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Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2017

13, January 2018

Pageant coaches can be so influential in a competitor's performance on stage. From pageant interview preparation to wardrobe selection to tweaking pageant paperwork, these coaches went above and beyond to prepare their clients for their 2017 pageants. Make sure to check them out if you are in their areas! (Read: Do You Really NEED A Pageant Coach?)

Our list was determined by the number of nominations received, the quality of testimonials submitted and if they were coaches only (i.e. Not someone who directors, designs and is a coach on the side). Want to add your coaching business to our directory? It's free and takes 2 minutes to do! Click here to get started!

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Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2017

10. Katie-Britt Greenway with Pageant Performance Katie-Britt Greenway is the founder and owner of Pageant Performance. She has prepared competitors for pageant systems like Miss America, Miss USA, Miss United States, National American Miss, USA National Miss, Miss Jr. High/High School/Collegiate America, International Junior Miss, Miss American Coed and more.

Greenway has served as a pageant judge, consultant, emcee, entertainer and contestant, which allows her to give her students a competitive edge! Greenway works with contestants ages 3 and up in all systems. She offers private lessons, Skype and FaceTime sessions, and weekend workshops. Between modeling services and helping to reform platforms, Greenway can prepare any girl for her upcoming pageant.

Katie-Britt Greenway with Pageant Performance Photo: www.pageantperformance.com Katie-Britt Greenway with Pageant Performance. Photo: www.pageantperformance.com

9. Kari Volen with Pageant Coaching and Designs Kari Volen started her pageant coaching business, Pageant Coaching and Designs, in 2010. She can assist you with wardrobe selection, hair and makeup, fitness and nutrition, image consulting, and talent selection. While most of her appointments are in person, Volen also assists her students over the phone as well. She is the official pageant coach for America's Miss California and California International Junior Miss. "She is so insightful into the whole pageant process and competition for multiple systems," one nomination read. "Whether it be interview or stage presentation, she is insightful and offers helpful, individualized expertise."

Photo: http://www.pageantcoachinganddesigns.org/ Photo: http://www.pageantcoachinganddesigns.org/

8. Maria-Teresa DuVall with Pageants2Go Maria-Teresa DuVall founded Pageants2Go in August 2005 and has a specialty in National American Miss pageant coaching. DuVall has a knack for writing personal introductions and has written 20 national-winning and over 100 state title-winning personal introductions for National American Miss. She has won several local, state and national titles for National Miss American Coed, National American Miss, Mrs. America and the Miss America Organization. "MT has enriched my daughter's life in so many ways," one nomination read. "In addition to being an amazing pageant coach, she is a teacher, a mentor, a cheerleader and a friend. My daughter has achieved so much personal growth." (Read: How a Pageant Coach Can Help You Win Your Next Pageant)

Photo: Pageants to Go Facebook Photo: Pageants to Go Facebook

7. Wes Gandy with Perfect Image Consulting Wes Gandy and Perfect Image Consulting are based in Jamison, Alabama. Perfect Image Consulting has coached winners in the International Junior Miss, United States Agriculture, United States Woodlands, Nation American Miss and the Miss High School America systems. "Wes has been great!" one nominator wrote. "My daughter was older when we decided to get into pageants bigger than an occasional local school pageant when she was a young child. We both had little knowledge of pageantry and we were pretty nervous. Wes was very patient and is a great coach."

Wes Gandy. Photo: Wes Gandy Twitter Wes Gandy. Photo: Wes Gandy Twitter

6. Robin and Emerie Gifford with Springboard Springboard for Success is a mother-daughter duo that coaches Midwestern girls for pageantry, modeling and more. From eight-week workshops to four-day intensive classes to private lessons, Springboard for Success has any kind of coaching you're looking for to launch your pageant, modeling or acting career. "Springboard truly makes you feel like you are part of a family," one nomination read. "I haven't been with them long but I was welcomed with open arms. They are the best at what they do. I used to be the most awkward person on the planet and they've helped me turn into a confident strong woman."

Robin Gifford with Springboard Photo: springboardforsuccess.com Robin Gifford with Springboard. Photo: springboardforsuccess.com

5. Cheri Kennedy Cheri Kennedy is certainly no stranger to the pageant and beauty community. She held several pageant titles during her competition days before moving on to become the president of her own cosmetics company, C Cosmetics. She has been a pageant contestant, judge and director, which has allowed her to coach over 1,500 girls to their dream crowns. Kennedy has knowledge of almost every pageant system and works to create a custom coaching plan with each of her clients. (Read: How Much Does a Pageant Coach Cost?)

Cheri Kennedy. Photo: cherikennedy.com Cheri Kennedy. Photo: cherikennedy.com

4. Terri Bolen with Total Pageant Prep Terri Bolen has been involved with pageantry ever since her first competition at just 10 years old. Bolen has been involved in all facets of pageantry as a competitor, judge, director, pageant mom and coach. She offers coaching in just about every area of competition from onstage question to wardrobe selection to fitness. "It is my belief that a 'beauty queen' lies within each of us," Bolen wrote on Facebook. "The crown is just a sparkly accessory, however, what you take from the experience will enhance your life forever."

Terri Bolen. Photo: Total Pageant Preparation Facebook Terri Bolen. Photo: Total Pageant Preparation Facebook

3. Bill Alverson Bill Alverson is one of the biggest names in the south when it comes to pageantry. He has been named “Coach Charming” and “The Pageant King of Alabama,” after his CW show debuted. An attorney by trade, Alverson manages to make all of his clients feel and look like queens. While he is based in Alabama, he coaches pageant girls across the country in everything from onstage question to evening wear walking!

Bill Alverson. Photo: jdspr.com Bill Alverson. Photo: jdspr.com

2. Brittany Eskew with Eskew Consulting Brittney Eskew has over 26 years in the pageant community and loves coaching young women to achieve their personal best while maintaining their individuality. Eskew Consulting works with Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, International Junior Miss, Miss United States, Miss Teen America and ANSB among others to provide contestant preparation.

Brittney Eskew with a client. Photo: Eskew Consulting Facebook Brittney Eskew with a client. Photo: Eskew Consulting Facebook

1. PR Pageant Coaches PR Pageant Coaches prides itself on being one of the only coaching businesses to adopt a "team approach" to pageant coaching. Instead of signing up with a specific coach, PR Girls have the opportunity to speak with multiple experts in fields like walking/stage presence, fitness/nutrition, interview, talent and so much more! PR Pageant Coaches worked with the past two Miss USAs and continues to host PR University events across the country.

Photo: PR Pageant Coaches Facebook Photo: PR Pageant Coaches Facebook

Congratulations to all the incredible pageant coaches on this list! If you're looking for a pageant coach, make sure you head over to our Pageant Coaching Directory and find the perfect coach for you. Thank you to all those who nominated their pageant coaches for this award!


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