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3 Tips to Answer "Why Do You Want to Be Miss _______?" During Interview

12, August 2014

"Why do you want to be the queen of your state?" may just be one of the worst questions a judge can ask a contestant right next to, “What can you tell me about yourself?” (Because you know you spent hours writing your resume for nothing right?). I have been competing in pageants since the age of 12 and this question continuously haunt me, but after using these following tips I have conquered the beast and can remain calm cool and collected in interview.

Miss Colorado 2019 Monica Thompson. Photo: Miss Colorado Instagram

Write it out

Write the question out and simply think of the top 3 reasons why you wish to win. Make the answers short and in a bulleted format, preferably 3 or 4 words. This helps when answering the question because you can mentally see the top 3 reasons and then you can spit them out in the time allotted with confidence instead of scrambling for words.


Really think of why you want to win, all pageant-world aside. You being a great model and a person girls can look up to is a great quality to have, but everybody says it so it won't help you stand out.


How can having you as a queen better the system as a whole? What can you bring to the table? How would you be an asset to the organization?

A system wants a queen who isn’t afraid to go out in her community and not only get involved but represent her state/nation. These are main points that you should think about next time you are asked the thought provoking question. Remember to deliver your answer with a smile and confidence!

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