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A Queen's Guide to Pageant Makeup

19, November 2018

Your pageant makeup can either complete a look or make a mess out of your flawless look. How do you make sure your pageant makeup is as perfect as the rest of your outfit? How do you select the right foundation or false eyelashes for you? Pageant Planet has compiled the most comprehensive guide to pageant makeup to make sure you are ready for pageant weekend.

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What is pageant makeup?

What is glitz pageant makeup?

What are pageant makeup ideas for pageant interview?

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What are pageant makeup ideas for pageant talent?

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How to do pageant makeup for brown eyes

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How to do pageant face makeup

What foundation is best for pageant makeup?

How to do pageant eye makeup

What eyeshadow is best for pageant makeup?

What are the best pageant makeup brands?

What eyelashes go with pageant makeup?

Should I get eyelash extensions or wear false eyelashes?

What is pageant makeup for kids?

How to apply pageant makeup to peeling skin

Pageant makeup ideas for your skin complexion

How to use pageant makeup to hide imperfections

How to cover a tattoo using pageant makeup

How to use pageant makeup to body contour

How to remove pageant makeup

What pageant makeup ingredients I should avoid?

Do I need a pageant makeup artist?

How to find a glitz pageant makeup

Where do I find a pageant makeup artist?

Should I use the pageant’s sponsored pageant makeup artist?

Photo: Faviana  

Check out our five favorite pageant makeup tips (they're not what you think):

What is pageant makeup?

Contributed by Allie J Hoffman

It may be the last step in preparing for the stage, but pageant makeup is just as key as picking out your dress. Unlike everyday makeup, stage makeup has more layers to offset stage lighting and flash photography. Pageant makeup is also usually more intense and may be put on by a professional hair and makeup artist. Depending on what type of pageant you are entering and your age division, the amount you wear will differ. What will also differ is what type of makeup you can wear and where it can be used. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about what pageant makeup is!

Photo and Makeup by Allie Hoffman

Natural and Scholarship pageantry makeup is applied to enhance one’s natural features. “Pageant makeup is basically a perfected beauty look” says Mykel Bacca, an industry expert. “You work with someone’s natural features, contour and highlight, basically making someone’s natural features pop more.”

There are many different ways to ‘pop’ someone’s features. Although pageant makeup is placed over the entire face, there are key places that pageant makeup is the most important. The epitome of pageant makeup are eyebrows, clearly outlined lips, a clean base and full lashes.

Once your eyebrows are shaped (see below), an eyebrow powder, pencil or pomade can be applied to add additional depth to your brows. Having clearly defined brows will open up your eye area leaving plenty of space for contouring eye shadows and lashes. Anastasia of Beverly Hills has an amazing pomade perfect for pageant brows. Its mess-free and smooth formula stays in place all day. With 12 shades, there is a shade for everyone. Head over to Ulta to find your perfect brow shade, and don’t forget a brush to apply it with!

Anastasia of Beverly Hills. Photo: Ulta

Lip liners come in all shades and types. From old school wooden pencils to twist up wax crayons, finding a liner that will go on smoothly and stay in place is important. When lining your lips, go slightly above your natural lip line (but not off of your lips) and line from corner to corner. Be sure to find a liner that complements your lip gloss, stain or stick. Correctly lined lips will attract a viewer or judge to your smile and beautiful teeth. Nars carries a wide variety of lip liners that are long lasting and streak-free. Find your favorite color at NARS Cosmetics. Be sure to add a lipstick and gloss to your cart for a complete lip look!

NARS lip liner. Photo: NARS Cosmetics

Skin comes in all shades and textures. From oily to dry, smooth to rough, there is a foundation that will match and work for all pageant beauties. When searching for that perfect base to your face you first need to assess what texture your skin is and how you prefer to apply your makeup. My secret to color and texture matching is to ask a professional! Your local Ulta store is full of knowledgeable and experienced clerks that are there to help find the shade and brand that will be the best for your face. Since we are talking about stage makeup, a full coverage foundation will be preferred. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation is well worth the cost and stays in place. With more shades than I can count, you are sure to find one that matches you! Make sure to ask about purchasing this product while at Ulta!

Estee Lauder Foundation. Photo: Estee Lauder

The last key item for pageant makeup is also an industry favorite: eyelashes. With thousands of different types to choose from, it is hard to know which is the best. My personal recommendation is to find a set that has a full band. A full band is easier and quicker to apply and can be reused for a few days. Ardell Wispies come in a set of five, so you always have an extra pair. The length adds just enough to open up the eyelid and their volume doesn’t take center stage either! You can grab a set at your local Target for less than ten dollars! Duo lash glue in white (dries clear) is a great partner to these lush lashes.

Ardell Lashes. Photo: Target             Duo Eye Lash Glue. Photo: Target


If you decide to apply your own pageant makeup don’t fret.  

“There is no wrong way to do something,” pageant makeup expert, Mykel Bacca suggests. “It is just learning what works for you! No one’s face is the same…accentuate what works for your face! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, go to the makeup counter at the mall!”   

Bacca is right on point. By learning what works best for your face and how to best accentuate it, your pageant makeup can look amazing! Practice around with different products and ask others what they use. Never be afraid to ask a professional for tips!

What is glitz pageant makeup?

Contributed by Allie J Hoffman

Ah, glitz pageantry. The home of doll babies and big hair. Simply put, glitz makeup is stage makeup on steroids. Glitz makeup is loud, harsh and is meant to create the portrayal of a perfect porcelain doll in real life. It is where little girls can be made up for a short minute of time and play pretend.

“I love it, it’s not for everybody,” says industry hair and makeup artist Mykel Bacca. “I grew up in pageantry. When people find out, they are always like ‘wait what? You’re ok with all that makeup? But every little girl plays in their momma’s makeup, we encourage them not to limit their imagination and do fun things. It’s the same thing but on stage. They don’t wear it to school. They take it off and they are the same girl. It’s an artform. Who wouldn’t want to be a perfect little doll yano?”

Hair and Makeup Artist Mykel Bacca. Photo: Mykel Bacca

Glitz makeup is applied on the same areas as regular makeup but the layering and amount of product you use is the biggest difference. Another big difference is the color choices for lips and eyes. When it comes to the younger contestants, blush, pink and gold eyeshadow with black eyeliner, false lashes and pink lips is standard. Over age 7 is where the makeup starts to be bolder with crazier color choices and blending. Older divisions, teen and up, will be the most similar to a miss pageant with their makeup but still more layering and bolder color choices.

Makeup by Allie Hoffman. Photo: LBF 

It’s all in the eyes for glitz makeup. Contestants as young as age two or three will utilize false lashes. In addition to false lashes, eyeshadow color combinations can be unique. Color choices are based on what color the child is wearing, their eye color and the shape of their eyes.

“I’m most known for my eyes.” Award winning makeup artist Mykel Bacca says, “My secret is you have to work with an individual person’s eyes. It’s the symmetry of their eyes, its shape, it’s color, its colors they are wearing. That all defines how I’ll contour the eyes.”

My favorite eye shadow combinations are ones that leave you wanting to try it on yourself! For a unique eye shadow look, check out Miss Allie J’s #glitzology series on YouTube. She has a plethora of additional videos for pageant makeup and hair and much more.

Lips are not left behind in the glitz world as well. Although you may not spend as much time applying your lips or use as many color choices, it is just as important! A soft rose pink with a high shine and gloss is always a favorite for me. For older contestants you may want to use a darker pink with less shine and more gloss.  

Glitz pageantry is not an easy world to figure out or to win. My suggestion for glitz makeup is to book a hair and makeup artist when available. When researching who to book, ask each for their pricing, information on what you will need to bring (some ask you to bring your own lashes), and pictures of their past clients. Asking friends who they recommend is also a great idea. For the smaller pageants or one where there is not a professional, practice at home first with different colors to see what works the best! Tara Piercy has a great video for local or prelim glitz pageants that you can watch below  

Want more glitz pageant tips? Check out this podcast:

What are pageant makeup ideas for pageant interview?

Contribution by Devon Knightner

Pageant makeup should be nothing short of gorgeous, fabulous, bold and beautiful! Of course, it has to be if everyone in the audience is going to see you under the spotlight. Being under bright spotlights allow for much heavier and bolder pageant makeup than in your everyday look.  For the interview category of your pageant, your pageant makeup should have a lighter touch since you will be a lot closer to the judges.

Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez Booko. Photo: Nia Sanchez Booko

Pageant makeup varies the from interview portion of your pageant to the stage portion.  Your makeup should embody a classic accentuation of your natural beauty. Pageant makeup for interview should be almost as light and natural as your everyday makeup. Try not to overdo your interview pageant makeup, especially if your conversation is up close.  Heavy makeup can appear highly unflattering under standard room lighting without stage spotlights.  Your foundation should be full-coverage making your skin even and free of any imperfections or discolorations.  Here are some basics on applying an effortlessly natural look for your pageant interview.

Clean Face

Always start with a clean slate. Make sure your face is fresh, clean and moisturized before putting any product on. Know your skin. Using the right products for your skin type. Apply your favorite primer to make your makeup lasts all day long. You also want to prep your lips at this step.


Using your hand or a brush, apply some concealer under and on top of the eye, on the chin, the T-zone and around the nose. Get an area that needs to be evened out.  Take your time on this step and don’t go overboard.

Matte Foundation

Depending on your coverage needs apply your foundation to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Blend very well with a damp makeup sponge or brush. The damp application helps with keeping everything even.  


If you didn’t know by now your brows are a deal maker!  The make up your entire face. You must have two and they need to be identical and make you feel amazing.  Use a brow pencil, powder or eyeshadow to fill in your brows.

Expert tip from Glamour Magazine: Use multiple small strokes rather than thick lines to create a full, natural brow, using your natural eyebrow shape as a guide.


Blend baby blend. Light natural contour with bronzer but don’t overdo it.  According to makeup.com, apply highlighter along the top of your cheekbones, on the Cupid’s bow, chin and in between the brows. Then, swipe a contour powder along the sides of your nose, along the forehead (near your hairline) and hollows of your cheekbones.


Apply any shadow of your choice that complements your skin to the lids and slightly below the lash line. Use a blending brush with the darker shadow into the crease of the lid and blend outward. Repeat lightly until desired shades are accomplished. Remember to keep it light for your interview makeup.


Lips have to be primed too. Lightly buff and scuff your lips with a little olive oil and sugar. Or use a damp washcloth following with a light lip balm.  Don’t wipe it off immediately; allow the oil or the balm to set in the moisture. The “lip prep step” should be done with the clean face step.

Wipe off any excess if your lips feel too slippery.  If you’re applying gloss, start from the center of your mouth and apply out over your lips, patting the color in a top with your finger to make it last longer. Keep the lips light, pink or nude.

Expert tip: If wearing a matte lip, add primer to the lips before applying Matte lipstick. It will make your lipstick last forever!


Your lashes should be natural looking.  Seek a professional natural lash extension artist or apply Pageant Planet's Taylor Sparkles Mascara.  

Photo: pageantplanet.com

With Pageant Planet’s Taylor Sparkles Mascara you can take lashes from full to flirty with this creamy waterproof mascara that increases lashes by up to 60%! This mascara is formulated with Vitamins A, E and C in addition to key nutrients such as Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Ginko and Ginseng extracts! All of these special conditioners moisturize, strengthen and nourish lashes to create a luscious look!

Watch former Miss World America 2015 Victoria Mendoza apply her interview pageant makeup step-by-step. 

What are pageant makeup ideas for pageant evening gown?

Contribution by Devon Knightner

You’ve aced your interview with your natural day look. Now it’s time to get evening gown gorgeous. The Evening Gown portion of your pageant will be starting soon. This is the part of the competition where you can continue shine. What kind of pageant makeup are you looking to achieve? Good question.  Your pageant makeup depends on your pageant and evening gown. Most of all how confident you feel.

Miss America 2018 Cara Mund. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions

The best thing about doing your pageant makeup for the evening gown category is you can pick colors based on your eye color or the color you are wearing! Fun right? You can choose bright and bold colors of rich red lips or the more natural girl-next-door look.  Your makeup for this category must be seamless throughout your pageant. You don’t want such a drastic change from interview to evening gown that the judges don’t recognize you.

Remember you will be on stage so get ready to go in and go heavy. Those spotlights have to shine somewhere! Here are some ways to achieve a bold evening gown look and a natural stage look as well.  Get going on adding a few more layers of foundation and never forget to set your makeup!

Photo: sparkleprom.com

For your evening gown transition, you will take your interview makeup to the next level. Faviana.com has the perfect way to achieve a bold lip and majestic eye. Adding these to staples to your makeup will vamp your look for the stage.

Photo: faviana.com/YouTube

 You’ve decided to go bold or natural so pick your favorite colors. Make sure it matches your complexion and overall look.  

“Start by putting the lip liner on your lips using short strokes and then filling in your lips,” Glam & Gowns by Faviana says. “This will help the lipstick pop and stick to your lips, preparing them for the lip color. You want to make your top lip look a bit bigger than your bottom, but don’t exaggerate this too much so it looks both bold and natural. Then, follow your lip liner and apply lipstick in a fluid motion on your top and bottom lip. Finally, dab some lip gloss in the middle of your top lip and bottom lip for a contour.”  

