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Skin Care Routine for Beauty Queens

02, May 2021

You've heard a million times that having a skin care routine is so very important. If you're here, you probably know your skin is one of the most important aspects of our look as pageant contestants. We here at Pageant Planet understand how difficult it can be to manage your skin, so we have created the ultimate guide to skin care routines to help you take proper care of your skin. In order to help you get through our detailed article we have provided you with links to each of our subsections. Choose the subsection that interests you the most. At the end, we even included some tips from some queens and experts in all things skin care! 

Skin care routine for dry skin

Skin care routine for oily skin

Skin care routine for acne

Skin care routine for combination skin

Skin care routine for dark spots

Skin care routine for sensitive skin

Should I see a dermatologist about my skin care routine?

Top beauty secrets for pageant queens

Miss Oregon Teen USA 2020 Shayla Montgomery. Photo: Believe Photography

Do you know what the largest organ is in the human body? The brain? The lungs? Nope! It’s your skin! Crazy, right?  

Our skin is an ever changing, always adapting and incredibly intricate part of us, especially the skin on our face!  We don’t tend to think of our skin as all that complex. Most of the time, we really don’t think of our skin that much at all, unless there’s a problem with it like a painful sunburn, or a nasty breakout.

As far as the makeup game goes, most pageant girls have got it on lock. But, when it comes to skincare, that’s where we can get frustrated and freaked out by our individual skincare problems and challenges, and we often get confused about the best solutions.

Pageant Planet understands that as a pageant contestant, your face is a major part of your entire look, and you want to do everything you can to keep your face looking on point at all times. 

That’s why we’ve done the research to find all the deets that are going to help you work out the best skincare regime for your skin type. And, don’t worry about your budget. We’ve found the best “Drug Store Deals”, as well as the “High End Splurges!”

The five basic types of skin are normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. Your skin type depends on how well your natural skin barrier is functioning, especially when it comes to moisture and water content. If your skin barrier is not working properly, it may not produce enough lipids or retain enough water in order to keep skin soft and firm, which results in dry skin. On the other hand, producing too many lipids or natural oils like sebum can lead to oily skin. And, when this natural barrier that protects our skin against external irritants, is weak, then skin will be more sensitive. 

There Are 5 Basic Skin Types. Photo: V 10 Plus

As you’re reading through this guide, you might also want to be thinking about the kind of skin care routine that you prefer. Like, what are you willing to do on the daily in order to maintain a beautiful complexion?

You might be a “low maintenance-nothing too complicated- I’ve got better things to do” kinda chick. If you relate, then we’ve got to get you hooked up with a sweet and simple routine that works for you and your laid back style. You can’t have a routine that becomes a grueling, time consuming chore, right?

But, if you’re a, “I enjoy being pampered- knows the difference between acai and monoi-I’ve got time for a face mask” kinda girl, then we better find a skincare regime that fits your results-driven nature. You won’t be satisfied with a bland and boring routine that doesn’t require some time and TLC.

A person’s skin is as individual as the face that it’s on. And, a person’s skin care routine is going to be totally unique as well. What works for one person may not work for another. But, there are some tried and true routines, products and procedures that seem to be effective across the board, and we can’t wait to share them with you!  

Before we dive into specific tips for the different skin types, check out this video by Victoria Mendoza of Victoria Mendoza Pageant Consulting on why it is important to create a "flawless base" with your skin before piling on full coverage makeup for your pageant!


Skin care routine for dry skin

Dry Skin. Photo Google

If you’ve got dry skin, you’re probably really fed up with your complexion being dull and rough, or feeling itchy or irritated when it’s not getting enough moisture. 

The key for you is going to be making sure that you are moisturizing enough with the right products, and being on top of exfoliating those dead skin cells so that the skin underneath can continue to soak up the moisture that you’re giving it.

Dry skin can have many causes and can be a problem that you have all the time or it can just show up on occasion. Skin that tends to be overly dry can be a condition that is inherited or it can occur as a reaction to conditions going on in your life. It can hit especially hard during the winter time or colder months, so you may have to adjust your routine according to the time of year to make sure your skin is getting sufficiently nourished.

Dry skin requires regular exfoliating in order to look its best, and in order to continue to be able to retain the moisture from the products that you’re using. You can use a more conservative approach such as just a washcloth or exfoliating brush a couple of times a week, and then add in more aggressive methods such as a light chemical peel or a microdermabrasion treatment according to the recommendations of your skin professional. 

Be very careful to avoid facial products containing soap or alcohol in any of the products that you use on a regular basis.

A good facial mask never hurt anyone, and for our dry skinned sisters, a super emollient mask designed to heal, revitalize and plump up dull, parched skin may be just the thing. Using a super rich facemask once a week will give you such a rosy glow that you’ll be looking like JLo in no time!

Skin Care Routine & Tips for Dry Skin

Renata Roddy, FNP-BC, is not only a skin care professional and the Owner of Roddy MedSpa in Danvers, Massachusetts, but she is also a former pageant girl herself! Renata competed in fitness competitions and pageants, and ultimately won the title of Miss Massachusetts United States 2014! So, not only is she qualified to speak with authority on matters of skin health and aesthetics; she has the added distinction of having expertise in all areas of pageantry. In other words, this lady knows her stuff!

