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The BEST Adjectives to Use for a Perfect Pageant Interview

08, June 2013

Pageant Interview is arguably the most important facet of the competition. There are dos and there are don’ts. I am here to examine those and help you attain that desired, perfectly polished interview for your next pageant. Many of you are in the loop and are subscribers to the empowering emails sent out by our founder, Mr. Steven Roddy. If that's you, then I am sure you have seen the most recent edition: The Story of Candace. In this email, Steven revealed that The Pageant Planet’s true intent is not to simply prepare a girl for the crown and release her, but to equip our followers with the necessary skills to achieve their future, “post-crown” dreams. One way to do that is by polishing the interview portion of the competition. It is not only vital in pageants, but also in life. Interview is something that we all must endure- pageant participants and non-pageant affiliates alike. Our primary goal is to relieve that phobia of Interview with one word: preparation.

Kaliegh Garris, Miss Teen USA 2019

Miss Teen USA 2019 Kaliegh Garris. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

What TO Say

We all know that Interview is almost exclusively about the interviewee- simple enough, right? It is the efficiency with which someone speaks of themselves that determines the interpretation by the interviewer. Some of you are probably scratching your heads. Put simply, what you say and how you say it ultimately determines what the judge will think. With that, here are some great adjectives to use in Interview and on your pageant paperwork. Tip: always remember that any word you choose to describe yourself with, a judge could possibly ask you to define (this once happened to me- luckily I knew the answer.)

  • Assertive- I love this word! A synonym could be proactive. Are you always on the ball?
  • Leader- This sounds a bit cliché, but the judges are looking for a leader as their titleholder.
  • Optimistic- No negative nellies here. Let them know that you always have your chin up.
  • Organized- Judges frequently ask whether you have the ability to balance all of your responsibilities, so organization is key.
  • Tolerant- A team player is what the organization needs. Learning to work with all kinds of people and accept their ideas is a necessary skill!

What NOT To Say

Now, don’t hit yourself if you have ever uttered one of these words in the midst of a heated interview. It’s okay. However, try to limit how often you say “um,” “uh,” or “well.” Remember that it is okay to pause and collect your thoughts.

  • Competitive- This is what is called a double-edged adjective. Again, this is about interpretation. While you might see this as a positive, the judge could see it as jealous ambition.
  • Hard Working- This is a vague adjective. Almost every girl is going to list something to the effect of being hard working. Instead, find a synonym. For example, determined.
  • Awesome- this is a casual adjective and one that is completely overused in the English language. It is also vague and most likely something that the judge will hear a thousand times that day. Experiment with new language.

All in all, know your pageant paperwork and don’t over think your answers. You are talking about you. Avoid the previous words and you are good to go! Let the judges see your personality. It’s your interview, take it by the reigns!

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