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Best Pageant Talent Outfits: 2024 Edition

31, January 2023

Pageant talent is a crowd favorite competition and an opportunity to showcase a contestant's personality and well, talent! While contestants are often praised for their technical skills or entertainment, the thoughtful consideration put into talent wardrobe is often overlooked. Whether it's a ballgown to give a regal feel to an opera performance or a fully rhinestoned costume for a "Diamonds are a Girl's Bestfriend" dance number, each look is carefully crafted for its performance. 

Top 10 Pageant Talent Outfits of 2023

Top 10 Pageant Talent Outfits of 2022

Top 10 Pageant Talent Outifts of 2023

10. Haleigh Hurst

9. Averie Mountain

8. Skye Harris

7. GracieJaymes Wood

6. Ella Grace Prichard

5. Monroe Hasselquist

4. Holland Hartpence

3. Avie-Lou Cypress Soles

2. Olivia Baldwin

1. Kairi Tiarè Duncan

Top 10 Pageant Talent Outfits of 2022

10.) Vani Sharma, International Junior Miss 2022 Contestant

Vani Sharma Unknown: Photo

9.) Yunling Xue, National All-American Miss Princess 2022 

Yunling Xue Photo: Unknown 

8.) Skye Harris, America’s Grand Miss Contestant

Skye Harris Photo: Unknown

7.) Juliana Wilson, Mrs. Cosmos United States 2022 

Juliana Wilson Photo: Unknown

6.) Emmaree Garner, Little Miss South Carolina Cosmos 2022


Emmaree Garner Photo: Unknown

5.) Lindsey Lenhart, USA Ambassador Ms. Sunshine State 2022

Lindsey Lenhart Photo: Unknown

4.) Bailey Layne, America’s Grand Miss 2022 Contestant

Bailey Layne Photo: Unknown

3.) Carrie Flock, Pure International Classy Ms. North Carolina 2022

Carrie Flock Photo: Cloverstorm Photography 

2.) Bria Malone, America’s Ideal Miss Midwest Princess 2022

Bria Malone Photo: Unknown

1 .) Emma Wood, America’s Ideal Miss Arkansas Pre-Teen 2022

Emma Wood Photo: Unknown

Top 10 Pageant Talent Outfits of 2021

10. Bella Roark, America's Elegant Miss Scholarship Pageant 2021 Contestant

Bella Roark. Photo: Unknown

9. Carrie Flock, America's United Miss Ms. North Carolina 2021

Carrie Flock. Photo: Unknown

8. Landry Piller, International Junior Miss Jr. Pre-Teen 2021-2022

Landry Piller. Photo: Unknown

7. Bella Rivera, National American Miss 2021 Contestant

Bella Rivera. Photo: Unknown

6. Peyton Jade Money, USA Ambassador Pageant 2021 Contestant

Peyton Jade Money. Photo: Unknown

5. Skye Harris, America's Grand Miss Nationals 2021 Contestant

Skye Harris. Photo: Unknown

4. Zoë Billingsley, Royal International Miss Nevada 2021

Zoe Billingsley. Photo: Unknown

3. Yunling Xue, National American Miss Texas Princess 2021

Yunling Xue. Photo: Unknown

2. Grace Brown, Miss Ohio 2021 Contestant

Grace Brown. Photo: Unknown

1. Alexandra Newlove Deel, National American Miss 2021 Contestant

Alexandra Newlove Deel. Photo: Unknown

Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019

Alyssa Hernandez

Alyssa Hernandez, your 2019 USA National Miss Grand Canyon Preteen, made our list for Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019! She received 2nd Runner-up for her talent at USA National Miss 2019 Nationals! This 13-year-old knows how to tear up the dance floor and looked phenomenal in her Shake the Room Performance embellished with Swarovski® Crystals. The mid rise leggings elongate Alyssa's legs, which helps showcase her extensions when dancing. The high neck with keyhole cutouts bring the focus to Alyssa's face and making her look long and lean. These Swarovski® crystals combined with Alyssa's star power really helped her dazzle on stage! 