“For those who have dry skin I recommend a gentle cleanser from ZO Skin Health in the morning and at night, followed by a dual action scrub 2 to 3 times a week (either AM or PM), and then a toner after cleansing. I also really love ZO’s Daily Power Defense Cream (indicated for all skin types), because it is a powerful antioxidant serum designed to tighten and firm the skin and promote overall skin health). This can be applied after the steps mentioned, and then of course SPF as your last step, before applying makeup.”

Renata Roddy, Roddy MedSpa. Photo: Renata Roddy

Dr. Afsheen Ather is the owner of Nova Derm Institute, a center for skincare and laser treatments located in Leesburg, Virginia. Offering a variety of dermatological, anti-aging skin treatments they use the latest and greatest lasers to achieve the best results. They’ve worked with the Mrs. DC America system since 2015, getting queens ready for their pageant and television and stage appearances.

Dr. Ather’s recommendation for anyone with dry skin or those that develop dry skin during the winter is consistency with the occasional hydrating treatment to get things glowing again.

“At Nova Derm Institute, I advise to develop a regular skin regimen, and stick to it. Smart home care is vital for dry skin and especially during the winter months. Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and protect,” she insists!

“Hydrating sheet masks do wonders for dry skin issues, so whether you are at work during your lunch break or at home cooking or cleaning, feel free to take 20 minutes off your busy schedule and indulge. Image Skin Care makes some great sheet masks, which are available at most skin care clinics and med-spas.”

Image Hydrating Sheet Mask. Photo: Image Skincare

Products for Dry Skin

Drugstore Deals:

Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Photo: Amazon

Dr. Afsheen Ather suggests Aquaphor ointment as a night cream for excessive dryness, saying, “It’s the most cost effective healing remedy and is easily available everywhere.”  She also recommends “Cera Ve”, saying that it “Is a simple brand found at most drug-stores and is very safe and gentle to use.”

High End Splurges:


Products From Zo Skin Health. Photo: Zo Skin Health

Roddy MedSpa exclusively uses medical grade skin care products from ZO Skin Health, created by award winning inventor, educator and world-renowned dermatologist, Zein Obagi, MD

Skin care routine for oily skin


Girl Washing Face. Photo: The Tips Guru

If you’re the girl who has to blot her skin with a wad of tissue by mid morning because your skin is as shiny as a disco ball at a homecoming dance (and you know what I’m talkin’ bout), then you’ve got oily skin!

Oily skin is a common problem for many, many pageant contestants, so don’t trip. If you have oily skin, you'll definitely notice an overproduction in sebum, which is the clinical term for your skin's oil. But you'll also be more prone to other symptoms too, and you probably know what they are. 

Because an overproduction in oil causes pores to clog easily, oily skin is tragically prone to large pores, blackheads, blemishes and pimples. We feel your pain!

Oily skin tends to be made worse by puberty, stress and humidity, but did you know that trying to remove oil from your skin also contributes to the problem?

We tend to think of oil as a problem, but without it, your complexion would become dry, flat and saggy. Sebum protects the skin and keeps it healthy as well as naturally plump and vibrant. 

The answer lies in using skin care products that remove excess surface oils without over-drying. By allowing your skin to maintain its own balancing moisture, you reduce the excess production of oil your body uses to overcompensate after a complete removal of oils from the skin.

Skin Care Routine & Tips for Oily Skin

The Owner of Roddy MedSpa, Renata Roddy, explains,

“People who have oily skin often suffer from enlarged pores and are more prone to blackheads due to clogged oil beneath the layers of the skin, thus the skin care routine that I recommend covers basic oily skin and also addresses the large pores and blackheads that come along with it.”

“For those who have oily skin I recommend an exfoliating cleanser from ZO Skin Health in the morning and at night, followed by an exfoliating polish 3 times a week (either AM or PM), and then oil control pads after cleansing. I advise ZO’s Daily Power Defense Cream (indicated for all skin types), because it is a powerful antioxidant serum that will promote overall skin health). This can be applied after the steps mentioned in the morning, followed by SPF sunscreen as your last step, before applying makeup.”

Products for Oily Skin

Drugstore Deals:

Face Lotion, with SPF 15 Multivitamin Facial Treatment With Alpha Hydroxy. Photo: Walgreens

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps improve dull, rough, uneven skin to reveal a newer, younger-looking skin complexion. Formulated with alpha hydroxy acid, this daily multivitamin facial treatment helps improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

In just two weeks, your skin feels softer and smoother and this SPF 15 face lotion is clinically proven to improve skin radiance and clarity.This dermatologist-recommended and allergy-tested formula is oil-free, absorbs quickly, and won't clog pores.

High End Splurges:


Zo Skin Health Oil Control Pads. Photo: Zo Skin Health

Skin care routine for Acne


Girl Covering Face. Photo: Google

One of the biggest downers of the teen age years is that we are often plagued with acne, no doubt about it. But, it can come as quite a shock that acne can also follow you into adulthood!

The injustice of it all! You’re in your 20s and think you’ve made it safely through the worst of hormonal mood swings and period related breakouts and then all of a sudden, you wake up one morning and, “Hello!”  Meet your new college roommate….a red, angry mountain of a zit, who’s moved in right in the middle of your forehead!

