enjoys performing, she loves giving to others even more. This tiny dancer decided to cut off some of her long, flowing mocha colored locks to help, “Children With Hair Loss.” We think this pretty, dark haired princess has a heart of gold!

Photo: USA National Princess 2018 Facebook

1. Khloe Noelke

Khloe Noelke was voted into the first place spot for the Top 10 Princess Hairstyles of 2018. This sweet southern belle has sunny blonde hair and great big dreams! Miss Pecos County Princess, Khloe Noelke will be competing for the USA National Miss Texas 2019 State Princess title in February! We have no doubt that this little darlin’ will be turning the judge’s heads when those stage lights hit her halo of golden curls. She looks especially great in this photo with her hair swept off of her face and clipped with this cute, colorful ribbon. It is no surprise at all that Khloe was selected for the number one spot on this list because not only does she have gorgeous hair, but her heart is as big as her home state of Texas. She volunteers regularly for the Ronald McDonald House, Relay For Life and for retirement homes in her area.

Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography


Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018

10. Somiah Swanson

Somiah Swanson was voted in the tenth spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. How can you not smile when you look at this adorable preteen princess? Somiah’s hairstyle is right on trend for the season. Her honey blonde ombré ringlets were accented with a gorgeous golden-yellow rose. Of course her hairstyle made the top 10. Her hair is a perfect complement to that fabulous cream and gold rhinestone embellished halter.

Photo: Somiah Facebook

9. Taylor Stuart

Taylor Stuart was voted in the ninth spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. This baby diva in the making is a genie a bottle and she is ready! Taylor was whipping that sleek ponytail while she perfectly displayed her blue gown. Her “high pony” had a beautiful waterfall effect with edgy straight hair. This look is what every girl wants on and off stage. Well done!

Photo: Pageant Planet

8. Lauren Mansfield

Lauren Mansfield was voted in the ninth spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. She pulled off the fresh and natural look perfectly for her stunning crown headshot. The front of her hair is pulled back to keep all the attention on Mansfield’s face. Her curls are perfectly placed so that the look is polish and pretty.

Photo: Pageant Planet

7. Addison

Addison was voted in the seventh spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. Who doesn’t love a big and curly high pony? Addison slayed the stage with her twist on a vintage pony. Her look was glam without being too over the top. Three hair snaps for you!

Photo: Goodwin Photography

6. Sydney Lalla

Sydney Lalla was voted in the sixth spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. What a little beauty! If there’s a head of hair to dote upon, it’s Sydney’s hair. Her curly tresses were ever so daintily draped over her shoulder while tiny tendrils to create a hint of whimsy. Superb!

Photo: International United Miss

5. Jaidyn Alyssa Fountain

Jaidyn Alyssa Fountain was voted in the fifth spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. For this competition season, her brunette sun-kissed mane was a force to be reckoned with. Jaden’s pageant hair was done with a modern twist. She pulled off a thick, gorgeous head of hair. With big loose beach curls and highlighted ombré touches her hair was sure to make the list!

Photo: Pageant Planet

4. Adrianna Aloni

Adrianna Aloni was voted in the fourth spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. A refreshing glammed girl-next-door look can be done? Well Adrianna sure pulled it off with her whimsical smile and hair to die for! Her fantastic curly locks graze her shoulders while the lights eliminate her highlights and lowlights. Her hairstylist deserves an award, too. This head of hair is what hair product commercials are made of!

Photo: Pageant Planet

3. Ana Tovar

Ana Tovar was voted in the third spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. This pageant season’s hair tutorial should be with Ana’s gorgeous full, thick and shiny hair. There isn’t one hair out of place of this beauty’s head. Her brunette hair had a petite front-side part that allowed her bold curls to be displayed from every angle. She looked like a porcelain doll with those adorable dimples and girly look. Brav!!

Photo: International Junior Miss

2. Reese Hollingsworth

Reese Hollingsworth was voted in the second spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair for her headshots was something every girl wants. It was effortless, playful and sported a half-up, half-down style that is just as polished as a full updo. Her soft big curls fell just right to highlight her captivating smile.

Photo: Pageant Planet

1. Kaelyn Coker

Kaelyn Coker was voted into the first place spot for the Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2018. Big curls deserve big crowns! At least that’s what you’d think when you take a gander at this All-American preteen. Her full blonde curly ringlets set off her inviting smile and bright eyes. Her hair was the perfect combination of height, curl and sass! Congratulations!

Photo: International Junior Miss

Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018

10. Mary Delia

Mary Delia was voted in the tenth spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. Fun fashion equals fun hair! How cute is her do? She has a cute sweep in the front with a bit of volume. The back of her hair is tucked up to leave all of the side curls to flow freely. Her side style reveals her long blonde hair done with full curls.

Photo: International United Miss

9. Grace Edwards

Grace Edwards was voted in the ninth spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. The shorter length opens up her face and adds to her youthful glow. I love the playful wave and cute baby hairs around her hairline. This look is perfect for photos or for the stage.

Photo: Grace Edwards Facebook

8. Maggie Leach

Maggie Leach was voted in the eighth spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. What a breath of fresh air! Maggie Leach rocks her side updo with ease. It is such a fun and sweet look for any teen contestant. The front of her hair is sleek and flat, while the back is curly, thick and voluminous!

