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5 Positive Things We Learn From Pageantry

18, June 2014

Many have the impression that pageantry is composed of beautiful, fit women who are self-absorbed, superficial and lack intellect. Once you become a part of this world you will realize that is far from the truth. Admittedly, the girls are beautiful; yet, they are also confident, intelligent, caring and compassionate. Here are a few things our staff learned from competing in pageantry:

Miss Earth Myanmar 2019 Linn Thaddar. Photo: Miss Earth Myanmar

1. Self-confidence 

when you first start, like everyone, your self-confidence is low if not non-existent. Competing in pageants has allowed my self-confidence to soar and accomplish far more than I ever thought possible. In my daughters' case it has allowed them to finally express who they really are and feel their dreams are within their reach. If they can interview with a stranger and talk on stage in front of hundreds of people then anything is possible! Also for interviews you learn how to walk into an interview and wow a potential employer.

2. Wardrobe skills

Interview helps you prepare to dress for a professional setting and gives you skills on what is appropriate for such a setting. In addition, you learn how to create a fashionable wardrobe to look classy and confident without breaking the bank.

3. Failure

This is a very valuable lesson to learn in life. Great success is one that comes with the most difficult journey. One of my mottos is: “it is not worth it unless it is worth working for.” Yes you might fail, but you have a choice – be depressed or use it to fuel your motivation to work harder. When you work to achieve your goals they are so much more meaningful. Also, no girl can say she won all of her pageants the first time. So eat chocolate and move on. Your work is not finished yet!

4. Video impression

At times you may need to give an impression over the phone or video chat. Pageant skills can help you do this and learn to impress in a few minutes. You only have 2-5 minutes to win the interview. In some instances that may be the only time you have to win over an employer. The interview will help you lead your conversation to communicate what you want out of life in a brief time period.

5. Adapting to the situation 

At times things will not go as planned. You may get sick, your gown rips or your interview shoe breaks. The show must go on and you will quickly learn how to adapt in many situations and keep moving. Problem solving skills are a part of any pageant and so is creativity! For those of us who have competed, our lives have been forever changed in many positive ways. Some things can be difficult about competition, but such holds true for any type of competition.

Very few of us would say we wish we did not do this or learn the lessons we have from this incredible experience! Keep learning and growing. Someday soon you will be exactly who you aspire to be and another girl will be looking up to you! What positive things have you learned from pageantry? Tell us below!


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