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Best Evening Gowns in Pageantry: 2013 Edition

01, January 2014

When you're designing your dream gown for your pageant, not only should it be a goal for you to look stunning at your pageant competition, you should also strive to create a gown that lands you on the Top 10 in Pageantry for Evening Gown! Taking a look at what past winners, especially those in your system, have worn really helps steer you in the right direction.

Before we dive into the top 10 pageant gowns in 2013, check out this year's best pageant dresses.

10.  Miss Maryland USA 2013

Kasey was one of my picks for the Top 5 at Miss USA this year.  This electric, royal blue full skirted gown is incredible.  It’s so perfect for Kasey’s body shape because it really gives her some shape that she otherwise might not have had.  The color is a stand out, and the uniqueness is just off-the-charts rad.  It is truly one of a kind!

Miss Maryland USA 2013, Kasey Staniszewski. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

Former Miss West Sound 2012 (Washington America local) Megan Leibold says this about Kasey's gown: "I am in love with Miss Maryland USA's custom Sherri Hill gown! She makes the mesh opening in the top look classy and elegant with the cap sleeves and high neckline, and the volume in the skirt is absolute perfection! The intricate beading in the top is breathtaking and accents the hourglass shape. And the slit accentuates the length of the leg and makes her a 10 in my book. She makes jewel tones still fashionable and contemporary with this dress design."

9.   Miss Nevada USA 2013

Chelsea is a beautiful girl, with edge and sex appeal built in to her look.  This black Sherri Hill gown was perfection on her.  A strapless, black liquid beading and high slit just made my jaw drop.  It was so sexy, giving her that Jessica Rabbit vibe.  The color made it fierce yet classy.  It was a stunning representation of what a perfect Miss USA gown would be.

Miss Nevada USA, Chelsea Caswell. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

Fellow Miss USA contestant, Cassandra Searles, Miss Washington USA 2013, said, "I absolutely LOVED Chelsea Caswell's dress at Miss USA. It was even sexier in person. I've personally never been a fan of heavily beaded dresses for myself simply because they are hard to walk in but when I first saw the dress on Chelsea I immediately thought WOAH! It was definitely a show stopper!"

8.   Miss Kentucky USA 2013

Allie was a crowd favorite, and a huge disappointment when we saw her NOT make the Top 15 at Miss USA.  She has a youthful, but sexy look. This gown was the perfect contradiction of sex appeal (the cut) and freshness (the color).  The soft ice pink is just perfect against her skin color and with her blonde hair.  Allie is, no doubt, a stunner, and in this gown, she just makes you stop and take notice.

Miss Kentucky USA modeling her evening wear

7.   Miss Michigan Teen USA 2013

Ashley Ingram, former Queen of Fashion for The Pageant Planet and Miss Tennessee United States 2012 “…it was my favorite in the Miss Teen USA 2013 pageant…” This beautiful almost-metallic royal purple just stands out.  It’s so unique and different from what we typically see, and it worked!  It is the perfect amount of sexy (slit), maturity (bodice) and teen (skirt). I am so pleased with how this gown turned out.

Miss Michigan Teen USA 2013, Ruby King. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

6.   Miss Alabama USA 2013 (Evening Gown Photo Shoot at Miss USA)

This is a widely loved gown. It just so happens to be both Miss Pennsylvania's and Miss Hawaii's state winning gowns.  It was made popular by Miss Alabama 2013, Mary Margaret McCord, when she wore it in her evening gown photo shoot at Miss USA.  This gown was from Claire’s Collection, and is black liquid beading, with a sheer black bottom.  I think what I love most about this gown is the specialness of the shape of the gown. It’s unlike anything we’ve really seen before, and it has the perfect amount sexiness (plunging neckline and slit) and elegance (black, liquid beading and thicker straps). HOT HOT HOT!