Hair: Cassie Carpenter, MUA: Danielle Stewart, Photo: Fels Photo 

7. Talia Stumpf

Talia Stumpf was voted in the seventh spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. She received all the right scores with her very full dark blonde hair with subtle blonde highlights. Her large curls gather together to sit away from her face and right on top of her shoulders. Her beautiful thick hair looks gorgeous and sweet.

Photo: Pageant News

6. Olivia Price

Olivia Price was voted in the sixth spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. Olivia took the natural approach to her hair, and she made the right choice. Her long blonde locks take center stage with her long sleek straight style. Sometimes, less is more!

Photo: Olivia Price Facebook

5. Sydney Brett

Sydney Brett was voted in the fifth spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. Dream hair does not being to explain this beautiful crown of hair. Frankly, the length, shine and color alone would win her best hair in any pageant. On top of her natural hair capabilities she added some volume, a clean part and beautiful curls.

Photo: Sydney Brett Facebook

4. Shayla Jackson

Shayla Jackson was voted in the fourth spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. Textured long curls give her a youthful glow but are still tame and neat. Her hair is given some volume at the top of the head to keep her face the center of attention!

Photo: Valdosta daily times

3. Olivia Occhigrossi

Olivia Occhigrossi was voted in the third spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. Her beautiful blonde locks were left down with full long curls. All the attention is on her face with her hair parted to the side with brilliant highlights.

Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography

2. Julianna Corsi

Julianna Corsi was voted in the second spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. This is how you rock a side part! We all want that full wavy windswept look, and Julianna has it! She stunned judges with her subtle highlights, full volume and layered curls.

Photo: Austin Ryde

1. Alexa Ferreyra

Alexa Ferreyra was voted into the first place spot for the Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. The gorgeous brown coloring in her hair plays so well into her skin tone. The fullness that is achieved here is not too stiff, but just playful enough.

Photo: Pageant Planet


Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018

10. Sonia Fergina Citra

Sonia Fergina Citra was voted in the tenth spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. Throw caution to the wind with Sonia’s style. Her long straight hair is pulled tight into a sleek ponytail. This tight ponytail and zig zag part does all the right things. Don’t worry about having to brush hair out of your face with this trendy nod to the runway.

Photo: Angelopedia

9. Charlene Joy Westfall

Charlene Joy Westfall was voted in the ninth spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. Pageant hair could not be more perfect with this style. Full of volume and curls with a deep part. Her beautiful blonde hair dances with full bouncy long curls.

Photo: Charlene Joy Westfall Facebook

8. Lindsey Lenhart

Lindsey Lenhart was voted in the eighth spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. Buns are all the rage in pageant land right now, but they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Lindsey work’s her bun with a sleek sophistication. Now, this is not your typical bun. Instead of a tight ballerina bun, her hair is more pushed down and wrapped around. However it was done, it looks amazing!

Photo: Lindsey Lenhart Facebook

7. Annie Jorgenson

Annie Jorgenson was voted in the seventh spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. Color is the key here with thin face-framing highlights. The multi-dimensional coloring plays into the light and feathery feeling this hairstyle has. It’s no wonder she turns so many heads!

Photo: Annie Jorgenson Facebook

6. Tamaryn Green

Tamaryn Green was voted in the sixth spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. Her sleek high ponytail at the Miss Universe competition was right on trend. The length of the jet black high ponytail gave her a certain star-quality. (Ariana Grande anyone?) This look made sure all the focus was on her stunning facial features and gorgeous smile.

Photo: Miss Universe/Patrick Prather

5. H’Hen Nie

H’Hen Nie was voted in the fifth spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. H’Hen Nie broke all the “rules” when it comes to pageant hair and showed everyone that short hair can be successful in pageantry. Her short and stacked style is one to envy as not everyone can pull this off. This style no doubt had a lot to do with her placement at Miss Universe!

Photo: H’Hen Nie Facebook

4. Olivia Suchko

Olivia Suchko was voted in the fourth spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. At Miss USA 2018, she sported a low bun updo for the evening gown portion of competition. This simple hairstyle made Suchko look elegant and regal on the stage. Paired with a long earring, the look brought all the attention to her face.

Photo: Miss Universe Organization

3. Alayah Benavidez

Alayah Benavidez was voted in the third spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. Sometimes we have to get rid of tradition to really stand out. Forgoing the traditional volume with curls is exactly what brings our attention to Alayah. She instead went with a long sleek trendy look. I love the layered ‘Rachel’ haircut and natural looking highlights.

Photo: Alayah Benavidez Facebook

2. Catriona Gray

Catriona Gray was voted in the second spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. The newly crowned Miss Universe used her hairstyle to make a statement of individuality. As if a clean part with volume wasn’t enough, her hair accessory added that certain something that made everyone take notice. Her ear cuff played up her hairstyle in a way that no one expected. I suspect a trend in starting!

Photo: Catriona Gray Facebook

1. Michaela Abelgas

Michaela Abelgas was voted into the first place spot for the Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2018. When she competed this year, her hair was something to be envied. A deep part with tons of volume is just perfect for a Miss contestant. I just love her beautiful deep brown coloring with a slight curl.

Photo: Katherine Ryan Abelgas


Top 10 Teen Pageant Hairstyles of 2017

10. MARUSA Young Teen Miss Florida 2018, Ryleigh Shaw 

Ryleigh Shaw's hairstyle could be described as "typical pageant hair." This is a go-to hairstyle for glitz pageants and young Teen competitors. Her hair has height at the root, which keeps her hair out of her face on stage and gives volume to her hairstyle. Shaw's curls are spiral curls, which give her a younger look and bounce nicely while on stage. 

