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Lauren Mansfield


  • Image Hair Color Blonde
  • Image Eye Color Hazel
  • Image Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Image Height 5ft 8inch

Hi! I'm Lauren! I am a thirteen-year-old here in Tennessee. I enjoy competing in pageants, dance, reading, traveling, sewing, and cooking. I am and active 4H Honor Club member and competitive swimmer. I am also a member of the middle school dance team. I am currently the ANTSO Preteen National Teenager. I was crowned in November at the national pageant in Baltimore.
I am a straight A student attempting pre algebra this year. At school, I am on the yearbook staff, in Beta Club and History Club, and a member of the Move 2 Stand group. This is a club that encourages people to stand up to bullies and to be a voice for those who need one.
I started my own foundation, Wear the Crown, to promote self esteem and character education. Everyone should find that thing that he or she is proud of and just wear it! I am always honored to be able to wear my crown!

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    February 14, 2005

  • Tennessee, United States



Pageant Platform

Wear The Crown

What is the Occupation of Lauren Mansfield

My current occupation is as an eighth grade student.

Which School Did Lauren Mansfield Attend?

I hope to attend Vanderbilt University.

Why start competing in pageants

I started competing in pageants when I was very young. I loved the dresses, crowns, and trophies. Let's be honest, I loved the sparkle! I still do! I continued in pageants after I saw all of the hard work that goes into them and all of the good things that can happen as a result of them. I have bonded with my family over pageant prep. I have become very confident in front of a crowd and with public speaking as a result of competing. I have also been able to volunteer and complete many hours of service that wouldn't have been possible without pageantry.

What is the Nationality of Lauren Mansfield



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