For a bold pop of glitter try Pageant, Planets Taylor Sparkles Glitter Lipstick in Glitter (Bronze Gold) or Blaze (Ruby Red). These beautiful glitter lipsticks are packed with antioxidant vitamins and contain natural vanillin extract! Check it out!  

Photo: pageantplanet.com

Add small dust of highlight to top points on the lips to give a little extra sparkle. Next, you’ll want to add a bold eye to compliment the lip.  

Photo: faviana.com/YouTube

To get a smoky eye you will need to apply your highlighter. Your highlighter is the lightest of your three-eyeshadow shades. Then, put on your medium shade. Begin adding your darkest color blending your shadows. Add your eyeliner. Then, add your mascara. Brush away any excess color.

Deidra Murphy, Pageant Planet’s Duchess of Media Content, created a video tutorial of how to apply pageant makeup for evening gown. Check it out below.

What are pageant makeup ideas for pageant swimwear?

Contribution by Julia Stone

For girls who are new to the world of pageantry, there are usually a couple of misconceptions about wearing makeup, so we want to help you out and let you in on all the industry secrets that you’re going to need to do well in your next pageant.

It makes sense that a newcomer would have some preconceived ideas about pageant makeup if you’ve never done a pageant before. But, if you are new to pageants, you have to know that pageant makeup is extremely different than your everyday makeup, and if you don’t learn to master this part of your look, you will end up coming off as an amateur, and we don’t want that to happen.


Miss Grand International 2018 Contestants rockin their swimsuit competition look. Photo: Miss Grand International

Pageant makeup versus everyday makeup

First of all, you likely think that all you need to do for your next pageant with regard to makeup is maybe swing by your local drug store and pick up a new lip stick, and maybe some blush because you’re running out anyway, and then just put your makeup on like you do every day.

Or, you may believe that all you have to do is wear a whole lot more of the makeup that you already have because you’ve seen pageants on TV and it’s obvious that those girls are wearing huge false eyelashes, and a whole lot of lip gloss! Or, maybe you know that you don’t know what to do so you’re just going to get a makeup artist to do it for you, and you think that then you’re going to look perfect.

All phases of a pageant competition require a unique makeup look or a different style of doing one’s makeup and those phases include everything from registration to rehearsal to interview to onstage competition. What that means is that you do use all the same types of products on your face such as foundation, concealer, blush, and eye makeup and so on. But, you use different formulas, shades, colors and coverage amounts depending on what phase of competition that you are in.


Miss Globe Ukraine at 2018, Kseniya Horbenko in perfect pretty pageant interview makeup. Photo Fans of Ukrainian beauty

Most contestants can figure out how to accomplish a suitable makeup look for times like registration and rehearsal, and maybe even interview, because those areas of the pageant are closest to their every day look or at least to a way of doing makeup that most women are familiar with. But, the most challenging area to master when it comes to a professional pageant makeup look is the onstage portion of competition. There are a number of reasons for this, most of them being related to the fact that not all contestants have actually performed on a stage before, so they simply do not have the necessary experience.

Overall, there are two important factors to understand about stage makeup. The first is that there will be incredibly bright lights shining on your face and body, so you must wear the right products to make up for that. And, secondly that your everyday makeup will essentially be invisible as a result, so you must wear enough of the right products.

Makeup for the swimsuit competition

Since the swimsuit or fitness competition is such a unique portion of the entire pageant competition, we thought that we would give you some pointers to help you take your makeup look to the next level.

Swimsuit is characterized by a sense of fun, joy, warmth, playfulness and coming across as being upbeat and sociable. Of course you are being judged on your physique and your actual level of fitness, health and overall symmetry, but your emotional state and what you “give off” onstage is also being assessed. Generally speaking, your makeup and overall look should be bright, clean, vibrant, fresh and pretty! You don’t want thick, exaggerated eyeliner, super dark lip colors or flat, matte formulas that look heavy or harsh.  

Swimsuit is not the place to be intense and dramatic with your makeup, like you perhaps might be if you were wearing an evening gown. It’s so important that you get this phase of the competition right, because you’re setting the tone for the rest of your performance onstage as well as your final score.

Miss Grand International Philippines 2018 Eva Patalinjug masters the makeup look for swimsuit. Photo: Philippines Sunstar

The swimsuit competition is often the first area of onstage competition after the opening number or contestant introduction.  And, this is the very first place where contestants make a major mistake with their pageant makeup. We know that you’ve been working out, eating healthy and doing everything that you can to prepare your body for the swimsuit or fitness area of competition, and that includes getting some kind of a tan, either a spray tan or a tanning bed tan, right?

The most common mistake is using the same foundation that you always use or buying one that is new, but still within the same skin tone. A lot of girls think that they can get away with using the same foundation and just adding bronzer to make their face look like it’s a bit tan, but under those incredibly bright lights, you just look pale and your face looks dirty.

It is just shocking to see what happens to skin under stage lighting, so you absolutely must get a brand new foundation that matches your tanned face color exactly. A great tip is to combine several colors together to achieve the perfect shade because we often do not match precisely what the makeup manufacture created in that tube, and that’s totally okay.

Our normal skin has a variety of tones within it, so it would follow that customizing your makeup to match your unique skin tone would make sense. Make sure to take your time and plan your makeup far in advance of your pageant. You should be practicing getting a tan and working with your makeup ahead of time so that you know exactly what is going to work for you.

The next points that you need to pay attention to are your concealer color and your contouring and highlighting techniques. Because your face is now darker, you may need to go up a level darker with your concealer, so make sure to experiment with that and don’t just assume that your regular concealer will still work. There is no better place to use contouring and highlighting than on the pageant stage. When that stage light hits your face, it completely flattens out the planes of your face and you lose a lot of your face shape and definition.

Contouring your face will help to bring back your cheekbones, reshape your nose and bring dimension to all of your features. If you are new to contouring or you need a refresher, you can find numerous tutorials on youtube and the internet to teach you what you need to know.

Contour and Highlighting Chart. Photo Pampadour

Before adding the highlighter, you need to put a long wearing blush on the apples of your cheeks. You’ll need to go a bit darker or else it won’t show at all. Use a shade of blush that compliments your skin tone and that is in the same color family as the lip color you want to use. The blush should be in a matte formula without a lot of shine to it.

Using a highlighter then brightens and enhances your now elegantly contoured and chiseled features and creates a beautiful glow that can be seen by the audience. When you are putting highlighter on your face, a little goes a long way, and you don’t want to put it all over. The best places to hit are the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your forehead.  

For an extra bit of glam, you can put highlighter or even a very light colored shimmery eye shadow, in the inside corners of your eyes and on the cupid’s bow area just above your upper lip. After you’ve mastered your foundation color, and contouring and highlighting techniques, it’s time to determine what shades and types of eyeshadow and lipstick formulas you need to help your eyes pop and make your smile radiant.

Since we’re going for a fresh, vibrant makeup look, we want to use colors that accent the color and shape of our eyes and make our teeth look white and our lips look full and lush. One classic makeup look that works for every girl is to emphasize the eyes and play down the mouth. You do this by putting darker colors on the eyes and lighter colors on the lip.

Miss Virginia USA 2018, Ashley Vollrath modeling smoky eyes. Photo: Miss Virginia USA

The smoky eye is a fantastic makeup technique that works well for onstage competition and the great thing about it is that you can start out with a more conservative look and then build on it as the competition continues. You always have to think ahead and remember that anything you do to your face or hair has to be able to be either undone or built on quickly. You don’t have a lot of time in a pageant, so you want to be lighter handed with your makeup in the beginning and then you can add to it as you go.

If you’re not sure how to create a smoky eye, then find a good tutorial and become an expert at it. It’s not all that complicated, and it just requires a lot of delicate smudging and careful blending of colors to achieve. And, you can use any colors that complement your eye color such as browns, grays, purples, taupes and so on.  A good tip to finish off a smoky eye is to put a light shimmery color like beige, ivory or champagne underneath your eyebrow, especially at the arch. This tends to bring the eye up a bit and makes you look more alert and perky.

Miss Tennessee USA 2018, Alexandra Harper modeling a great makeup look for swimsuit. Photo: Miss USA

Finally, to complete your swimsuit makeup look, you need to find a bright saturated lip color to make it perfect. Colors like pink, mauve, berry, coral or a pinky-beige all look amazing with the smoky eye you’ve done. Just make sure the shade is dark enough that your lips are visible and defined on stage, but that the color is not as dark as your eyeshadow.

The good thing about this makeup look for swimsuit is that it is a look that you can build on, and you can change it slightly for evening gown or talent and it won’t take a lot of time. For instance, if you are know that you want a deep, red lip to go with your evening gown, that’s fine because for swimsuit, you’re going to wear a lighter, brighter lip color. You can easily change from the lighter color to the darker, more dramatic lip colors for other areas of competition in no time.

A lipstick formula that is thick and creamy and perhaps with a little shine if ideal. First line your lips with a lip liner that closely matches the lipstick that you’ve chosen. You can even fill in your entire lip with the liner, and then go over it with the lipstick. This will make your lip color last for hours and your lipstick will absolutely not fade, leaving you with a ring around your mouth from your liner. To finish, top it off with a long wearing gloss!

Miss Virginia USA 2016, Desi Williams with makeup by Sherri Jessee. Photo Nathan Mays

Now that you know how to create the perfect look for the swimsuit competition, you need the perfect makeup. Don’t worry, Pageant Planet has already got you covered. We sell an incredible eyeshadow compact in our shop, from the makeup line by legendary makeup artist, Sherri Jessee. This pageant makeup innovation called, “Elegant Organized Beauty™” is a unique system of beauty tools acclaimed by beauty editors worldwide to help you clean up the clutter and get gorgeous fast because your entire face is in one place.  

The genius of this system is that it is a magnetized makeup compact that can be filled and refilled with whatever colors you want to take with you, so you always have the ability to create the ideal makeup look for your busy life. Your eyeshadow will come pre-filled with 3 neutral starter colors: Champagne Bubbles, True Taupe and Teak Beautiful perfect shades for all phases of your next pageant competition. The compact also comes in three different cover designs of original artwork: Pink Lady, Blonde Bouffant and Green Queen.


Sherri Jessee Green Queen Magnetic Palette. Photo: Pageant Planet

What are pageant makeup ideas for pageant talent?

Contribution by Julia Stone

Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri performing the talent that won her the crown. Photo: Miss America Organization

Everyone can agree that the talent portion of every pageant is easily one of the most anticipated phases of competition, because it is such a fun, entertaining and often unpredictable segment. You really get a sense of each contestant’s individuality and artistic expression. Most contestants think about their performance and their costume when planning their talent debut, but they rarely think about their pageant makeup.

When it comes to pageant makeup, most contestants just figure that they will wear the same exact makeup that they just had on their face for opening number, swimsuit or whatever area of competition just occurred before talent. There is nothing inherently wrong with doing this and it certainly keeps things simple and easy, but there are times when your talent can really be enhanced by the pageant makeup you choose.

Creative pageant makeup on a flashy little contestant. Photo: Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant 

A professional makeup artist’s take on pageant makeup

Fortunately for us, one of the top makeup artists in the nation, who is sought after by countless contestants every pageant season, just happens to be one of Pageant Planet’s most frequent visitors to our social media takeovers. Her name is Sherri Jessee, and not only does she have more than two decades of experience traveling the world as a platform artist, she has amazing talent in hair, makeup, fashion editorial, runway, film and television work. She is also consistently ranked among the Top Ten Makeup Artists in Pageant Planet’s annual “Best in Pageantry Awards.”

Jessee, who received her training under top New York makeup artists, sounds more like a poet than a pageant professional as she describes her philosophy, “Let me start off by saying that makeup is art. There are many techniques to applying makeup…no real “rights” or “wrongs.”

“My personal philosophy is to have a very light touch so that makeup enhances our best features. Each application is individual just as each masterpiece a painter would create would be unique. My goal in applying makeup is for someone to see a beautiful face—not beautiful makeup. I really believe that ‘less is best.’”

Sherri Jessee and her model Ashley. Photo: Sherri Jessee

Using professional performance makeup versus department or drugstore brands for talent

If you’ve been studying, practicing and performing your talent onstage for a long time, you likely are very familiar with all of the different professional brands of stage cosmetics that dancers, actors, singers and other stage performers often use like, Mehron, RCMA or Ben Nye. Depending on how long you’ve been in the performance world and how long you’ve been involved in pageants, you may wonder if you should stick with the standard professional lines or if you should switch to drugstore or department store beauty lines.

Is there a major difference between professional stage makeup and the products that you can purchase at your neighborhood drugstore or at the beauty counter at the mall? Obviously, there is a huge range of price points assigned to makeup products, but when it comes to looking your best on stage, should you stick with stage makeup?