MARUSA Young Teen Miss Florida 2018, Ryleigh Shaw. Photo: Ryleigh Shaw

9. USA National Miss District of Columbia Jr. Teen 2017, Clark Rector 

Clark Rector has the natural, girl-next-door look down. Her short hair gives her a youthful but trendy look. Rector's hair has some light volume at the top, likely achieved through teasing her hair and smoothing just the top layer. I love how her hair is straight on the top and then curls at the bottom, which makes this look more relaxed and laid back instead of the typical stiff pageant hair.

USA National Miss District of Columbia Jr. Teen 2017, Clark Rector. Photo: Goodwin Photography

8. Miss Montana Teen USA 2017, Elle Cook 

Miss Montana Teen USA 2017 Elle Cook's hair is very on-trend. We're increasingly seeing a pull towards a middle part, and Cook is pulling off this style beautifully. In contrast to most pageant hairstyles, Cook's style can be described as sleek instead of voluminous. This is a style we've seen before, primarily in the swimsuit competition, but it is still rare on the pageant stage.

Miss Montana Teen USA 2017, Elle Cook. Photo: Georgina Vaughan

7. Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2017, Chloe Wildman 

I love Chloe Wildman's unique short hair! This look is so refreshing compared to the long styles we see time and time again in pageantry. This cute pixie style looks effortless and polished and is simply breathtaking on stage. I love the confidence Wildman portrays with such a short haircut, and it is sure to wow the judges! 

Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2017, Chloe Wildman. Photo: John Casper Photography

6. Miss Washington Teen USA 2017, Aly Williams 

Aly Williams definitely mastered the perfect crown style. This hairstyle would be absolutely perfect for almost every appearance. The volume in the crown of her head flowing into long curls gives us the typical pageant hair we've all come to know and love. The twist on the typical pageant hair, however, comes with Williams' placement of her crown. By placing her crown over the front of her hair and under the back of her hair, it pulls her hair out of her face and shows off her crown beautifully.

Miss Washington Teen USA 2017, Aly Williams. Photo: Georgina Vaughan

5. International Junior Miss Upper Midwest Jr. Teen 2017, Grace Myler 

Grace Myler gives us a fresh take on pageant hair with this long bob style. Her hair is sassy, flirty and chic, perfect for a Jr. Teen or Teen contestant! I particularly love the length of the hairstyle because it's the perfect length to frame her face nicely. This straight hair look is a natural and low-maintenance style, which cuts down the time it takes to get ready during a pageant weekend, bonus!

International Junior Miss Upper Midwest Jr. Teen 2017, Grace Myler. Photo: Grace Myler

4. Miss High School America 2017, Katie Schaaf 

Miss High School America 2017 Katie Schaaf's look reminds me a lot of Kate Middleton – natural, pretty and royal. Schaaf's hair has lots of shine and body, making her look youthful and healthy. Her hair has curl at the bottom but the top remains straight. This gives her hair a polished but not "too polished" look and makes her appear very down-to-earth and relatable, exactly what a titleholder should be.

Miss High School America 2017, Katie Schaaf. Photo: Katie Schaaf

3. Miss Black Teen US Ambassador 2017, Ciara White-Sparks 

Miss Black Teen US Ambassador 2017Ciara White-Sparks, looks super glamorous with this curly hairstyle. I love how White-Sparks separated her curls instead of having them all lay against one another and create one giant curl. By separating the curls, her hair has more volume and dimension. I also love that White-Sparks' hair has a lot of smaller curled sections as opposed to have a few larger curled sections. This gives her hair a more fun and flirty vibe, perfect for a Teen contestant!

Miss Black Teen US Ambassador 2017, Ciara White-Sparks. Photo: Georgina Vaughan

2. Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2017, Allison Tucker 

Allison Tucker definitely mastered this natural look in 2017. Tucker starts with volume at the base, which is essential for almost every pageant hairstyle because it keeps your hair out of your face. Instead of going with the usual full curls look, she only curls the very ends of her hair, leaving most of her hair straight. This is a little more glamorous than your typical girl-next-door look and a little more natural than your typical pageant girl look. This style is the perfect balance for a Teen contestant. 

Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2017, Allison Tucker. Photo: Kattie Hansen Photographer

1. Miss Teen International 2017, Carly Peeters 

Miss Teen International 2017Carly Peeters is hair goals for all of us! Her look has volume, body and the perfect amount of curl. It's no wonder she topped our list as the best Teen hairstyle of 2017. While you might not be able to pull all of your hair over to the side for an onstage competition, this look certainly works in a photoshoot. Peeters' curls go outward and away from her face, which draws your attention directly to her. Her hair is also not extremely curly but rather has just enough curl to give it some body and dimension. This is a beautiful style on Peeters!

Miss Teen International 2017, Carly Peeters. Photo: Carly Peeters


 Top 10 Miss Pageant Hairstyles of 2017

10. Kendra Hale, USA National Miss 2017 

Kendra Hale rocked a classic hair look that is totally timeless on the pageant stage and is even worn by many girls just daily. She has her hair parted down the middle with simple, soft waves. The style looks effortless, but any girl whose hair doesn't hold a curl will certainly tell you otherwise. The style is perfect as it frames the face and can complement any wardrobe no matter the area of competition you are competing in. 

