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Best Evening Gowns in Pageantry: 2017 Edition

01, January 2018

If you're a first time pageant contestant, sometimes it makes sense to just buy from a pageant contesant who no longer needs the gown you're eyeing. But if you're in this for the long haul, there's many benefits to investing in your own custom pageant gown. Not only will it fit your personal style, but you also won't have to worry about another contestant showing up in the same gown as you, unless you've used our StyleCheck Feature ahead of time. When designing your dream evening gown, one of the best things you could do is to go back through the achives of pageantry for inspiration. 

Before we dive into the best evening gowns of 2017 for the Mrs., Ms., Miss, Teen and PreTeen divisions, if you're looking for the most recent top 10, you can check those out here.

Best Evening Gowns of 2017

10. Devon Mattingly, Mrs. Kentucky Ambassador 2017

This elegant and sophisticated gown worn by Devon Mattingly wowed the judges and the audience alike. The simple and tasteful design highlights Mattingly's natural beauty, and this mature and lovely color is perfect for any Mrs. contestant. The subtle glam of this gown is what makes it truly breathtaking.

Mattingly also has a tattoo sleeve on one arm and, due to the design of this dress, was able to easily cover it up for the evening gown portion of the competition, a choice most tattooed pageant contestants choose to make for the night. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

Devon Mattingly, Mrs. Kentucky Ambassador 2017

9. Ashanti Friels-Paz, Mrs. Southeast American Beauty 2017

This marvelous red gown was a wonderful choice for Ashanti Friels-Paz's beautiful skin tone. The red makes a bold statement on stage while the bottom of the dress has a unique design that adds an extra element of femininity. The cut of this dress is also something to be admired. The modest, yet flattering design is appropriate for any age but especially stuns on this gorgeous Mrs. titleholder!

Ashanti Friels-Paz, Mrs. Southeast American Beauty 2017

8. Judy Leger, Mrs. Haiti International 2017

Tjuana, the owner of the Orlando, Florida, based company Stitched by Radically Classy, made this intricate gown in just one day. While wearing this gown, Judy Leger became the first ever Mrs. Haiti International to make the prestigious group of top 16 finalists. Though we know her successes are due to her inherent beauty on both the inside and out, this dress was the icing on top of the cake for her performance at the worldwide competition.

Judy Leger, Mrs. Haiti International 2017

7. Anne Forester, Mrs. Utah United States 2017

This dazzling royal blue gown makes a statement on the beautiful Anne Forester. This color is always a good choice when attempting to stand out on stage. The elegant neckline is gorgeous on Forester's small frame. The subtle movement of the gown brought the look to life as the contestant walked down the runway. Forester could not have made a better choice for herself than this showstopping, yet simple evening gown design.

Anne Forester, Mrs. Utah United States 2017

6. Lauren Ziegler, Mrs. United States 2017

The Mrs. United States crown is among the most coveted in the world of Mrs. pageants. With this prestigious title comes tough competitors all vying for their chance. All this being said, it is no surprise that Lauren Ziegler's Mrs. United States competition gown was the cream of the crop. The mermaid silhouette flatters Ziegler's slim figure. This modest and elegant white gown has a gorgeous neckline that paired perfectly with her regal updo.

 Lauren Ziegler, Mrs. United States 2017

5. Mekayla Fawn Eppers, Mrs. America 2017

The classy and feminine sweetheart neckline on Mekayla Fawn Eppers' pageant gown is reminiscent of some of the Reem Acra designs worn by Taylor Swift years ago on the red carpet. This is not surprising at all since this gown is definitely red carpet ready and fit for even the biggest names in Hollywood! No woman could go wrong with this timeless design. Also, what is that phrase you always hear floating around pageant land? White wins?

Mekayla Fawn Eppers, Mrs. America 2017

4. Alice Lee Giannetta, Mrs. World 2017

This intricate gown shows off Alice Lee Giannetta's amazing figure and looks like it belongs in a fairytale at the same time. This dream dress juxtaposes a subtle color with a bold design. This unlikely combination creates a stunning and unique design that was perfect for Giannetta's winning night. The mystical appearance of the dress pairs beautifully with the stunning Mrs. World crown. Giannetta clearly has an eye for fashion and elegance.

