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7 Tuxedo Trends to Consider for Your Next Male Pageant

10, April 2017

It’s not every day that men have a tuxedo, or even a suit, in their closets. Most men these days rent them for that day’s event only and many offices have turned into “Business Casual,” work places. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, television shows and movies joked about Dad’s old tux being in the attic, him insisting he could still fit into his groom’s tux even though he was now the father-of-the-bride, or Ross from Friends wearing his Dad’s tux to take Rachel to the prom. But a tux tailored just for you can do wonders, just like an evening gown fit for your queen.


Photo Courtesy/Dressed in TIme.

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

If you don’t want to go the traditional black but don’t want to look like you’re wearing a family member’s tux from the 70’s, consider gray. This modern, neutral staple in many women’s closets is a great choice for guys as well. (Read: Gray Days: Where to Wear It?) This look definitely says Wall Street, but you could up the glam for an evening look by going lighter or darker in fabric choices and layer pieces and using a solid necktie or bowtie rather than a patterned one.

Gray and Black

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

A black-on-black can be too heavy, but you can still achieve the monochromatic look while adding depth and definition with a dark gray suit over a black shirt, tie, vest and trim. This elevates the basic gray seen in offices all day to an elegant evening look while standing out from the sea of black tuxes. You’re sure to feel a bit like the Dark Knight, all night, in this look


Photo Courtesy/Dressed in TIme.

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

The classic neutral in everyone’s closet, you can’t go wrong with a khaki suit. But a more tailored cut takes this safari look to the dance floor. Brown tones work great for guys with light brown or blond hair and brown eyes. While this look may not be formal enough for a pageant evening look, it could work wonderfully for appearances, photo shoots, and even interview as well as a prom or wedding.

Dark Blue

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in TIme. Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

If you’ve got blue eyes, rocking a dark blue suit can make those beautiful blue eyes of yours pop even more, especially in photos. It’s not often you see a dark blue suit outside of the office these days so you’ll not only stand out but be fashion-forward, too. Avoid any powder blue suits so you don’t look as though you hopped out of a rerun episode of That 70’s Show. While black and white is the choice for many male pageant contestants, why not add some color into the mix? Pageant girls wear a whole rainbow of colors, shouldn’t you be able to do it, too?

Black and White

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

The traditional black and white look can have you looking sharp no matter what the event you’re going to is. Pair it with the necktie, bowtie, or bolo tie of your choice to add color or keep it simple with the black tie. For a pageant, stick with a solid black tie or bowtie. If choosing an evening look for a pageant, make sure you look like the guest of honor for the evening and not one of the caterers.

White and Black

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time. Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

Turn the classic inside out and wear the white on the outside and the black inside. The black is slimming when the jacket is unbuttoned while the white jacket makes you stand out in the crowd. White is popular amongst pageant women in evening gown, so the men should certainly take this into consideration.

Colors and Patterns

Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time. Photo Courtesy/Dressed in Time.

While matching the Bridesmaids dresses and Groomsmen vests at a wedding with the same color is great and same with matching your date’s dress with the same colored vest and tie to a school dance is all perfect for that occasion, for a pageant, it doesn’t work. If you are competing in a male pageant, make sure your tux matches your personality and not someone else’s outfit. It can bring out your eyes, so totally consider some color in your outfit for a headshot.

Going Forward

There was an episode of Friends where Rachel rented the guys suits by telling them a certain celebrity wore them. That’s great and all, but don’t you want to be the Super Hero of the night in your own tuxedo? You can totally take inspiration from your favorite fashion icon, but make sure the look still shows off you and not as though you’re trying to be someone else. Be confident, rock the stage or the dance floor, steal the hearts of everyone in the room, and some day we just might be saying, “This suit was worn by Mr…” If you are interested in purchasing any of these looks from Du Bois Formal Wear, contact Dressed in Time for more information. Good luck, guys!


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