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Pageant Interview Questions For Kids

23, August 2013

Pre-Teen and Teen interviews are meant to be simple, but can be very nerve racking. It is important to remember that during the interview the judges want to get to know the girls, while also evaluating their presentation and speaking abilities. Just like older girls, the teen and pre-teen titleholders will be representing the organization and are interviewing for a job. 

While there can be a wide variety of children's pageant questions the ones that judges will ask will be listed in 3 categories. Here are the categories that they will ask about with some sample pageant questions for each category.

Photo: Kathy Whitaker

Pageant Interview Questions for Kids

1. Personal Pageant Questions - The judges will ask questions to find out more about the girls, as well as their interests and hobbies. Here are a few personal pageant questions for kids:

-What is your favorite subject in school?

-What do you look for in a friend?

-What do you like to do for fun?

-Who do you look up to?

-What is your favorite color?

-What color best describes you?

-What do you want to be when you grow up?

-What is your favorite book/movie?

-Who is your best friend?

2. Pageant Questions from Paperwork - Many pageant questions that judges ask a little miss will be pulled from their paperwork. So be sure that you know what's on your paperwork. (Read: How to Make a Positive First Impression with Pageant Paperwork) Here are some sample questions judges may ask a little miss:

-Tell me about your pet.

-I see that you play (insert sport/hobbie), tell me about that.

-Tell me about your best friend.

-What is your favorite thing about (insert school subject like Math)?

3. In systems that require a platform, they will also ask about their platform charity. These will be similar to teen pageant questions. 

-Tell me about your platform/charity.

-Why is (insert platform issue) important to you?

-What have you done for your platform?

If you would like more interview questions download our 233 Pageant Questions for Kids below. We also offer mentorship and mock interviews. You can learn more about that by visiting, "Pageant Membership." Let us help you prepare for your next pageant and have the best interview.

Extra Pageant Interview Advice for Kids

From working with other girls I have noticed a few things that I would like to share.

First, mock interviews are the BEST way to prepare. We come up with new questions every time and we try to run them the exact same way as they will be at your pageant so let us know when you are ready and we will put you on the schedule.

Second, make sure you know EVERYTHING about your pageant paperwork. (Read: 7 Common Mistakes Girls Make on Pageant Paperwork) A lot of the time, moms will help write the resumes and the girls won't be prepared in interview. Any question off of your paperwork should be easy and you shouldn't have to think too hard about them.

Pageants like NAM with very short interviews will pull a lot of pageant questions from the paperwork and you do not have any time to waste so make sure you are ready with a quick and concise response. Third, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. You want them to like you so take a breath, smile, and have fun! I promise they won't be mean. The hard stuff doesn't come until you are a Miss.

Interested in mastering the pageant interview?  Our Pageant Interview Playbook puts you on the fast track to creating an unbeatable pageant interview response.  Learn more about our playbook here.


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