Alice Lee Giannetta, Mrs. World 2017

3. Deidra Murphy, Mrs. Washington America 2017

Deidra Murphy is a vision in white in this stunning Sherri Hill gown. The plunging neckline and dynamic details make this dress hard to beat. This angelic dress combined with Murphy's even more angelic face is a recipe for beauty and grace. Sherri Hill gowns are among the most photogenic pageant gowns in the world, and this design is certainly no exception!

Deidra Murphy, Mrs. Washington America 2017

2. UyenVi Bui, Mrs. Vietnam World Ambassador 2017

It doesn't get more striking than UyenVi Bui in this jaw-dropping, bright red evening gown. The red color paired with her jet black hair is mesmerizing. We can see that Bui clearly made the right choice when choosing a gown. The plunging neckline, bright color, cinched waist, high slit and dramatic ballgown skirt are each bold choices but somehow all look perfect together. Good combinations can be the key to pulling off the most daring looks.

UyenVi Bui, Mrs. Vietnam World Ambassador 2017

1. Nune Kobyatskya, Mrs. Russia International 2017

This fun color and design mixed with Nune Kobyatskya's elegant hairstyle shows this titleholder's dynamic taste. This bold and exciting dress makes her this year's top evening gown winner. The gown gives her a flower-like appearance that is both feminine and shapely. Her hourglass figure is perfectly highlighted without overdoing it. This woman clearly knows a beautiful evening gown when she sees one!

Nune Kobyatskya, Mrs. Russia International 2017

Top 10 Ms. Evening Gowns of 2017

10. Ms. Full-Figured NC 2017, Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson looks like an absolute DIVA in this yellow gown. The gown is fitted perfectly and hugs her body in all the right places. There is so much detail in this gown with the pattern at the top of the bodice, which helps to balance her shape from the large bow at the bottom. The fabric of the bodice made her shine on stage when the lights hit her.

Ms. Full-Figured NC 2017, Ashley Johnson

9. Ms. Universe 2017, Tammy Caison

Tammy Caison looks like a dream in this gold dress. I love this dress because it is so unique and unlike anything I've seen on the pageant stage. This gold and silver fitted gown not only features a patterned top but it also has a fringed bottom! I get major Old Hollywood glam vibes from this gown. Caison's simple styling is just what this statement dress needs to look its best.

Ms. Universe 2017, Tammy Caison

8. Ms. Royalty International 2017, Sylvia Leszanczuk

Sylvia Leszanczuk's dress is exactly what I think of when I think about 2017 pageant dresses – a combination of glamour and elegance. This white gown features a fitted dress with a skirt overlay on it. The deep v-cut neckline with an illusion panel is a great way to keep this dress looking like a sophisticated, Ms. level gown. Leszanczuk's styling is simple and elegant, allowing her to be the main attraction on stage!

Ms. Royalty International 2017, Sylvia Leszanczuk

7. Ms. Black USA 2017, Kennetra Searcy

It's all in the details, and I'm definitely here for it! This dress gives me Great Gatsby vibes. I absolutely love the details in this gown, and the full-coverage sleeves and neckline make this gown even more elegant to me.  The pattern on the abdomen brings your attention to her midsection and really pulls her in. This gold gown is the perfect hue to complement her skin tone.

Ms. Black USA 2017, Kennetra Searcy

6. Ms. Earth United Kingdom 2017, Rubie Marie

Wow! I just love the details of Rubie Marie's gown – talk about beautiful! This rose gown paired with an up-do hairstyle screams royalty to me. This rose gold color was very trendy in 2017 and the style of the gown gives me old school elegance. The flower details are feminine and the wavy lines running the length of the gown give her a long and lean look. Overall, this look is pretty, pulled together and poised – everything you should aim for in an evening gown!