Kendra Hale, USA National Miss 2017. Photo: Kendra Hale

9. Paris Regan, Miss Lubbock Texas USA 2017 

Curls are a certainly this girl's best friend. No matter what the event, even in a ponytail, Paris Regan often has her locks perfectly curled whether she's hitting the gym, modeling in her uniform as a volunteer firefighter or attending an appearance. Her look is completed with volume bigger than the state she hopes to someday represent. Hands down, this girl is gorgeous! Follow her Instagram, @theparisregan, and you'll see just how fabulous this Texas Tech college student looks no matter the task she is taking on. 

Paris Regan, Miss Lubbock Texas USA 2017. Photo: Grant Foto

8. Maria Daza, Miss Colombia World 

While curls are a staple in pageantry, sleek straight tresses are making a comeback. Maria Daza opted to style her thick, dark hair without a kink in sight. Straight hair is a great option for girls with strong bone structure, like Daza. Toss those strands behind your shoulders and strut your stuff without the worry of curls falling out. 

Maria Daza, Miss Colombia World 2017. Photo: Maria Daza's Pageant Planet Profile

7. Leona Koxha, Miss Collegiate America 2018 

Leona Koxha is one of those lucky girls who can do curls or straight locks. Her Instagram, @leonakoxha, demonstrates this, including a photo of her rocking a curled ponytail when she made an appearance at Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA. As she competed for Miss Collegiate America, she wore her bangs with enough volume to perfectly frame her face. Keeping her hair halfway over her shoulder and halfway behind her shoulder helped add shape and create an "s" shape for the eye to follow as she posed on stage.

Leona Koxha, Miss Collegiate America 2018. Photo: Leona Koxha Instagram/Denise Jane Portrait Design, Inc.

6. Katherine McQuade, National American Miss 2016-2017  

McQuade's highlights are what helped make her style pop under the stage lights. While the curls frame her face, the highlights enhance the definition of her curls that would otherwise be lost and help make a dark, often heavy color appear lighter. She also pulled a portion of her hair to the front to add shape and definition to her poses on stage. 

Katherine McQuade, National American Miss 2016-2017. Photo: Katherine McQuade Instagram

5. Brooke Bezanson, Miss Montana USA 2017 

Short hair made its way to the forefront of fashion in 2017, including on the pageant stage. Long labeled as rebellious and daring, pageant girls who choose to rock short locks immediately win favor with audiences, and Brooke Bezanson was no different. Her cut is extremely simple but boldly blunt, showing off her cheekbones, nose and earrings with a super modern style. 

Brooke Bezanson, Miss Montana USA 2017. Photo: Pageant Buzz

4. Davina Bennett, Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 

Island girls always win the hearts of the audience around the world as they are bold, fearless, smart and beautiful. Davina Bennett chose to wear her hair in an afro at Miss Universe and the world loved her for it. Bennett's hair wasn't the only thing that stood out about her; in her evening gown, she looked like she could stand in the company of any diva from the 60s and 70s. She is beautiful beyond measure inside and out. 

Miss Jamaica 2017, Davina Bennett. Photo: @iamdashproductions Instagram

3. Savvy Shields, Miss America 2017 

Savvy Shields was spunky, blonde and always smiling during her reign as Miss America 2017. You couldn't help but fall in love with the silly southern girl with the sweetest accent who couldn't contain her joy even sitting on the couch waiting to be called to perform her talent at Miss America. Her hair was often styled in the same curls she won the crown in throughout her year of service. Sometimes it was partially pinned back, sometimes pulled into a bun, but even now, she can be found sporting some sort of curl. If our hair is an extension of our personalities, we know for sure that Shields' is bubbly, confident and perfect in so many ways. 

Savvy Shields, Miss America 2017. Photo: Miss America Instagram

2. Andreia Gibau, Miss Earth United States 2017 

Andreia Gibau, like many in 2017, went the straight hair route as well. Her straight hair allows her high cheekbones and strong jawline to stand out and she appears quite regal on stage. The straight hair also allows her hair to move easily behind her when she walks and she comes across very modelesque. 

Miss Earth USA 2017, Andreia Gibau. Photo: Andreia Gibau Instagram

1. Kara McCullough, Miss USA 2017 

Kara McCullough stole the Miss USA stage with her natural hair. It was curly, it was full of volume, it was a bit untamed (but whose hair isn't under the heat of the stage lights?) and above all, it was fun! McCullough has worn her hair the same way throughout her reign at appearances and in social media posts with it fully down, half up and even in an updo at Miss Universe, proving that natural can be stylish, too. 

Kára McCullough, Miss USA 2017. Photo: Isaac Brekken/The Miss Universe Organization


 Top 10 Ms. Pageant Hairstyles of 2017

10. Ms. Earth United Kingdom 2017, Rubie Marie 

Who doesn't love a good updo for evening gown? I think Rubie Marie did a fantastic job with this pageant hairstyle. It is not the norm to see a contestant choose to wear her hair up in anything other than a pageant bun, but this look is elegant and sophisticated. Her hair is pulled back and away from her face, but the front section and the crown of her head still have a bit of height and volume to them. This is a great, classy look for any Ms. contestant! 

Ms. Earth United Kingdom 2017, Rubie Marie. Photo: Instagram via @rubiemarieuk/UK Pageant Photography

9. USA Petite Ms. 2017, Neisha Molina 

Neisha Molina's pageant hair instantly makes me think of the long, flowing locks of a goddess. She has a more natural and less-teased style than the traditional pageant hair and I think it does her justice. Molina's hair has a lot of natural body and volume to it. Instead of having uniform curls that sit perfectly against one another, Molina chose to give her look more dimension by alternating the direction she curled her hair in.