And, you think, “Fabulous!  This was so not a good time to give up bangs!”

Calm down, sister because we’ve got some solutions for you that will send your angry little roommate packing.

Your mom probably told you that your acne is caused by eating too much junk food, especially greasy foods and sweets like chocolate. Or, maybe you’ve heard that your acne is from wearing too much makeup or because you’re not washing your face enough before bed.

The truth is that acne is caused mostly by the constant hormonal changes going on in your body, as well as bacteria that become infected within the pores of your skin. 

If you are in the teen years, and even in your twenties, your body is going through a continual transformation, and your hormones are in upheaval every day. Those cellular changes can do a number on your skin!  

Please understand that it’s really not your fault, and it’s not the number of french fries you eat that are causing you to break out. (That being said, it really isn’t good for your skin to go to sleep with your makeup on, no matter how busy you are! Just saying!)

Skin Care Routine & Tips for Acne Prone Skin

According to Dr. Afsheen Ather of Nova Derm Institute, acne is a complex problem, not just one thing, because it affects a person’s emotions and self-esteem, not just their skin. 

“There are many different types of acne. No matter what the cause is, it can really traumatize people, because of its ongoing nature and the scars it leaves behind,” explains Dr. Ather.

“I say, first rule out the reason behind why are you breaking out, by talking to a professional aesthetic specialist, who can break down the reasons for you and help figure it out.”

Next step is to address the unsightly pimples. Most people try to camouflage them with makeup and concealers. That is actually counterproductive, because it makes acne worse by clogging pores with talc based products, which is a skin irritant.”

“Some people also pick on the acne spots too, which makes the acne scars much deeper and harder to treat. Some people start putting oils on the skin because of the dryness they experience with acne, that doesn't help either. It makes the problem worse because acne bacteria grows in an anaerobic environment and starts growing faster under the circumstances, basically by clogging the pores.” 

“Acne is a twofold skin problem; there are the pimples and blackheads. And then, there is the scarring it leaves behind.”

Dr. Ather compassionately advises acne sufferers to get help as soon as they can, and not sit and suffer with this painful issue. She explains that by getting a complete consultation, you will be able to,

“Devise a treatment plan on how to address the issue. Whether you will need medication or topical treatments? Do you need better home care to support the treatments? All of this can be easily figured out in a thorough and complete consultation." 

“So, if you are confused about what to do, and how to fix it? Don’t wait, start now. Ask your doctor or aesthetic acne specialist for help, it's that simple.”

Dr. Afsheen Ather of Nova Derm Institute. Photo: Afsheen Ather

Renata Roddy of Roddy MedSpa advises her acne prone patients to follow a skin care regime designed specifically for oily skin, but she adds in a secret weapon; a sulfur mask.

“Acne is primarily caused by oily skin. For people who come in suffering from acne I recommend the protocol mentioned for oily skin,” says Renata Roddy.

“For those who have oily skin I recommend an exfoliating cleanser from ZO Skin Health in the morning and at night, followed by an exfoliating polish 3 times a week (either AM or PM), and then oil control pads after cleansing. I advise ZO’s Daily Power Defense Cream (indicated for all skin types), because it is a powerful antioxidant serum that will promote overall skin health). This can be applied after the steps mentioned in the morning, followed by SPF sunscreen as your last step, before applying makeup.”

This protocol can also be combined with the sulfur mask in the evening 2-3 times a week. The mask can either be applied to the entire face or it can be used as a spot treatment. The sulfur mask is a clay based mask that treats and prevents acne. The mask also purifies pores and absorbs excess oil. It also helps combat dryness, while hydrating the skin.

Watch this hands on pageant prep skincare video from Renee Cloutier, where she shows us the products she uses for her skin, which tends to be acne prone!

Products for Acne Prone Skin

Drugstore Deals:

Breakout Box 3-in-1 Acne Treatment Kit. Photo: Patchology

Blemishes have a nasty habit of popping up at the most inconvenient times. And, who’s got time to sit around and wait for them to fade? So when you find your skin has put you on pimple patrol,  try the, “Breakout Box 3-In-1 Acne Treatment Kit”, a gentle yet effective trio of acne-clearing patches and strips. 

This budget friendly kit has anti-inflammatory and bacteria-banishing ingredients (like salicylic acid, tea tree oil and witch hazel to name a few) which start healing spots and unclogging pores in a matter of hours. 

High End Splurges:

Zo Skin Health Sulfur Masque. Photo: Zo Skin Health

Skin care routine for acne scars

We know how painful it is to develop acne scars from previous severe breakouts or from popping pimples. But, take heart because we are living in a time when so many incredible and affordable solutions exist and are available to fix acne scars. 

It can often take some time and repeated treatments to correct scars, depending on how severe they are, so be patient and persistent. And, if you do have problematic acne scarring, please try to show yourself some love during the transition process. Because eventually, you are going to see the change you want to see, and it will all be worth it!

 “Acne scars cannot be treated with skincare alone. It has to be treated with either laser, Microneedling w/ PRP, Microneedling with RF (radio frequency), or chemical peels.” Renata Roddy explains.