Ms. Earth United Kingdom 2017, Rubie Marie

5. Royal International Ms. 2017, Kayla Wharton

I love this stunning gown from Royal International Ms. 2017, Kayla Wharton! The off-the-shoulder straps, plunging v-cut top and figure-hugging silhouette make up the perfect Ms. contestant gown. Wearing black in the Ms. division conveys maturity and sophistication. Wharton’s gown is fitted to perfection; it pulls her in at the waist, rests on the floor and the straps are not too tight or too loose. The bodice is made of a sparkly fabric that refracts light on stage and makes her absolutely shine!

Royal International Ms. 2017, Kayla Wharton

4. Elite Miss Earth United States 2017, Adele Scala 

It is no wonder that Adele Scala took home the Elite Miss Earth United States 2017 title in this beautiful gown. Sheer gowns were definitely a trend in 2017 (especially on the Miss Universe stage), but Scala gives us a twist on the trend. While most of the gowns this year were extremely fitted, Scala's dress features a fitted cocktail dress with a sheer skirt over it. Both the skirt and bodice have gorgeous details. The beading on the top is in a delicate flower pattern, which looks super feminine and beautiful.

Elite Miss Earth United States 2017, Adele Scala

3. Ms. United States 2017, Toni Burnett

Toni Burnett nailed this sexy sheer gown look on stage. This style was seen a ton on the Miss Universe stage in 2017 and consistently did really well. This gold hue truly makes Burnett shine under the stage lights. I truly love the detailed patterns in this gown because they give the gown more depth as opposed to being just a plain, fitted gown. The high neckline of the gown is unusual to see, but this gown makes her look statuesque. Definitely a HIT from me!

Ms. United States 2017, Toni Burnett

2. International Ms. 2017, Lisa Van Orden 

Wow, talk about stunning! Lisa Van Orden lit up the stage in her turquoise gown. The color is well contrasted with her brown hair and complements her skin tone. The asymmetric beading line that fades into a chiffon skirt creates a unique twist on a classic mermaid style. The plunging neckline of the dress keeps Van Orden looking like a mature Ms. contestant while the different beading on the bodice adds a playful look to the dress. This is a great balance between sexy and graceful and I love it!

 International Ms. 2017, Lisa Van Orden

1. Ms. Belleza Latina International 2018, Crystal Cavey

Crystal Cavey definitely gets a 10 in evening gown from me! This gown is fitted to perfection, accentuates her hourglass figure and makes her look very balanced. Its long train and off-the-shoulder long sleeves give a very regal look to the dress. It is the perfect blend of drama and elegance. I love the huge chandelier earrings that give the look a little more sparkle. This dress definitely has the "wow" factor that everyone searches for in a gown.

Ms. Belleza Latina International 2018, Crystal Cavey


Top 10 Miss Evening Gowns of 2017

10. Miss Greenfield 2017, Macy Garner

This icy blue confection is so fresh and pretty on Miss Greenfield 2017, Macy Garner, that it is no wonder that she won the title wearing it. She was fortunate to be able to design this dress with the one and only Tony Bowls, which is one of the reasons that the fit of this gown is flawless.

The color is the first thing that catches your attention, and I have to say that this was a perfect choice to complement Garner’s luxurious dark locks and creamy skin tone. The sweetheart v-neckline is so flattering, and the three-quarter-length sleeves were quite unexpected, as you do not often see them on a formal evening gown.

It also contains a column silhouette with an overskirt, which has been one of the most popular styles in the past couple of years. But what separates this gown from so many other similar dresses is that it has a lot of texture throughout. The column gown is made with a lovely beaded lace material and the overskirt is cut from a stunning satin fabric and highlighted with pieces of the same lace to break up the solid color. This really is a very unique creation and it obviously made an impression at the pageant, as did the woman who wore it.

Miss Greenfield 2017, Macy Garner

9. Miss Santa Monica USA 2017, Alyssa Klinzing

Miss Santa Monica USA 2017, Alyssa Klinzing, wore this fascinating black evening gown when she won the Miss Santa Monica USA competition. Although she did not end up winning the Miss California USA pageant when she competed, her third runner-up position is still prestigious, and she looked spectacular then as well. It’s very difficult to tell at first glance, but this gown is not just black. It has a fascinating netted fabric that is spun through with a luscious purple shade. And, as you look even closer, you will see that the fabric is also shot through with beading throughout, so it’s quite unusual.