USA Petite Ms. 2017, Neisha Molina. Photo: ST Video/Photo

8. Ms. Black USA 2017, Kennetra Searcy 

Kennetra Searcy is killing it with these braids! It's so unusual to see braids in pageantry, but I absolutely love it when a queen embraces them. Braids are traditionally a more protective hairstyle than trying to blow dry, straighten, curl and ultimately damage your hair to achieve the traditional "pageant hair." Many women choose to don braids for a fabulous and regal style that simultaneously protects their locks. 

Ms. Black USA 2017, Kennetra Searcy. Photos: Instagram via @msblackusa

7. Ms. American Coed 2017, Rebecca Chisholm 

Rebecca Chisholm is breaking out of the box with this bang hairstyle! It is really rare to see bangs on a pageant stage, but Chisholm didn't let that prevent her from rocking the style. What I love about this style is that it looks very natural while still looking glamorous. She's got a ton of volume throughout the base of her hair (something a good blowout can usually achieve). While her hair is straight, it is not so straight that it looks lifeless and stiff. This would be a good look for both evening gown and swimsuit if you have bangs!

Ms. American Coed 2017, Rebecca Chisholm. Photo: Rebecca Chisholm

6. Ms. Galaxy Ireland 2018, Laura Entwistle 

Laura Entwistle gave us a perfect execution of a pageant favorite: the high bun. What I particularly love about Entwistle's high bun is that her hair is pulled back nicely without missing any little pieces here or there. So many times pageant girls will let their little baby hairs around their hairline fall from the bun, which creates a messy and unpolished look on stage. Entwistle's hair looks perfectly pulled back into a voluminous bun.

Ms. Galaxy Ireland 2018, Laura Entwistle. Photo: Robert Kelly Photography

5. Ms. US America International 2017, Shannon Fox 

Shannon Fox gave us gorgeous pageant curls last year! Frequently, when a girl teases her hair on the top of her head, you'll see little sections of tangled hair peeping through. Fox's hair looks flawless and tangle-free throughout! The long and loose curls lay perfectly against one another and make Fox's hair look polished overall. Fox also used the "curl away from the face" method of curling her hair, a must for pageant-ready hairstyles!

Ms. US America International 2017, Shannon Fox. Photo: Instagram via @iamshannonfox

4. Ms. Earth 2017, Kristin Chucci 

Kristin ChucciMs. Earth 2017, rocked the pageant wave look this year in her headshot. You can tell by the shine that Chucci started with healthy hair, an essential for all pageant girls. She went with a deep side part, which gives a little bonus volume on the top of her head. She also curled her hair away from her face, opening it up to the camera (or judges while you're on stage). What I really love about this look is how natural it appears. You can usually achieve a more natural look by lightly brushing out your hair after you curl it. No matter how Chucci achieved this hairstyle, I am absolutely loving it! 

Ms. Earth 2017, Kristin Chucci. Photo: Ms. Earth Facebook

3. Elite Miss Earth United States 2017, Adele Scala 

Elite Miss Earth United States 2017Adele Scala, mastered the tousled and curled look this year. By wearing a side part, she was able to give her hair a little more natural volume from the base of her hair as opposed to having to tease her hair a ton at the top. Scala's curls are loose and curl mostly away from her face, which keeps her hair out of her face. Notice how her curls are not all going the same direction but rather appear to be "messy." This gives her a sexy, laid-back vibe to her look while adding extra volume and dimension throughout her hairstyle. Scala was also recognized as having one of the Top 10 Ms. Evening Gowns of 2017!

Elite Miss Earth United States 2017, Adele Scala. Photo: Benizo

2. Ms. America International 2017, Tracy Rodgers 

I just love a good ponytail for fitness wear, and Tracy Rogers pulled this hairstyle off wonderfully! As you can see, getting volume at the crown of your head is essential for a pageant ponytail to look good. Here, Rogers parted the very front of her hair and used the rest of her hair to give volume at the crown of her head. She also chose not to go with an extremely high ponytail but rather one that sits at a natural spot about halfway up the back of her head. Rogers' ponytail looks natural but polished, perfect for the fitness portion of the competition.

Ms. America International 2017, Tracy Rodgers. Photo: Las Vegas Photo Studio

1. International Ms. 2017, Lisa Van Orden  

Lisa Van Orden's hair looks absolutely stunning in this headshot! She mastered the right amount of volume to lift her hair away from her face without looking like she had to empty an entire can of hairspray to keep her hair up. These loose waves give her hair a natural glamour look while still looking polished and pulled together. Van Orden's hair has a ton of shine to it, which makes her hair (and her) look super healthy and youthful! She was also featured in the Top 10 Ms. Evening Gowns of 2017!

International Ms. 2017, Lisa Van Orden. Photo: Bret Josephs

 Top 10 Mrs. Pageant Hairstyles of 2017

10. Mrs. Earth 2017, Robyn Morrison-Charlesworth 

Winning a title is a monumental moment in every contestant's life, so capturing the perfect crown shot is a great way to make these moments last forever. In addition to wearing an outfit that complements one's complexion and highlighting one's features with flawless makeup, a contestant should be sure to have her hair styled in the right way for her face. Robyn Morrison-Charlesworth is an ideal example of a contestant who knows how to pick the perfect hairstyle for a crown shot. Her voluminous curls frame her face and add dimension to this photo. Since the curls are so big and full, they balance out Morrison-Charlesworth's eye-catching crown.