Binibini 2017 contestant Kristel Guelos performing her talent. Photo: Binibining Pilipinas

We asked Sherri Jessee, what her opinion was since the queens of the pageant world literally put their faces in her hands.

“There is SO MUCH awesome makeup available these days! I don’t think it’s really necessary to purchase professional brands as there are great products available at department stores, drug stores, big beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta and even online. Youtube video are great to watch to learn about new products before trying them and it’s great to be able to test them out yourself in makeup stores.”  

So it really comes down to personal preference. If you are in love with a brand of eyeliner, and it’s your go-to color, then stick with it. If you’re curious about trying a new product, whether it’s from a beauty brand or a professional stage brand, go for it. Thankfully, like Jessee says, there are so many ways to find out about the quality of makeup products from online reviews to Youtube tutorials. This is a glorious time for makeup, makeup artists and pageant girls alike!  

Binibini 2018 contestant Ena Louis Velasco performing her talent. Photo: Bong Tan

What is the best type of lipstick to use for stage makeup?

Every pageant girl who has ever competed on a pageant stage knows how crucial Vaseline can be in preventing your lips from sticking to your teeth when you get nervous. In fact, Vaseline is so popular and so well known that the product has become a pageant cliché, right up there with wanting world peace. If only we could slather on a coat of pure petroleum jelly on our lips and just leave it at that. So often during a pageant, our lipsticks get dry or gunky or it completely wears off of our lips. What’s a girl to do?

We know that we can’t just wear plain ol’ lipgloss on our lips, unless of course we’re talking about children’s makeup in pageants. Thankfully, there is a sea of lipsticks available for us to purchase and more being created every season. Is there an ideal lipstick for pageants or is it really a matter of personal preference? Should you wear glossy, matte, a shimmery frost? Are there any products that a pageant girl can rely on? We spent entirely too much time pondering this question, so we decided to just ask Sherri Jessee and see what she had to say.

“Liquid Lip Matte colors are super long wearing and non transferable. I am a big proponent of them. You can get your lips on in the morning and they will last through the entire day.” Jessee told us. “That being said, there’s nothing like the fresh look of a glossy lip. A tinted gloss only would be a good look for a teen interview but a light layer of gloss over your lip color right before going on stage will add radiance.”  

Miss Grand International New Zealand 2018 Hayley Rose Robinson. Photo: Pageant Guru

What is the best type of foundation to use for stage makeup?

Now that we know what type of lipstick we should be shopping for, what about foundation? Foundation is…well, it is the foundation. It is literally the base that we create our entire pageant makeup look upon. Every contestant has used a foundation that was an epic fail because at some point during your talent performance, you began to sweat. Maybe the judges didn’t notice ,but you knew there was a distinct possibility that your foundation was now in essence, melting right off your face.

The worst thing in the world is when your pageant makeup cannot take the heat, and it begins to come off or you go to blot it after your talent routine and you see in horror that you now have a big bare spot on your skin where the foundation has disappeared. Choosing a good foundation for photos and everyday wear is relatively easy. We select the shade that matches our skin tone and we use a formula that benefits our skin, whether it is oily, dry or combination. Finally, we choose a coverage amount like light, medium or heavy, and we’re good to go.

When you are performing on stage and you’re dancing and twirling and spinning around under those hot stage lights, what kind of foundation is going to hold up under those conditions? Thankfully, Jessee let us in on her go-to foundation, and we gotta admit, it’s pretty cool!

“I use and absolutely love Temptu AirPods Perfect Canvas airbrush foundation,” she told us. “It sprays on as light-as-air, natural-looking coverage and with a truly skin-like finish that lasts all day. This semi-matte, fast-drying formula is transfer and water-resistant formula and delivers the most natural skin-like finish with buildable coverage – sheer, medium or full. For super long lasting results when using a liquid foundation, I would recommend applying powder and using a setting spray.”

If you are as excited as we are to try out Temptu AirPods Perfect Canvas airbrush foundation, you can purchase the entire line from Temptu’s website directly, or you can buy an Airbrush Starter Kit on Amazon.com.

Temptu Air Perfect Canvas Airbrush Starter Kit. Photo: Amazon

Are there differences in the way foundation should be done for televised pageants as opposed to live pageants?

Every pageant these days is recorded in some way, and when you get to the big leagues and start competing nationally or internationally, your pageant just may be televised. Obviously, that is a huge change from competing in a small auditorium and it would make sense that you might need to make some changes to your pageant makeup as well. It is so important to understand how to do your pageant makeup as well as the professionals do because you just don’t know when you might have to do it yourself. Because of that, we asked Jessee if she could tell us what the major differences are with regard to foundation for televised pageants.

“Makeup for television and print work needs to be applied very delicately because the camera lens can see each minute detail,” Jessee explains. “HD foundation was created for the very latest high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry. These advanced formulas look invisible on camera and to the naked eye…which should be your goal of all foundations. Basically, your foundation should even, smooth and perfect your skin giving you a flawless appearance and not look like a mask.”

Jessee then clued us in on one of the major problems that inexperienced contestants have with HD foundation and why it happens. It’s called “ghost face” and if you’ve ever unknowingly made the mistake that she describes, now you’ll understand why it happened to you and you how to prevent it in the future.

“It’s best to have no SPF or sunscreen to avoid the "ghost face" camera flash back. SPF is amazing for daytime wear as protection from the sun (debatably the most important thing in a beauty routine) however, the same SPF which reflects UV sun beams during the day also reflects the light of a camera's flash.”  

Wow! What a good thing to know! This is such valuable information because even if you are not going to be competing in a televised pageant, you will likely be attending events where professional photographers are taking your photo at some point. If you use HD foundation to create your perfect face, you better choose the right formula for that time and place or you may just regret it.

Miss Connecticut Bridget Oei Photo: Miss Connecticut Pageant

How should talent makeup differ from swimsuit, evening gown or other areas of competition?

Usually, the order of competition events is consistent across all of the different pageant systems, in that contestant introduction or opening number opens the show, and is then followed by swimsuit, talent or fun fashion and culminates in the evening gown portion. It is very wise to plan out ahead of time all of your looks for the entire pageant, including your wardrobe, shoes, accessories, the way you’re going to style your hair and even the way you’re going to do your pageant makeup. If you’re competing in a major, high stakes pageant, or you’re just a very organized go-getter kinda gal, then you probably want to create a binder with photos of each of your looks along with a list of the details.

Since you want to look phenomenal the minute you hit the stage, your pageant makeup for introduction or opening number should enhance your natural beauty perfectly and make you look like the very best version of yourself. It should be similar to your interview look, but pumped up so that the judges can really see you under the bright stage lights. At the same time, keep in mind that you can put more makeup on as you go, or make subtle changes to go with your wardrobe in each category, so you don’t want to start out with an over-the-top look.

For instance, if you know that slicking on Mac’s “Russian Red” would complement the ball gown you’ve chosen for talent and would make you look like an operatic diva, but that particular shade would be too strong for the beginning of the pageant, then start off with a more neutral palette and build on it.

Binibini 2018 contestant Shane Tormes performing her talent. Photo: Instagram

“If your talent requires being in character and your costume is color specific,” Jessee agrees, “definitely you could make changes to correspond making your look more dramatic and adding in colors for the lips and eyes.”

It is totally up to you if you want to customize your pageant makeup to go with the different outfits that you’re going to wear during your next pageant, but remember that you do not have a lot of time between each phase of competition. If you want to change your lip color or do something different with your eye makeup, then by all means do it! Just plan ahead and practice enough so that you’re confident that you can create your desired look in the time that you have.

“However,” Jessee, reminds us, “a properly applied face of makeup should enable you to go from one look to another simply by changing your outfits.”

Worlds Perfect Preteen, Alexia Bates wearing appropriate preteen makeup during her talent. Photo: Adam Gerrard - Daily Mail UK

Jessee created an amazing pageant makeup tutorial to prepare you to do pageant makeup for all phases of competition. Check it out below.


What are pageant makeup ideas for pageant fun fashion/runway/costume?

Contribution by Allie J Hoffman

Probably the most fun event in pageantry can be the fun fashion or OOC events. Also known as runway, or costume attire, fun fashion is the event where you can really let your personality shine. From a two-piece custom Sherri Hill or a Pro-am type outfit with detachable skirt, the options are endless. Your options for makeup in this event are endless as well.

Brooklyn Kennett in her fun fashion wear. HMU Jamie Stacey. Photo: Under the Sea photography

Natural competitors; fun fashion wear, runway or costume

You may already know how jammed pack your pageant day schedule is. With little time to change outfits let alone makeup, some contestants may opt to leave their ‘beauty’ makeup on for all of their events. With this option always make sure to touch up any spots that may have wiped away. Using a pressed powder like CoverGirl Smoothers can keep oil and fallen eyeshadow at bay. I highly suggest applying another coat of your lip gloss or stain and blush for touch ups as well.

Covergirl Smoothers by Covergirl. Photo: Walmart.com

If your pageant day schedule will allow for a new makeup look for your fun fashion or OOC outfit, then your options truly are endless. For our natural competitors, changing lip color and adding a bolder color of blush are excellent ways to change up your makeup. I absolutely love stacking a metallic color on top of your already existing lip color. Try L.A. Colors Metallic lip shine to add depth and shine to your lips! For blush I dip into my Elf powder blush palette, with four different colors to choose from you can change your color from your last event!

L.A. Colors Metallic Lip Shine by L.A. Colors. Photo: Walmart.com

ELF Blush Palette. Photo: Ulta.com

However, there is nothing saying you have to change anything for your fun fashion wear! Your makeup is not the key ingredient for your score. The personality you bring on stage along with your unique outfit is truly what the judges are looking for! Always make sure to read your paperwork for any guidelines or rules when it comes to natural makeup for all your events.

Glitz competitors: Outfit of Choice

The outfit of choice event in the glitz world is where you have the most leeway in your outfit and makeup options. Also known as OOC, it is the happy marriage between talent, old school sportswear events and casual wear. Most contestants will have an out of the box themed outfit with coordinating music and routine. With this said, sometimes costume type makeup is used to enhance the theme. In this case you should use your best judgement to decide how much of the costume makeup to use. There is always a way to create a happy medium for costume makeup where it is not too overwhelming to the child’s face. A perfect example of this is Skye Pratt’s ‘Lady Gaga’ OOC. Her makeup pulls in the whole concept of the theme without overwhelming the child.

Skye Pyatt in her Lady Gaga OOC. HMU: Amber Miller. Photo: PhD Photography and Video

Also keep in mind if your outfit calls for sunglasses, hat, mask, or anything that will cover the child’s face, to not wear it the entire time you are on stage. If it has to be worn the entire time, like a hat, try to position the hat farther back on the head and secure with bobby pins or clips. Facial beauty is still sometimes scored during OOC so covering the child’s face entirely either with makeup or with a mask is not ideal.

Take for example Cashlynn McKee’s Elly May Clampett OOC. The hat is pinned back behind the crown of her head and doesn’t overwhelm her beautiful face or her stunning Cashin’ Crowns Boutique outfit. Her makeup was simply touched up and that was more than enough for this national competitor!

Cashlynn McKee OOC HMU: Toni Overby Photo: PhD Photography and Video

Nine times out of ten, costume makeup is not essential to pull together your theme. Due to time constraints and facial scoring, many contestants will just do a few makeup changes for OOC. In these cases, adding a new coat of lip gloss and touching up blush may be all the changes you need! Hourglass extreme sheen high shine lip gloss is my favorite for adding more volume and color to the lips.

Hourglass Extreme sheen high shine lip gloss. Photo: Sephora.com

Whether you are a glitz competition or natural, you never want to have makeup that overpowers you. During your fun fashion or OOC events, your focus should be personality on stage and the fit and uniqueness of your outfit. Pageant makeup is just the cherry on top!

How to do pageant makeup for brown eyes

Contribution by Allie J Hoffman

Congratulations! If you are the proud owner of a set of brown eyes, then you have the most versatile eye color! Your brown eyes can conquer the eye shadow world and wear all colors and liners with pride! With so many different color choices available, how do you decide which combination is perfect? Read through to find out the perfect option for your brown eyes.

Miss Universe Paulina Vega. Photo: Latin Times

When it comes to brown eyes the key is to choose colors that will coincide with your skin color, the undertones in your eyes and hair color. Warmer colors will add depth, darker colors can add volume and contrasting colors will make your eyes pop. Never be afraid to try a mixture of shimmer and matte colors. Learn what works best for your eyes by playing around with different colors and combinations. If your brown eyes have fleck or green don’t be afraid to try moss colored shades. If you have dark brown eyes, a lovely sweep of purple may brighten them up. Try taking a picture with your flash on, after you makeup is done to see how it may look with stage lighting! Whatever you choose, make sure you feel great in it.  

No matter what shade of brown eyes you have, you can follow Miss Universe Paulina Vega’s look above. Warmer colors like deep purples and shimmer browns should be your go to colors. Huda Beauty has just the palette to recreate this look. The Desert Dust palette, available at www.sephora.com, is a beauty must have for all brown eyed pageant girls. Why? Not only are the color combinations endless but the product itself is amazing. The formula of these shades is stay proof and apply like butter. The creator Huda Kattan herself made this palette with brown eyed girl in mind!

