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Top 10 Miss Evening Gowns of 2017

Preliminary competition for the 2017 Miss USA Pageant. Photo: Las Vegas Review Journal One of the most exciting articles of clothing that a woman can wear is an evening gown. No other form of clothing contains the level of femininity, drama and p...

15, July 2018

Top 10 Preteen Fun Fashions of 2017

Fun fashion competitions are popping up in pageantry as both mandatory and optional competitions. This portion allows contestants to show showcase their personality, confidence and unique fashion sense. In the Preteen division, contestants have so ma...

14, July 2018

Top Pageant Hairstyles of All Time

Top Pageant Hairstyles of 2017 Teen Hairstyles 10. MARUSA Young Teen Miss Florida 2018, Ryleigh Shaw  Ryleigh Shaw's hairstyle could be described as "typical pageant hair." This is a go-to hairstyle for glitz pageants and ...

18, June 2018

How to Do Your Face Makeup

Kim Kardashian West and her makeup artist and business partner Mario Dedivanovic using her new concealer product. Photo: Mario Dedivanovic Instagram Foundation and face makeup, like concealer, blush and powder, are the basics of your makeup routi...

23, April 2018

How to Do Your Eye Makeup

Did you make sure your eyes popped during your last pageant? Your eyes are the windows to your soul and making sure that they stand out during all areas of competition can bring you one step closer to taking home the crown. If you aren't getting ...

21, April 2018

How to Style Curly Hair

Miss District of Columbia 2015, Cierra Jackson. Photo Cierra Jackson I have naturally curly hair, so I can empathize with all of the challenges that my curly-haired sisters go through. The upside of curly hair is insane volume like no other type ...

14, April 2018

10 Things Every Pageant Mom Should Have on Hand for Pageant Weekend

We’re all so thankful for pageant moms (and dads!) who keep us together during pageant weekend. For new pageant moms, it can be difficult to know what to bring along for any and every crisis that can pop up over the weekend. We’ve asked o...

23, February 2018

Top 10 Makeup Artists of 2017

Makeup artists are among the most important visionaries in the pageant world. They have the ability to make pageant girls look and feel their very bests. With a working knowledge of each system, makeup artists with experience in the pageant indu...

17, January 2018

12 Makeup Bag Essentials for Pageant Girls

Makeup artist Angel Reyes touches up Ms. Royalty International 2017 after her win. Photo: Facebook Makeup is essential for pageant girls when it comes to competing. Even in a natural pageant, stage lights can be harsh and unforgiving, so a little...

20, October 2017

When Should You Style Your Hair in a Bun for a Pageant?

  Although a pageant isn't solely based on looks (there's a personality factor that goes into the judging, too), it's still important for contestants to present a polished look. Your outfit, makeup and hairdo all work to...

01, July 2017

How to Pick the Best Ms and Mrs Interview Outfits

Mrs. Maine 2017 contestants before interview. Photo: Mrs. Maine America website Interview is the first and arguably the most important part of a pageant. It is the only point in the competition where you will have one-on-one time with the judges....

20, April 2017

Best Onstage Pageant Makeup for Blue Eyes

Katherine McQuade, National American Miss 2016-2017, with makeup by Austin Ryde. Photo courtesy: Katherine McQuade Instagram. Makeup: love it or hate it, it will always be an important element of your stage competitions. Hiring a makeup...

13, April 2017

How to Budget for a Pageant

Miss Hawaii USA 2016 Top 5 - Photo: Travis K. Okimoto Once you begin your pageant journey, it doesn't take long to realize that, like any other hobby or extracurricular, pageants take up time and – wait for it – money. However, th...

10, March 2016

Miss Nevada USA 2015 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Miss Nevada USA 2015, Brittany McGowan, Evening Gown: Tom Donoghue Photography Miss Nevada USA 2015, Brittany McGowan, Evening Gown Brittany McGowan punched her ticket to the Miss USA 2015 pageant by taking home the title of Miss Nevada USA...

03, December 2014

Miss Illinois USA 2015 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS

Newly Crowned Miss Illinois USA 2015 Renee Wronecki Miss Illinois USA 2015 Evening Gown Congratulations to our new Miss Illinois USA 2015 Renee’ Wronecki! Renee’ was crowned in a bright royal blue one shoulder mermaid gown. Mis...

09, September 2014

Miss International 2013 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Jesse Ladoue Miss International 2013 Evening Gown Jesse Ladoue Miss International 2013 Evening Gown Miss International 2013 won in this simple black dress with NO pattern and NO bling. WHAAAAT? That's unheard of in the pageant world, right...

15, May 2014

How To Walk In An Evening Gown

So many times, pageant contestants forget one of the most important things to practice. That is walking in their evening gown. Of course, you know how to walk already, but do you know how to walk with confidence in high heels on stage while being j...

15, May 2014

What Are Pageant Flippers And How Much Do They Cost?

On almost every episode of TLC’s hit show Toddlers & Tiaras you will see a child distraught or upset over the pressure they face.  Their hair is being pulled, fake tanning sprays are being applied and thousands of dollars worth of make...

27, March 2014

Opening Number in a Pageant: What You Need to Know

If you are like me and did not come dancing out of the womb, then the opening number might make you a bit anxious. Dancing in heels, a pre-determined outfit, and cheesy choreography, this constitutes the first facet of a pageant competition. While yo...

05, October 2013

How to Mend a Torn Dress Backstage

Getting a tear in your dress backstage could quite possibly be the most terrifying prospects at a pageant. The thought of having your designer gown, whose price is just as terrifying, ripped by the anxious heel of a scurrying contestant is enough...

02, October 2013

Can Pageant Girls Have Tattoos

 Miss Kansas 2013 Theresa Vail Since Miss Kansas 2013 has come onto the scene, the question isn't so much "can" pageant girls have tattoos, as much as "should" they have tattoos. Just as pop culture and politics are ev...

12, September 2013

Titleholder of the Day

Title Holder Of the Day

Sierra Beck

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Top Pageant Hairstyles of All Time

Top Pageant Hairstyles of All Time

Your Reason & Vision to Win a Pageant

Your Reason & Vision to Win a Pageant

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Would a Hip-Hop Dance Routine be Good for Pageant Talent?

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Will Our Next Miss World Be A Man?

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Will Braids Hurt Your Chances of Winning the Crown?