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What Are Pageant Flippers And How Much Do They Cost?

27, March 2014

Have you noticed how kids in movies, theaters, and commercials have perfect teeth? Well, this article will reveal the secret behind this matter.

Our aim is to break the stigma that kids and adults in show business look perfect. In fact, it's the opposite. They wear tons of makeup, add hair extensions and use beauty tools to become “more beautiful.”

A very common beauty correction is the teeth. No, they are not that white and perfectly grown naturally. Adults and kids in the show industry, even famous actors, wear pageant flippers.

In this post, you will learn everything about flipper teeth, how much they cost, and how long you should wear them. So, if you like to know the “secret” behind commercialized perfection, then continue reading!

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What Are Pageant Flippers?

If this is the first time you are hearing about the term “dental flipper”, then we got you covered.

Pageant flippers are fake teeth that are mostly used for performing arts. They are a common beauty tool that is applied in order to create more pleasing looks.

The main use of flipper teeth or a flipper tooth is to hide any break or defect in someone's smile. Just imagine your favorite actor with separate teeth. Will that person be fascinating to you?

Pageant flippers are an aesthetic upgrade for your smile. Usually, people use them in order to fill the gaps or cover the marks on their teeth. This small aesthetic touch just contributes to the natural beauty of the person. Additionally, it also allows the person to have a perfect smile.

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How Much Do They Cost?

Every human being is an authentic individual. For this very reason, the dental flipper must be customized and individually made for the person that will be wearing it. Because they are specially made, the price may be too high sometimes.

There are several factors that contribute to the price of fake teeth. Usually, the main factor that makes the dental flipper more or less expensive is the material that is used. Also, the color and the number of teeth that are made contribute to the flipper tooth costs.

A kit to make an impression of the flipper tooth costs $25 for one tooth. 

The individual cost of the whole upper or lower jaw is $175. However, sometimes a person needs both upper and lower flippers to be made. In such cases, there is a special discount. This discount allows you to pay only $300 in total for both upper and lower flippers instead of $350.

How Are They Made?

The procedure for making a dental flipper is very similar to the one for making a dental prosthesis. 

There isn’t any special philosophy in the making of the fake tooth. This allows for it to be performed by a dentist or individually at home. 

If you decide to make the pageant flippers at home, you will need a special kit in order to take the impression. The kit can be bought from a medical laboratory, from a dentist, or from Amazon. 

Usually, the kit comes with a set of instructions on how to take the impression. After this is done, you need to send the sample to the lab of your choice.

How Long Can You Wear a Dental Flipper?

A dental flipper can not be worn for more than six months.

You should wear your flipper for less than eight hours a day. Additionally, it is very important not to sleep with your flippers on or wear them non-stop.

All of these rules must be followed for your own safety. Moreover, following the instructions will prevent the flipper from breaking.


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