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How to Prepare for a Pageant (Step by Step)

04, November 2013

There are numerous things to take into consideration when preparing for a pageant. One thing however comes to mind immediately is your budget. If you have been competing in the sport of pageantry for a time, then you know full well the expense that is associated with this industry. Likewise, your budget affects every aspect of your pageant endeavor. Whether you have a $500 budget or a $3000 budget, the experience is what it is all about and you want the best experience for your money.

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Mental Preparation

There is a certain amount of mental training that must occur before you can let that stiletto hit the runway. From mock interviews to paperwork studying, it is crucial that you know your stuff. Speaking from personal experience, I feel most at ease and prepared when I have exhausted every form of practice, especially interview wise. Additionally, preparing for a pageant could be a spiritual experience for some contestants. Faith can be a crutch and support system when one is involved in a stressful endeavor like a pageant.

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Physical Preparation

Many competitions have either a bathing suit or fitness facet. This calls for an exercise regimen and diet plan. Depending on your budget’s leeway, you might be able to have someone assist you with this aspect. Personal trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists can all be utilized for this part of the pageant preparation. Joining a gym and getting a personal trainer is very common, but not completely necessary. Take into consideration your will power and motivation. If this is in question, then you might highly consider this route. Establish a goal for your body and determine how much money that will cost and if you are willing to invest the time this will take.

Sydney Boehler, Miss Colorado Teen USA 2019. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

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I have no problem admitting that walking is one of my weaknesses in pageantry. With that said, I recognized this and decided to fix it. For my last pageant I hired a coach to help me develop my personal presence onstage and individual walking patterns. This was money well spent. I will continue to diligently practice this aspect of my competition, but I can tell that my confidence has increased due to this strategic move. Find a credible pageant coach in your area by asking other competitors or by using our database.

Wardrobe Selection

This one is my personal favorite areas of preparation. A big part of the fun of acquiring a title is looking for competition wardrobe. Dress shopping with your sister queens, bargain hunting with your mom, it is all a blast! Again, examine your budget. Also, think about your body shape. What will best flatter your figure? Next, find complementing accessories. Most importantly, do not stress.

As we all know, pageants can be stressful if we go into them blind. However, we now know how to eliminate that stress. By being upfront about how much you are willing to invest financially, emotionally, physically, etc. you do not have to compromise and can have a sound mind regarding the entire endeavor. I am well aware of the woes of pageantry and preparing is one of the biggest.

One of my favorite movie quotes comes from the movie Soul Surfer and the character named Sarah played by Carrie Underwood. She states, “Get a new perspective.” This has impacted my pageant world in a big way. When I am feeling stressed I remember to take a deep breath and step back. Always remember, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Discover what that is for you.

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