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Claire McGuigan


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Hi! I’m Claire ! An eleven year old from the home town of Minnie Pearl , Centerville, Tennessee! There is so many fun facts about my great state!
Did you know cotton candy and the machine that makes it we’re both invented right here in Tennessee! It was originally called “fairy floss.” Also, From Chattanooga, Tennessee is were the famous MoonPies are made! When our brave servicemen went to war, MoonPie went with them. Nothing said home more than a care-packaged filled with their favorite home town snack !

I have been involved in pageants since the age of three. I LOVE to dress up and be me! Meeting new friends is the BEST part of pageantry! When I’m not competing I enjoy making slime , YouTubeing, and serving my community. My platform is “Claire Bears Christmas “ where I visit my local nursing homes. Delivering hugs and gifts. The smiles on their faces is priceless! My mom and I also host “Crown for a Cause” where we raise awareness and donate funds to help fight human trafficking. I’m very active at my local church. I love serving and worshiping with my family. I’m part of the “Girls in Action” Where girls my age serve and pray for missionaries all around the world!

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  • Tennessee, United States

Pageant Planet Awards

  • #1 Best Jr. Pre-Teen/Pre-Teen Pageant Hairsty

Pageant Platform

Claire Bear's Christmas

What is the Occupation of Claire McGuigan

Always choosing kindness

Why start competing in pageants

When I was three I loved to dress up and put on makeup. From there I developed a passion for it! How else can you meet so many great friends around the country and gain so much confidence!

FUN FACTS about Claire McGuigan

I can out run many boys in my class! I LOVE pickles !!

What is the Nationality of Claire McGuigan



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