This gown is a column gown and the bodice has a sweetheart v-neckline and tank style sleeves, which keep it from getting too busy since the fabric is so remarkable. To top it off, an overskirt of shining black fabric is connected to the base gown with a beaded purple belt. It is really quite something, and she kind of reminds me of an elegant, gloriously shimmering purple mermaid! Black can be worn by every woman, but it is so crucial that you understand cut, silhouette and fabric when choosing a black gown. And, this young lady completely mastered how to wear black in a way that suits her figure, her age and her personality perfectly!

Miss Santa Monica USA 2017, Alyssa Klinzing

8. Miss World Philippines 2017, Laura Lehmann

This gown floored me the first time that I saw it, so I am so happy that our readers appreciated it as well. It is so outrageously original that you need to take your time looking at it. At its foundation, it is a strapless satin column gown with gathers at the waist that is reminiscent of something a starlet from the 1950s would have worn to a movie premiere. Then, layers of fabric are arranged in a soft asymmetrical peplum. A billowing ballgown style overskirt cascades over the entire dress, completing the look.

Designer Mark Bumgarner made this stunner for Miss World Philippines 2017, Laura Lehmann, to wear at the Miss World pageant, and I know it was a magical moment for her as she explained on her Instagram account. "It’s the most beautiful dress that I’ve ever worn. Besides designing my dress, he was always there to take care of me and to remind me to 'feel' my gown – to make sure it wasn't just a dress but rather a part of me when I walked. He also told me that the real secret was just to have fun – as everyone should!"

 Miss World Philippines 2017, Laura Lehmann

7. Miss Wales Supranational 2017, Rachael Tate

The first thing that I must say is that this photo does not do this gown justice at all. There are so many minute details and embellishments throughout the entire creation that it is impossible to fully appreciate them all unless you look very closely. This dazzling golden gown is the work of Almodal Couture, which is run and managed by the creative director and fashion designer Leo Almodal. Almodal is a veteran fashion designer who was raised in a family of tailors and dressmakers. Because he comes from a long line of tailors, he understands that the internal structure of a gown is its foundation, more so than most modern designers. And if the internal structure is done correctly, a woman’s figure will be flattered, her curves will be defined and she will feel and look like a goddess.

And, no doubt, Miss Wales Supranational 2017, Rachael Tate, looks like a glimmering, golden goddess who has left her celestial home to grace us with her glamorous presence. Embellishments like rhinestones, sequins and beading can either make or break an evening gown. This jaw-dropping work of art was made with perfection as its goal. All of the stones and sequins were strategically placed along the neckline and down the center of gown to enhance the curves of the body. The embellishments are continued again along the bottom and train of the skirt. The finishing touch is the fabric that is draped from each shoulder, which adds to the drama and mystique of this couture piece.

 Miss Wales Supranational 2017, Rachael Tate

6. Miss Hawaii USA 2017, Julie Kuo

The much sought-after pageant gown designer, Joey Galon Atelier designed this custom tangerine silk Swarovski crystal gown for Miss Hawaii USA 2017, Julie Kuo, to wear during the Miss USA pageant. It’s so exciting to see orange becoming popular in pageantry because it is such a vibrant, knock-out color and really stands out in the sea of white, black and primary colored gowns that typically grace the stage at competitions.

Kuo certainly did stand out brilliantly in this unusual, custom creation. The bodice of the gown is covered in clear and orange multi-colored beads and rhinestones, and the waist is cinched by a wide, banded belt. The tropical colored silk chiffon skirt flows over her legs but is broken up by two hip-high slits. The design is completed by a matching orange chiffon cape that cascades dramatically down her shoulders.

Miss Hawaii USA 2017, Julie Kuo

5. Miss Collegiate America 2017, Leona Koxha

Miss Collegiate America 2017, Leona Koxha, wore this angelic cream and nude lace gown when she won her national title. This dress could have been forgettable since so many girls wear ivory or white when competing, but not only does Koxha look sensational in it, but the gown itself is quite special. First of all, this certain shade of cream sets off her tanned skin and dark hair and eyes to perfection.