In a recent interview, Huda says,” “Having brown eyes myself, I am obsessed with combining Oud and Musk (two brown shades) from the Desert Dusk palette to get a more natural smoky look,” Huda Kattan, CEO and founder of Huda Beauty, says of her go-to shades to accentuate the eyes.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette. Photo: Sephora

Pro-Tip: You can also add a pop of deep blue on your bottom lash line. This contrast color is great for brown eyes. Blue can make the whites of your eyes appear larger-and who doesn’t want big beautiful eyes?  If you are going to add that pop I recommend NYX Hot Singles eyeshadow in Electroshock that you can purchase at www.ulta.com.

NYX eyeshadow in Electroshock. Photo: Ulta

Now that your eyelids are covered, you’ve got a great background for some intense black liner. Black liner will really make your eye stand out by defining their shape. I suggest using a thin marker eyeliner like Wet N’ Wild Proline felt tip eyeliner in black. Try not to line your entire eye and keep your inner corner open to brighten your eye. If you’ve done a blue liner on your waterline, your black liner will go on your lash line. If you have opted to smoke out your lid color on your lash line, then your black liner will go on top off this. Black liner will also go on your top lash line and keep it as close to you lashes as possible. Top liner can go all the way to the inner corner, without going toward the bottom corner.

Wet N’ Wild Eyeliner. Photo: Ulta

Our last step for eye makeup is lashes. While some may argue that false lashes are not necessary, the benefits of false lashes are incredible. Some mascaras will flake and ‘melt’ over a number of hours. While you should still use mascara to blend your false lashes too, you will get longer wear without the smudge from false lashes. You can use faux lashes for more than one day as well! For brown eyed gals, a thicker lash is totally acceptable. Try out Looks So Natural lashes by Kiss to add dimension to your eyes.

Kiss Looks So Natural lash in Flirty. Photo: Ulta

Whatever eyeshadow combination you decide to try, being confident in your makeup is the most important! Using products that work with your skin type and eye shape is also important. If you are ever stuck you can contact one of Pageant Planet’s experts in the Hair and Makeup directory!

How to do pageant makeup for blue eyes

Contribution by Allie J Hoffman

We are all unique beings from our hair to our thoughts. What looks the best on one person may not look the best on another. Pageant makeup is no different! Pageant makeup is not a one size fits all. What makeup works best for you will be dependent upon your skin color, eye color and facial features. It will also depend on how you feel in your makeup! For those of us with blue eyes, paying attention to eyeshadow color is key! Read on to find what eye makeup will enhance those baby blues for your next pageant.

Miss Missouri Teen USA 2018 Chloe Bartlett. Photo: Zac Grimaldo

The beautiful Miss Missouri Teen USA 2018 Chloe Bartlett is an icon with her stunning blue eyes. Take notice how in the picture above her eyeshadow choices are a bronze shimmer, a cranberry/burgundy color and a white highlighter. For her liner she has smoked out black with a burgundy. This combination works well for a few different reasons. The color wheel will be your guide for picking the perfect eyeshadow colors! Orange is the opposite color to blue on the color wheel which will add contrast and depth. I know what you’re thinking, orange is a very intense color! Do not fear, you can use all shades of orange and even branch into browns and reds.  

Luckily for you, those colors are all the rage right now for eye shadows. Pageant makeup experts agree.

"Using a warmer tone, like a cranberry or burgundy color, looks amazing in contrast to blue eyes," In a recent interview with stylist Hung Vanngo for Glamour Magazine, he noted on shadows for blue eyes.

To achieve Bartlett’s look I recommend Tarte’s metallic shadow in Scandal for your  eyelid. This warm color picks up tones of orange, red and brown making it a perfect pick for those baby blue eyes! To blend out your lid shade, take a look at a matte brown or taupe like those found in the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. My favorite part is next, the highlighter. Highlighter is used on the inside corner and underneath the brow bone. Swipe NYX duo chromatic highlighter to brighten your eyes!

Tarte Terra-Cotta Shadow. Photo: Allure

Anastasia Palette. Photo: Macys

NYX Highlighter. Photo: NYX Cosmetics

Now that your baby blues are starting to pop, we have to finish out with liner and lashes. Take your eyelid color and lightly follow your bottom lash line, being careful not to get powder in your waterline or lash line. Once that is finished grab a kohl eye liner in black and smudge that over the eyeshadow. Your eyeliner should not go all the way to the corner of the eye. The liner should stop where the highlighter starts, otherwise your eye can look more closed. You may choose to place your Kohl liner on your waterline as well. You can also opt to use a white eyeliner for your water line to really open up the eye. Flower beauty makes an amazing Kohl eyeliner and it comes in several colors!

Flower Khol eyeliner. Photo: Flower Beauty

Last but not least, our lashes! Once you have applied a coat of black mascara false lashes are next. My go to lash set is Wispies made by Ardell. This set gives amazing length while adding volume. You can purchase a set of five for less than ten dollars at your local Target store.

Ardell Wispies. Photo: Walmart

And voila! In just a few short steps, you have accentuated your baby blues and everyone will be looking at you! Do not forget your other makeup steps such as foundation, blush and lips!

How to do pageant face makeup

Foundation and face makeup, like concealer, blush and powder, are the basics of your makeup routine. Just like an artist primes a canvas before they paint their masterpiece, you should also prime and prepare your skin before applying the lipstick that enhances your megawatt smile, or the eye shadows and liner that makes your baby blues or big browns pop!  

Of course, a good skincare routine is what is going to make your foundational makeup that much better. Foundation and concealer shouldn’t be used just to mask or hide what you think is wrong, but it should make the most of your glowing complexion if at all possible. Time does not allow me to wade into the deep waters of good skin care principles, but you must know that all the makeup in the world is not going to make you look your best if your skin is a mess. I struggled with severe acne as a teen, and just when I thought all those adolescent breakouts were history, surprise! Adult acne made its debut and sent me into a tailspin of confusion and frustration for years. Thankfully, I discovered excellent skincare products containing alpha-hydroxy acids and combined those with other wonderful skin creams containing vitamin C and retinol. Those treatment creams healed my acne and made the experience of wearing foundation and concealer more of a “want to” than a “have to” situation.

Thankfully, there are so many new groundbreaking products that are now available to consumers that do so much more than cover zits. There are literally thousands of foundations, concealers, blushes, powders and more on the market, so a girl can get lost at her local makeup counter in no time. But, not to worry. Pageant Planet is all about everything related to pageants, including makeup! If you like makeup, we have got the course for you. In this article, we’re going to explore the basics and beyond as it pertains to face makeup. So, hold onto your highlighters, because we’ve got a lot to cover! (No pun intended.)

Why you need tinted moisturizer or a foundation

When it comes to foundation types, generally speaking, there are two ways to go. If you want lighter coverage, then opt for a tinted moisturizer, a slightly colored cream that will give your skin a wash of color. If you require more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, then there are numerous choices available to you depending on how much coverage you want and if you prefer a matte look, a dewy look or something in between. And, since we're talking about skin, don't forget that makeup can go a lot more places, than just the skin on your face. If you are trying to figure out what to do with those bare legs of yours, you might be interested in reading this great article all about using body makeup.  

As mentioned previously, foundation is similar to priming a canvas. It is literally the foundation of your entire makeup routine. Foundation evens out your skin tone and conceals any subtle blemishes or discolorations on your face, and it is what makes your skin appear flawless. The most important aspects of foundation to consider when choosing the right product for you are the formula for your particular skin type, the type of coverage, the shade and your budget. The formula has to meet the unique needs of your skin. Is your skin normal, oily, dry or does it have special needs in some way?  Then you want to know what you are using the foundation for. Do you want light coverage, medium coverage or full coverage?

Finally, you have to select the perfect shade that matches your skin color and shade exactly. Obviously, skin color can be very tricky because our skin is not just one shade. However, most skin tones fall into cool, warm or neutral shades. The old school way to tell what skin tone you have is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If your veins appear more blueish, then you are probably cool. If your veins look to be more green, then you are likely warm. If you’re kind of in between, you just might be the middle of the road, or neutral.

Cosmetics companies today have managed to harness the power of technology to determine the absolute perfect shade for your foundation. A lot of companies have gotten on board with this trend and have developed some revolutionary products. In fact, some companies actually have the capability to scan your skin right at the makeup counter and come up with a foundation that looks like it was custom made just for you.

Two fool-proof lines that have stood the test of time with regard to easy shade selection are the Loreal True Match Foundation and Maybelline FIT Me Foundation. With patented color technology, L'Oreal's True Match Super Blendable Makeup precisely matches your skin's tone and undertone and coordinates perfectly with True Match powder, blush and concealer in the same line. This medium coverage foundation comes in a version for every skin type and is formulated with Precise Match Technology so you can control coverage and fine tune it. Maybelline FIT Me Foundation comes in an incredible 40 shades, and the company even offers an online foundation selection service. 

The best way to put on foundation, especially if you have oily skin or are prone to breakouts, is a flat synthetic foundation brush or a sponge blender. If you use your fingers to put foundation on, you run the risk of getting bacteria into your foundation, and eventually, it will affect your skin in a negative way. Pageant Planet sells a wonderful tool called a Beauty Blender that has become a favorite of pageant girls, actresses and models, the world over. Or if you are budget conscious, a simple cosmetic wedge will do just fine. You can purchase The Beauty Blender here: Beauty Blender. In fact, you can purchase all kinds of makeup products and pageant-related items right through our website! Just go to our Makeup & Beauty section!

One of our Pageant Planet staffers actually did a review and a product demo of the Beauty Blender. If you would like to see it in action and hear what she had to say, you can check it out below.

When you apply foundation, you don’t need to cover every square inch of your face. It depends on why you need the foundation and the look that you are going after. You can just put the foundation mainly in the t-zone area, which is the area that extends from your forehead down your nose and then to your chin. Then you want to blend, blend, blend. Sweep the foundation outward, even up to where your ears begin, and then also past your jawline and down your neck. If you stop right at your chin and jaw, you are apt to create a mask-like look that isn’t attractive at all.

Tinted moisturizers and foundations have come a long way since the days that they were simply used to cover blemishes and imperfections or to even out skin tone. They do still do all of that, but modern face makeup is so multi-faceted, that most products do double duty as treatments and skin care. Technology and advanced chemistry have paved the way for incredible face makeup that works to improve the look of your skin even when you aren’t wearing it. There is a perfect product out there for every budget, and I will suggest several options for you depending on how much you want to spend. If you don’t want to spend a lot, you can find some terrific foundations in the steal category. If you are okay with dropping a bit more on a higher-end product, then you might find what you want in the splurge section.

Tinted moisturizers:


  • Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100%
  • Natural Origin Work It!
  • Marathonista Tinted Moisturizer Ulta Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer


  • Nu Skin Nu Color Advanced Tinted Moisturizer
  • Vichy Derma Finish Foundation
  • Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer
  • Revision Skin Care Intellishade Tru Physical Tinted Moisturizer
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20



  • Maybelline FIT Me Foundation
  • Loreal True Match Foundations
  • Revlon Pan Stik Full Coverage Foundation
  • Revlon Photo Finish Revlon Colorstay – Foundation and Concealer 2 in 1


  • Yves St Laurent All Hours Foundation (Recommended by Youtube sensation and Glam Master judge, Kandee Johnson)
  • Sunday Riley - The Influencer Clean Longwear Foundation
  • Hourglass Cosmetics - Vanish Foundation
  • It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

If you are over the age of 16, you need concealer!

Most females over the age of 16 need to wear some form of concealer, whether it's to cover blemishes, skin discolorations, or to brighten and even out your under eye area. Concealer comes in different formulas like creams, sticks and liquids, depending on your needs and preferences. Similarly to foundation, you’ll pick your product based on the level of coverage you need for your skin type. A lot of girls put concealer on using their fingers, and I’ve mentioned before how using your hands to put makeup on can introduce bacteria into the product and onto your skin. However, I will say that it is not always a bad idea to use a finger when applying concealer. You must know how to do it correctly, though. Using a finger can actually help to warm up the product and cause it to blend more easily into the skin. If you do decide to use your finger to apply the concealer, it is best to use your ring finger and not your index finger. The reason is that the ring finger will not tug and pull on your delicate eye area as much as your index finger would. That being said, most makeup artists use a small, stiff brush to apply concealer because it is more sanitary and you can get the concealer into the places on your face where you need it most.

Concealer is obviously used under the eye area to conceal dark circles, uneven pigment or small lines or wrinkles. But, it is very important to not apply the concealer under the entire eye area. It is best to only put it in the inner corner of the eye, then in the under eye area closest to the nose. From there you should blend it out towards the outer corner. If you swipe the concealer under the entire under eye area, you run the risk of looking like a raccoon. Other places to use concealer are any areas on the face where you see shadows. These areas would be the corners of your nose, the marionette lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth, and underneath your mouth, just above your chin. Kim Kardashian West's favorite makeup artist and business partner Mario Dedivanovic have developed a fantastic concealer kit called “Conceal, Bake, Brighten,” which is available on her product website.



