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What Nail Colors Should You Wear for a Pageant?

19, July 2017

In preparation for your next pageant, you've thought about everything from head to toe. You know exactly how you plan to style your hair, what you'll be wearing, and what shoes you'll be wearing.  However, did you consider what color your nails should be? It may not seem like a big deal, but nail polish colors are just as important as any other styling for your pageant. You want to make sure that you choose something that is age appropriate, and most importantly, choose something that is not distracting. You may have never thought about nail colors when competing in a pageant, but if you haven't then it's time to start doing so now. When competing, you never want anything to distract the judges, especially not something as a small as your nail polish color.

Miss Universe Guam 2019 Sissie Luo. Photo: Miss Universe Guam

What Nail Colors Should You Wear for a Pageant?

Stay away from bright colors

In general, you should stay away from bright colors when competing in pageants. Yes, hot pink nails and beautiful yellows can be cute, but what's not cute is the judges trying to figure out what is on your nails. Just don't do it. Designs and patterns can be fun, but for a beauty pageant it's best to Keep It Simple Sweetheart, or you may just K.I.S.S. that crown goodbye!

Neutral and natural 

The absolute best colors for your nails to be during pageants is neutral and natural. Shades of nudes and browns can be trendy so that you can have an Instagram moment but won't distract the judges on stage. Choose a color that goes with your skin tone and matches your personality. Stay away from colors that have sparkles or shimmers in them. Although you're wearing a natural color, you don't want your nails to sparkle on stage – that's your personality's job!

Nail shapes

We are living in the area where nail shapes have become a form of expression, and a point of social media crazes. However, when it comes to beauty pageants, wearing the latest nail shape trend may not be the best decision. For beauty pageants where there are round robin style interview, meaning you will be up close in personal with the judges, classic nail shapes are preferred.

A stiletto or coffin shaped nail, while very trendy, could be distracting to the judges if you are very close. Long acrylic nails can also be distracting, regardless of the shape. Keeping your nails in classic shapes, like square, round or oval, decreases the chances of having distracting nails. Also, keeping your nails just above your fingertips in a natural length also less distracting.

Manicure types

French and American manicures will always be the classic go-to manicure type for formal events. They both feature neutral colors and clean lines, letting your nails look neat without being too much. Pink and white manicures are also acceptable for beauty pageants. These manicures are also sometimes referred to as American as well. Gel manicures are one of the more popular manicure types right now. There are two types of gel: polish and powder. Both types won't chip and last longer than regular nail polish. This type of manicure is most recommended for pageants because you won't have to worry about messing up your polish during competitions.

Age appropriateness

Unless your child is competing in a glitz beauty pageant, younger contestants are more than likely not in need of a full manicure or acrylic nails. These can be too much for little hands.

It's best to keep younger contestants' nails natural and neat with just a clear polish on fingers and toes for the stage.

Moving Forward

So, what colors should your nails be for a beauty pageant? The simplest answer is just to keep it simple. During any phase of the competition, you do not want the focus to be on your nails. When in doubt, always go clear! What's your favorite nail color to wear for pageants? Do you have a specific brand you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments below!


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