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Top Pageant Choreographers: 2018 Edition

02, August 2017

Every year Pageant Planet compiles a list of the best pageant choreographers from the previous year based on our Best in Pageantry Awards. Not only will this list help you find your next pageant choreographer, but it can even assist when finding the pageant choreographer best suited for your pageant system. If your favorite pageant choreographer isn't on this list, you can shop our entire list of consultants by clicking Find a pageant choreographer. 

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The Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2017

The Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2016

The Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2014 

The Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2017

10. Pam Bolling

Pam Bolling is no stranger to Pageant Planet’s Best in Pageantry list. She is the owner and president of Hardrive Productions in Orlando, Florida, and is an exceptionally talented and passionate professional dancer, teacher and choreographer who is well respected in the world of dance as well as the pageant industry. 

She has worked as a professional dancer and instructor in countless shows and productions at Walt Disney World and Starpower, a national dance and talent competition that tours the country. And, just recently she performed in the Nashville Holiday Music Special and the Nashville Christmas Parade that aired on ABC.


9. Mikayla Colwell

Mikayla Colwell is a newcomer to our list but not a newcomer to the pageant stage. She is not only an accomplished choreographer but also a former Ohio USA National Miss.

“She was a one-person show!" one of her fans wrote. "She did it all…every aspect of the job from opening number all the way until the end of the show. She encouraged every girl and lifted them up and kept her cool the entire time. It was the most entertaining show and we are still getting amazing compliments on it months later.”


8. Jacquelyn Rebekah Hughes

Rebekah Hughes, who owns The Art of Dance Llc. in South Carolina, is not only a choreographer and pageant judge, but she is also a titleholder herself, becoming All American Royal Queen 2018 this year.

“She is the number one in the business no doubt!" wrote one of her clients. "Fun and upbeat opening numbers that Miss American Royalty USA Royalty can all perform with ease and confidence! At the Miss American Royalty USA pageant, you have babies to ladies in their 60's, and  it takes a special skill set to develop routines which keep the fun factor meanwhile ensuring all royalty can perform with ease.”

Another client wrote that her studio is a, “Very fun environment and Rebekah can make anyone feel like a star!”


7. Amber Miller

Amber Miller, who is a long-time titleholder herself, lives in Ohio and has owned and operated PURE International Pageants for seven years. Even though her pageant system is a younger one, many individuals in the pageant industry comment on how impressed they are with the system’s professionalism and integrity. And, Miller herself is often praised for her sincerity and enthusiasm when working with contestants.

“When we developed our pageant it was important to us to have a positive atmosphere," Miller said. "There were so many negative things that we had experienced as contestants ourselves that we were determined to never let that happen with our own system. We use our position to share the love of God. We hope that each person gets encouraged when they come to us. And we hope that each of our queens will continue to share the love of God with others when they go out to change the world.”

One parent who appreciates Miller’s values wrote, "Amber Miller has choreographed every Pure pageant my daughter and I have been involved with. She is a knowledgeable, kind, courteous and loving to all the contestants."


6. Dina Wyatt Brkic 

Dina is a true lover of pageantry. During her 26-year pageant career, she has held many local, state and national titles. After retiring from the competition aspect of pageants, she started focusing on the show itself. She joined the American Dream Staff in 2013 as the head choreographer and now serves as the creative director.

At the 2014 American Dream National Pageant, Brkic was awarded Lifetime Queen for her hard work and dedication to this amazing system. One of her colleagues complimented her work, stating, “Dina takes the time to make sure all of the ladies look their best on stage. She and her team also choreograph the best opening numbers for my contestants. She is truly an asset to all pageant systems she has worked with.”


5. Kayla Watson

It’s no surprise that Kayla Watson, who is a former titleholder in addition to being a choreographer, returns to our list once again! This powerhouse is the Vice President of Creative Development for USA National Miss and the Chairwoman of the Positive Pageantry Scholarship Board. She is known for her energy, optimism and dedication to her clients.