  • Mehron – Pro Coloring
  • Revlon Photoready – Insta-fix
  • Maybelline Master Conceal
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer and Treatment
  • NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand


  • KKW Cosmetics (Kim Kardashian West) – Conceal, Bake, Brighten Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
  • It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer
  • Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer

The right and the wrong way to blush

Blush is pretty self-explanatory, in that it is used to mimic that rosy glow that is so becoming on a pretty face. Blush, like foundation, comes in numerous formulations such as powder, liquid and creams, and should also be chosen in much the same way. Everybody’s skin tone is different, and in just the same way that you select a foundation to match your skin tone, you should also select a blush that is complementary to you.

You also have to choose a blush that is compatible with your skin type, whether it be dry, normal or oily. If you have dry skin, for instance, you may find that powder blushes do not suit you very well, in that they may make your skin even drier. If that is the case, you might do better with a creme or liquid blush that adds some moisture back into your cheeks and remains soft and dewy. When applying blush, girls tend to make two major mistakes. The first mistake is putting the blush in the hollow of the cheek, underneath the cheekbone. The second mistake is putting the blush all over the entire cheek in a big circle, which makes you look like a clown. If you have ever looked at your face when you’ve come in from being outside in the cold, you would notice that you naturally blush in very specific areas on your face.

The best place to apply blush is on the apples of your cheeks. Just smile at yourself in a mirror, and put the blush on the rounds of your cheeks, then sweep it up slightly towards your ear. If you want to, you can also apply some blush on your temples, but be conservative. A big pink forehead is not a good look. 



  • Maybelline Master Hi-Light Powder Blush
  • Elf Shimmering Facial Whip Liquid Blush
  • Ulta's Lip + Cheek Color Stick Flower Beauty Flower Pots Powder Blush


  • Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked Flushed
  • Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten
  • Stila Convertible Color Cream Blush
  • Morphe Brushes - Blushing Babes Trios

Powders are the finishing touch

Finally, powders are the finishing touch after you have applied foundation, concealer and blush. There really are no rigid rules as to what order you apply these different types of makeup, except for powder. Every makeup artist has their own system for what they do, and you should find what works best for you. In fact, some women prefer to do their eye makeup first and then do their foundation, concealer and powder.

The point of wearing a face powder is to set the makeup so that everything stays in place, and it helps the makeup to last longer. The other thing that powder can do is to control oil, which can also affect not only how long your foundation lasts, but also the color. If your skin is particularly oily, you have probably had the experience of having oil show up especially in your t-zone area, and you’ve seen how it can change the color of your foundation a bit. That’s why it is imperative to use the right formula of foundation and powder for your skin type, especially if you tend to be oily. One tip for those of us with oily skin is to use face blotting papers.

Yes, you read that correctly. I said, “papers.”  I don’t know who invented blotting papers, but I want to thank them. They are small, thin papers that come in a booklet, and they sometimes have a bit of powder on them. You can take them out when you get oily, blot your face with them and throw them away. Then, if you want to go over your skin again with your powder compact and brush, you can.



  • Revlon Photo Ready Powder
  • Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Powder
  • NYX  - Mineral Finishing Powder
  • NYX - Set it, Don’t Fret it Matte Finishing Powder
  • NYX - SFX Loose Setting Powder


  • Lagure Face Powder
  • Lagure Minerals Powder Cover
  • FX Perfecting Setting Powder
  • KKW Cosmetics (Kim Kardasian West) Powder Contour & Highlight Palette

What are setting sprays and makeup extenders?

There are numerous products on the market that help make your makeup last longer, such as eye shadow bases, oil controlling serums and face primers. These products are designed to help all of your makeup go on more smoothly, have accurate color and last a lot longer. But, the products that I want to focus on are the final steps that you can use to set your makeup and help it to last longer, especially on stage under hot lights. These products are usually called setting sprays or makeup extenders and they are finishing products, that you spray on your face after you are done applying your makeup.

They are miracle workers for pageant girls in that they cause your makeup to be practically bullet-proof and they come in all kinds of formulations such as matte, dewy and oil control. NYX has created a formula for every skin type and every result that you might possibly want, and they are extremely budget friendly. If you’ve got a bit more coin to spend, then try one of the Urban Decay’s line of makeup setting sprays. They’ve got one called, “All Nighter Setting Spray.” It claims to make your makeup picture perfect for at least 16 hours. That’s long enough to win a pageant and hit the after party!

Setting sprays:


  • NYX Matte Finish and Dewy Finish Finishing Sprays
  • Loreal Infallible Makeup Extender
  • Cover Girl Look Lock Up All Day Setting Mist
  • Cover Girl Vitalist Go Glow Luminizing Lotion


  • Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray
  • Urban Decay – Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray
  • Urban Decay – Chill Makeup Setting Spray

How to use highlighters, bronzers and contouring products

The world of highlighters, bronzers and contouring can be extremely intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, with a bit of education and a little practice, any girl can master these techniques, and you don’t have to become a professional makeup artist to do it. Highlighting and contouring can not only make the most of your gorgeous face, but these techniques can practically accomplish what plastic surgery can do, even if the effects get washed away when you take off your makeup. Using highlighting and contouring products, you can create sharper-looking cheekbones, fuller-looking lips, brighter-looking eyes and a narrower-looking nose.

Every face is different and every face has its own challenges, so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to contouring and highlighting. That is why it is very difficult to write down instructions that will fit every reader's needs. Therefore, I'm going to share with you one of the best videos on highlighting and contouring by renowned celebrity makeup artist, columnist for Teen Magazine Fashionista and YouTube sensation, Nikkie De Jager of Nikkie Tutorials. Nikkie has worked with Kim Kardashian West and her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, Makeup Artist Pascale Tesser and so many other professionals it is impossible to name them all. She has created an unprecedented amount of how-to videos on every area of makeup application that you might desire.

I highly encourage you to visit her YouTube channel, Instagram or her website to learn more about makeup and how you can create your own best face.



  • Jordana Glow and Go
  • Loreal True Match Lumi - Liquid Glow Illuminator
  • Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Sleek
  • MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette


  • Becca Highlighters - This is my personal all around favorite highlighter. It is a splurge, but so worth it!
  • Amrezy Highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • OFRA Cosmetics Feelin' Myself Highlighter Set
  • Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

Contouring and bronzing products:


  • Jordana Sculpt N’ Go
  • NYX Professional Makeup refillable Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Makeup
  • Revolution Pro HD Powder Contour Kit
  • Catrice Prime & Fine Professional Contouring Palette


  • Lorac PRO Contour Palette
  • Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour
  • MAC Cheek X 3: Acoustica / Jeremy Scott Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer


Now that you have learned the basics of how to do your face makeup, it's time to sit down, dig into your makeup bag and practice, practice, practice. Any pageant girl can learn to be her very own makeup artist if she is willing to be teachable and invest a little time in front of the mirror.

Mastering your makeup is such a valuable skill to learn because it's part of your life as a titleholder, and it puts the power back into your own hands. You won't have to rely any longer on a professional to make you look your best. You won't have to drop hundreds of dollars at your next pageant to create your winning look, because you will know exactly what to do to bring out your flawless beauty. Makeup, at its best, is not about hiding or covering up what is imperfect. Learning to do your own makeup is something that is empowering for women.

Pageant Planet's mission is to provide you with every possible tool that will help you become your best self, and that includes your outer self. If you feel like you need a bit more professional help to bring your skills up to par, then check out our free online makeup artist directory. You will find artists in your area who can sit down with you and teach you what you want to know. If hiring a pro is not in your budget, it's okay. Pageant Planet has countless articles online about makeup application and products, and we've got more on the way, just for you!

What foundation is best for pageant makeup?

Contribution by Devon Knightner

Remember pageant makeup has to be laid on thick in order to properly transcend your beauty under all of the stage lighting. Translation: You must have a “Full Beat” not a “light slapping”! No matter what type of pageant you’re involved in from glitz to Mrs., you’ll need to make sure your beautiful natural features are contoured and highlighted so you can really shine. Your personality should shine, not your makeup. You’ll want more of a matte finish while on stage.  You must start by building a foundation. In pageant makeup, you’ll need a great foundation to start.

In the pageant world, long lasting brands are coveted.  The right foundation can make you feel like you’re wearing second skin. The wrong foundation can make your skin look and feel dry, ruin your photos and make your confidence disappear.  Of course Pageant Planet has a phenomenal concealer in a lot of shades. Taylor Sparkles Concealer is a cream concealer that delivers a full coverage, matte finish and is perfect for covering up those “not so flawless” blemishes!  Check it out.

Concealer by Taylor Sparkles. Photo: pageantplanet.com

Pageant Planet compiled our Top Five Fave list of foundations a while back. Just to refresh your faces, it still stands true.  We’ve added an updated list as some new foundations that have been proved worthy. All that aren’t shown from previous articles are still on the list. We just wanted to let you know about the new products that will allow your makeup dreams to come true! Here’s the list of pageantry full coverage foundations and their product information that will not disappoint.  No particular order. Try them out for you to see which holds up to performance and your skin type. All of these choices come in array of shades. And hey, that’s what the makeup counter is for. Take a look at these beat worthy foundations! Slay and be merry!

Fenty Beauty – Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

A soft matte, long wear foundation with buildable, medium to full coverage, in a boundary-breaking range of 40 shades. The oil-free matte foundation is made with climate-adaptive technology that's resistant to sweat and humidity, and won't clog pores so that wherever you are; it's going to work on your skin.  

Pro Filt’r Foundation by Fenty Beauty. Photo: fentybeauty.com

M·A·C- M·A·C Studio Face and Body Foundation

A comfortable, lightweight fluid foundation with a unique blend of emollients that delivers sheer buildable coverage and a satin finish. The moisturizing, long-wear formula glides onto the face and body providing stay-true colour.

MAC Face and Body Foundation by Mac. Photo: maccosmetics.com


A full-coverage, 24-hour wear, water-resistant foundation — enriched with intense pigments and 22% water.  It’s oil free coverage combined with light & pigment to create a shade for every complexion. Prevents fine lines from setting in, cracking and dryness.

Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation by Becca Cosmetics. Photo: beccacosmetics.com

Tarte Cosmetics- Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

This oil-free, vegan, matte liquid foundation will breathe life back into your skin. Instant full coverage, matte finish & oil control that’s cake free & comfortable formula that lasts without creasing or settling in lines.  Amazonian clay helps balance your complexion.

Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 by Tarte Cosmetics. Photo: Tarte Cosmetics

Urban Decay- All Nighter Liquid Foundation

All Nighter Liquid Foundation provides full coverage with a modern matte finish that never looks overdone. Get serious long-lasting wear and a blown-out effect you never thought was possible. Perfect for all-night affairs and other scandalous activities, our revolutionary formula is also comfortable enough to wear every day.

All Nighter Liquid Foundation by Urban Decay. Photo: urbandecay.com

Most cosmetic companies who allow online ordering have reward programs. As you buy makeup and accessories you can earn rewards for discounts or even free stuff.  Makeup can get pricey so this can lessen the blow.

If you are having problems matching your shade, always match down with pigmented shades. Fenty and Becca dry a shade darker than others. Get help from a Professional MUA (Makeup Artist) to assist you with matching your complexion.

How to do pageant eye makeup

Did you make sure your eyes popped during your last pageant? Your eyes are the windows to your soul and making sure that they stand out during all areas of competition can bring you one step closer to taking home the crown. If you aren't getting your makeup professionally done during pageant weekend, figuring out how to do it yourself can be a challenge. In addition to learning how to apply your makeup for your specific eye shape, you will need to figure out which colors complement your eye color and how to apply your eye makeup for each area of competition.

On top of this, it might be smart to do some research to find out which products work best to achieve your desired pageant look. Since there are so many products and brands out there, this can be a time-consuming process, especially if you don't know where to begin. Finally, once you've achieved the perfect makeup look, you'll have the added trouble of taking it all off! As someone who has done their own makeup for pageants before, I get that this can be overwhelming. This is why Pageant Planet has you covered! Want to save the stress for someone else? Find a makeup artist near you for your next pageant.

Grace Turner, Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2019. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

Eye shapes 

Figuring out your eye shape should be the first step in learning how to do your own eye makeup. This way, when you are planning out your makeup, you can make sure it caters to your specific look. Many people don't realize that applying eyeshadow is essentially highlighting and contouring your eyes in order to make them pop. Knowing your eye shape can ensure that you highlight and contour your eyes in all of the right places. Try comparing your eyes to the drawings on the chart below to find the best match for your eye shape.

Remember to keep your eye shape in mind when choosing your makeup look. Photo: Pinterest

How to apply eyeshadow 

Now that you've determined your eye shape, it's time to learn how to apply eyeshadow! While the way you apply your eyeshadow will be determined based off of your eye shape, the general procedure is similar for most eyes. Typically, eyeshadow colors get darker towards the outer corner, also known as the "V" of your eye, while the lightest color remains on your inner corner. This video tutorial below will provide you with an in-depth eye makeup tutorial that includes eyeshadow application. Make sure to keep your eye shape in mind while watching! In addition to figuring out how to apply eyeshadow, you'll need to find the perfect palette and brush set for pageant weekend.