Dr. Afsheen Ather describes what can be accomplished with Microneedling, and what to expect if you do decide to try this treatment for yourself.

“You can help improve pitted acne scars, old surgical scars, minimize lines and wrinkles, add plumpness and soft texture to the skin, and minimize pore size and achieve an overall uniform complexion. In my opinion you go back 10 years in age, if the treatment is done right.”

“Make sure you go to a credible clinic, which uses the pins only once and don’t re-use anything to avoid infections and unhygienic skin issues. After all you are doing all this to improve your skin, not to come home with more unwanted skin infections.”

“Let's talk about how the treatment goes; when you come in, a numbing cream is applied to the skin for 15 minutes and then a FDA approved skin motorized pen is used. The whole skin is stimulated to boost new collagen and cells. The skin takes 3 or so days to heal, while it is healing, it looks like a mild sunburn and then heals itself to a better more youthful looking skin.”

“After care is really simple, moisturize and use an SPF 50 sunscreen for a week and get glowing for weeks to follow.”

Skin care routine for combination skin

If you’re a gal with combination skin, you probably feel like your skin has two completely different personalities. And, you probably spend a great deal of time trying to manage two extreme problems, always trying to find a balance between the two. 

You may benefit from reading both the sections on oily and dry skin to get some ideas of the appropriate products that you can try out. 

And, don’t be afraid to consult a professional if your skin needs more than you can manage all by yourself. You’ve got a very unique situation that you’re dealing with, and you might need some products that are more specialized than just what you can purchase over-the-counter.

Combination Skin is characterized by two areas: oily and normal or dry skin. Typically, combination skin will have an oily T-zone—the forehead, nose and chin—with dry skin everywhere else on the face. The T-zone is typically oilier because it has a higher concentration of oil glands.

While anyone can have dry or oily patches of skin on occasion, those with combination skin will consistently or experience the same dryness and oiliness. Often, the T-zone will feel greasy and appear shiny; elsewhere it will feel rough and appear dull. 

Different degrees of combination skin also exist – the T-zone may be slightly oily, while the rest of the face will fall within the normal to dry range. 

Skin Care Routine & Tips for Combination Skin

To care for their combination skin, most people use separate products that are designed to treat opposite skin types in order to address their skin’s two distinct needs. 

While some experimentation is often required to find the right products, there are some general tips to keep in mind.

For the oily parts:

Apply an oil-free moisturizer to the oily areas and try blotting papers throughout the day to control your oily skin.

For the dry parts:

Choose heavier moisturizers, for dry areas

For your entire face:

Generally, avoid cleansing more than twice per day, as this can irritate both skin types. Don’t apply one cleanser or exfoliator to the entire face; use astringent options on oily areas and gentler options on dry areas. Be sure to use oil-free sun protection to avoid clogged pores

How often you use these products will depend on how severe your dry and oily skin is. 

Products for Combination Skin

Drugstore Deals:


Pleasing Care Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Tissues. Photo: Amazon

High End Splurges:

Nova Derm Institute Line of Products. Photo: Nova Derm Institute

Skin care routine for dark spots

Dr. Afsheen Ather of Nova Derm Institute, has gone out of her way to create a very specialized line of medical grade treatment products for her clients to control problems like sun spots and skin discolorations. 

"I recommend using a topical stabilized form of Vitamin C, which is also Paraben free, effective yet safe.

When it comes to skin it is one of the top most antioxidants, which helps you control sun spots, discolorations, wrinkles, skin sagging and more. Despite its ability to do all these benefits for the skin, Vitamin C can oxidize very fast, especially when it is exposed to air, becoming unstable. Once it becomes unstable it can't do its beauty duty and fight free radical damage.

What is the solution?

Creating a stabilized form of Vitamin C which doesn't go bad that easily.

The first sign that your Vitamin C is now ineffective is color change. If your Vitamin C turns yellow or dark orange after a few uses, it is not helping the skin. It is the same effect you see in actual fruit.  If you peel and leave it in open air, it turns yellow-brown because of oxidation.

That's why you need to use a Vitamin C, which is stabilized and encapsulated, which means that it is protected from the air touching it."

Products for Dark Spots

Drugstore Deals:

If your pigmentation problem is not severe, you can try an over the counter product, but you must follow the directions to the letter and use it with care. You also need to be very patient with the process and start out by using every other day and working up to daily use.

Admire My Skin 2% Hydroquinone Dark Spot Corrector. Photo: Amazon

With over 10,000 reviews on Amazon, “Admire My Skin 2% Hydroquinone Dark Spot Corrector” contains 2% Hydroquinone, Salicylic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Lactic Acid & Vitamin C. It CONTAINS THE HIGHEST concentration of hydroquinone allowed without a prescription.

High End Splurges:

Nova Derm Institute Power of C. Photo: Afsheen Ather

Skin care routine for hyperpigmentation

Renata Roddy of Roddy Med Spa, has a detailed regime that she has devised for her patients who come to see her about their hyperpigmentation issues.

“I typically recommend the cleanser, exfoliator and toner from ZO Skin Health (mentioned previously in the section on dry skin), followed by “Daily Power Defense” by the same company. Finish your morning routine with a product called, BRIGHTILIVE.”

