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About Us - Pageant Planet

An aspiring motivational speaker and former football team owner, Steven Roddy found the pageant industry by happenstance in 2009. He first saw the ins and outs of the pageant world through his then girlfriend’s journey to the Miss America stage. Watching her and other competitors spend their time and money on coaches, dresses, pageant entry fees and more, he was intrigued at how these women found their coaches and once they had, how they afforded it.

He started to notice a major gap in the industry: it didn’t have one central place that competitors could find affordable and credible coaching and pageants. How do girls who are new to pageantry succeed in this world? How do coaches find their clients if not by word of mouth? Do you have to have a ton of money to compete in pageants and win? Watching one woman’s journey in pageantry left these questions lingering.

Running a blog at the time, Steven wrote about his girlfriend’s journey as a state titleholder going to the Miss America pageant. To his surprise, his blog post got a ton of attention! Despite being told that his idea of offering free coaching advice would never work and with all odds stacked against him, he decided to start Pageant Planet.

Struggling to get the funding to start up the company, Steven was creative and resourceful in getting the company off the ground. He packed up his desktop computer, monitor and all, and carried it to a local coffee shop with free wi-fi, where he wrote three articles per day, interviewed coaches and published free coaching content and personal development tips on the site. Being a newcomer to the industry, success certainly didn’t happen overnight. Many coaches, contestants and titleholders ignored messages about being interviewed. Pageants wouldn’t partner with a new company in the industry.

What once started as a one man operation from a coffee shop has grown exponentially through the years. As a company, Pageant Planet has been fortunate to have major partnerships starting with brands like Tony Bowls and Mon Cheri. We’ve moved from a blog with a few fans to over 600,000 followers on our social media channels. Through our Best in Pageantry Awards, we recognize excellence in pageantry throughout the world each year.

In 2018, we launched a new version of our site, meant to connect and regulate pageantry in a groundbreaking way. Not only are we helping individuals succeed in pageantry, we are advancing the industry as a whole. Our site allows you to find pageants, coaches, contestants, judges and emcees; pick the best wardrobe at your closest retailers; have pageant essentials delivered right to your doorstep; stay up to date with the latest pageant news; run your People’s Choice contests and more.

Now our goal is simple: to connect and expand the pageant industry. Consider us your pageant concierge!