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Claire McGuigan


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  • Image Eye Color Green
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I love pageantry! Gives me so many opportunities to serve my community and make new friendships! Also gaining confidence , interview skills and meeting so many people that truly want the best for me! I was so excited to place top 10 at Princess of America this summer! I was able to design my interview outfit! So much fun! Also, winner of casual wear in pre-teen and 3rd in top model!

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  • Tennessee, United States

Pageant Platform

Claire Bear's Christmas

Why start competing in pageants

When I was three I loved to dress up and put on makeup. From there I developed a passion for it! How else can you meet so many great friends around the country and gain so much confidence!

FUN FACTS about Claire McGuigan

I can out run many boys in my class! I LOVE pickles !!

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