“Then, in the evening replace the BRIGHTALIVE with retinol, which you get by prescription only. It is not an over the counter product. Retinol strength varies from patient to patient, so you’d go with whatever your skincare professional advises for your particular situation.”

“The BRIGHTALIVE cream is great for brightening and evening out skin tone, while retinol is the antioxidant derived from Vitamin A. Retinol is the go-to treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues.”

“For patients who have a severe pigmentation issue I prescribe Hydroquinone.”

Brightalive Skin Brighteber by Zo Skin Health. Photo: Zo Skin Health

Skin care routine for sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin. Photo: Mirror Online

Your skin type depends on how well your natural skin barrier is functioning, especially when it comes to moisture and water content. And, when this natural barrier that protects our skin against external irritants, is weak, then skin will be more sensitive. 

Skin can have minor or major sensitivity, which will show up as blotchiness, patches of redness, peeling, itching or burning. If you find that skin care products or certain fabrics irritate your skin, or if you develop contact dermatitis easily, you likely have sensitive skin. 

Skin sensitivity can be caused by an overactive immune system or a genetic predisposition, such as rosacea or eczema, and certain allergies. 

People with dry skin often have increased sensitivity because dryness does harm to the skin’s natural protective barrier too. If you definitely have sensitive skin, you may notice that your skin’s sensitivity can also be triggered or made worse by things like animal dander, pollen and makeup. 

Even things like skin care products, dry air, extreme temperatures, perfumes, laundry detergent and fabric softener can make your skin extremely uncomfortable.

Tips for caring for sensitive skin

To choose the best skin care products for sensitive skin, you need to determine what your skin’s triggers are and then eliminate them from your skin care routine. Your skin care routine should involve a small number of carefully chosen products that do not trigger reactions. 


Noncomedogenic, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products to reduce the risk of adverse skin reactions. Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter, plant oils, ceramides and squalane that moisturize the skin and help repair skin barrier function. 


Drying ingredients such as alcohol and sulfates, citrus and essential oils and restrict your use of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and retinol.

If you want to check out some natural alternatives, you can use calendula extract, colloidal oatmeal, chamomile or green tea, as well as products with soothing and cooling ingredients such as willow bark extract and menthyl lactate.

If you find you cannot reduce skin sensitivity through your skin care routine, do not hesitate to see a dermatologist who can help you put together a treatment plan.

Products for sensitive skin

Drugstore Deals:

Originally made for use at the Mayo Clinic, Vanicream products were designed for those with extremely sensitive skin. All of these sensitive skin care products are free of common chemical irritants for healthy, soothed skin. Choose from lotions, creams, ointments, hair products and more.


Vanicream Line of Products. Photo: Vanicream

High End Splurges:

Nova Derm Institute Blur Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Photo: Afsheen Ather

Should I see a dermatologist about my skin care routine?

You should never hesitate to visit a dermatologist for your skin, for any reason. You don’t have to be having a serious problem to get a consultation. Most professionals are excited to help you because they are so passionate about the work that they do. 

Dermatologists, estheticians and all of the other skincare professionals are involved in the skincare field because they want to help people. They know that they have a unique skill set and are knowledgeable about issues that most people are not. They want you to benefit from their experience and expertise and they really do want you to love that skin that you are in.

For example, while talking with Dr. Afsheen Ather of Nova Derm Institute, we asked her about over-the-counter alternatives to the higher end skin care line that she created for her clients and sells through her website. 

Knowing that many of our readers are younger teens and college age contestants, we know that they may not have the funds available to purchase expensive skin care products. She was incredibly kind and thoughtful, and suggested some lower priced options that can be found at the local drugstore that she has found to work extremely well.

She even went on to explain how cost effective her products are, as well as suggested that we make her contact information available to our readers, and encouraged anyone with questions to reach out to her.

This is what she had to say:

“The products on my website, once purchased, are usually good for 6 -10 months, which makes them cost effective.  They are all clinical grade and free of Harsh chemicals, Parabens , artificial fragrance and adulterants, which makes them worth the investment.”

She said that if you don’t want to purchase the higher end products, or cannot afford the, you are welcome to PM her on her Professional Instagram or Facebook accounts with any specific questions, and she’d be happy to help you.

So, please don’t wait to see a dermatologist if you are in pain, embarrassed or feeling depressed about the condition of your skin. Your health and self-esteem is too important for you to put up with a situation that can most likely be easily dealt with by a professional. 

If you’re not sure whether or not you require a dermatologist, then follow Roddy MedSpa owner, Renata Roddy’s advice,  “You can either see a cosmetic dermatologist, or you can search for a medical spa in your area and be seen by an RN (Registered Nurse) or NP (Nurse Practitioner) and they can assist you with medical grade skincare.”

Top Beauty Secrets for Pageant Queens

Renata Roddy, FNP-BC  - Owner of Roddy MedSpa

Renata Roddy when she was Miss Massachusetts United States 2014. Photo: Google

Renata Roddy is not only a skin care professional and the Owner of Roddy MedSpa in Danvers, Massachusetts, but she is also a former pageant girl herself!  Renata competed in fitness competitions and pageants, and ultimately won the title of Miss Massachusetts United States 2014!  This gorgeous lady knows quite a few top beauty secrets, but the one tip that is the foundation to all others is based on good ol’ fashioned everyday habits!

