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Miss Oklahoma USA & Miss Oklahoma Teen USA

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Rules of Miss Oklahoma USA & Miss Oklahoma Teen USA

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  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Evening Gown, Swimsuit/Fitness, Interview, Onstage Question


About Miss Oklahoma USA & Miss Oklahoma Teen USA

Vanbros became involved in the MISS USA & MISS TEEN USA pageants over 26 years ago. They began as the director for Kansas, and later became the director for Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas and Illinois. Vanbros has taken more than 150 women to the national MISS USA & MISS TEEN USA competitions. Under his direction, our states have become regulars in the top-15 and top-5. There have even been six national winners. However, Vanbros is most proud of the 'post-pageant' real-life successes enjoyed by the titleholders and the contestants who write to thank us for their experience. You can read some of the testimonials at www.vanbros.com.

The focus of Vanbros from the beginning, is for this program to provide a fair environment in which young women have the opportunity to better themselves. We hope the pageant encourages the contestants to gain self-awareness, self-confidence, individual pride, and greater social awareness. We hope each contestant improves her ability to communicate effectively, speak in front of people, and stand up for her beliefs. We encourage our contestants to find issues she feel's strongly about, and to become involved in organizations and causes that speak to her heart. Each young lady who enters this program has different goals, and we strive hard to assist each young woman in her own personal quest.

Regardless of what your future career plans are, this is an environment that can open many exciting doors. Each year, career connections are made by contestants during their pageant experience! Or, maybe you have not decided yet on a future career path. That’s okay too because maybe this experience will help you find something you want to do with your life. This could even be your chance to get "discovered!" It’s happened to many young women before!

We're especially proud of the fact that many contestants each year have never been in a pageant and they find it to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Many have won on their first attempt, and many others return because it was a positive experience. We like to believe that each young woman who participates in our pageant leaves a little more prepared to deal with the world around them, and more importantly, the world ahead of them! Basically, our philosophy for the MISS OKLAHOMA USA & MISS OKLAHOMA TEEN USA Pageant is not about encouraging young women to ‘win’ a pageant, but to encourage excellence in young women, and to help them develop life skills that will ultimately help them win in life by being the best they can be in everything they do.

The winners of our State Pageant will each embark on an exciting journey, and receive a prize package including cash, wardrobe, and travel.

Competition Weekend:

While our program places an emphasis on excellence, achievement, and personal growth, we also strive to make the pageant experience FUN! The pageant is a two day event.

On the first day, it's fun, fun, fun! The contestants enjoy getting to know the pageant staff and other contestants. The day is full of rehearsals. We bring in a choreographer and a producer, who will put together a great show. The day concludes with the Presentation Show. During the Presentation Show, each contestant is presented to the judges in the preliminary active wear/swimwear and evening gown competitions.
The second day begins with the personal interview competition. During the interviews, each contestant has the opportunity to meet individually with each judge for a four minute interview. Each contestant has the opportunity to convince the judges she is right for the job of MISS OKLAHOMA USA or MISS OKLAHOMA TEEN USA. Following the interviews, the contestants return to the theater for more rehearsals. The second day ends with the Coronation Show. At the end of the final show, we will have a new MISS OKLAHOMA USA & MISS OKLAHOMA TEEN USA.

The winner of MISS OKLAHOMA USA will advance to the nationally televised MISS USA Pageant, and the winner of the MISS OKLAHOMA TEEN USA title will advance to the MISS TEEN USA Pageant. Should MISS OKLAHOMA USA go on to win MISS USA, she would then advance to the ultimate contest... the internationally televised MISS UNIVERSE Pageant.

The Competition:

Each Contestant will compete in three equal phases of preliminary competition: active wear/swimsuit, evening gown, and interview. The scores from the preliminary phases of competition are added up, and the contestants with the highest composite scores become semifinalists. The number of semifinalists will be between 10 and 15, and will be determined by the total number of contestants in the competition.
Scoring is based on the following:

Active Wear/Swimsuit: each contestant is evaluated on her physical fitness, stage-presence, and overall impression.

Evening Gown: each contestant is evaluated on grace, poise, style, stage presence, the confidence with which she carries herself, and overall-impression.

