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Pageant Questions and Answers for Gay Pageants

28, March 2023

We’ve all seen the awkward videos of pageant contestants struggling for their answers on stage (who can forget South Carolina’s Miss Teen USA 2007), so why not get ahead of your fellow contestants and ensure your interview stage goes as smoothly as possible?  Our team at Pageant Planet compiled a list of the twenty most common questions you might come across as a contestant in a gay pageant.

When it comes to the interview portion of a pageant it’s important to understand that this is often the first time you really get to interact with the judges - this is the time to put your all into helping the judges understand who you are as a person.  The interview stage is often the most important part of a pageant, and your answers here could either have the judges rooting for you throughout the rest of the pageant, or working furiously to try and salvage a bungled interview answer.

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll hear questions phrased in exactly the same way, the subject matter between a lot of these questions is universal and if you prepare the answers below ahead of time, you should be prepared enough to draw on your experience and deliver a stunning pageant interview.

How is the interview section of a gay pageant different than a standard pageant?

As you can expect the interview section of a gay pageant is going to be focusing almost primarily on LGBTQ+ issues and the struggles that individuals face growing up and living in an increasingly polarized society.  

Many traditional pageants tend to shy away from addressing these issues or may just briefly touch on the opinions or thoughts of contestants on larger LGBTQ+ issues (like gay marriage).  Contestants in a gay pageant can expect to get much more in-depth on these topics and how it’s affected their life and upbringing.

20 Interview Questions Every Gay Pageant Contestant Should Know

Below we compiled a concise and researched list of the most common questions a contestant in a gay pageant might come across.  Have you heard a few we haven’t mentioned?  Feel free to let us know in the comments and we are more than happy to update our list.

1. Tell us your coming out story.

Example: I told my parents during breakfast when I was a freshman in high school. I was so nervous but they were so supportive. I’m really fortunate to have amazing, supportive parents. 

2. How has being a gay man (or woman) made you better?

Example: Being gay has allowed me to become emotionally stronger because I had to overcome adversity.

3. Is being gay harder than being straight in America?

Example: Yes. Take marriage for example. If you want to get married then you can get married. If you’re gay and want to get married you have to live in (or go to) the right state.

4. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Example: Yes, because without a marriage certificate a gay woman or man is not be able to pass their property over their partner, even if they have been together for 10 years or more. 

5. Do you feel like PRIDE is making a positive impact? Why or why not?

Example: Positive. It’s bringing people together and spreading the love.

6. How does your school/community support individuals who identify as being gay or transgender and do you agree with them?

Example: My school allows everyone to be themselves and that is important.  I agree with them because we’re all human at the end of the day.

7. Do you think that gay people should be able to adopt children?

Example: Absolutely.  We shouldn’t deprive them of the ability to be parents and they should be held to the same screening standards as straight parents who choose to adopt.  If they meet the criteria, they should be allowed to adopt.

8. If you win, what is the first change you would implement in our society?

Example: I’d implement a safe place for gays and transgenders to seek help if needed.  

9. Do you think gay and transgender contestants should be able to compete in the same pageants with natural born females/males? Why or why not?

Example: If we are going to model and promote inclusivity, we don’t have any other choice.  It may teach us how to be more accepting of others and we could all benefit and learn from each other.

10. What advice would you give to someone struggling with coming out?

Example: To follow their heart and not allow labels to impede their decision. 

11. Do you think shows such as RuPauls Drag Race highlight the LGBTQ community in a positive way?

Example: Absolutely! Contestants on RPDR have a tremendous amount of skill, talent, charisma, and stage presence to be able to do what they do. I love how the show highlights the struggles people in the LGBTQ community go through but that we are all tenacious and don’t let our barriers stop us. 

12. Did you have a moment when you realized you were gay or you always knew?

Example: I started walking in heels and wearing makeup at age 5 so me, and my family, always knew!

13. What stereotype do you wish people would stop enforcing?

Example: That you can’t be queer and religious. There are many people in the LGBTQ communty, including myself, that actively participate in their religion and have a relationship with God. 

14. What is the biggest issue facing trans lives?

Example: Acceptance. There are people who are killed, harassed, abused, bullied, and neglected because they chose to become who they really are. Acceptance in the trans community is imperative to protect lives, encourage people to be themselves, and allow for a true community in the world. 

15. Do you think Bisexual people are disregarded in the LGBTQ community?

Example: There is a stereotype that bisexual individuals are really just in actuality highly sexual people and promiscuous. This is not the case and they deserve to be treated equally as any other member in the LGBTQ community. 

16. Do you feel safe, in light of your sexual orientation?

Example: I try to surround myself with people who support me and love me through everything. However, there have been times where I didn’t feel safe because of who I was around - that’s why it’s so important to pick your tribe carefully!! 

17. There have been schools that banned children’s books that have same sex parents in the story. What are your thoughts on this?

Example: I think that is ridiculous! Teaching kids at a young age that same sex marriage is normal is so important!! Teaching them that love is love no matter what is going to make for a more accepting generation - which is what we need!

18. Do you think schools have enough resources for the LGBTQ+ community?

Example: I honestly think it depends on the area you live and the school specifically. I have seen such positive changes in some schools that really make the LGBTQ+ community feel welcome and secure. I hope more schools see that and add more resources for their students.

19. How do you explain to your young sibling that you are gay?

Example: I actually have a little brother who is 12 years younger than me. Thankfully when I came out, my parents helped me explain what that meant exactly. He shrugged his shoulders and said “thats cool” and went off to play video games! LOL When you take the time to explain things in ways that people can understand, you’ll get the best response!

20. How can I get others to be more open minded about the LGBTQ+ community?

Example: I think having true, real conversations will help a lot. Sometimes the conversations I’ve had to have were not easy but they are worth having. Opening up and being vulnerable is the best way to help others see you for you and understand! 



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