“So simple, yet so crucial: take your makeup off and wash your face with a good cleanser! Going to bed with makeup on is detrimental to skin health. This will cause clogged pores, built up bacteria, which then yields to acne breakouts, and a dull appearance to overall skin tone.”

How to take your makeup off quickly and effortlessly!

As much fun as it is to get your face slayed for a pageant, you’ve gotta admit that all that heavy makeup can take a serious toll on your skin. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your skin, as well as having an easy and reliable makeup removing routine. Who wants it to take as much time to take off your makeup as it took to put it on?

One makeup remover that we absolutely adore is “It Cosmetics, “Bye Bye Makeup”, 3-in-1 Makeup and Cleansing Balm”.  “It Cosmetics” is a favorite line of beauty queens and celebrities, and was created by Jamie Marie Kern, who herself is a former beauty queen, having won the title of Miss Washington USA in 1999.

This makeup remover is worth every pretty penny!  You know those times when you’ve done full hair and makeup, with the over-the-top lashes, eye shadow and cat eye liner? And, then you go to take it all off at the end of the night and you have to use an entire bottle of industrial strength eye makeup remover, and by the time you’re done your waste basket is overflowing with cotton balls and your bathroom looks like a warzone?  Well, say buh-bye to “Alla That” because this balm is the bomb honey!

We’re not kidding! You do not need one ounce of eye makeup remover or any other specialty product. Just one swipe of this heavenly stuff will sweep away the most aggressive eyelash glue and you won’t have to scrub your poor peepers raw any longer.  Cue the angels singing because you will be saying, “Hallelujah” once you give this balm a try. 


It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Makeup and Cleansing Balm Photo: It Cosmetics

Nia Sanchez- Miss USA 2014, and first runner up to Miss Universe

Miss USA 2014, Nia Sanchez Photo: Pageant Planet

Nia Sanchez is one of the most well known and beloved titleholders in the pageant industry. She became Miss USA in 2014, and was the first runner up to Miss Universe.

It’s clear that this woman knows an incredible amount of information about beauty, style and pageantry. Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful and always chic, but she’s built a very successful career as a sought after speaker who uplifts and empowers women, a charismatic celebrity host and has created a formidable brand as a top notch pageant coach.

But, what really sets Nia Sanchez apart is her transparent and generous nature. Her YouTube channel is filled with video after video, where Nia candidly opens up her life and her heart and offers her expertise on all aspects of health, fitness, beauty, pageantry, life lessons and relationships.

She has been very upfront and unguarded about her own skin challenges, including her struggles with acne, melasma and sun damage, creating several videos discussing these issues and the solutions that she’s discovered.

This queen has earned our deepest respect and admiration for her willingness to be real and vulnerable and for helping pageant girls everywhere to do the same. Nia Sanchez truly embodies what it means to be, “Confidently Beautiful!”

Nia Sanchez Skin Care Tips! 

Miss for America 2019, Kassie Marie Perkins

Miss for America 2019, Kassie Marie Perkins. Photo: John Herzog

Kassie Perkins became the first ever “Miss for America” titleholder this past year.  Miss for America is a brand new pageant created as part of the Mrs. America system, and this beautiful young woman became the first woman ever to assume the responsibilities. 

As part of her new role, Kassie made it priority to visit as many states as possible during her reign. For instance, while talking to her at the time of this article, she had traveled to 4 states in 48 hours, been the guest of honor at a state pageant, and had completed a photo shoot! To say she has a crazy schedule, is an understatement!  When you’re a national titleholder, you’ve got to look your best, and when you’re this busy, you must have a simple, straight forward skin care routine that works!

Kassie gives all the credit for her gorgeous skin to Dr. Alisha Armstrong and her staff at Premier Medical Aesthetics in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But, don’t think for a minute that just because she’s got a dermatologist on speed dial, that this down to earth southern girl is too fancy to use drugstore brands.

“I’ve got combination skin, and I’m all over the place in terms of price ranges of skin care and absolutely have a blend of high and low end products!”

“I use a Hyaluronic acid serum from Amazon that is less than $1.00 Ha! I also use castile soap as a cleanser which is around $6.00 and a Dermalogica exfoliating cleanser that’s closer to $30.00, a vitamin C serum that’s super inexpensive too, and I follow it up with a Dermalogica moisturizer!”

This queen is a fabulous example of how you have to figure out which products work for your unique skin type, and find a routine that fits your schedule as well as your budget.

Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser. Photo: Sephora

Liz Everett from Liz Everett Glam


Liz Everett. Photo: Liz Everett Glam

Liz Everett is one of the most sought after hair and makeup artists in the pageant industry because she has the ability to bring out the unique, one-of-a-kind, jaw dropping beauty of every client that she works with.

She has been awarded the prestigious, “National Hair & Makeup Artist of the Year” award 6 times and is the Beauty Director for Pageantry Magazine.

Her credentials and expertise with makeup have made her a legendary artist, but it’s the challenges she’s had with her own skin that makes her a skincare expert as well.  

“To me mastering your skin is about creating a smooth canvas in preparation for flawless make up application,” she shares.