Both Morphe and MAC have eyeshadow palettes that are popular among pageant girls and makeup artists alike. Their strong pigmentation makes these brands perfect for stage makeup, especially during a pageant. While Morphe has created some great eyeshadow palettes, it has also released brush sets that are perfect for any pageant girl who wants to apply her own eyeshadow. Your eyes aren't the only things that need makeup!

What eyeliner will flatter your eye shape? 

Similar to eyeshadow application, the way you apply your eyeliner will be determined by your eye shape. Since eyeliner tends to be the boldest and darkest part of a makeup look, it's the perfect way to make your eyes pop. Depending on your eye shape and the look you are trying to achieve, you can lift, shape or define your eyes with eyeliner. After finding out which eyeliner technique is right for you, it'll be time to learn how to apply it perfectly.

Photo: L'Oreal

How to apply eyeliner 

Now that you've figured out which eyeliner is most flattering for your eye shape, all you need to do is learn how to apply it! Since there are various types of eyeliner that you can apply, including liquid, gel and pencil, in addition to the many eyeliner styles that are out there, you will likely need to learn a variety of application techniques. The video below will provide you with six different eyeliner techniques to get you started.

Can I use mascara as eyeliner? 

If you're looking for a short answer to this question, then it would be "yes, you can use mascara as an eyeliner." However, you should also consider the question of whether or not you should use mascara as an eyeliner. While this can beauty hack can help you out in a pinch during everyday life, it may not work as well during a pageant. You will want to look your absolute best during pageant weekend, so any beauty shortcuts should be reserved for any unforeseen predicaments. While I wouldn't recommend using mascara as eyeliner during pageant weekend, knowing how to do this can be helpful if you ever need to get ready, but can't find your eyeliner. If you have an angled brush handy, you can use it to apply mascara in the same way you would apply liquid liner. Simply dip your brush in your mascara formula and paint on your eyeliner.

For a more intense look, rub your mascara wand on your eyelid as close to your lashline as you can. This will transfer some of the mascara onto your lashline and give them a bolder look. 

"Overall, using mascara as a hack was pretty cool and can be useful if you need to travel or need a quick fixer-upper," wrote Danelle Sandoval, a YouTuber and makeup-lover, in an article published on Bustle. "However, I don't really think it's necessary at all. You don't really get as much precision with mascara as you do with a high definition liquid eyeliner, so I wouldn't suggest using this for occasions where your makeup needs to be on point." To save yourself from the struggle of trying to use mascara as eyeliner, make sure you always carry eyeliner in your makeup bag! In addition to making sure that your makeup is spot on, doing this will make sure you are never caught off guard for an appearance or event. If you're looking for a new eyeliner to keep in your bag, consider picking up Lancome's Grandiôse Liner. The bendable wand will allow you to achieve the most precise liquid liner looks!

Frame your eye with your brows 

Doing your eye makeup is like turning your eyes into a work of art. Applying eyeshadow and liner can be very similar to a painter working on their latest masterpiece. Just like a painting needs a frame, your eyes deserve to be framed, too! This is where eyebrows come in. Filling in or shaping your eyebrows with the proper technique can make a large impact on your overall look. The drawing below can let you in on some of the basic do's and don'ts of filling in your eyebrows. If you're looking for a more in-depth tutorial, keep on reading, because those will be coming up soon!

Try to keep these general guidelines in mind when filling in your eyebrows. Photo: Pinterest

If your eyebrows are thin, sparse or short, you may want to consider applying more makeup to your eyebrows during a pageant. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can use makeup to darken, lengthen or thicken your brows. The video below will provide you with a step-by-step guide to achieve the perfect brow when you have little to work with.

For ladies with thicker brows, you will likely need to apply less makeup to achieve your desired look. In your case, you will want to define your brows rather than fully shaping them. Applying makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty, so if your brows are naturally thick and have shape to them, don't worry about applying too much eyebrow makeup. You wouldn't want to end up having your eyebrows distract from your eyes!

Curling your lashes 

You've heard about curling your hair for a pageant, but what about curling your eyelashes? While this may seem like an unnecessary step, curling your lashes can truly take your eye makeup to the next level. Not all lashes have a natural curl to them, so using an eyelash curler will make sure that your lashes pop on stage. If you've never used an eyelash curler before, check out the video below for a tutorial.

Make your eyes interview ready 

During your interview at a pageant, you will want to wear eye makeup, but not as much as you would on stage. Since you will be getting up close and personal with the judges, you won't need your makeup to pop under harsh stage lights or at a distance. For this part of the competition, stick with lighter, more natural colors when choosing your eyeshadow. Dani Walker, Miss Montana USA 2018, recreated her interview makeup to show other pageant contestants how she achieved her winning look. Check out her video down below to get tips from the queen, herself! Are you wondering how to get a flawless face like Dani?

Make your eyes pop on stage 

While you will want to keep your eye makeup on the lighter side during your interview, it'll be time to go full-out glam when you have your evening gown competition, swimsuit competition or finale. Since there will be bright stage lights on you and the judges will be more than an arm's length away, you will want to use darker eyeshadow, thicker liner and even false lashes. All of these things will amp up your makeup look and make your eyes pop on stage. In addition to posting her winning interview look, Walker uploaded a video tutorial about how she achieved her makeup look for the Miss Montana USA 2018 finale. As you can probably tell from the video, Walker made sure her eyes popped on stage by adding dark eyeshadow in her outer corners, using black eyeliner and wearing false lashes. Check out her video down below for some inspiration and makeup tips! Make sure you balance out your bold eyes with a strong lip!

Is waterproof worth it? 

Waterproof makeup can come in handy when you want to look cute by the pool or at the beach. However, for daily wear, some people consider waterproof makeup too difficult to remove, especially when it comes to waterproof mascara. Now, you may be thinking, "what about for a pageant?" Waterproof makeup, particularly waterproof mascara, can prove to be a huge help during pageant weekend, especially if you end up taking home the crown. While it won't be necessary to wear waterproof mascara during the various areas of competition, wearing waterproof mascara during the finale can be a smart move.

The final night of a pageant is usually filled with tears, most of which will hopefully come from the winner. If you happen to be crowned during the finale, you will definitely want to be wearing waterproof mascara in case you have an emotional reaction to winning. There's nothing worse than all of the photos from your crowning moment being ruined by globs of makeup running all over your face. You worked hard to achieve your makeup look; try to make it last! From my personal experience, I've found that the "Better Than Sex" waterproof mascara by Too Faced is a reliable and effective product. The brush's design allows it to add both length and volume to your lashes, amping them up to their full potential. The formula ensures that your mascara will stay on all day, even when coming in contact with water, but without creating clumps between your lashes. It's a win-win!

Time to take it off 

You've finally made it. The long weekend is over, you've mastered your eye makeup for each part of the pageant, and it's time to relax. The first step to doing this involves taking off your beautiful face full of makeup. To easily remove most of your makeup, use a makeup wipe all over your face. I would recommend trying Neutrogena's Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I use these wipes to remove my daily makeup but have also used them during pageants, and like a good employee, they get the job done right the first time!

Since your finale will likely be the last event during your pageant, your eye makeup will be bold and layered on. To help dissolve some of the left behind makeup residue, consider purchasing Clinique's "Take the Day Off" makeup remover that specifically formulated for lids, lashes and lips. I first discovered this product after using some in an Ulta store to remove the makeup I was trying on. After seeing how well it removed my makeup after one swipe, I bought a bottle for myself. This is now my go-to product for removing pageant makeup, especially when I'm wearing waterproof mascara.

What eyeshadow is best for pageant makeup?

Contribution by Devon Knightner

Your foundation is done. Contour and highlight…check. Now it’s time for some eye magic!  Whether you apply your eye makeup at the beginning, middle or end your eyes need to “pop” to say the very least.  There is no wrong choice in your color or smokey-eye. Just make sure your eye colors, as well as your dress, complement each other for your pageant debut.  Your eyes should bring out your confidence even more.

There are so many brands, who can keep up? We can! At Pageant Planet, we make sure to offer great products that will carry you successfully through your pageant and beyond. We carry a few gorgeous palettes that will make your eyes dance across the stage.  Sherri Jessee has a beautiful mean Green Queen Magnetic Palette. It’s available in 3 different palettes that are sure to accent any pageant gown to enhance those baby blues, browns or greens. Check it out.

Palette by Sherri Jessee.  Photo by pageantplanet.com

Of course, Pageant Planet is a great source for all of your pageant needs. If you don’t get it from us, we will give you the best options for pageant success.  Remember to research the pageant your currently competing in. Review the makeup worn by past and recent winners. This will give you an idea of the best direction to take your look to. Always seek a professional MUA ( makeup artist with REAL credentials) to assist you with your pageant looks.

If you’re a natural beauty or glam monster you need quality products to make your pageant makeup backstage a seamless transition.  Here are some products and their descriptions to help you bring your best eyes forward to match any crown color mood you envision for your big pageant day.

Kat Von D- Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Palette

"The true inspiration behind Shade + Light comes from all these years of trying to understand the usage of shadows and light within the portraits I draw."—Kat Von D  

An eye contouring palette with 12 neutral shades in a range of glimmer finishes. Experience the same neutral tones from the original best-selling Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette reimagined in 4 wearable finishes that build in intensity. Organized into neutral, cool and warm-toned quads, this palette features shimmering satin Base shades, pearlized metallic Contour shades, reflective glitter Define shades and special effect glimmer Topcoats to add light-catching dimension to any look.

Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Palette by Kat Von D.  Photo by katvondbeauty.com

M·A·C- M·A·C Smokey Eye Palette/Shiny Pretty Things

Three may be company, but nine’s a real riot with this Eye Party kit. Light up lids in nine hypnotic smoky with enough textures and pops of colour to be a real crowd-pleaser. The compact comes with a double-ended brush and is all candy-wrapped in Shiny Pretty blue metallic packaging.

Smokey Eye Palette/Shiny Pretty Things Palette by M·A·C. Photo by maccosmetics.com

Becca - Volcano Goddess Eye Palette

A brand-new, limited-edition eyeshadow palette featuring 12 mesmerizing eyeshadows in three different finishes—Ultra-Matte, Shimmer, and Molten Metallic. Very creamy and last under stage lighting!

Volcano Goddess Eye Palette by Becca.  Photo by beccacosmetics.com

NARS - NARSissist Wanted EyeShadow Palette

Get eyes to envy with this new, limited-edition eyeshadow palette. Create endless looks to share with 12 high-impact shadows in a range of buttery matte, lustrous satin, and glittering metallic finishes. With Wanted, NARS introduces an all-new pure pigment formula for the richest color payoff in just one stroke. Featuring a versatile range of pale pinks, seductive nudes, and glistening rose golds that play well on all skin tones; it is NARS’ most wanted palette yet.  

Narsissist Wanted EyeShadow Palette by Nars.  Photo by narscosmetics.com

Fenty - Moroccan Spice Collection </strong

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a bundle!  This mega set includes all of the essentials you’ll need to create the ultimate eye look, featuring Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye Primer, Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette, Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner, All-Over Eyeshadow Brush 200, and Tapered Blending Brush 210.  

Moroccan Spice Collection by Fenty.  Photo by fentybeauty.com/

When ordering, pay attention to any bundle deals they may offer. All of the companies listed above have eye palette combos. You may even get some gloss or other swag that can save you money and enhance your beauty! That’s the first win to winning your crown!  

What are the best pageant makeup brands?

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, looking gorgeous as usual

I wish I could have all of the makeup in the world (or as much as I can fit on my makeup table!) but unfortunately makeup is expensive and I’m on a budget. When I go to buy new makeup, I ask friends and do my “research” to find what I hope will be my new “best friend.” However, as I’m sure you know, choosing new pageant makeup is no easy task. There are (what feels like) millions of brands to choose from, and then you have to chose the best products within that brand to fit your needs. To make all of our lives easier, I’ve come up with a list of the top 10 pageant makeup brands (and products from the brand) that pageant girls have been loving this year. 


This one should be a no brainer. MAC has been used for years as a trusted brand for stage makeup because of its highly pigmented products and long wearing time. They also have consistently good quality products, from their lipsticks to foundations. MAC products tend to be thicker so the “no makeup look” generally doesn't work, so if I am doing non-pageant activities I generally leave my MAC products at home. But for appearances and competitions, these products never fail!

Make Up For Ever

This is another overall trusted brand. You rarely hear bad reviews about Make Up For Ever, because they make good quality products. A favorite of mine is the Mist & Fix setting spray, which I spray over my face after applying my pageant makeup. This makes my face last all day, and helps to prevent any slipping and sliding around after a few hours.