The use of the delicate cream lace over the nude fabric on the column gown combined with the smooth creamy overskirt makes this gown elegant and exquisite. She just absolutely looks like a queen in this dress, and obviously, the judges thought so, too!

Miss Collegiate America 2017, Leona Koxha

4. Miss New York USA 2017, Hannah Lopa

Jewel tones will always be a popular choice for evening gowns because the colors are pleasing to the eye and they are flattering on most people. But, this gown took the jewel tone trend to another level. Miss New York USA 2017, Hannah Lopa, is a woman who knows what works for her and she is working this look. She wore a similar gown when she won her state title, and she must have thought,"if it’s not broke, don’t try and fix it," because she donned yet another emerald green creation for nationals. Lopa is a ravishing redhead, and emerald is always an enticing choice to complement that particular coloring.

But, this gown’s fabric is not just emerald. It is an alluring blend of various shades of green beading arranged into a vine and floral pattern over nude netting. The fabric is quite transparent, and the lingerie styled straps add to the sultry look. This look is not for everyone, but this queen managed to pull it off while looking confidently beautiful!

Miss New York USA 2017, Hannah Lopa

3. Miss Georgia 2017, Alyssa Beasley

Miss Georgia 2017, Alyssa Beasley, wore this gorgeous white gown for the Miss Georgia America pageant, which she ended up winning. But, she also wore the same gown for the Miss America pageant, where she placed in the top 12. I am so glad that she made the top 12, otherwise we might not have ever seen this incredible creation. When I was watching the Miss America pageant and she stepped onto the stage wearing this gown, there was a collective, “Wow!” from everyone around me. The reaction was not just because this gown has a tremendous amount of sex appeal, which it does, but it was more because of how boldly original and creative it is. My personal preference for showing skin is to do it in a balanced way.

For instance, if you are going to wear something with a low neckline, then keep your legs more covered. If you are going to wear an outfit that is going to reveal a substantial amount of leg, then be more covered up on the top half of your body. But, this gown kind of broke all of my rules in the best way possible! It is a white jersey material with long, split sleeves, a plunging neckline and a slit that reaches her upper thigh. It is accented with gold and burgundy beading around the waistband and cuffs. White is an outstanding color for Beasley, as it was the color of choice for her swimsuit, as well.

Her shimmering bronzed skin peeking through certainly makes this an edgy choice for Miss America, however, because the cut of the gown is so refined and tasteful, she just looks absolutely divine! Because this gown is so fashion forward and so creatively out of the box, it was truly one of my most favorite evening gowns of the entire year!

Miss Georgia 2017, Alyssa Beasley

2. Miss Earth United States 2017, Andreia Gibau

Miss Earth United States 2017, Andreia Gibau, made the top 16 at the national Miss Earth pageant while shining like a sapphire, in this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind gown. The deeply saturated shade of blue is unbelievable against her skin, and the amount of embellishment made her shimmer with every move that she made. Not just any woman could pull off a gown this over-the-top, but Gibau is radiant in it.

It has a body-conscious cut with vertical liquid beading down its length and blue rhinestone fringe that dances down past her shoulders. A sapphire blue beaded choker collar is the on-trend finish to this phenomenal piece.

Miss Earth United States 2017, Andreia Gibau

1. Miss Missouri 2017, Jennifer Leigh Davis

Usually, black gowns do not top the list of favorites for most people, but this gown is unlike any other. It was worn by Miss Missouri 2017, Jennifer Leigh Davis, when she competed in the Miss America pageant. As mentioned previously, black is a popular color because it is thought to be slimming, but it can be aging and sometimes nondescript if the fabric is plain or the cut is unexceptional. This gown is none of that. In fact, the more I look at this gown, the more I like it.