One such fan wrote, “Kayla Watson is not just a choreographer; she produces the entire USA National Miss pageant so the term 'choreographer' just doesn't do her justice. She spends time encouraging all the contestants in the pageant during rehearsals, which are laid back, professional and on time. She offers a word of encouragement and positivity to each contestant as they prepare to go on stage and then offers reassurance when they come off stage that they did an amazing job. She single-handedly produces the national pageants for USA National Miss, which are incredibly stunning and run so smoothly.”


4. Frank Arcidiacono

Nobody who knows choreographers is shocked to see this man’s name on a top 10 pageant choreographers list. Frank Arcidiacono is one of those people who seems to be an expert at everything he does, and everything he does, he does with ease and humor.

He has countless fans in the business. “Frank is amazing," one of his fans wrote. "He's by far the best choreographer/stage manager/model wrangler I've ever worked with. He brings the best out in every girl and guy he sends down the runway. Plus he's so much fun to work with. I admire his work ethic and want to be him when I grow up. Whenever I'm working backstage at an event, I channel my inner Frank.”


3. Breanne Ewing

Breanne Ewing is one busy lady! She is the co-owner at BlackFox Productions, Inc., Vice President of Business Development at Omaha Design Center, Vice President of Business Development at Omaha Fashion Week and a state director at the National American Miss pageant. But, regardless of how busy she may be or how many job titles she has, she always has an infectious smile on her face, and her bubbly energy uplifts everyone around. 

She and her husband, Ryan, Produce National American Miss for seven states and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s no wonder that her adoring fans and friends nominated her.


2. Brittney Eskew

Another beyond busy and multi-talented professional is Brittney Eskew, the owner, consultant and executive producer at Eskew Consulting, LLC. and Puresk in Nashville, Tennessee. She is well known and loved in the industry for all of her creative talents, not just choreography.

The girls that she works with are some of the most successful titleholders in pageantry, so it’s only natural that she would place at the number two spot on our list. “Brittney is seriously the best with my young daughter!" a parent of one of her clients wrote. "I absolutely love watching the two of them work and the fun they have while learning! My daughter exudes confidence on stage now that she has never had before! We love Brittney!!”


1. Kent Parham

Apparently, Chrisley knows best, as the number one spot on our top 10 list goes to Kent Parham! Parham is an Emmy Award-winning choreographer who has worked with Grammy-winning artists, as well as a long list of pageant organizations. Reality star and Miss Teen Tennessee USA 2016, Savannah Chrisley, credits Kent with helping her perfect her walk when she won her state title. 

Parham has choreographed the Miss Tennessee USA Pageant for the 20 years that it's been an event, but that is only one of a handful of pageants that he has been involved with. He has choreographed pageants in over 12 states and is one of the most sought-after choreographers in the Miss Universe Organization.



Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2016

10. Kayla Watson

Kayla is a choreographer for the USA National Miss pageant system. The system noted that she is the creative genius behind the curtains of the pageant. At a young age, she started producing the pageant nationally!


9. Nikki Peterson

Nikki is a Miss USA state pageant choreographer for the states Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Oklahoma. Nikki has been a dance team head coach and a choreographer, which helps her produce many state competitions!


8. Michael Hartman

Michael has been choreographing for the New Jersey National Teenager Pageant and doing such an amazing job. He has been responsible for choreography and pageant production in over 20 states, and even part of the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade production team!


7. Frank Arcidiacono

Frank is a choreographer for America's Perfect and Florida International pageant systems and is part of the PR Pageant Coaches business. He works in dance and vocal talent as well and has been part of the pageant industry since 1997!


6. Pamela Bolling

Pamela is a part of the Hardrive Productions for entertainment and has been working all over the country for the past 20 years. Pamela choreographs many pageants and also "One Magical Weekend in Orlando" – one of the largest LGBT Events in the world.


5. Cambrie Littlefield

Cambrie is best known for her work on the TV Show "Toddlers and Tiaras" and has been working as a coach and choreographer for all ages for many years. Her passion is pageantry and she is always looking for that next ultimate supreme winner.


