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10 Things Every Pageant Mom Should Have on Hand for Pageant Weekend

We’re all so thankful for pageant moms (and dads!) who keep us together during pageant weekend. For new pageant moms, it can be difficult to know what to bring along for any and every crisis that can pop up over the weekend. We’ve asked o...

23, February 2018

10 Male Pageant Questions Asked in Every Interview

(Mister Lebanon after being crowned Mister International 2017. Photo: Mister International Organization) When people hear the word pageants, they usually think about beautiful women gliding across a stage in an array of sparkling evening gowns. H...

29, April 2017

10 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Pageant Interview

Miss Teen Hawaii International 2017 pageant contestants ready for interview. Photo courtesy: Miss Teen Miliani Mauka International Instagram. Pageant interviews are exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. It is imperative to have a lasting ...

19, April 2017

How to Promote Your Platform Through Community Service

Photo: National Elite Pageants Facebook When it comes to being a titleholder, not only do you have to promote the title and the pageant in order to help it grow, but you also need to promote your platform and continue to do all that you have been...

31, January 2017

5 Ways to Show Your Charm in Interview

Savvy Shields, Miss America 2017 shows her charm during an interview. Photo courtesy of Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Simply put, pageants are charm competitions. Think about it. In most cases, you are contending with other women who are likewise in...

20, October 2016

How to Budget for a Pageant

Miss Hawaii USA 2016 Top 5 - Photo: Travis K. Okimoto Once you begin your pageant journey, it doesn't take long to realize that, like any other hobby or extracurricular, pageants take up time and – wait for it – money. However, th...

10, March 2016

5 Tips to Perfecting Your Pageant Platform for Interview

Allie Nault, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2016 was named the recipient of the “Teens in Action” Award for her outstanding commitment to her platform. Ever since the Miss America Organization founded the platform concept in 19...

30, January 2016

How To Prepare For Interview the Week Before Your Pageant

In the week leading up to your pageant, it is easy to stress about the interview, because as much as you prepare and rehearse, you don't know what questions the judges are going to ask you. However, if you have been preparing well in the months l...

03, December 2015

12 of the Most Shocking, Random, and Difficult Interview Questions Ever Asked

Disclaimer: The interview questions from this article are real, but many are controversial and not appropriate for contestants under the age of 18. If this applies to you, we recommend searching for another interview article to help you prepare. ...

28, September 2015

How to Prepare Your Judges For Your Mock Interview

How you prepare for your next big pageant could significantly impact how you perform. Scheduling mock interviews and applying the lessons learned from them is one of the best possible ways to calm your nerves before pageant interview and really impre...

03, June 2015

7 Activities That Help You Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

In pageantry, public speaking plays a large role as a titleholder and even a contestant. Pageant girls have to learn how to talk and present themselves in a very professional manner, and sometimes, the thought of public speaking can be a bit daun...

20, May 2015

Top 25 Pageant Questions Asked by Judges (in Every Pageant)

The pageant questions that you are about to read were taken from the data of our famous “Question of the Day”, asking titleholders what pageant questions they were asked immediately following their interview and talking with pageant judg...

26, February 2015

How to Organize a Mock Interview for Pageantry

Mock Interview According to Miss America non-finalist interview winner Miss New Mexico Alexis Duprey, her performance in interview was the result of hard work and practice. Although many people get nervous about the interview competition, you can...

08, November 2013

Top 5 Reasons Why Pageant Interview Is So Important

Miss Universe contestant answers her on stage question One of the biggest misconceptions I find with people who are not familiar with pageants is they think interview is not important. To the untrained eye, pageants look like a beauty competition...

30, September 2013

Most Popular Pageant Interview Questions (and Answers)

Pageant Interview is the most important phase of competition. How you do inside the interview room will determine how judges will score you throughout the competition. Because of this we are going to cover the 3 most popular questions that judges ask...

25, July 2013

26 Sample Teen Pageant Questions (and Answers)

Teen pageant questions are similar to those asked to the Miss girls with one exception, they will not be asked political questions. If you are competing in Miss America Outstanding Teen you may get asked some light political questions on the local le...

11, November 2012

Titleholder of the Day

Title Holder Of the Day

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