The cut is very unusual in that it has a high, jewel neckline and long sleeves. Again, this particular cut could add years to a younger woman, but the fabric and the silhouette are what makes this dress so spectacular. I don’t know what this fabric is exactly, but it looks otherworldly. The fit is superb in fact and looks like it was poured onto her body. The gown is covered from top to bottom with black beading and arranged into a series of intricate patterns that complement her curves.

This was the ideal choice for Davis, and she is beaming with confidence as a result. She is an exceptionally talented and intelligent woman, and I believe that this gown allowed the judges to see just how special she is because she ended up becoming the first runner-up to Miss America. Like I said, when the right girl meets the right gown for her, it is magical!

Miss Missouri 2017, Jennifer Leigh Davis


Top 10 Teen Evening Gowns of 2017

10. Miss Teen Aruba International 2017, Kiara Arends

Miss Teen Aruba International 2017 Kiara Arends' evening is one of the most, if not THE most, unique evening gowns we saw in 2017. From a shoulder puff to a ruffled train to crystals to a see-through skirt, this dress has it ALL! There is no way she did not turn heads and draw attention in this show-stopping dress. This dress just screams glamour from head to toe, and we're totally here for the daring choice!

Miss Teen Aruba International 2017, Kiara Arends

9. National American Miss Teen 2017, Hermona Girmay

Hermona Girmay had the perfect conservative Teen dress for National American Miss. This yellow ballgown provides Girmay with a fresh and youthful look, perfect for the Teen division. This particular hue of yellow pops against her complexion and makes her shine even brighter on stage. The v-neckline is still fairly conservative while the belt details pull in her at the waist to accentuate her shape. With really simple styling, all eyes are on Girmay as she glides across the stage. The design of this dress in combination with its vibrant color makes it the perfect choice for National American Miss.

National American Miss Teen 2017, Hermona Girmay

8. International Junior Miss Arizona Teen 2017, Gabrielle Arcilla

Purple is the color of royalty, so it is no surprise that this dress makes Gabrielle Arcilla look like a queen! This rich color is so rare that it's unlikely to be found on any other contestant at the pageant. The fitted gown with the skirt overlay gives the feel of a ballgown without losing her figure underneath. The patterned belt and off-the-shoulder straps give the gown just a touch of sparkle on stage. Arcilla made a smart choice by adding minimal accessories because the simple styling really allows her to shine on stage. This young but trendy look is perfect for the stage at International Junior Miss!

 International Junior Miss Arizona Teen 2017, Gabrielle Arcilla

7. Miss Delaware Teen USA 2017, Grace Lange

"Winners wear white" didn't become a saying for nothing, and I can see why with Grace Lange's dress. This gown is the perfect combination of glamor and grace. It features asymmetrical beading on the bodice that melts down into a full ruffled skirt. The contrast of the gold beading against the white fabric gives a clean and fresh feel. The ballgown silhouette of the gown is very age-appropriate while the asymmetrical ruffled layered take this dress out of the "average Teen evening gown" category. This trendy gown shows the judges that Lange is dialed in with the latest trends and connected with what her peers like!

 Miss Delaware Teen USA 2017, Grace Lange

6. National American Miss Louisiana Jr. Teen 2017, Leanna Lanford

This blush pink ballgown with an encrusted bodice was an amazing choice for this Jr. Teen contestant. The material of the skirt flows and sweeps behind her as she walks, giving the illusion that she's gliding on stage. The bodice and skirt meet at her smallest part, slightly accentuating her natural figure. The bodice is covered in crystals forming a pattern that gives more dimension to the gown and really glitters when the stage lights hit her. The understated styling and curls swept to the side keep the look polished and poised!

 National American Miss Louisiana Jr. Teen 2017, Leanna Lanford

5. Miss Nebraska's Outstanding Teen 2017, Carsyn Long

Carsyn Long's gown certainly made a statement as she glided across the stage. The long train on the gown gives us some drama without overdoing it. The bright yellow offers a lovely contrast to Long's dark brown hair. As the stage lights hit her, the heavily stoned bodice lights up and brings all eyes to Long. Much like the last gown, the bodice and skirt meet at her smallest part, which slightly accentuates her natural figure. This look gives Long a classic and slightly dramatic look for the stage, which is enough to set her apart in a good way!

