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2020 Pageant Girl’s Gift Guide

27, October 2020

If you’re like most pageant gals, you probably enjoy shopping. But sometimes it can be really tricky to find the perfect gift for that special someone. We totally get it! 

So, we’ve created the 2020 Pageant Girl’s Gift Guide just for you. We’ve made a list and checked it twice! We have gift suggestions for your favorite titleholder, 

Pageant Titleholder

Whether she’s the main titleholder in your system, someone who is a personal mentor or a queen who just brings out the “fangirl” in you, this titleholder is somebody special and she deserves a standout gift this holiday season!

Personalized Thank You Cards

Every good queen needs a set of quality thank you cards, so why not give your titleholder something distinctive and get them personalized with her name or initials?

“I’m Kinda Famous!” T-shirt

Your titleholder is gonna love this “I’m Kinda Famous” T-Shirt, no matter what title she has! Show her that in your eyes, she’s not just a pageant winner….She’s a STAR! 

“I’m Kinda Famous!” T-shirt$15 

Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm - It Cosmetics

Coveted by pageant contestants and titleholders around the world, “Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm” from It Cosmetics is the gold standard for makeup remover. This incredible product is a 3-in-1 sulfate-free cleansing balm, instant makeup remover and skin-softening anti-aging serum—all in one step! Developed with plastic surgeons, this gentle face cleanser completely melts away all traces of makeup—even waterproof eye makeup—and impurities without drying or irritating your skin. 

Every pageant girl should have a jar of this in her bag, but especially those of us who are required to wear a full face of makeup on a regular basis. Your titleholder’s skin will be so appreciative of your thoughtfulness!

Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm$15


Pretty In Pink” Crown Purse

Crown Couture Collection owner Lindley Mayer was crowned Miss South Carolina Teen in 2005, and it was then that she and her mom knew they wanted to design and make a beautiful crown purse that all titleholders could carry their treasured crowns in.

The Crown Couture Collection has been worn and carried by many Miss America’s, Miss USA’s and even celebrities including Hannah Brown and Caelynn Miller Keyes (season 23 of the Bachelor). Crown Couture offers the original Crown Purse, pageant apparel, accessories and MORE. 

The Crown purses come in 3 sizes and a variety of colors and styles!  There’s got to be one that is perfect for your special queen!

“Pretty In Pink” Crown PurseStarting at $160

The Complete Pageant Planner 

In order to be at the top of your game as a titleholder, you’ve got to be organized. Every titleholder on your list this year needs this awesome “Complete Pageant Planner”  to manage all those appearances, community events, volunteer opportunities and other commitments.

The Complete Pageant Planner, $27 

Custom Portrait

Every titleholder in the world dreams of 3 things; the day that she wins a crown, the day that she dons a sash and the day that she receives a piece of Custom Artwork of her in that crown and sash!  Artists like Deborah Griffin with illustrative moments or David Mandeiro Illustrations or many others can be commissioned to create a custom portrait of your titleholder for a very reasonable fee. These are one-of-a-kind gifts that any queen would treasure for a lifetime! 

New York Dress Couture Face Mask

A standard face mask might be fine for regular trips to the grocery store. But what about those events where you REALLY want to look your best? New York Dress has created beaded and bedazzled Couture Face Masks that are perfect for pageants,  date night, or even a friend’s wedding.


Pageant Bestie

This girl is the one who has been with you through thick and thin!  You’ve cried on her shoulder after break ups and pageant disappointments, and she knows more of your secrets than anyone else on the planet. She’s a one-of-a-kind friend and deserves a one-of-a-kind gift!

MATRIX Skinny Queen Blowout Cream

Everybody overindulges during the holidays, but you can still keep your hair in shape with “Skinny Queen” Blowout Cream! This popular style cream enables you to create the perfect blow out that will last for days, while protecting & smoothing the driest, frizziest hair on the planet.  Give your girl the gift of a dynamite ‘do’ this holiday season!

Skinny Queen Smoothing Blowout Cream$20

Graffiti Glammed Lashes

These glamorous lashes are some of the best in the business, and pageant girls from coast to coast go ga-ga over the fact that not only do they come in a variety of styles and lengths, but they are each named after a famous goddess!

Makeup artist Ernesto Robledo was moved to embrace the diversity of beauty from different cultures, while providing positive messages to women about their own individual beauty, which is why you’ll find an inspiring message on the back of each box. 

Anat Graffiti Glammed Lashes, $18


“The Pageant Coloring Book” by Nick Verreos 

After becoming famous on Project Runway for his phenomenal feminine designs and warm, likeable personality, Nick Verreos has gone on to become a hugely popular and beloved international fashion designer, red carpet expert and fashion educator, adored for his daring and innovative styles. 