Liz’s 5 Tips to Help Pageant Girls With Their Skin:

1.    Don’t try any new products or treatments a month prior to the pageant. You don’t want to irritate your skin or risk an allergic reaction. 

2.    Go ahead and schedule a facial with a skincare professional the week after the pageant. Skin recovery is the key! 

3.    Don’t think that good skincare has to cost an arm and a leg. I have a range of products in my own kit that range from $2.76 ( Ambi’s Black Soap) to $276 ( La Mer Lifting & Firming Mask ). Try brands like Cerave, Mario Badescu, and Tacha. 

4.    Use makeup remover before you do your skincare.  People often just start washing their faces really quickly, thinking they are getting all their makeup off. Especially when you have had a stage face on you want to be conscious to add a great makeup remover or use makeup wipes and then complete your skincare routine. It’s all about being super thorough.

5.    Take an allergy test! It will really help you especially if you break out a lot to know whether or not you are having reactions to products and / or foods. For instance, I have several clients with Celiac so I make sure that I research the hairsprays that I use. It would probably surprise you to learn that forms of wheat grain are in many beauty products!

Ambi Skincare Black Soap with Shea Butter. Photo: Amazon

Ambi Black Soap Bar with Shea Butter is a unique facial bar that combines the skin-clearing action of black soap with the moisturizing power of shea butter. It is specifically formulated to gently cleanse your skin and pores to help you get rid of excess oil and acne.

Stormy Keffeler - Queen Beauty USA 2020

Stormy Keffeler Queen Beauty USA 2020. Photo: Austin Ryde

"I have normal-oily skin but have suffered from acne, both superficial blemishes and sub-dermal as a 28 year old. I took it upon myself to actively work on conquering my skin issues and have two skin care regimens that have helped me in this process.

This is my more intensive skin care routine that I do twice a week before bed (I avoid doing this every day to prevent exhausting and drying out your skin)

I start by using a makeup removing paste from IT cosmetics, but when I feel lazy I do use makeup removing wipes.

Once I have a clean face, I use the NuSkin cleanser paired with the scrubbing tool (shout out to my skin care sponsor Sugar Shack Skin & Body with Gina Lee Richardson on Facebook) which is self timed with an anti-bacterial silicon tip.

After all the dead skin is scrubbed off, I use The Ordinary Peeling Solution. This is a hyaluronic acid peel which means it is super strong. I won’t lie, Tik Tok made me buy it and I fell in love with it. It comes with its own dropper and I use about a dropper and a half, concentrating on areas with heavy blackheads. Usually I keep it on for three to five minutes avoiding eyes and sensitive areas. Pro-tip: I use a hand fan or blow dryer on cool because this stuff can burn a bit!

After you rinse your hyaluronic mask, your pores are clear and open, I like to use Mario Badescu Enzyme Clay Facemask to help shrink and close those pores.

Then, use cold water and a gentle cleanser like the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel to remove the mask.

In my final steps I use the Atomy Eye cream, because it’s thicker than a caffeine cream and the Atomy Essence Serum to help my face heal and stay moisturized. It’s important to massage the products in, in an upward motion to help stimulate collagen in a gravity defying manner to prevent aging.

I think the most important part of the process is experimenting with what works for you. Sephora and Ulta have amazing skin care products and have samples and rewards programs to help you test products which is honestly, my most important advice I could give."


Lumi Spa by Nu Skin. Photo: Sugar Shack Skin & Body

Shayla Montgomery - Miss Oregon Teen USA 2020

Miss Oregon Teen USA 2020 Shayla Montgomery. Photo: Believe Photography

According to Miss Oregon Teen USA 2020 Shayla Montgomery, “Having healthy, happy, and glowy skin is the best makeup you can have,” and we completely agree. Just look at this gorgeous girls’ complexion!

This future Dermatologist has struggled with her own skin problems, and that frustration and pain inspired her to “literally” strive to love the skin that she is in. Now, as a young titleholder, she is trying to mentor her peers to accept the idea that beauty is not just skin deep.

“As a young girl, I struggled with severely dry skin on my face as well as eczema on my legs, arms, and neck. I vividly remember my mom and I searching through stores to find products to help my condition. Overall, this took my self-confidence at a young age and led me to not like my skin.”

“Now at eighteen, I am an advocate for young girls and help them to embrace self-love. I’m teaching them by example to be more empowered by loving themselves in their own skin. My biggest beauty tip is to take breaks from makeup and invest in skincare. I adore the brands,”Tatcha” and “The Ordinary” for my skincare needs. Personally, I never wear makeup unless I am at an appearance, competing, or at a big event. It is extremely important to embrace your natural beauty. In the future, I plan to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Dermatology and create my own skincare line to help others feel absolutely beautiful regardless of their conditions.”

The Starter Ritual Set for Dry Skin. Photo: Tatcha                                                 

This two-week introductory set richly hydrates and replenishes for a youthful glow.

The Ordinary Hydration Bundle. Photo: The Skin Store                                      

The treatments in this kit deeply hydrate, moisturize, and balance the skin.