Mrs. Earth 2017, Robyn Morrison-Charlesworth. Photo: Photo: Ms/Mrs. Earth UK Facebook page

9. Mrs. United States 2017, Lauren Ziegler 

Contestants in all age divisions have begun wearing buns in various competitions during pageants. Although many contestants have the potential to rock a bun on stage or during an interview, this style looks especially flattering on more mature contestants, like those in the Mrs. division. Lauren Ziegler captured the national title of Mrs. United States 2017 after wearing her hair in this stylish bun during the evening gown competition. This loose bun makes Ziegler look elegant on stage and allows her bangs to fall and frame her face beautifully.

Lauren Ziegler, Mrs. United States 2017. Photo: Lauren Ziegler Instagram

8. Mrs. Arizona International 2017, Andrea Brower 

Andrea Brower picked the perfect hairstyle for her headshot! By pushing all of her hair on one side of her face, she frames her face without overpowering it. By styling her hair in full waves, Brower made her hair look even more voluminous than it already is. This also made her hair frame her face perfectly, which allows her blue eyes to really pop next to her dark hair.

Mrs. Arizona International 2017, Andrea Brower. Photo: Mrs. International

7. Mrs. Australia Continents 2018, Jess Turunen  

I love seeing short hair on titleholders, and Jess Turunen looks stunning in this short haircut! By styling her dark hair in curls, she made herself look classy and a little bit sassy. Due to her hair length, you can see each bouncy curl, making this such a fun hairstyle. Turunen's facial beauty is truly the focal point since her hair is tucked behind her ear and kept away from her face.

Mrs. Australia Continents 2018, Jess Turunen. Photo: Jess Turunen Facebook page

6. Mrs. Austin America 2017, Stephanie Hopkins  

Stephanie Hopkins proved that everything really is bigger in Texas when she competed for the title of Mrs. Texas America 2017. Her voluminous curls are so big and full – she is definitely thick hair goals! Her bouncy curls are just the right amount of glamour to balance out her low-cut neckline and off-the-shoulder straps. Hopkins' curls frame her face especially well because she uniquely chose to part her hair in the center. Although this look isn't often seen on the pageant stage, Hopkins shows that this look can be perfect for a pageant. Both sides of her face are framed by her hair, drawing attention to her dazzling smile and eye-catching earrings.

Stephanie Hopkins, Mrs. Austin America 2017. Photo: Austen Williams

5. Mrs. World 2018, Alice Lee Giannetta  

A sleek ponytail can be tough to rock, but Alice Lee Giannetta did so with ease. Not only does this hairstyle tie together her chic black and white outfit, but it allows Giannetta's gorgeous face to be shown off. Her ponytail adds to the modern vibes her look is giving off and doesn't distract from all of her adorable accessories. One thing that is so great about Giannetta's hairstyle is that it can be worn during various occasions. Contestants and titleholders have been seen rocking sleek ponytails during swimsuit competitions, interviews and appearances. Since this hairstyle truly highlights a contestant's face, it's perfect for those who want to show off their confidence.

Mrs. World 2018, Alice Lee Giannetta. Photo: @mrsaliceleeg Instagram

4. Mrs. Galaxy Belfast 2018, Charlotte  

Charlotte's big, full curls have definitely been the dream of every contestant at one point or another. Her hair looks so thick and healthy in her headshot for Mrs. Ireland Galaxy 2018! This photograph truly captures the shine of her voluminous curls. Big, full curls are a popular choice in pageantry, however, this style looks especially great on contestants whose hair features various tones. Since Charlotte's blonde hair has highlights, the curls add even more dimension to her hair because the light hits it at varying angles. 

Mrs. Galaxy Belfast, Charlotte. Photo: Mrs. Galaxy Website

3. Mrs. Texas International 2017, Lindsay Closson  

Lindsay Closson is another contestant in the Mrs. division who rocked short hair during pageant season.  Closson chose to style her short, dark hair in subtle waves that framed both sides of her face. This look made some of Closson's best features, like her eyes and smile, pop! Closson's waves look especially great because her hair is slightly lighter around her face and towards the ends. This brightens up her face and softens her overall look. These sassy waves also complement her off-the-shoulder dress perfectly, especially since her ruffled top isn't covered up, like it may have been if she had longer hair.

Mrs. Texas International 2017, Lindsay Closson. Photo: Lindsay Closson Facebook page

2. Mrs. Virginia United States 2017, Gretchen Bellard  

The half-up, half-down style is a consistently popular hairstyle in pageantry. This style keeps hair away from the contestant's face and still leaves room for versatility. Gretchen Bellard chose to wear her long, blonde hair in a loose, half-up, half-down style with flowing waves. Bellard knew exactly what she was doing when she chose her hairstyle for the evening gown competition at Mrs. United States 2017. This classic hairstyle shows off Bellard's beautiful face and the unique neckline of her gown. Since her earrings are so eye-catching, wearing soft waves was a smart choice rather than big curls. 

Mrs. Virginia United States 2017, Gretchen Bellard. Photo: Mrs. Virginia United States Instagram page

1. Mrs. America 2018, Mekayla Eppers  

Another wonderful example of big, bouncy curls, Mekayla Eppers nabbed the number one spot on this top 10 list because of her shiny, voluminous curls! Parted more towards the middle, her dark curls frame both sides of her face nicely and add some balance to her face. Since Eppers has fair skin, having her thick hair take up a good portion of this shot allows for some beautiful contrast between the two. For this headshot, Eppers pushed more hair onto one shoulder than she did on the other. This adds an asymmetrical element to the headshot, making it more engaging to look at. Eppers definitely has an eye-catching headshot!