Miss Alabama USA 2013, Mary Margaret McCord. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

5.   Miss South Carolina 2012

Ali Rogers, another huge crowd favorite (and judges favorite too, as she was first runner up to Miss America 2012 Mallory Hagan).  She is this perfect mix of sweet Southern warmth, and some serious sex appeal.  Designers Stephen and Shawn Yearick nailed this one, and the owners David and Cary of Regalia in Florida clearly found the perfect gown for Ali. It was definitely a HIT with us.

Miss South Carolina 2012, Ali Rogers

4.   Miss America 2014

Nina won over the hearts of the Miss America judges, and she’s also winning America over day by day as she works toward acceptance and cultural competency (#CirclesOfUnity).  This gown was designed by Gaspar Cruz, earlier in the year, for the Miss New York pageant.  She chose to wear the same gown for Miss America, and boy oh boy are we glad she did!  Nina’s gown makes the Top 10 list because of its simple elegance.  It’s just striking on her.  And the color is especially great.

Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri

3.   Miss Washington 2012

Mandy was a special contestant on the live telecast, as she was chosen as the “Judge’s Pick” after the semifinalists had already been announced. So, we got to see Mandy compete in swimsuit, then evening gown, and even talent. She picked out her gown with David and Cary of Regalia in Orlando earlier that year while she was at the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant, supporting her teen.  I love this gown because of its timeless beauty and the way it fits Mandy’s body so perfectly. It hugs her curves and really gives her a beautiful shape. The jersey fabric is so “in” right now, and the solid band of crystals across her waist emphasize her tiny waist perfectly. Mandy’s gown is red carpet ready.

Miss Washington 2012, Mandy Schendel

Mandy says this, "I got my gown at Regalia's in Florida. I knew that the two things I DID NOT want going to Miss America were black and hugging. (Ha!) I made a point to mention that right up front. It was maybe the 4th or 5th gown I tried on, practically against my wishes, and walked out of the dressing room with a HUGE smile on my face because I loved it! I loved that it hugged my body in just the right places and was elegant without being overly sexy. My favorite part was that it was simple. The original design is by Sherri Hill gown but the incredible guys at Regalia's added their own flare making it unique."

2.   Miss Alabama USA 2013

Mary Margaret is on a roll, baby!  This gown, is just something amazing.  The velvet bodice comes down into ruffles and this mermaid gown just hugs her curves in all the right places.  It is, simply, gorgeous! Allyn Rose, Miss District of Columbia 2012 wore it (before Mary Margaret) at Miss America in early 2013, and I could tell I loved the gown then.

Miss Washington 2012, Reina Almon, says, "I love Alabama USA. I love the pairing with the green earrings, and it takes a special person to pull of ruffles and still look sexy!"

Former Miss Washington 2010 and model/actress, Jacquie Brown, says, "Mary Margaret was definitely channeling old Hollywood glamour at Miss USA! Talk about timeless styling! Her black velvet gown accentuated her hourglass figure beautifully and the layered mermaid bottom looked like a piece of art. I also loved the pop of color from her emerald earrings against her dark hair and gorgeous skin tone. Her gown and styling had the perfect balance of capturing your attention but not stealing the show from the woman in the gown."

Miss Alabama USA 2013, Mary Margaret McCord

1. Miss Illinois USA 2013

Stacie is a drop-dead brunette beauty!  What I love most about this gown, is that it simply compliments HER.  It shows off the body she worked so hard for, yet was the right amount of simplistic classiness with some sex appeal added in with the plunging neckline.  The color is unique, which is something I love about her evening gown selection.  Sherri Hill has yet another Top 5 gown at Miss USA when Stacie placed as 2nd Runner Up to Erin Brady.

Allie Cole, Queen of Makeup, here at Pageant Planet says, "Illinois is my favorite because she took a conservative dress and made it sexy by having it tailored to her frame. The Earth tones compliment her skin and hair, and the deep V neckline draws the focus to her face. While some may say this gown was a miss because it was understated, I say it was a hit for the same reason."

Miss Illinois USA 2013, Stacie Juris

Now, I want to know YOUR thoughts on these gowns!  Anything you think I missed?


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