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How Much Does a Pageant Coach Cost?

18, September 2013

We all know how expensive the top pageant coaches in America can be. On average, I see pageant coaching for $125 per hour and I know I have personally paid that in the past. Yikes! If you start working with a pageant coach who is just starting out you will pay between $30-$50 per hour, however the seasoned professionals will charge you between $100 - $200 per hour. Want to find a coach that works for you? Check out our Pageant Coaches Directory!

Pageant Smart Coach Jorge Esteban with winning client. Photo: Pageant Smart Instagram

So how do find pageant coaching that fits in your budget?

Option 1 is to visit our Coaching Directory and to find a local coach in your area. Hire him or her for a few sessions and then decide if you would like to continue on with them. This is the only directory of pageant coaches in the world so if you can't find someone in your local area here then maybe Option 2 would work for you.

Option 2 is right here on Pageant Planet, we will give you everything you need with our VIP packages. For an hour of what you would pay a traditional pageant coach you can get a month of unlimited pageant coaching.

Pageant Coaching Costs

One of the biggest challenges with the pageant coaching industry is that it is unregulated. Anyone can become a pageant coach by simply creating a website and then sharing it on FaceBook saying, "I'm open for business." So you hire this coach who is a friend of a friend and then you hire him or her not knowing what you're going to get. If you strike gold he or she will be a dream, if not you'll have wasted time, spent precious energy being frustrated and worse yet... you've paid for these emotional pains. Here at Pageant Planet we take a different angle. Through our online coaching platform you can:

  • Ask unlimited questions about anything pertaining to your pageant and training
  • Take unlimited mock interviews
  • Get unlimited private wardrobe reviews
  • Get help on your paperwork
  • Current events newsletters
  • And of course there is more...

The great news is that you can access all of the above, which will translate into dozens of hours of coaching, for a cost of a "beginning pageant coach" and if you don't see the value in it then simply request a refund and we will give you your money back with no questions asked. If any of the above information on pageant coaching seems of interest them consider clicking on the link below to read more information regarding the program and how we can help you like we've helped 100's of other girls.

To unlock these features create a contestant profile on Pageant Planet by clicking here.

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