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How to Master Onstage Introduction

20, November 2014

More girls get nervous about speaking onstage than any other category of competition, and that's why it's so important to have a plan in place and to practice a lot before pageant weekend. Here are the top tips to have you deliver your introduction on the stage with finesse and eloquence.

National American Miss Minnesota PreTeen. Photo: National American Miss Instagram

Clarify the Rules 

Before you get started crafting your intro, read through the rules and point any questions to the pageant director. If there is a time limit, don't assume that it's "okay" to go over by a few seconds, because you will lose points for this. If you're not supposed to say your age, the rules should be clear about this. There's no sense in putting an intro together that will only make you lose points.

Draft Out Your Ideas 

To make a basic introduction, you want to talk about where you're from, what you do (being a student, employee, cheerleader, honor student, etc) and where you want to go in the future. It's always a good idea to make a list of everything that you might say first and narrow your actual introduction down to the most interesting facts. Need help writing your intro? "How to Write a Pageant Intro" can help you get started. Want more help? Check out our Pageant Prep feature!

Remember the Lineup

On pageant day, the judges are going to watch a lot of girls say their introduction onstage. How is yours going to be memorable? Some ideas for making your introduction stand out:

  • Start off with a joke (family appropriate, of course)
  • Use a quote
  • Make a reference to your future career (A future broadcast journalist might say "Coming to you live from Charleston, I am pageant contestant" and a future pediatrician might say "Paging Dr. pageant contestant").
  • Lead off with an interesting fact about yourself

Likewise, it's always a good idea to mention something they might want to ask you in the interview portion. This also helps you stand out and gives you more control over the interview process.

Practice and Time Yourself 

Practice enunciating a few different words as you run through your introduction. You always want to emphasize your name so that the judges remember who you are. Speak from your heart. If you are having a hard time remembering your introduction, it's time to reconsider the content. Your introduction should give the judges a brief window into who you are but also capture their interest. Practice your introduction every morning leading up to the pageant and a few times throughout the day. Mimic how you'll stand, hold your hands and walk on and off the stage. Come pageant time, you should feel confident and excited to introduce yourself onstage! 


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