Miss Nebraska's Outstanding Teen 2017, Carsyn Long

4. Miss Teen Galaxy 2018, Misha Grimes

This light blue evening looks absolutely stunning on Misha Grimes. This color really pops against Grimes' complexion and the earrings perfect complement the dress. The one-shoulder neckline keeps her looking modest and unique. The overskirt on the gown gives Grimes the ability to move and play with her dress on stage.

Miss Teen Galaxy 2018, Misha Grimes

3. Miss Florida Teen USA 2017, Victoria DiSorbo

Miss Florida Teen USA 2017, Victoria DiSorbo looks like a vision in this pink gown. The ruffled layers of the skirt make the dress look light and airy and provide natural movement while DiSorbo walked on stage. The gown features a darker pink belt made of stones that give DiSorbo a little more shape in the gown. Her big, bouncy curls and light makeup complement this look perfectly!

Miss Florida Teen USA 2017, Victoria DiSorbo

2. Miss Teen United States 2017, Taylor Flake

This powder blue gown is a perfect choice for a Teen contestant! This color keeps Taylor Flake looking young and fresh. The gown features stoned flower details and lace appliqués on the bodice and bottom of the gown. The tulle fabric pieces at the top and bottom of the structured bodice and the pointed top add a little more flare to the gown. The skirt is made of a flowing fabric, which allows for some additional play on stage.

Miss Teen United States 2017, Taylor Flake

1. Miss South Carolina's Outstanding Teen 2017, Ally McCaslin

Ally McCaslin stunned everyone as she stepped out in this bright yellow evening gown. The gown was simple yet radiant on her! This was the perfect hue of yellow for McCaslin's hair color and her complexion. The shoulder ruffle and clean lines of the gown bring all the attention up to her face. The gown is perfectly fitted to her body, which gives it a slightly sexy feel while the neckline keeps the dress age-appropriate.

Miss South Carolina's Outstanding Teen 2017, Ally McCaslin


Top 10 PreTeen Evening Gowns of 2017

10. National Elite Miss Preteen Austin 2017, Brianna Hearon

Brianna Hearon rocked a sophisticated twist on a Princess ballgown. The structure seen in the cap sleeve and down the torso gives Hearon an age-appropriate shape. Her choice of a rich jewel tone is sophisticated and highlights the blue jewels throughout the silver encrusted top. The color also pairs perfectly with her gold side-swept curls. Simple drop earrings bring attention to her face but do not compete with the detailed beading.

National Elite Miss Preteen Austin 2017, Brianna Hearon

9. Miss USA Ambassador Preteen 2017, Emma Marie Cook

Simple, sweet and elegant. These are just some of the words that describe Emma Marie Cook's evening gown at Miss USA Ambassador Preteen 2017.

Her effortless style and grace shined as she glided across the stage. It is no wonder she took home the national title. Blue has and forever will be a popular color since there is a shade for every skin tone. This aqua was not only perfect for Cook's pale skin and blonde hair, but it also popped against the stage backdrop. Her off-the-shoulder neckline, a big trend in older divisions, is perfectly adapted for a Preteen when paired with the ballgown skirt. A simple half-up-half-down hairstyle completes the look.

Miss USA Ambassador Preteen 2017, Emma Marie Cook

8. International Junior Miss Colorado Preteen 2017, Anyoh Rezie Mancho

Anyoh Rezie Mancho was pretty in pink as she represented the state of Colorado at International Junior Miss 2017. Mancho borrowed a new neckline trend seen on Miss contestants in recent years. The encrusted top has a high neckline that is both sophisticated and modest. A defined waist and full skirt complement the structure of the top.

While this style is a bit mature, the bubble-gum pink color keeps the look fun and youthful. The look was also a hit with the judges as Mancho walked away as second runner-up.