Interview: preliminary interviews are personal one-on-one style. You will have four minute interviews with each of the five judges. Its very comfortable and conversational. Contestants are scored on their communication skills, and personality. They are NOT scored on their opinions or personal beliefs. Once the semifinalists are announced during the final show, they will again compete in swimsuit and evening gown. These two phases of competition will narrow the field to a group of five finalists.

The top-5 will then each have an on-stage interview. The interview will be conducted by the emcee. She will ask them a question submitted by a fellow contestant and one submitted by a judge. The interview will end with one randomly selected question unrelated to their bio, and submitted prior to the show by either the panel of judges or the contestants. After the top-5 interviews, the judges will make the final rankings based on their overall impression of each contestant. The judges will select a winner, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, 3rd runner-up, and 4th runner-up in each age group.

Competition Wardrobe:
Each contestant will need rehearsal clothing (sweats, sweatshirts, tennis shoes, etc.), and a business casual outfit for registration. The required competition and stage wardrobe is as follows:

Private Interview: An outfit that represents your personality and you feel comfortable wearing. This can range from casual to business oriented, but something you would find in your own closet.

Active Wear (TEEN): You will be competing in athletic wear as opposed to swimwear this year. You will need an athletic style sports bra and may chose between compression pants and compression shorts. You can select any color or pattern. Reflect your personality. No customized text (your name or title) is allowed. Wear coordinating tennis or gym shoes.

Swimsuit (MISS): Miss contestants may chose between one and two-piece suits. However, adequate coverage is required and no thongs are allowed. Swimsuits may be any appropriate style, and design, and there are no color restrictions. Patterns and prints are also acceptable.
Evening Gown: all contestants must have a full-length evening gown of their choice. The style, design, and color is up to you. It can be elaborate, or very simple. Choose something that makes you feel like Cinderella. Your gown should represent YOUR own personality and taste. Remember, you can look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks! Teens are encouraged to wear gowns that reflect a more youthful style and look than the Miss contestants.

Fashion Show Opening Introductions: Each contestant will select an outfit of their choice to wear in a runway style FASHION SHOW INTRODUCTION. Select an outfit that reflects your own personality, style and sense of fashion. You can select a dress, pants, shorts, jumpsuit/romper of any color or print with coordinating footwear and any accessories (NO FULL LENGTH GOWNS or FLOOR LENGTH TRAINS). Please make sure your outfit is in good taste! Have fun and show your personality! You may select a fashion show opening outfit that can also be worn during your private interview (refer to the private interview information above).

How to Enter:

After reviewing all of the information on our Web site, if you have an interest in becoming a contestant, click on "Apply Today" above and follow the easy steps. There is NO fee required to apply. Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed by a selection committee. If your application is approved, you’ll be contacted by the pageant office. This truly could be the chance of a lifetime, so don’t delay, Apply Today!

