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How to Pin a Pageant Crown on the Head of Your Successor

31, October 2013

We have all experienced that awkward moment (whether you are the crowner or the crownee), after all clapping has ceased  and you are still struggling to pin the crown onto the head of your successor. No offense to you queenies out there, but we have got to get this show on the road! Not to mention the squatting queen beneath you who is grimacing from her burning legs. Let’s learn how to do this, quickly.

Being onstage is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone; I don’t care who you are, it’s hard. So nerves play a role in the longevity of this process. Nerves aside though, this is your final moment, don’t allow a trivial task such as pinning a crown onto your successor’s head be a lasting memory for your reign. It is really quite simple.

With the help of pageant experts, and a proven effective tool, you will be on your way to a glorious and memorable crowning experience.

Traditional Bobby Pins

Most crowns (Miss America type model) are equipped with a hair tie that connects the two sides of the crown, allowing it to be attached to the head with bobby pins. By crossing the pins you can get a strong hold. Tip: When you have finished pinning your crown to your head, make sure that is straight and sitting where you want. Next, do the “head bob test.” Nod, shake, and tilt your head to check if you have secured the crown. 

Mrs. Galaxy 2020 crowning moment. Photo: Miss Galaxy Pageants Instagram

“Crown Clips”

This is a product of CrownClips.com. Many credible systems use these to crown their queens; systems such as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. These are an alternative to the dozen of bobby pins that are typically used to secure the crown. They are also more organized and professional looking. Here is a video to show how "Crown Clips" work:

And always remember pageant girl, "Keep your heels, head, and standards, HIGH!"


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