4. Breanne Ewing

Breanne choreographs one of the largest pageant systems in the nation for ages 4-18, National American Miss. She works with contestants on stage presence, confidence and lots of fun during rehearsals!


3. Kent Parham

Kent is one of the biggest choreographers in the Miss Universe Organization and works all over the nation in the United States. He choreographs states like Michigan and Ohio, as well as the national Miss Teen USA pageant. I have had the pleasure of working with him for 6 years and can honestly say he has helped me grow so much, not only in my walk but with my confidence and on stage presence as well.


2. Brittney Eskew

Brittney is the owner of Eskew Consulting, LLC. and has been working with clients on coaching, choreography and overall pageant help that they need. She is a mentor and dancer and works with so many to help build themselves up for their next competition.


1. Shea Sullivan

Shea is the creative genius behind so many talent competition routines, including our Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan! Shea is known for having the ability to bring out the best style and technique of each contestant she works with. Mallory Hagan says herself that she could not have won Miss America without Shea. Congratulations, Shea! 



Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2014

10. Meg McKinnon

Meg McKinnon is a Canada-based choreographer who specializes in Glitz choreography. In her three years of coaching, Meg's girls have taken top titles in Canada, The UK, and Texas! With over 70% of Canada's pageant world on her team, Meg has earned her spot on the list for her knowledge in choreography skills.  


9. Typhani Janelle Russo

A pageant girl who has earned a plethora of titles, Typhani is most recognized in the pageant world as the choreographer for the Pennsylvania USA Ambassador pageant. Based out of Pennsylvania, she is definitely a choreographer to watch!  


8. Frank Archidiacano 

This Orlando-based choreographer is a singer, dancer and pageant director! He is the leader of the prestigious improv troupe, Citizens of Hollywood, as well as works at Walt Disney World in Orlando when he isn't working in the field of pageantry. He has worked in MAO, MUO and many other systems, currently producing and choreographing the World's Perfect Pageant System.  



7. Kent Parham

A Fort Worth, Texas native, Kent is an Emmy Award Winning choreographer has worked with Grammy-winning artists, as well as directs Miss Teen USA and works closely with the Miss Universe organization. He has choreographed pageants in over twelve states, and for over twelve years has choreographed Miss Oklahoma America.  


6. Shea Sullivan

A former pageant girl herself, Shea has choreographed routines for Miss America Contestants for thirteen years! She has choreographed both Miss America Org. pageants and Miss USA pageants. She has worked with Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan, MAO Teen 2008 Caitlin Brunell, as well as several other national and state winning titleholders.  


5. Breanne Ewing

With over twenty years of experience in producing and choreography, Breanne Ewing has earned her spot on the list. She currently directs nine National American Miss state pageants, and is the national choreographer for National American Miss.


4. Michael Hartman 

Michael is the producer and choreographer for New Jersey's National Teenager. He has directed over 30 Broadway-style musicals aside from choreographing pageants and parades. He has produced and choreographed pageants in over 20 states and is the National Producer for America’s National Teenager based in Nashville, TN.  


3. Pam Bolling

Pam is the President of Hardrive Productions, she has worked with pageants like Miss America, Miss America's Outstanding Teen, the Miss America Parade and even choreographed dances for the NBA! Pam is known for her great personality and amazing knowledge of her industry.  


2. Brittney Eskew

The owner of Eskew Consulting, LLC., Brittney Eskew has made her mark on the pageant world. A coach, a dancer, a choreographer, and a mentor. Many pageant girls, parents, and coaches alike send their talent clients her way due to her extensive knowledge of both the talent world and the choreography world.  


1. Alexis Renee Ruby 

Alexis is a dancer, actress and choreographer. She has choreographed USA National Miss, America's Majestic Miss and International Junior Miss, as well as many other productions, including working with MTV. She is based out of Atlanta, and with all of her accomplishments, it is no surprise she landed on our list!



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