Pageant History

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Miss Oklahoma USA 2020 - Mariah Davis
Miss Oklahoma USA 2019 –
Triana Browne
Miss Oklahoma USA 2018 –
Cheyene Darling
Miss Oklahoma USA 2017 –
Alex Smit
Miss Oklahoma USA 2016 –
Taylor Gorton
Miss Oklahoma USA 2015 – Alex Miller (succeeded
Olivia Jorda after she won Miss USA 2015)
Miss Oklahoma USA 2014 – Brooklynne Young
Miss Oklahoma USA 2013 – Makenzie Muse
Miss Oklahoma USA 2012 – Lauren Lundeen
Miss Oklahoma USA 2011 – Kaitlyn Smith
Miss Oklahoma USA 2010 – Morgan Woolard
Miss Oklahoma USA 2009 – Lauren Lunday
Miss Oklahoma USA 2008 – Lindsey Jo Harrington
Miss Oklahoma USA 2007 – Caitlin Simmons
Miss Oklahoma USA 2006 – Robyn Watkins
Miss Oklahoma USA 2005 – Laci Scott
Miss Oklahoma USA 2004 – Lindsey Hill
Miss Oklahoma USA 2003 – Star Williams
Miss Oklahoma USA 2002 – Kasie Lee Head
Miss Oklahoma USA 2001 – Cortney Phillips
Miss Oklahoma USA 2000 – Amanda Penix
Miss Oklahoma USA 1999 – Dia Webb
Miss Oklahoma USA 1998 – Anne-Marie Dixon
Miss Oklahoma USA 1997 – Trisha Stillwell
Miss Oklahoma USA 1996 – Heather Crickard
Miss Oklahoma USA 1995 – DuSharme Carter
Miss Oklahoma USA 1994 – Angela Parrick
Miss Oklahoma USA 1993 – Brenda Caudle
Miss Oklahoma USA 1992 – Maya Walker
Miss Oklahoma USA 1991 – Julie Khoury
Miss Oklahoma USA 1990 – Lauralynn Norton
Miss Oklahoma USA 1989 –
Jill Scheffert
Miss Oklahoma USA 1988 – Tamara Walker
Miss Oklahoma USA 1987 – Dyan Rody
Miss Oklahoma USA 1986 – Teresa Lucas
Miss Oklahoma USA 1985 – Sophia Henderson
Miss Oklahoma USA 1984 – Julia Murdock
Miss Oklahoma USA 1983 – Mignon Merchant
Miss Oklahoma USA 1982 – Jill Ann Liebmann
Miss Oklahoma USA 1981 – Stacey Loach
Miss Oklahoma USA 1980 – Martha Streightoff
Miss Oklahoma USA 1979 – Susan Gibson
Miss Oklahoma USA 1978 – Nancy Lippold
Miss Oklahoma USA 1977 – Kathy Malchar
Miss Oklahoma USA 1976 – Lori Hansen
Miss Oklahoma USA 1975 – Gayla Bryan
Miss Oklahoma USA 1974 – Yugonda Willits
Miss Oklahoma USA 1973 – Martha Buchanan
Miss Oklahoma USA 1972 – Pam Vennerberg
Miss Oklahoma USA 1971 – Kim Hardesty
Miss Oklahoma USA 1970 – Evelyn Walkup
Miss Oklahoma USA 1969 – Deborah Federsen
Miss Oklahoma USA 1968 – Linda Bertozzi
Miss Oklahoma USA 1967 – Becky Berry
Miss Oklahoma USA 1966 – Melva Brown
Miss Oklahoma USA 1965 – Cheryl Semrad
Miss Oklahoma USA 1964 – Jackie Maloney
Miss Oklahoma USA 1963 – Roberta Mosier
Miss Oklahoma USA 1960 – Suzanne Moore
Miss Oklahoma USA 1959 – Sondra Osbourne
Miss Oklahoma USA 1957 – Rose Mary Raab
Miss Oklahoma USA 1953 – Barbara Bond
Miss Oklahoma USA 1952 – Trula Birchfield

Check out the winners of the Miss Oklahoma Teen USA pageants in the past:

Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2020 - Danika Christopherson
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2019 – Abigail Billings
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2018 – Zoe Ferraro
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2017 – Baylee Ogle
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2016 – Hellen Smith
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2015 – Cherokee Pearce
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2014 – Brooklynne Bond
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2013 – Graham Turner
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2012 – Jessica Morgan
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2011 – Alma Sandoval
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2010 – Kandis Holt
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2009 – Chelsea Colvard
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2008 – Taylor Gorton
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2007 – Paige Hill
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2006 – Morgan Woolard
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2005 – Crystal Glidden
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2004 – Caitlin Graham
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2003 – Nikki Carver
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2002 – Joy Cometti
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2001 – Lindsay Camp
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2000 – Kristin Vaughn
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1999 – Ashley Bowen
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1998 – Tara Barker
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1997 – Amanda Penix
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1996 – Latoya Farley
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1995 – Shelly Forrest
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1994 – Summer Riley
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1993 – Stacy Kane
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1992 – Angela Logan
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1991 – Rachael Schilder
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1990 – Carmen James
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1989 – Stacy Folsum
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1988 – Linda Parsons
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1987 – RaeLynn Coffman
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1986 – Allison Brown
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1985 – Julie Khorey
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1984 – Jaime Brashier
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1983 – Lorna Webb