Mrs. America 2018, Mekayla Eppers. Photo: Mekayla Eppers


Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2016

Oops! During a website update, some of our photos were lost. We still want to preserve your place in pageant history. If you're featured below, would you send your photo to [email protected]

10. National Miss Amazing Preteen, Rylee Howerton

Rylee chose this sleek ponytail for her competition and this look is perfect for her. The look brings attention to her face and gorgeous features. A ponytail is perfect for any phase of competition and age category. Need help to achieve this look?


9. Princess of America Pre-Teen, M'racle Bryant Morgan

M’racle wore her hair in loose curls that hugged her face. This was a good choice for her because her gown reaches her neck. The side part is a great touch to keep her look fresh and young. Her bangs cover her face without hiding her beauty or covering too much of her face. Bangs are great for that extra flair needed to perk your look up. Bangs are a fun and daring choice.


8. Miss New England American Preteen, Mia Hwang

Mia pulled her hair back and down in this sleek low bun. This is a great classic and conservative style that is perfect for talent, especially. She added jewels in her hair, which catch the light on stage. Accessories like these are very appropriate for preteen and younger contestants.


7. USA National Miss Preteen, Taylor Hughes

Taylor wore a half-up, half-down style that kept her hair from her face. This look frames her face really well. Her choice to wear red studded earrings a good choice to not come across too overbearing while wearing red. This color may sometimes be too strong for younger contestants, but Taylor pulled this off flawlessly.


6. USA Ambassador Preteen, Sophie Schaked

The side part is an excellent choice to add extra glam to your look. Sophie pulled this look off with her crown with little effort. The loose curls at the end are stunning and create that true pageant girl look. The side part with her hair pulled back on one side is perfect to show off her earrings and face structure.


5. ANTSO Preteen National Teenager 2016, Claire Shelton

Red! This color pops on the National Teenager stage and draws the judges eyes to the contestant. Claire's hair is gorgeous and it is no surprise she made this year's list. She styled her red hair with a deep blue outfit that complements her well. The loose curls are all the way glam and stage ready. She also opted for a side part. This truly shaped her oval face shape well. 


4. Preteen East Coast United States, Macie Bazella

Macie is full of curls with perfect pageant hair! I love how she added a bump in the front. This shows off her youthfulness while demonstrating her fun and easy going personality. Blonde and white are two colors you can never go wrong pairing together, and Macie pulled this look off really well. The loose curls keep her look fresh and voluminous all throughout the competition. 


3. International Junior Miss Jr. Teen, A'Maiya Allen

A'maiya is no newcomer to The Pageant Planet list this year! The International Junior Miss Jr. Teen pulled her hair back and down for this look in another classic look. The simplicity of A'Maiya's look is what makes this style appear effortless yet sophisticated. Attention is brought up to her face and her smile is immediately noticed. Don't forget to have a good amount of bobby pins on hand and hairspray to hold this hair style into place.


2. USA National Miss Jr. Teen, Kelsey Dube

Kelsey chose a unique updo; a great example of showing her personality for all facets of competition. She wrapped her hair into a high bun and left loose strands on each side of her face. This look is great for interview or evening gown when you want the focus on your face and beauty. Paired with the off-the-shoulder, white, two-piece dress and nude shoes, this look creates a classic beauty symbol.


1. National American Miss Minnesota Preteen, Mikala Peterson

Loose curls with thick, full hair is never a miss on the pageant stage. Mikala wore her hair in a side part and added some extra volume to the top. Her hair falls nicely on her shoulders. This is a great look when you want her hair to catch the wind as you take the stage.


Top 10 Teen Hairstyles of 2016

Oops! During a website update, some of our photos were lost. We still want to preserve your place in pageant history. If you're featured below, would you send your photo to [email protected]

10. Australia's Teen Queen 2016, Hannah Cavanagh Hannah's elegant updo is a beautiful style in the way that it draws attention to her face. The way her hair is twisted back also makes her crown stand out as a focal point. 


9. Miss California Teen USA 2016, Athenna Crosby

Athenna is the queen of bangs – she pulls them off flawlessly in every photo. Additionally, curls in pageantry are always in and the length of her locks makes her whole look come together wonderfully.


8. Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2016, Joahnnalee Ucol

Joahnnalee pulls off the perfect ballerina bun. Her hair is sleek and smooth with not a strand out of place. Wearing her bun high instead of low adds a playful element to the style. Buns are a great style for many portions of competition, especially when lots of movement is involved like during talent.


7. World Teen Supermodel UK 2016, Molly-Mae Hague

Molly-Mae is the master of the classy ponytail. Having all of her hair on one side gives the look a fun twist while still maintaining its timeless beauty. This look keeps hair out of her face as well, which is an added bonus!


6. Miss Teen Galaxy 2017, Vielka Gutierrez

Vielka demonstrates a more classic take on the sleek ponytail. Pulling her hair straight back allows for her blingy earrings to be seen and really attracts attention to her facial features.


5. National American Miss Teen 2016, Michaela Jacobs

Michaela's knotted hairstyle allows for her full crown to be seen and, let's be real, who wouldn't want to show off that beautiful NAM crown?! The pieces of hair hanging down to the sides of her face frame her cheeks and give the look a more youthful vibe.