Specifically, the Amazonian Clay Foundation. “I love using the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation because it is oil free and provides a natural yet full coverage finish,” says Katie Guevarra, International Junior Miss Eastern New York. I’ve heard so many great things about this foundation, and must agree with Katie! What I love about Tarte is that they use high-performance natural ingredients. They leave out all of the bad chemicals and use ingredients that will benefit your skin. Also, Tarte gives back to the communities in the Amazon from which they get some of the ingredients. It’s an honest brand that will help more than just your skin! (tartecosmetics.com).

Beauty Blender

“I cannot live without my Beauty Blender to blend all of my face makeup. Using the Beauty Blender leaves my complexion with an airbrushed streak free finish,” Katie raves. The Beauty Blender really is the product of the year! By revolutionizing the typical makeup brush, the Beauty Blender has become a favorite of many makeup artists for the flawless finish it leaves on the face.

Too Faced

Specifically, the Chocolate Bar Palette. “I am currently obsessed with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. This palette has been my go to for stage and appearances as the colors are highly pigmented and so easy to blend not to mention they smell yummy!” says Katie. Who doesn’t love pageant makeup that smells good?! Eye shadows that are highly pigmented are a must especially for stage, because they are easier to apply and really stand out.

Laura Mercier

I am definitely a Laura Mercier girl! This is my go-to brand when I know I need a good quality product that will not leave me disappointed. My current favorite is the Silk Creme Foundation, which I have been using for awhile and can’t find a single flaw in! It leaves my skin looking fresh and smooth and lasts all day until I take my makeup off- perfect for long pageant days!


Specifically, the Hoola Bronzer. “It’s so pigmented and goes on to the skin so easy!” says Taylor Jones, International Junior Miss Teen. High pigmentation is clearly a trend for the best makeup brands! When makeup is highly pigmented you end up using less for each application, and your products will last longer. This bronzer is a top seller for Benefit for a reason. (benefitcosmetics.com).


Specifically, the Flat Top Kabuki brush. “The best brushes I have ever used! cheaper than MAC brushes and better in my opinion. My favorite is my Sigma Flat Top Kabuki brush for foundation,” Taylor adds. Count me in if it will save money and work better! Good quality makeup brushes are very important for a smooth makeup application, and will help to pull together your overall look.


Specifically, the warm eye shadow color palette. “I have fair skin so the warm palette has purples and browns and oranges to bring out my eyes!” this International Teen explains. If you read this article then you know that choosing the right eye shadow colors can make or break your look. Fair skinned girls, look no further!

The Perfect Face

“I love the perfect face. Their foundation is the best. I love that you can get a makeup lesson and leave with a customized palette for your skin tone, eye color and hair. The makeup also lasts all day,” explains former Pageant Planet Queen Laura Pennington.

What eyelashes go with pageant makeup?

Contribution by Julia Stone


Lashes, lashes and more lashes, oh my!  Photo: Dan Kitwood-Getty Images News-Getty Images

Believe it or not, according to Pinterest, lashes are 2018's most popular beauty trend!  

Yes, you read that correctly. Lashes! Not hair extensions, not lip injections, not strobing or baking, not even creating the perfect eyebrows! Which, is hard to fathom because faster than you can say, “swipe right”, another brow tutorial is uploaded to youtube claiming to be, “the last brow tutorial you’ll ever need.”

According to Allure magazine, Pinterest rounds up their biggest trends in beauty, and lashes topped the list with a 152 percent increase in searches! The magazine explains that the social media site is able to track pins in real time giving them the perfect insights into what people are interested in and surprisingly, lush lashes grabbed the interest of the majority of online users.

While lashes weren't alone (apparently people are also super into facial oils and colorful liners), they certainly seem to be inspiring cosmetic companies and beauty brands to create innovative new ways to apply and wear these classic old school beauty accessories.  

For titleholders and pageant contestants the world over, putting on a pair of lashes is as natural as teasing our hair or slathering on a bit of Vaseline over our teeth before going on stage. But, in today’s world of beauty, eyelashes are no longer just eyelashes. They have evolved into an elite beauty tool and there is an overwhelming sea of lash options available to choose from.

Fear not, pageant beauty, we’re here to help! Pageant Planet has done the painstaking research for you and we’ve come up with all the information that you need to know in order to make the most educated decision.  

Along with our list of popular pageant lashes, we’ve also included some solid information on lashes in general so that all of your lash questions can finally be answered.

Miss Supranational Mexico 2018, Diana Romero wearing some gorgeous lashes and fabulous eye makeup. Photo Miss Universe Club

Different varieties of eyelashes available

Classic strip lashes  

Classic false eyelashes have been around for a long time. Before mascara, women wore false eyelashes every day to enhance their eyes, and they were extremely limited in their selection. Today, false eyelashes, or strip lashes, as they are now called, are made from synthetic fibers, human hair, mink hair, or 3-D mink lashes and come in thousands of different lengths, thicknesses, lash shapes and density and band types.

For pageant girls, strip lashes are a beauty staple and part of our typical makeup routine. It’s true that when you first try to put on strip lashes, it can be a bit of a challenge. But, with proper instruction, a few tips and some practice, you will be able to put lashes on in about five minutes.

The best thing about strip lashes in addition to the variety available and the ease of application is that there is a vast range of price points, so you can purchase a pair of inexpensive quality lashes from the corner drugstore as well as selecting top of the line lashes that require a more substantial investment.

The biggest difference besides the type of lashes you can buy is that the less pricey lashes cannot be reused that many times, while the more expensive options can be reused sometimes up to 25 times or more if you take care of them.

 Adhesive strip eyelashes  

Using glue to put on your eyelashes can be a real pain in the….well, eye, as many eyelash wearers can attest to. So, in an attempt to make things easier, some eyelash companies developed eyelashes with adhesive strips, which came out a few years ago.

The idea was that you simply pulled off the plastic that covered the adhesive at the base of the lash, and stuck it on your eyelid. A lot of people really like these lashes and find them much less messy to work with than using glue. Popular drugstore companies like Ardell and Kiss sell versions of these lashes, so they are very easy to find if you want to try them out for yourself.

Magnetic eyelashes  

Perhaps one of the most recent developments in the world of eyelashes are magnetic lashes. It sounds bizarre, right?  But, some people love these little do-dads and find them to be quick and easy to use. The plus side is that they do not require glue to put on, however, the downside is that they can take some practice to get them on just perfectly.

There are quite a few companies who are producing magnetic lashes and the price point can range from easy on the wallet, drugstore brands to higher end lines that may be a bit more of a financial investment.

Ardell, which has been a major influence on the world of drugstore eyelashes for years, gave their iconic wispy style lash getting a makeover and launched the new magnetic version. You actually get four lashes with this new creation. Each eye has two sets, one for the top and one for the bottom of your upper lashes. To apply, you clamp the set together over your natural lashes using the magnets, and viola! You're supposed to have lovely and easy to put on and take off, non-glue lashes.

Here is a review and tutorial of the Ardell Magnetic Lashes, but you can find many other videos on youtube if you would like to research these types of lashes in more detail.

NEW Ardell Magnetic Lashes | Review + How to Wear Them!


 The LashLiner System  

The product that will change how women wear false eyelashes! The LashLiner System is a patent-pending magnetic eyeliner and false eyelash system that lets you have beautiful eyelashes quickly, easily and painlessly.

 The LashLiner System. Photo: Pageant Planet

You’re probably thinking, “I’ve seen magnetic eyelashes already.” I can assure you that this is not the same thing! The LashLiner System is not a pair of magnetic lashes hanging from your natural lashes. The LashLiner System is a magnetic EYELINER and lash combination that is super easy to apply, gives the lashes support and keeps them in place all day and night long.

Check out this short video to see how they work:

Individual lashes  

Individual lashes, as their name implies, come in small clumps of single, double or triple groups of lashes, and you can put them exactly where you want them to create a customized lash look all  your own.

They can create a very natural look and a lot of girls really like them for just boosting their regular lashes and making them look fuller and thicker. Using individual lashes can be a great alternative for girls who have sensitive eyes or those who just don’t like wearing strip lashes.

Depending on how many you put on, you can also create a very glamorous eye, so the plus of using these lashes is that they allow you to have a great deal of variety and control over your overall makeup look.

The downside of using individual lashes is that it can be time consuming to put them on, and if you are not patient and don’t have a steady hand, they may not be for you.

Perla Beltrán, Miss Mexico World 2019 knows how to wear some lashes. Photo Miss Mexico World

Recommended brands of pageant lashes

Rain Cosmetics - Drama Lash  

Pageant Planet has just about everything you need in our shop for your next pageant including eyelashes. We are proud to carry Rain Cosmetic’s line of lashes called, “Drama Lash” and offer them in our store.

Harsh stage lights have a way of making eyes look smaller, fight back with lashes so thick and beautiful you’ll never want to take them off! These fun falsies range from demure to daring, allowing you to achieve a look as dramatic as you desire. Sure, you can buy a pair from the drug store but nothing can compare to the quality and amount of wears you can have by investing in a trusted pair by Rain Cosmetics.

Drama Lash by Rain Cosmetics. Photo: Pageant Planet

 Graffiti Glammed  

If you’re ready to release your inner goddess, then check out the new kid on the block, Graffiti Glammed, “Goddess 3D Mink Lashes.” A collection of luscious, handmade, 3D mink lashes that beautifully enhance your captivating eyes. Rapidly building a devoted following, these lashes were a labor of love by their creator.

Makeup Artist Extraordinaire, Designer and creator of “Graffiti Glammed,” Ernesto Robledo believes that all women are goddesses. He states that “Empowering women through the art of makeup has been the most gratifying component of my career.’

Robledo explains how his masterpiece lashes were born;

“In the past decade of working in the makeup industry I’ve learned the power of a good eyelash. Sometimes, I would find myself stacking different lash styles together to give my client a fuller lash look, but at times they would be too heavy and weighed the eye down. Tired of working with difficult and flimsy lashes I decided to put my design background to good use.”

“In an effort to find the perfect eyelashes,” he goes on to say, “I steered away from pre-manufactured lashes and I began to ask my clients what they would like in a eyelash. I listened, learned and produced. My goal was to create a diverse line that I could use on my clients but most importantly that my clients could use on themselves. After months of back and forth sketch ideas and prototypes, Goddess Lashes was born in February 2017.”

Graffiti Glammed are sure to boost your mood and empower you every time you wear them. Each colorful box comes with a positive message, and each style of lash is named after a goddess. How can you go wrong? These 3D Mink Lashes are very reasonably priced at only $18.00 a pair and can be purchased online at graffitiglammed.com

Graffiti Glammed Goddess 3D Mink Lashes. Photo: Graffiti Makeup Artistry by Ernesto Robledo

 Kevyn Aucoin The Lash Collection  

From the incomparable legend, Kevyn Aucoin, lashes as magical as his makeup legacy. These little beauties come in a chic magnetic box with a mirror for easier application. You can pick them up for around $25.00, at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty.

Kevyn Aucoin The Lash Collection - The Starlet. Photo: Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

House of Lashes   

What do Eva Longoria, Khloe Kardashian, Kerry Washington, Fifth Harmony, Paris Hilton, Lala Vasquez, Cassie, Christina Millian, Tinashe and just about every celebrity in Hollywood have in common?  Give up? They have all sworn their allegiance to the House of Lashes.

House of Lashes Iconic Lite. Photo: House of Lashes

Favored by Celebrities, YouTubers, Instagram influencers and just regular gals with 9 to 5 jobs, House of Lashes has become the go-to brand of lash newbies and professionals alike because the band of these lashes are thinner than most false lashes, making them super easy to apply.

Khloe Kardashian flauntin' style, Bambie - for her 30th Birthday Party. Photo: House of Lashes

 Huda Beauty Faux Mink Lash Collection  

These lashes are a bestseller from beauty mogul and makeup artist Huda Kattan, and they're sold at Sephora for about $28.00 a pair.  

Huda Beauty Classic Lash in Samantha #7. Photo: Huda Beauty

Flutter Lashes  

Flutter Lashes are some of the cutest lashes you ever did see, and their packaging is so fun and original, especially their “Royalty” style, which is truly fit for a queen!

They offer a wide range of synthetic, human hair and mink options and are perfect for the pageant gal on a budget who still wants to rock some royal lashes.

Flutter Lashes in Royalty. Photo: Flutter Lashes

Lilly Lashes   

From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez, this brand is a favorite among Hollywood A-listers, but they don’t carry an A-lister price tag. Apparently the Mykonos style has been worn by Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, so if you’re a Diva too who is in need of some va-va-voom, these are for you.

Lilly Lashes Mykonos. Photo: Lilly Lashes

Flutterfluff Lashes  

Flutterfluff Lashes™ is one of the world's most luxurious, natural-looking, soft, light and fluffy strip eyelashes. Made from 100% natural mink fur, Flutterfluff Lashes™ are cruelty-free, sterilized and hypo-allergenic.

Each strip is carefully handmade and constructed using a thin soft flexible cotton band that is easy to wear and very comfortable. What's best is that they are reusable and can be worn up to 25 times!

Flutterfluff Lashes™ are a must-have eye accessory and made from only the highest quality mink for a full and luscious addition to your everyday eyes no matter what the occasion.

