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How and When to Stand in Pretty Feet

04, December 2014

The typical "pretty feet" every pageant girl is taught, is simple. But some girls are thrown into the pageant world without even being taught the pretty feet! Crazy, I know. But today I am here to show you the proper way and when to stand in "pretty feet."

National American Miss contestant. Photo: National American Miss

Throw on your favorite pair of heels and begin in third position. Standing in it with your left foot back and your right in front, slightly move your right foot forward (in the direction it is pointing) and put most of your weight on the ball of your foot. And there you have it, the oh so simple but oh so needed, pretty feet. You can also stand with your left foot in front as well, whichever feels the most  comfortable for you.

When To Use It

Now this is the really important part, and listen closely ladies.... You need to use pretty feet when you're on stage..... here it comes....ALWAYS. Standing in pretty feet is a way to give your body a good shape, but it also makes you look very well put together. Now always is a little exaggerated, but it's really the truth. Any time I walk on stage and strike a pose, I always end in pretty feet.

Whether you walk out in swimsuit and pose at the end of the runway with your profile showing more, always end your pageant poses with pretty feet If you're lost with modeling skills, "5 Tips to Model a Swimsuit" can help you figure it out.

When standing in interview, keep yourself together by standing in pretty feet. When walking in evening gown and posing, stand in pretty feet. After a while, outside of the stage you will notice yourself standing this way naturally (trust me, it happens all the time) and that's 100% OK. This simple position gives your body the right shape to always keep you looking your best no matter what. So take a walk on the runway and strike your pose! But remember when you come back around to have those feet looking b-e-a-u-tiful as ever.


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