Marianne Bautista - Miss Washington Teen USA 2020

Miss Washington Teen USA 2020 Marianne Bautista. Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography

“I’ve struggled with eczema since a young age and at times, it has been very difficult to manage. Eczema is a condition that causes the skin in certain areas to be dry, itchy, and scaly. It comes and goes, but is most common during extreme weather. The patches are visible and even more so under the sun, turning white.”

“In the past, I’ve tried various lotions and creams to keep the trouble spots moisturized until another pageant gal recommended Asea Renu 28. This gel is easily absorbed by the skin and reduces the itchiness and visibility of eczema overnight! Asea Renu 28 is also known to produce anti-aging results and can be used anywhere on the body.”

Asea Renu 28 Photo: Amazon

Dr. Afsheen Ather: What to do when your skin needs 911 help now!  

Dr. Afsheen Ather of Nova Derm Institute. Photo: Afsheen Ather

Your addiction to scoping out fellow pageant contestants and titleholders on social media used to be a fun inspo sesh—but now, it’s a discouraging reminder of just how much your face is NOT looking filter fresh these days. You know in your heart that nobody has perfect skin and that lots of your friends and fav pageant girls use digital tricks to enhance their photos, which is totally fine. But, at the time you’re also painfully aware that you’ve got some very real acne, dullness and ugly bumps on your face right now, and to make it worse, you’ve got a photo shoot booked for new headshots coming up!  What’s a girl to do?!

When your skin requires 911 help NOW, you don’t have time to waste!  One of the best ways to get your skin picture perfect fast is to have a chemical peel done.

Dr. Afsheen Ather, owner of Nova Derm Institute says, “Protect with SPF 30+ sunscreen, and prevent and correct with chemical peels. Even to date, it's the simplest and one of the most effective ways to get rid of surface skin damage and aging.”

“Talk to your professional, to determine which peel is best for you. With peels, you do get a downtime of 3-5 days, but it's worth the improvement.”

“Make sure you watch sun exposure while receiving peels, because the new skin is very fragile and needs protection to continue to look fresh and beautiful. You also need to hold off your Tretinoin or Retin-A formulations (if you use any) for a few days before and after your chemical peel treatments.”

“Some professionals combine microdermabrasion with the chemical peels and the results speak for themselves. Get a consultation, let the expert evaluate your skin and pick the right one for you,” she advises.

Chemical Peels for specific problems

Lactic Acid Peel

Lactic acid peels are widely available in drug stores, beauty supply stores, and online retailers, but deeper chemical peels offer the best results. The effects also last longer than over the counter peels, so you don’t have to use them as often.

“For improving skin hydration and brightening, the lactic acid peel is considered fantastic!”, insists Dr. Ather.

Lactic acid is a chemical peel made from sour milk. It is the mildest of all chemical peel formulations. The peeling process is very similar to that used in glycolic acid peels. Results from a lactic acid peel are temporary and will require maintenance visits. Lactic acid peels leave skin highly sun sensitized and mildly irritated.

If you want to try a milder over-the-counter Lactic Acid Peel, then check out, “Exfoliate FlashMasque 5-Minute Facial Sheet by Patchology”.

Traditional sheet masks take up to 20 minutes to work. But their advanced masque material accelerates delivery of essential ingredients lactic acid and papain to dissolve dead skin cells. And their highly advanced HydraSurge5 Moisture System deeply hydrates, so you don't lose any essential moisture in the process.

Exfoliate FlashMasque 5-Minute Facial Sheet. Photo: Patchology

Glycolic acid peels

If you’re looking for a peel that targets fine lines and wrinkle, then your best bet is a Glycolic acid peel, according to Dr. Ather.

Jessner's peel

For those of you who are struggling with acne prone skin, you may want to look into Jessner’s Peel. Dr. Ather highly recommends this one and calls it, “The gold standard for acne prone skin”.

Skin Obsession Jessner's Chemical Peel. Photo: Skin Obsession

Trichloroacetic (TCA) peels

“TCA peels can be great for texture and aging issues,” says Dr. Ather.

They are a type of chemical peel used to treat a wide range of skin concerns including signs of aging, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and scarring. TCA peels are most commonly performed at medium strengths which require some downtime, but offer significant improvements to the skin’s appearance.

TCA is an effective treatment for post-acne scarring. It simultaneously smoothes the skin’s texture while removing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, the dark spots of discoloration that appear after a blemish has healed. 

Planet Eden TCA Facial Peel Kit. Photo: Planet Eden

VI peel

Dr. Ather. informs us that, “The VI peel is also great for pigmentation issues like melasma and sun damage”.

 A VI Peel is a medical-grade, medium-strength chemical peel from VI Aesthetics that minimizes signs of sun damage, including fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and tone. It also targets acne—in fact, the peel’s creator, Dr. Abdala F. Kalil, formulated it as a way to treat his teenage daughter’s stubborn breakouts.

Cosmelan Peel

“Another fantastic peel for hormonal discolorations and melasma is Cosmelan Peel,” recommends Dr. Ather.

The Cosmelan Peel treats hyperpigmentation in the skin by inhibiting tyrosinase, a naturally-occurring enzyme within the body. Tyrosinase directly influences melanin formation and production, and plays a significant role in the development of melasma , age spots, liver spots, and post-acne discoloration.


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