Photo: Amanda Ferguson

Madelyn Thomas

Also making our list for Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019 is your International United Miss Mid-Atlantic representative Madelyn Thomas! We love this adorable pink two piece dance outfit that Madelyn is wearing! The fringe top adds great movement when Madelyn is dancing. Her sparkly skirt is asymmetrical and has a silver music note on the longer side of her skirt. The shorter side of her skirt has a large silver brooch that matches the one on her top. She continues her asymmetrical look by wearing one sleeve on her right arm. Lastly, the ties this entire look together by accessorizing her hair with a pink bow. Madelyn looks darling and we love this dance look on her!

Photo: Catherine Fiehn LeStrange

Emmy Gelardi-Bunyi

Your Royal International Miss International Sweetheart 2019-2020, Emmy Gelardi-Bunyi, made our list for Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019! Dancers are dominating this list! Emmy looks beautiful in this blue dress! The top half of this dress is adorned with sequins to make Emmy shine under the stage lights. The bottom half of her dress is made up of blue feathers and silver tinsel to add a little bit more sparkle and shine! She paired this dress with a pair of nude jazz shoes so help elongate her legs while she's on stage dancing. Emmy continued the feather theme by adding a feather hair piece at the base of her bun, which really ties her entire look together! She is giving us cha-cha vibes and we love it! 

Photo: Beyond The See Photography

Ava Mae Masters 

Ava Mae Masters was your 2019 USA National Miss Arkansas Princess and made it on to our Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019! This pink leotard is adorable! The lower back part of her leotard is covered in feathers, which help add movement while she's dancing. The asymmetrical cutouts on the torso of the leotard allow the eye to dance while Ava Mae is dancing! The feather detail pops up again on her right shoulder and she finished this look off with pink gloves! This outfit is very showy and we are living for it!

Photo: Amanda Ferguson

Jenai Wilcox 

Jenai Wilcox, Royal International Miss 2019-2020, made it into our list for Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019! Jenai is wearing an elegant two piece dance outfit. This Cinderella blue dance top and skirt look beautiful against her skin. Her top has a sweetheart neckline that is lined in blue and clear beads. The skirt also has the blue and clear beading at the waist. The beads at the waist go down into a point, which helps give Jenai a beautiful shape to her waist. Jenai picked a gorgeous material for her outfit and looks ethereal on stage!

Photo: Beyond The See Photography

Kennedi Craven

Your USA National Miss Jr Princess 2019, Kennedi Craven, made our list for Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019! This little singer is adorable in this red and white polkadot dress! The babydoll style of this dress works perfectly for the Jr. Princess age group and Kennedi looks great in it! The red satin bow and the slightly puffy sleeves bring the attention up to Kennedi's face, which is definitely what we want to see for a singer! She paired her dress with white lace socks and red patent leather mary jane shoes. Kennedi's entire look is tied together by the red satin headband in her hair. This outfit is cute from head-to-toe!

Photo: Amanda Ferguson

Victoria Vredevoogd

Victoria Vredevoogd, your USA National Miss Arizona Teen 2019, made our list for Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019! Victoria looks angelic singing in this white dress sheath dress. The waist on the dress is fitted to Victoria's body to help show off her shape and the sleeves on this dress drape over Victoria's arms and are long and made of lace. This gown is totally unique and that's what makes Victoria a total standout on stage! 

Photo: Amanda Ferguson

Brooklyn Knedlik

Your International Junior Miss Talent Winner, Brooklyn Knedlik, made our list for Best Pageant Talent Outfits of 2019! We are obsessive with how cohesive this entire look is that Brooklyn has on. The white and silver studded romper looks phenomenal on Brooklyn. The high neck with long sleeves makes Brooklyn tall and gives her extra length. She paired this romper with white cowboy boots with silver stones on them. Even her guitar strap is adorned in rhinestones to match her look. This little country star in the making is shining bright and being authentically her on stage!

Photo: Kathy Whittaker


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