This “grown up” coloring book was created by Nick and his NIKOLAKI design partner David Paul. It includes magnificent beauty queens in fabulous gowns with elaborate details,  intricate draping, bedazzled fabrications and Haute Couture-like designs. This coloring book is sure to delight any pageant fan, and give her hours of artistic enjoyment.

"The Pageant Coloring Book”$10.99

Bosom Couture Boob Glue

What better gift for your “Bosom Buddy” than Boob Glue! No serious pageant competitor should ever be without this item!  Bosom Couture Boob Glue® Creator and founder Dawn Jackson™ had acquired a closet filled with fashion “hopefuls” that were just waiting (and waiting) to be worn…once she found that “perfect” bra. Then she had an “up-lifting” revelation that would benefit millions of grateful women the world over.  And, now this fabulous company is a sponsor of Miss USA nationals and America’s Miss World!

Bosom Couture is generously giving you a “VIP Early Black Friday Sale”, no code necessary!

Bosom Couture Boob Glue


Get Clear | Get Confident | Get Crowned - A Success Workbook for Pageant Contestants from Allison Walsh Consulting

This workbook created by Allison Walsh was designed to help every pageant contestant realize and ultimately become the true queen that she is meant to be. Show your support by helping your bestie win the title of her dreams!

Get Clear | Get Confident | Get Crowned - A Success Workbook for Pageant Contestants$39


Gökotta Active Women’s Clothing

This small clothing boutique is fast reaching cult status for their hip, snarky ads and undeniably saucy activewear selection. Cool patterns and color combos splashed across seriously flattering leggings, workout tops and tanks, make us want to actually do yoga….or something, instead of just hanging out and effortlessly looking really hip and trendy.

And, lucky for you and your bestie, all leggings will be $20 on Black Friday!  From sizes small through 3X!  Why not pick up a pair for both of you? Check out Gökotta Active Women’s Clothing HERE!

Pageant Planet Coaching

Coaching is the gift that keeps on giving!  Our top notch coaching staff  includes outstanding and accomplished titleholders and queens like Miss America 2018, Cara Mund!  We’ll help get this newbie on her way to the crown!

Go HERE to explore all of Pageant Planet’s Coaching options, including how to get one-on-one coaching with the legendary Cara Mund, Miss America 2018!


Pageant Director

We all know that there is nobody who works harder in the pageant industry than a pageant director. Make sure your director knows just how much they’re appreciated by giving them a unique and personal gift this year!

Customized World's Best Director Mug

Every time your director enjoys their morning coffee or tea, they’re sure to think of you and how thoughtful you are.

Customized World's Best Director Mug, $14.95

“Boss Babe” Desk Plate

Just in case there was any doubt....announce your pageant director’s status with this floral, feminine and absolutely fabulous desk plate!

“Boss Babe” Desk Plate, $12.99


Blinged Out Phone Cases

Your pageant director is always on the go and always on the phone!  Why not give them a phone case that screams royalty!  There are a variety of bedazzled cases available in several styles and colors for both IPhones and Android models. 

Keep Smiling Queen Phone Case, $9.99

Gold Queen & Crown Phone Case$12.99

Pageant Planet Livestream Takeover

Did you know that you can arrange for your pageant director to do a Livestream Takeover on our site?  Can you imagine how thrilled they would be to have the opportunity to talk about your pageant system and your titleholders to thousands of listeners? 

When you purchase this digital product we will grant you permissions to live stream to Pageant Planet's 264,000 fans!

In the past businesses and directors have used this opportunity in the following ways: 

  • Live stream their pageants. 

  • Live stream to feature contestants who talk cover the reasons they decided to compete in the pageant that they won.

  • Live stream workouts to bring awareness to your personal training skills.

  • Live stream coaching tips to showcase coaching knowledge and attract new clients

  • Live stream hair & makeup tutorials. 

Please note that there is no limit to the length of time that you can go live but there are some common sense rules in place around the content that can be included in the live so that we can protect our brand and audience.  

Learn More About Pageant Planet's Livestream Takeover HERE!

Massage, Facial or Other Luxurious Beauty Treatment

Why not find a way to pamper your favorite Director with a Gift Certificate for a Massage or Facial Since most directors are so busy supporting everybody else and don’t take the time to give themselves some TLC. You know your director won’t get this for themselves, so it’s up to you. This is also a gift that a bunch of contestants can go in on together!

Pageant Coach

There is nobody quite like your pageant coach. Sometimes they’re your favorite person in the whole wide world and other times you could really use some “social distancing” from them!  But, seriously, what do you get for the person who is helping you to make your dreams come true?  We’ve got some pretty cool ideas for you!

