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Top 25 Pageant Questions Asked by Judges (in Every Pageant)

The pageant questions that you are about to read were taken from the data of our famous “Question of the Day”, asking titleholders what pageant questions they were asked immediately following their interview and talking with pageant judge...

31, January 2022

How to Succeed in Pageant Interview

Pageants are won or lost in pageant interview. If you've spent any time at all in pageantry, you've heard this saying at least once. And for good reason - pageant interview is probably the most important competition of ...

29, January 2022

Pageant Paperwork & Resume (Examples, Templates and Tips)

Everything that you do in a pageant is about communication, including and especially your pageant paperwork. The very first place that you begin that process of communication occurs long before you ever set foot in the interview room or on stage. You...

12, May 2021

Top 10 On Stage Questions (and Answers)

Oh, the dreaded on stage question.  Jaws theme music should be playing in the background as contestants feel like they are walking the plank.  Coaches and directors try to reassure us that it is not a life or death situation, but we have se...

08, May 2021

How to Answer "Why Should You Win This Pageant?"

"Why should you win this pageant" is one of the most common questions that pageant interview judges like to ask, so you should always be ready for it regardless of what pageant system you are competing in. There are three primary approaches...

07, May 2021

The 10 Toughest Pageant Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

We've seen the blunders live on stage when a contestant pulls a question but they have no idea how to answer it. A million thoughts are running through their minds and usually they have nothing to do with the question. The same thing can happen i...

04, May 2021

12 of the Most Shocking, Random, and Difficult Interview Questions Ever Asked

Disclaimer: The interview questions from this article are real, but many are controversial and not appropriate for contestants under the age of 18. If this applies to you, we recommend searching for another interview article to help you prepare. ...

28, April 2021

Best Pageant Interview Questions (and Answers) of 2017

During the interview portion of a pageant, judges have the opportunity to truly get to know who a contestant is. Whether it is a panel or one-on-one interview, judges can learn about a contestant's character, opinions and knowledge of current eve...

02, February 2018

4 Questions You Will Be Asked During a Miss America Interview

Interview is your first and only one-on-one interaction with the judges. A strong interview is essential to winning any title. However, a Miss America interview, whether it be at the local, state or national level, is one of the most challenging. Aft...

06, October 2017

Top 10 Pageant Interview Questions for the Princess Division

The questions asked for the Princess Division are typically appropriate for girls ages 3 to 6.  National American Miss has their Princess Division for contestants 4 through 6. Miss America Coed has their Princess division at ages 3 thro...

31, May 2017

10 Male Pageant Questions Asked in Every Interview

You win and lose your pageant inside of the interview room. The judges are not going to crown someone whom they do not like or connect with inside of the interview room. However, if the judges fall in love with you inside of the interview room the...

29, April 2017

10 Common Questions Asked in a Miss America Interview

Our new Miss America was just crowned, and while we saw the ladies strut their stuff on stage in Evening Gown, Talent, and Onstage Question, earlier this week each delegate participated in the Interview competition. The interview is a panel-style int...

12, September 2016

How Pageant Directors Choose and Instruct Judges

Outside of the competitors themselves, the pageant judges a system uses become the cornerstone of the contest. Because all roads lead to these individuals who will decide the fate of the competitors, choosing and more importantly educating them ...

01, December 2015

How to Answer: Why Should You Be the Next Titleholder?

This is one of the most common questions asked in pageant interview, and yet a lot of girls don't like getting it because they think their answer will be similar to everyone else. To some extent, that's true: judges have probably heard a lot ...

14, January 2015

How to Master Onstage Introduction

More girls get nervous about speaking onstage than any other category of competition, and that's why it's so important to have a plan in place and to practice a lot before pageant weekend. Here are the top tips to have you deliver your introd...

20, November 2014

3 Tips to Answer "Why Do You Want to Be Miss _______?" During Interview

"Why do you want to be the queen of your state?" may just be one of the worst questions a judge can ask a contestant right next to, “What can you tell me about yourself?” (Because you know you spent hours writing your resume for...

12, August 2014

How To Answer Beauty Pageant Questions

According to a magazine, the top ten beauty pageant questions are somewhat like these set of questions; “Tell us something about yourself and your family”, “What or who inspires you the most?”, “What would you do to be...

11, May 2014

How To Answer the "Tell Me A Little About Yourself" Question

Even if you are a very prepared contestant when it comes to pageant interview, I see that a lot of girls trip over this question. Especially if you have practiced answering very pointed interview questions like "What is your favorite book?"...

08, March 2014

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Girls Make During Onstage Question

Even though it's often only a small portion of your overall score, onstage question is also frequently the last chance for the judges to see you and make their decision. In many pageants with an onstage question component, this phase of competiti...

01, March 2014

Pageant Interview Questions For Kids

Pre-Teen and Teen interviews are meant to be simple, but can be very nerve racking. It is important to remember that during the interview the judges want to get to know the girls, while also evaluating their presentation and speaking abilities. Just ...

23, August 2013

The BEST Adjectives to Use for a Perfect Pageant Interview

Pageant Interview is arguably the most important facet of the competition. There are dos and there are don’ts. I am here to examine those and help you attain that desired, perfectly polished interview for your next pageant. Many of you are in t...

08, June 2013

31 High School Pageant Questions (and Answers)

There are a TON of high school pageants that take place every year and while these pageants vary drastically in professionalism and size. You can bet your educated backside that come interview time your questions are going to pertain to wait for it.....

12, November 2012

26 Sample Teen Pageant Questions (and Answers)

Teen pageant questions are similar to those asked to the Miss girls with one exception, they will not be asked political questions. If you are competing in Miss America's Outstanding Teen you may get asked some light political questions on the lo...

11, November 2012

How to Prepare for an Onstage Interview Question

One of the most nerve-racking elements of any competition is onstage interview. The onstage interview question is a difficult area of the competition to train for because you do not really know what to expect. And if you mess up the whole audience kn...

01, November 2012


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Setting (and achieving) Pageant Goals

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