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Top 5 Best False Eyelashes for Pageants

27, August 2013

When I was a little princess, all I would have to do was bat my little eyelashes and my dad would give me whatever I wanted. If you want to be a queen, you need a little bit more length to those lashes if you want that crown. Falsies have been around for years and give you the added length that you cannot get from just mascara alone. There are a variety of lashes on the market and they come in either individuals or strips. Today, I will give you the top five strip lashes.

Miss Arizona Teen USA 2019 Jordan Waller. Photo: Georgina Vaughn Photography

Queen of Makeup Tips

Make sure to apply one coat of mascara and use an eyelash curler before applying false lashes. You want all of you lashes to be facing the same direction before applying the strip lash. This allows for your lashes to blend in with the falsies and appear more natural. Measure the false lashes against your eye shape and eyelashes. Cut down lashes if they are longer than the eye lid. Some eye shapes are shorter than others in length, so measure the lashes and cut from the inside of the falsies before applying along your lash line. Remember you are wearing lashes, not fans.

By all means, avoid lashes that are overly dramatic for competition. You want to accentuate your beauty, not diminish it. The trick is in the glue. False lashes do not adhere to the lash line unless they are specifically made to do so. Always have lash glue handy, just in case the eye lash kit you use does not provide it. Do not use hair bonding adhesives to supplement for lash glue. I have seen girls rip their eyelashes out by using the wrong glue. Be mindful and plan ahead. I recommend Duo Eyelash Adhesive if you do not know what brand to pick. If you plan on reusing lashes, make sure the old glue is not on the strip. If you spend a lot of money on your lashes and want to reuse them, make sure to remove the old glue before storing the product back in the container. This allows them to stay fresh and maintain their shape.

Top 5 Best Lashes

5. Andrea Modlash Strip Lash

These lashes are fabulous because they are inexpensive, yet effective. You can find this product at most beauty supply stores. The downside is you will most likely only get one to two good wears out of these lashes.

4. MAC False Eyelashes

MAC is number four on my list because they have such a great variety. You can have flirty lashes or dramatic lashes. The variety they have allows for you to effectively switch your look from interview professional eyes to seductive evening gown glam. The price is not that bad, because you can wear these lashes up to five times with proper care.

3. Expert Lash by Maybelline

Maybelline has always been a reliable brand because it is accessible at virtually any drug store, grocery store, or beauty supply store in the country. This lash set is phenomenal, because it can be worn in any phase of competition without looking as though you do not have enough lash volume or too much. When this lash is coupled with mascara, it looks incredibly natural, which is always a plus. You can get about four wears out of these lashes, which is great because they are not in the least bit expensive.

2. Elegant Lashes by falseeyelashessite.com

These 100% human hair lashes are awesome. The lashes come in various colors so they can match your natural lash color. Couple these lashes with clear mascara to have a super natural look to your eyes. The only downside is natural hair lashes must be handled with extreme care. If you plan on wearing these during competition, make sure they can coordinate with the rest of your looks for the evening.

1. Napolean Perdis False Lashes

I personally adore this brand. The lashes come in ALL, and I mean all, shapes and sizes. I like the variety more so than MAC’s because I am able to be playful and create looks that make people do a double take at my eyes. For pageant photo shoots that give stylistic freedom, these lashes rise to the occasion. For competition, they have the best dramatic lashes and can be worn up to eight times without fraying. You know the drill. What are your favorite lashes? Tell me below! Stay Beautiful.


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Abby Schalk [email protected]

Hello! I wanted to say that aliexpress (faux.) mink eyelashes ! They have all sorts of shapes and sizes. For example, they have natural ones, which I use for interview, wispie lashes which I use for stage, along with very full dramatic lashes which I use for Galas, along with pageant appearances! They are perfect for any age division! Hope this Helps!

September 01, 2018

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