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Best Pageant Products (2020 Edition)

22, January 2020

We all have our very favorite products. You know, the ones who can't live without, much less compete without. From hairspray to garment bags, we wouldn't be able to be our best on stage without quality products. To help you choose which products to buy and use for this year's pageant season, we've compiled a list of all of our favorite pageant products.

Best Pageant Products of 2019

Sashes by The Sash Company

The Sashes by the Sash Company have landed on our list of Best Pageant Products of 2019! Seriously, if you've ever been lucky enough to wear a sash made by The Sash Company, you'll completely agree. They make high quality, beautiful, satin sashes. They have designed sashes for Miss America, and are the official sash company for many national pageant systems such as Miss Earth USA and Miss Cosmos. Their unique custom designs with attention to detail make them stand out. They have even designed sashes for our very own Miss Pageant Planet contest!  

Photo: The Sash Company

Omnia Garment Bag by Dream Duffel

Dream Duffel's Omnia Garment Bag has made it onto the list for Best Pageant Products of 2019! Every pageant girl needs garment bags to carry and protect their perfect pageant wardrobe. Omnia Garment bags are the perfect way to keep your pageant wardrobe organized and protected! These luxury garment bags are a carry-all system that feature many pockets, a snap-off accessory roll, can be personalized with your name or logo, and are fold-able for easy carrying and transportation!

As you can tell, these garment bags are perfect for the backstage area. With the ability to customize your bag, you'll never lose or confuse your bag backstage. Not only that, but the accessory roll helps to keep your jewelry organized during those quick changes. They are also affordably priced and every pageant competitor should have one of these bags to travel in style!

Want your own? You've got you covered. You can order one here.

Photo: Dream Duffel Website

Hairspray by Onex50

Used by pageant girls, competition cheerleaders and models alike, the hairspray from Onex50 haircare is on the list for Best Pageant Products of 2019! All pageant competitors know that hairspray is needed to give your look that polished finish and hold your hair in place while you strut your stuff on stage. Onex50 prides itself on doing it different and better by providing a high quality hairspray that strengthens and protects the hair, so your hair doesn't break or damage when trying to remove it after the pageant. This hairspray is no flake, super hold and won't be sticky. It also has a great smell and you will look your best on stage using this product!

Lucky for you, you can order this amazing hairspray right here.

Photo: Onex50 Website

Crown Purse by Crown Couture Collection

The famous crown purse by Crown Couture Collection is one of the Best Pageant Products of 2019! We're sure you've seen some of your favorite titleholders toting this beautiful crown cases and it's no wonder why. A beautiful crown deserves a beautiful and protective case. Every purse is handcrafted to perfection with extremely durable materials, gorgeous hand-beaded handles, a mirror inside for touch ups on the go, pillow and ribbon of choice and custom etching. They offer over 40 color and sizing options to cater to a variety of crown types. They can even be customized with your name and title. They are the official sponsor for systems such as USA National Miss and Miss United States! This is a great accessory to protect your crown and do it with style.  

Photo: Crown Couture Collection Website

Milk Chocolate Platform Heel by Diverse Styles

The Milk Chocolate Platform Heel by Diverse Styles has landed a spot as one of the Best Pageant Products of 2019! These heels have been seen everywhere, having been worn by many USA state titleholders! The company was started by Sydni Dion Miss Illinois Teen USA 2018 because she felt that as a darker skinned pageant girl, she was in need of nude shoes and struggled to find them. She decided to design a color that is very much needed with the quality and comfort we all wish for. There are plenty of great styles to choose from, and their product being inclusive of all skin types means that all pageant women can find a diverse shoe that works for them! Finally, pageant girls of all skin tones can have a "true nude" shoe. 

Ready to get your next pageant shoe? You can find these shoes right here.

Photo: Diverse Style Website

Short Length Waffle Robe by Bloom Custom Robes

This short length waffle robe by Bloom Custom Robes is one of the Best Pageant Products of 2019! Seriously, how adorable is this robe? The short length waffle is their bestselling robe that started it all for this company! It's perfect to wear for pageant hair and makeup appointments or even while you're waiting for competition to start backstage! It can be worn plain or customized with embroidery on the front and back! It features an easy-to-wear cut that flatters all different kinds of shapes and comes in a variety of colors. With the precise fit and comfort of this robe, it's no surprise that it landed on the Best Pageant Products list!  

Hint, hint... This would be an amazing gift for a titleholder or contestant heading to a competition! 

Photo: Bloom Custom Robes Website

Earrings by Crown Jewels, LLC  

Because we all need a little bling in our lives, Crown Jewels LLC has earrings that have landed on our Best Pageant Products of 2019 list! They are a one stop shop for finding quality and unique earrings for your next pageant or pageant event! They have a variety of earrings, each with a unique name like their orange, four inch Joileen style, that is perfect to wear during fun fashion or evening gown. These fun and unique earrings are a perfect complement to any pageant girl who wants to stand out.

Need earrings for your next pageant? Check out Crown Jewels' Collection in our shop!

Photo: Crown Jewels, LLC Website

Swag by Pageant Girlie

Pageant Girlie "swag" has been chosen as one of the Best Pageant Products of 2019! Their motto is "fun with a crown when you're not in a gown". This company has a variety of apparel, accessories and household items to help you show your passion for pageantry. These are perfect for pageant fans and titleholders who just can't get enough of their sport. Even more impressive is that this company was created by a 16 year old named Danielle because her mom could not find fun pageant swag and pageant mom shirts. One of their swag items is the Eat, Sleep, Compete, Repeat throw pillow that you can use to get your beauty rest before competing! How fun is that?

Photo: Pageant Girlie Website

The Risky Lashes by Chi Girl Glam

Chi Girl Glam's "The Risky Lashes" have been selected as one of the Best Pageant Products of 2019 because they're a great go-to lash! They have over 20 styles of the most lightweight and natural looking lashes on the market. Their lashes are the perfect combination of class and sass, making them perfect for and preferred by every pageant contestant! These full lashes will help your eyes pop on stage. They are durable and you will get great wear out of them. These are a must-have product for any pageant girl or woman!  

Photo: Chi Girl Glam Website

What are your must have pageant products? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!


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