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Best Evening Gowns in Pageantry: 2015 Edition

01, January 2016

One of the most important parts of pageant weekend is the evening gown competition. With that in mind, buying a dress at the local department store can only get you so far. Many pageant girls find that designing their own unique pageant gowns is the way to go when they want to stand out from the crowd and impress the judges. When you're designing your dream gown, it's okay to take some inspiration from the past and create something new and unique. 

Before we dive into the top 10 from 2015, you can check out the most recent top 10, here.

Best Evening Gowns of 2015

10. Miss Hawaii USA 2015, Emma Wo

Full disclaimer: I am not a fan of bodysuit gowns... except for this one. Emma didn't see the need to flip and twirl the layers of this chiffon skirt and draw attention to this potentially risque detail. She let her sex appeal speak for itself with a sultry, simply presentation - which essentially allowed this look to maintain the elegance of an evening gown as opposed to looking like a costume.

Emma Wo, Miss Hawaii USA 2015

9. Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2016 - Savannah Chrisley

In my opinion, this is the most "fun" gown of the year. Any young woman wearing this sunshine yellow gown is sure to be the life of any party. The billowing style packs a dramatic punch, but the color is as fresh as it gets! The cherry on top of this look is the fact that she opted to kick traditional pageant styling to the curb and rock a more funky coif.

Savannah Chrisley, Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2016

8. Miss Galaxy 2016 - Bella Normand

Probably the gown of the year, it would be impossible to ignore this style on our list for 2015. Off-the-shoulder sleeves, plunging neckline, and a dramatic mermaid gown. Bella commands the stage in this simple and regal design. All of these wonderful things being said, I'm looking forward to the retirement of this design moving forward. It came, it wowed, it conquered. However, it is not one of those gowns that will retain that impact once judges become to familiar with it.

Bella Normand, Miss Galaxy 2016 - Photo: Monsignor Photographic

7. Miss Kansas City's Outstanding Teen - Alyssa Klinzing

We truly saw every version of a ball gown imaginable this year. The subtle, ombre color transition sets this widespread trend apart. Alyssa is showcasing a great example of how you can juggle multiple details without letting them overpower the look. The bow is a darling way to draw attention toward the face without detracting.  Plus, the fit of that bodice? COME. ON. A great tailoring job never goes out of style.

Alyssa Klinzing, Miss Kansas City's Outstanding Teen

6. Miss Oklahoma 2015 - Georgia Frazier

Georgia was hands down the gown of Miss America this year. In a sea of colored taffeta and other thicker fabrics, when she walked in on this (almost literal) cloud, it took my breath away. We have since seen this gown on other contestants and no one pulls it off quite like Georgia. It's so important to take your own body composition into account when selecting the perfect gown for you. You nailed it, sister. 

5. Miss Universe 2015 - Pia Wurtzbach

What I liked most about Pia's gown was her new take on a "wow factor". Back details, not just open backs, will be hot in about two seasons thanks to this look - mark my words. It is so important to keep the judges' focus even when you are walking away, and this intricate detail guaranteed that! Pia is also executing the nude illusion fabric FLAWLESSLY! It was almost impossible to discern that it was even there until the cameras zoomed in for their close up. Perfect fit, perfect color, and perfect details.

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015. Photo: Miss Universe

4. International Junior Miss Jr. Teen 2015 - Mayalisa Cousins

In the year of the ball gown (especially in teen divisions and younger), Mayalisa Cousins really made her presence known on her way to a national title. I call this the "balance" dress. It is fitted, yet modest; bright, yet soft; polished, yet youthful. A bit of everything to please every judge.

Mayalisa Cousins, International Junior Miss Jr. Teen 2015

3. Miss America 2015 - Kira Kazantsev

It's no secret I have a total girl crush on Kira's unique fashion sense. She had quite a few looks that could have easily made this list. Remember the red and black two-piece ball gown? Or her Billboard Music Awards Nude and Yellow gown? TO. DIE. FOR.  This Kentucky Derby gown, though, was just something extra special. Florals will be a HUGE trend for the next few seasons, and, as usual, Kira was ahead of the curve. The juxtaposition of the delicate look of the flowers, paired with the heavy, mint jacquard fabric is dynamite.

Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2015

2. Miss Nevada USA 2015 - Brittany McGowan

As the top gown of this year's Miss USA pageant, this stellar evening gown was sexy, sophisticated, and even a little whimsical. The raw edged, metallic lace was a cross between edgy and romantic, and the way the air caught beneath her billowing train added movement as she glided across the stage. An undeniable HIT all around.

Brittany McGowan, Miss Nevada USA 2015 - Gown: Joey Galon & Photo: Miss Universe

1.  Miss USA 2015 - Olivia Jordan 

I wasn't sure what to expect from Olivia for the final telecast of Miss Universe 2015, but talk about a complete 180 from her Miss USA gown - for all the right reasons. Olivia looks spectacular in jewel tones, but to see her in white was angelic. A figure-hugging silhouette with plunging neckline somehow maintains an angelic look thanks to a luxurious-looking cape that is lighter than air. Even though it was such a jolting element, it still projected an effortless presentation. 

Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015 Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images


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