International Junior Miss Colorado Preteen 2017, Anyoh Rezie Mancho

7. Miss Michigan Junior High School America 2018, Kendall Susack

Ruffles were not this cute when I was 12. Kendall Susack nailed this tricky look thanks to a minimalist take on the trend. Susack's gown is actually simple. The defined waist and full skirt are a go-to style for Preteens. Susack takes her look to the next level by adding one simple ruffle around the neckline. The single ruffle adds a unique detail that is not be seen in other gowns. A ponytail, like Susack's, is the perfect hairstyle for this division when the neckline of the gown calls for an updo. The ponytail is youthful but when done right can look just as sophisticated as a complicated bun.

Miss Michigan Junior High School America 2018, Kendall Susack

6. USA National Miss Preteen 2017, Gabriela Norwood

There is no better age division to try a print than in Preteen! Gabriela Norwood took home the coveted title of USA National Miss Preteen 2017 in this breathtaking floral ballgown. On stage, the soft fabric was light, airy and appeared weightless as Norwood glowed. A strapless neckline is perfect for an older Preteen with an A-line or ballgown silhouette. A modest sweetheart, like Norwood's, is appropriate for this division. A stylish belt adds sophistication and sparkle. Her simple drop earrings elongate her neck and mimic the beading on the belt.

USA National Miss Preteen 2017, Gabriela Norwood

5. Regal Majesty International Preteen 2017, Brianna Garza

Who doesn't love polka dots?! This is another sweet and youthful print that Brianna Garza proved was perfect for this division at Regal Majesty International Preteen 2017. However, the look can be tricky to pull off. The key to this winning look is the neutral color palette. Black and white are simple, which prevents the many dots from becoming overwhelming to the eye. If you are not ready for a full strapless neckline, a perfect way to introduce the look is to start with an illusion neckline. This highlights the beauty of the collarbone without being overly exposed.

Regal Majesty International Preteen 2017, Brianna Garza

4. Royal International Miss Sunshine State Preteen 2017, Evangeline Ryan

Evangeline Ryan is a future fashionista of the pageant world. She chose this bold yet stylish ballgown for Royal International Miss 2017. The jeweled mesh neckline and 3/4 sleeve are some of the best details of the gown. It adds a ton of bling that draws attention to her face. The simple bejeweled waistline helps moves the eye down the line of the gown elongating Ryan's frame. The dark magenta is bold and sophisticated.

Royal International Miss Sunshine State Preteen 2017, Evangeline Ryan

3. Miss Minnesota American Coed Preteen 2017, Gabriella Miller

This is one of the riskiest gowns of the year. A floral print with a nude underlay is a "sexier" trend seen on Miss contestants. However, Gabriella Miller effortlessly adapted the trend for a Preteen contestant. The nude underlay is a nearly perfect match for her skin tone. Also, the floral print is very modest and covers the right amount of torso. The simple flowing skirt is the perfect balance to the bold top. Royal blue is a universally flattering color and pairs especially well with red hair. The elegant half updo is a perfect match to the softness of Miller's overall look.

Miss Minnesota American Coed Preteen 2017, Gabriella Miller

2. Miss American Royal Beauties Preteen 2017, Tarissa Suchecki

Tarissa Suchecki's baby blue off-the-shoulder ballgown was the picture of class and elegance at Miss American Royal Beauties Preteen 2017. The pale shade was perfect for Suchecki's dark skin tone and hair. Her updo was perfect for highlighting the neckline. Belting the dress at her natural waist elongates Suchecki's frame. While simple, the long layers of tulle flowed as she glided across the stage.

Miss American Royal Beauties Preteen 2017, Tarissa Suchecki

1. USA National Miss South Carolina Preteen 2017, Kendall Rivers

Coming in at the number one spot this year is Kendall Rivers. She channeled a modern day Cinderella as USA National Miss South Carolina Preteen 2017. This pastel blue gown kept it simple and sometimes simple is best. It is clear Rivers had her gown tailored to fit her perfectly. The impeccable tailoring itself is a work of art that shines due to the lack of embellishment or dramatic detailing. A hint of sparkle highlighting the pockets brings the dress into the modern time. Simple drop earrings and curls finish off the effortless look.

 USA National Miss South Carolina Preteen 2017, Kendall Rivers


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