4. International Junior Miss Teen 2016, Lexi Crosen

Lexi's hair is headshot perfection. Volume is key in getting a flawless headshot look, and she sure does deliver! Her soft curls are impeccable and produce a "WOW" factor that does not overpower her face, which is key in getting a good headshot!


3. USA National Miss Tarheel State Teen 2016, Skylar Cole

There are two elements that make this look so great: the wrap around of hair at the base of the ponytail and the loose curl at the bottom. Both elements mixed together make Skylar look beyond title-worthy. Although her hair takes up a good deal of the frame, her face is only accented by it, not overshadowed.


2. Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2016, Savannah Chrisley

Savannah is a hairstyle icon for pageant girls with short hair. She totally rocks a bob, and we would love to see the short hair trend continue! The loose waves give her a beachy look, which is awesome for teen contestants.


1. Miss Teen America 2016, Megan Whittaker

Volume, volume, volume! We'll say it again, volume can be what makes a hairstyle pop. Megan's thick hair looks great in big, full curls. Her bangs add framing to her look with some extra dimension.


Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2016

Oops! During a website update, some of our photos were lost. We still want to preserve your place in pageant history. If you're featured below, would you send your photo to [email protected]

10. Miss World Israel, Karin Alia

Karin Alia rocked a fun and flirtatious high ponytail at Miss World 2016. Volume is added towards the crown of her head to give the look elegance and individuality. Karin took a classic pony to the next level with these unique elements. 


9. Miss Barbados, Shannon Harris

Shannon Harris's dramatic, slicked back hairstyle is to die for! Straight hair is effortless and bold. This look is perfect for contestants with prominent facial features like Shannon. This hairstyle requires a certain amount of sophistication and is certainly not a suitable look for everyone.


8. Miss U.S. International, Kaitryana Leinbach

A classic soft curl always seems to be in style. Kaitryana's blonde tundlres fame her face beautifully and add elegance to her features. This style of curl also softens up her overall look. Contestants should never underestimate the power of a classic soft curl.


7. Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle

Stephanie's dark locks are also styled in classic soft curls; however, her curls are all swept over her right shoulder to add regality to her look. Side swept hairstyles are popping up more and more on the pageant stage. This hairstyle is increasing in popularity and for obvious reasons.


6. Miss California USA, Nadia Mejia

Nadia Mejia has one of the most iconic and most talked about short bobs in the pageant world, right alongside Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2015, Savannah Chrisley. What's unique about Nadia's cut is that she rarely styles it in typical pageant fashion. Nadia always sports a messy beachy wave and never fails to look flawless.


5. Miss America, Savvy Shields

Savvy's iconic blonde hair is pulled back into a low, messy bun. The curls maintain elegance, especially when paired with her glamorous makeup. This is an excellent hairstyle option for appearances and events, Savvy sported this hairstyle at the 2016 American Music Awards.


4. Miss Universe Brazil, Raissa Santana

A contestant who isn't afraid to embrace their natural hair is always a crowd favorite. Raissa Santana killed her performance on the Miss Universe stage while sporting her natural dark locks. This hairstyle truly portrayed Raissa's personality and showed the audience what she was all about.


3. Miss Earth, Angelina Ong

This unique and softly styled hairstyle is incredibly flattering to Angelina's features. Her dark locks are styled beautifully in loose curls, pulled away from her hair. This look is sleek and soft all at the same time. Angelina's face is only accented, not overshadowed.


2. Miss Texas USA, Daniella Rodriguez

Aside from the classic soft curl, another popular choice in pageant hair styling is the voluminous wand curl. These curls fall beautifully and are full of movement, which is perfect for more upbeat portions of the competition, and especially swimsuit. Daniella is rocking these curls on the Miss USA 2016 stage. This hairstyle goes with her style and portion of competition immensely well.


1. Miss USA, Deshauna Barber

This hairstyle really brings all the attention to Deshauna's facial features. The soft waves look stunning on Deshauna and the left side part looks gorgeous with her face shape. The volume added to her roots keep her hair away from her face and add elegance to her overall look.


Top 5 Ms Hairstyles of 2016

Oops! During a website update, some of our photos were lost. We still want to preserve your place in pageant history. If you're featured below, would you send your photo to [email protected]

5. Ms. Georgia America 2016, Nova Kopp

This hairstyle is totally killer! Full voluminous hair never goes out of style in the pageant world, no matter what age or what competition! Nova is rocking this fierce hairstyle. 


4. Ms. United States 2016, Mee-Ladie Delgado

This hairstyle is gorgeous for any Ms. occasion. The many gorgeous curls are perfect for whatever you may be appearing in or competing in. Since she doesn't have any crazy volume at her roots, this style is classy for an everyday look as well. This is gorgeous!


3. Ms. South Carolina US 2016, Catherine English

This shorter hairstyle is beautiful, but how it is styled really takes the cake. Having sleek big curls is such a great look! Catherine is rocking this hairstyle and shows that shorter hair and even bigger voluminous hair looks beautiful no matter what category you compete in.


2. Ms. Woman Virgin Islands US 2016, Delerica Clarke

Completely straight hair is so simple but so stunning in the pageant world! It is a beautiful option for any type of hair, especially if you aren't sure what type of hair style to go with. It isn't complicated to achieve, and it looks so classy on everyone. This is beautiful. 


1. Ms. Earth 2016, Rachel Fikes

Rachel is rocking the tapered curling wand curls in this hairstyle, and they are incredible and so gorgeous! There are lots and lots of curls in this look, but they really do have a classy factor to them with how sleek they are individually. This all adds volume to the hair and is a beautiful face frame.


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