Customized World's Best Coach Mug

Every time your coach enjoys their morning coffee or tea, they’re sure to think of you and how thoughtful you are.

Customized World's Best Coach Mug, $14.95 


“Once A Queen, Always A Queen” V-Neck T-Shirt

Is your pageant coach a former titleholder?  If so, then this cheeky  “Once A Queen, Always A Queen” V-Neck T-Shirt, will make her howl!  She’ll appreciate your sly humor and the fact that you respect her wisdom as a “former”. Let her know that she’ll always be the #1Boss Babe in the Queendom, even if you’re now the one who is working on your own, “Happily Ever After”! (*Please note the shirt in the photo is a crew neck, but the link is to the V-Neck Version)

“Once A Queen, Always A Queen” T-Shirt$24.99


GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women

The “GoGirl” Planner and Organizer is the “Queen Kong” planner for the true executives out there who ‘Slay ALL DAY!’  No doubt your pageant coach is the kind of woman who is on top of everything that is happening in her life (and probably yours) and she needs a serious tool to help her stay in charge. 

GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women, $18.99

Pageant Planet’s ’Pageant Daily’ Feature

What better way to give back to the person who has given you so much….Get your coach featured in our daily newsletter! 

This popular email is read by 10,000+ daily subscribers!  But watch out!  Your coach is sure to be so popular after sharing their wisdom with the world, that they might be hard to get an appointment with!

When you purchase the Pageant Daily feature we will do the following...

  • Feature you on Instagram stories (84,000+ followers)

  • Your coaching column will be emailed out to 10,000+ subscribers 

  • Your coaching column will be featured here for 24 - 72 hours

  • Depending on the quality of the content published you could also end up on our Instagram feed like Lu Sierra 

You will also get to choose which day you get featured inside of Pageant Daily but the spots are first come first serve. Learn More About Pageant Planet’s ’Pageant Daily’ Feature HERE!


Personal Trainer

Ah, your personal trainer…..the person that you most love to hate!  Whether you call them “The Terminator”, “Quadzilla” or simply, “Sir”, you know that without them, you’d probably still be stuck on the couch, watching reruns of “Gilmore Girls”, with your fingers permanently stained orange from Cheetos.

As much as you’d love to get them a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s, you know that you’ve got to find a respectful gift that is the perfect combination of “hard core intensity, blinding inspiration and low key humor.” A gift that is just like them!

Tank Top Hanger

Personal trainers live in workout gear 24/7/365, and most of them have more tank tops than a Nike clearance rack on Black Friday. This tank top hanger is pure genius!  Regular hangers do not work with a lot of tank top styles, but this baby will hold 8 tank tops vertically, while taking up extraordinarily little space!

This may not be the flashiest gift, but we bet your trainer will go nuts over this because it will help them stay organized, on schedule and ready to torture you in style. Explore Tank Top Hangers HERE!


Royal Crown Neoprene Lunch Bag

Your trainer is always telling you to eat healthy, right?  Well, show them how to eat lunch in style with this royal lunch bag. This fashionable insulated bag keeps food fresh for longer than plastic lunch boxes or paper lunch bags. 

Royal Crown Neoprene Lunch Bag, $9.99

But Did You Die Sign

Your trainer is sure to get a laugh from this hilarious sign, which contains the popular quote from the hit movie, “The Hangover”. Hand crafted by Etsy creator, Lily James Home.

"But Did You Die" Sign$22.50


Pageant Mom

Whether this lady is your real mom, your “pageant mom,” or your “fairy god mother,” there’s no doubt that she has sacrificed so much for you and your pageant journey. Make her feel like the Queen she is by giving her something to make her smile all year long.

Personalized “Queen & Crown” Christmas Ornament 

She’s the real Queen after all, so why not honor “her majesty” and give her a keepsake that she will cherish. Each ornament is laser engraved with the image that you see in the photo along with your own custom text. Constructed of crystal clear glass and comes in its own lovely presentation gift box. Makes a unique keepsake that will be remembered for years.

Personalized “Queen & Crown” Christmas Ornament, $22.99


“Momarazzi T-Shirt” from Pageant Planet

You mom may or may not be your “Momager”, but we bet that she is always your “Momarazzi”!  Award her the official title with this fun T-shirt from our shop. It comes in a bunch of delicious colors.

“Momarazzi T-Shirt”, $24.95

Rose Gold Boss Lady Notebook with Diamond Pen Set

The ultimate “Boss Lady” deserves to have a beautiful notebook and pen set to help keep her (or you) organized. After all, this lady has been on the throne a lot longer than you precious, and you need to recognize!  Why not pick up a couple of these for all the “Boss Ladies” in your life!

Rose Gold Boss Lady Notebook with Diamond Pen Set, $16.99 


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