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Top 5 Best Pageant Resale Sites

10, January 2015

If your closet is anything like mine, it is full of things you only wore once or twice. That is all too common with pageant clothes -- evening gowns, talent wear, swimwear, even interview attire! Why should you hold on to things you'll never wear again when you could be getting paid to buy an all new wardrobe? Or maybe you're looking at the price tags on typical "pageant wardrobe" items and giving yourself a minor heart attack. Pageants aren't cheap, and neither is a pageant wardrobe - several thousand dollars might not be in everyone's budget! Fall into either of these categories? If you do, your best option is to visit a pageant resale website! 

We took the "hard part" off of your hands and compiled the Pageant Planet guide to the Top 5 Pageant Resale Sites, just for you!  

5. Crown Formals 

Crown Formals offers a wide variety of pageant items like gowns, swimwear, interview attire and jewelry! You can buy or sell straight through the website. PROS: Wide variety of items; large range of ages; easy to sell; offers "new item" alerts CONS: There is a listing fee; no "buyer/seller insurance" through the site; contacting for purchase may be difficult  

4. The Glass Slipper 

What's awesome about The Glass Slipper is that you can list any pageant item for free. You have the opportunity to buy or sell via the website, but all items listed on the website are also automatically transferred to the Facebook page to gain a wider audience for your sales. PROS: Free registration, listing and browsing; indexed on major search index (boosts selling audience); no renewal costs; easy to purchase CONS: Smaller variety of items; complaints of "spam"

3. My Pageant Rental 

On My Pageant Rental's website, you have the opportunity to buy or rent pageant items, as well as sell or rent out your own. There is a large variety of items to choose from, and it is super easy to list your items or make purchases. PROS: Offers protection against scammers (will reimburse your money!); large variety of items; free listing of items; easy listing and purchasing CONS: 2.9% purchase fee; have to re-list items after rentals  

2. Facebook Listings

There are so many great pageant resale groups on Facebook that you can join, buy from, and list for no charge at all, The listings are updated daily, and you get notifications any time new listings are added! Purchases are done through PayPal. PROS: Instant updates; free to list; free to join; very large variety of items; large following/sales are seen quickly CONS: No buyer/seller protection; no guarantee from scams Look up "The Glass Slipper Pageant Resale; Teen/Miss/Mrs/Ms Pageant Exchange; Teen Scene Pageant Consignment; Tween and Up Pageant Consignment II; The Pageant Trading Post; ect. on Facebook! 

1. Pageant Planet 

Pageant Planet has created a platform that allows you to both buy and sell. All purchases made through Pageant Planet are 100% gauranteed to show up as described or we will refund 100% of your money. Additionally, you can shop contestants, retailers and designers stores throughout the world as long as they ship to your country. You can also see what other contestants wore the designer you are shopping and you can message the seller through the dress detail page. 

If you are selling your items you need to create contestant, retailer or designer profile first. You can upload as many items as you want and you are paid within 72 hours (3 days) after the purchase or when the buyer confirms that the item showed up in the described condition, whichever comes first, minus Pageant Planet's admin fees. To list your first item click here to get started. 


These are Pageant Planet's top tried-and-true pageant resale websites. If you're not purchasing or selling through Pageant Planet, then keep in mind that you should always be cautious of who you are buying from or selling to, because there are definitely scammers who will try and cheat you out of your money (or your beautiful gown)! Lastly, always make sure to always read the websites Terms and Conditions before selling or purchasing.

Oh, and the below dresses are currated from our dress galleries. Choose which one you like best!


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