Based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates Flutterfluff Lashes™ offers the glamorous and sophisticated women of the region mink lashes that are sure to turn heads. Our promise to you is that once your try our mink lashes you are guaranteed to return again and again for more.

Al Reem Saif wearing Flutterfluff Lashes in Marilyn Lux. Photo: Flutterlush Lashes

How to select eyelashes for your eye shape

The following chart and description is from Flutterfluff Lashes, and it will help you to identify your eye shape and find suitable lashes to complement your facial anatomy. Flutterfluff specializes in mink, 3D Lux and 3D extra-long lashes, and in this chart, they recommend lashes from their line for each eye shape, but the principles are the same for any other type of eyelash that you can purchase.

Wearing false eyelashes is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your face a lift. False eyelashes can instantly make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more prominent. Finding the perfect mink eyelashes for your eye shape can seem a little tricky at first. But the key to finding the style that suits you most is identifying your eye shape!

How To Select Mink Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape. Photo: Flutterfluff Lashes

Round eyes  

Round eyes are large eyes with their width and height being nearly the same. To accentuate the circular shape of your eyes wear long, tapered (longer on the ends), and dramatic false eyelashes that fan outwards like the Elizabeth and Marilyn Lux and avoid lashes that are too thick and double tapered as they can actually make your large eyes look rounder and smaller.

Close-set eyes   

Close-set eyes are spaced less than one eyeball width apart and need lashes that are tapered (longer on the ends) to create the illusion of elongation. Opt for flared lashes with the longest hairs concentrated at the outer corners like Ella or Jean to draw attention towards the outer corners of your eyes.  

Wide-set eyes   

You will need to bring attention inward for this shape of eyes with lashes that are double tapered with the longest hairs being towards the center. We suggest full flared lashes like the Marilyn or the Elizabeth Lux to help mask the extra space between your eyes.  

Deep-set eyes  

Deep-set eyes are set deep into the skull with a more prominent brow bone. Opt for wispy lashes with extra length that will bring out your eyes while taking front stage over your lids. We suggest the Marilyn, Patricia and Raquel that features wispy natural-looking ends and a medium volume to switch focus from your brow bone to the center of your eyes.

Monolid eyes   

False eyelashes are a great option for girls who have no crease because the lashes can create one for you. Monolids are very versatile, so feel free to experiment with different styles depending on the look you’re going for. We suggest medium length lashes that are tapered like the Twiggy Lux to accentuate and soften your eyes without overpowering this beautiful features.

Down-turned eyes

This shape has a slight drop on the outer corners. You will need to create symmetry and an upwards illusion to correct this drop with extra long lashes that are tapered at the ends like the Marilyn Lux, Elizabeth, and Ella.

Up-turned eyes   

This eye shape is an up-turned version of the classic almond eye. It features a natural lift at the outer corners which means that most eyelash styles would work beautifully. You can opt for double tapered lashes like the Marilyn, Lucy, Jackie or Judy. Avoid lashes that are tapered and longer on the ends as they will create additional lift on your outer corners.

Prominent eyes  

Prominent eyes are protruding eyes that have the appearance of bulging out of the eye socket. To prevent your protruding lids from overpowering your look we suggest lashes that are short or medium in length. You can play up any lash style with double tapered lashes that are wispy or clustered being the most flattering for you shape like Natalie and Lola Lux.

Small eyes  

Small eyes are proportionally smaller than the rest of the facial features. You need to select eyelashes that look as natural as possible and are not too thick or heavy as those will only make your eyes appear smaller.

You can opt for tapered or winged lashes that will make your eyes look wider by putting focus on the outer corners like the Flutterfluff Twiggy or Ella. Or if you want to make your eyes appear larger and rounder, start by curling your lashes with a lash curler to open up your eyes and go for double tapered lashes that are longer in the center and shorter on the two outer corners like the Natalie, Jackie or Lucy.

Almond shaped eyes  

The almond eye has equal proportions with a visible lid when the eyes are open. Most false strip lashes look beautiful on this eye shape. Opt for a pair of wispy, voluminous mink lashes like the Flutterfluff Lola Lux or Marilyn and for added flair you can go for lashes that are tapered and longer on the outer corners like the Ella and Twiggy.

Hooded eyes  

Frame your eyes by selecting a pair of double tapered lashes with short and long strands that feature the longest lashes right above your pupil like the Patricia and Natalie. Hooded eyes have a veil of skin that droops over the crease and make the moving part of your lid appear smaller. To prevent this extra layer of skin from taking center stage we suggest long lashes that move focus upwards towards your brow bone.

Nikki French wearing Flutterfluff Lashes in Madison. Photo: Flutterfluff Lashes

Pageant Planet Duchess of Media Content Deidra Murphy created a handy how-to guide on selecting pageant eyelashes for your eye shape. Check it out below.

How to apply eyelashes

Applying eyelashes can be a deal breaker for some people and if you’ve ever struggled with the process and given up, we want to encourage to try again. Just like any other skill, putting on lashes does take some practice, however, we’ve got an incredible tutorial for you that is seriously going to help take the stress out of it.

Presenting one of the best videos on applying eyelashes by renowned celebrity makeup artist, columnist for Teen Magazine Fashionista and YouTube sensation, Nikkie De Jager of Nikkie Tutorials. Nikkie has worked with Kim Kardashian West and her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, makeup Artist Pascale Tesser and so many other professionals it is impossible to name them all. She has created an unprecedented amount of how-to videos on every area of makeup application that you might desire.

Crown Eyes. Photo: nickitutorials Instagram

“Applying false lashes can be one of the most intimidating things to when it comes to doing your makeup,” De Jager says. “Sometimes you finally have them on, but after an hour or three those darn corners lift up again. With this video you can say goodbye to those corner horrors! Today I'll be showing you my false lash application and the easiest way of making them stay on, perfectly, the entire day.”

Eyelash tools that make all the difference

Eyelash glue  

There are a number of eyelash glues on the market and it’s really up to you what brand or formula works best, depending on your personal preference. Glues come in a white color, which eventually will turn clear once it dries and also in black, which some people like because it blends in well with your dark lashes and ends up looking like eyeliner. It is sold in a tube form and also in a small bottle that includes a thin brush for easy application.

One of the most well known and beloved lash glue brands is Duo, and they have created several different formulas that you can easily find just about anywhere makeup is sold. DUO's Striplash Adhesive is the world's best-selling lash adhesive and has been a favorite of professional makeup artists and beauty experts for decades. This latex-based formula was created for all day wear, and can be used with strip and individual lashes. It dries clear and is a waterproof false-lash adhesive that holds your false eyelashes securely in place, for a look that is all drama and no mess.

DUO Clear Strip Eyelash Adhesive. Photo Flutterflush Lashes

Tweezers or eyelash applicator  

Regular tweezers that you use to pluck your eyebrows work just fine for putting on eyelashes, but there are also specialty tweezers that eyelash companies have created to make the task even easier.

Eyelash Applicator. Photo Flutterfluff Lashes

Flirt Cosmetics false lash applicator

If you have trouble using regular tweezers and the typical eyelash applicator just isn’t cutting it, you might want to try the “Flashes False Lash Applicator” by Flirt Cosmetics. You can purchase this cool little tool for $28.00 at Bloomingdales.

Flirt Cosmetics Flashes False Lash Applicator. Photo:  Bloomingdales

Eyelash scissors  

Any scissors will technically work to cut lashes, but having a pair of miniature scissors is super handy and makes it very simple to snip off the ends of lashes so that you can customize the length to fit your eyes perfectly. It’s also safer and they are much easier to take with you when you’re on the go.An added benefit to having a pair of small scissors is that you can trim unruly eyebrows that seem to pop up at the wrong time.

tarteist™ PRO lash scissors. Photo Tarte Cosmetics

Eyelash mascara shield  

If you have ever seen this funny gizmo, you may have wondered just what in the world this contraption is. Well, it is an eyelash mascara shield. It helps prevent mascara smudges on your eyelids and can also assist in blending your natural lashes with your falsies after you’ve put them on. The built in double-sided lash comb can also assist you in taming out of control lashes.

Eyelash Mascara Shield. Photo Flutterfluff Lashes


 Orange stick  

Orange sticks are used primarily in nail care but they work exceptionally well to put pressure on lashes when you are gluing them onto your eyes. You can use this tool to press down lash corners that won’t behave, or you can use it move and reposition lashes as well.

Traditional wooden orange sticks work well, but lash companies also have come out with plastic versions that are really nice to use and have the added benefit of being easy to clean and keep sterile.

All in one eyelash kit  

This is the AB Pro Tool Bundle from Graffit Glammed and this beautiful little kit is perfect for pageants. Travel like a pro with this great set of tools! All you need to help you achieve the cleanest, neatest and beautifulest lashes ever. The small and compact tools fit in just about any makeup bag. Can we say how fun is the Aurora Borealis color effect? We wanted to stay true to our colorful and vibrant brand by complementing our Goddess Lashes packaging! You will definitely not misplace these beauties!

AB Pro Bundle Eyelash Kit. Photo: Graffiti Glammed

A Variety of Graffiti Glammed Goddess 3D Mink Lashes. Photo: Graffiti Makeup Artistry by Ernesto Robledo


Should I get eyelash extensions or wear false eyelashes?

Contribution by Julia Stone

The world of eyelash extensions has sprung up over the past few years and has become an extremely competitive business. And while wearing lash extensions are now very common among pageant girls, you might still have questions about the safety, cost, comfort, and overall process if you have never ventured into the lash chair.  

Trying to decide what kind of eyelashes to wear may sound like a pretty high class problem, but it’s critical that you take the time to make informed decisions like this that can affect so many things about you and your life, particularly the health and safety of your eyes.

Perla Beltrán, Miss Mexico World 2019 masters the smoky eye and pale lip look with out of this world lashes. Photo Mundo Mexico 2008

Introduction to eyelash extensions

Close up of eyelash extension being added to lashes. Photo puhhha-Getty Images-iStockphoto

To help us find out the real deal about lash extensions we talked to some professionals about what it takes to make your lash dreams come true.

Cosmetologist and makeup artist, Cassidy Maples Howard has a long list of pageant clientele, including titleholders at the national level such as, Miss Washington USA 2018, Abigail Hill.  She has a booming lash business called, “Cassidy Howard Beauty” in Seattle, and works on models, brides and pageant contestants in all divisions. Howard is an expert on all things related to false eyelashes and lash extensions, and she gave us an overview of what to expect at your first lash appointment.

Client Miss Washington USA 2018, Abigail Hill. Photo: Abby Hill

“For your first full set, you'll be with me for 90 minutes,” says Howard, “and after that fills are only 60 minutes. As your natural eyelashes shed we need to add new extensions on your new lashes. For maximum fullness I recommend getting a fill every 2-3 weeks.”

Howard describes how she will have a consultation with her client, and based on the condition of her client’s natural lashes and their desired look, she will come up with a plan that achieves that client’s goals, while also keeping the natural lashes safe throughout the process.

The client lies down comfortably and relaxes and can even take a little beauty nap during the service if they wish. Howard will then apply a small piece of surgical tape to gently protect and constrain the lower lashes. Next, she will apply synthetic fiber lashes to the natural lash by dipping them one-by-one into a non-irritating bonding agent. The procedure is completely painless. Howard offers three different types of eyelash extensions to her clients, keeping in mind her client’s natural lash strength and the length, volume or glamour level that they are trying to achieve.

Classic Lashes   

Individual eyelash extensions are applied to natural eyelashes one extension per lash giving a natural, thicker appearance.

Volume Lashes   

Volume Lashes are created by adding multiple eyelash extensions to a single natural eyelash creating a full feathered appearance. Volume lashes are soft and fine but can be dramatic if that is the desired look.

 Hybrid lashes  

A mix of classic lashes and volume lashes that creates a multi-dimensional look. These are the most popular among all of the clients that come to Cassidy Howard Beauty.

In addition to selecting the correct type of lashes to have installed, the most important thing to remember with eyelash extensions is to be extremely gentle and to take care of them. You just cannot stumble into bed at night and not take your eye makeup off and not wash your lashes. You’ve just spent a sizeable amount of money on those babies and you have to treat them with love and care.

Howard agrees and emphasizes, “Don't be afraid to get them wet! Seriously, after waiting for 24 hours after having them put in, you should be cleaning them regularly to prevent any debris. It will also help them stay on longer. Washing your lashes is also the most important part to natural lash health. It will also help the synthetic lash stay on better.”

“Feel free to wear whatever makeup product you like, but make sure you don't use oil based products to clean them because oil breaks down the glue bond. Using simple baby shampoo is just fine.”

“Refills are your friends,” she adds, “Don't wait too long to get them done. These are your lashes! Don't you want them do look amazing 24/7?”

“Don't apply mascara,” She warns. “Keeping your lashes clean of residue and maybe the little bit of eye shadow that got on them is one thing, globbing on layers of mascara (or any for that matter) is another. You want to keep your lashes looking fresh and natural for as long as you can. Putting on mascara won't do you any favors long-term.”

Other tips to remember are to not play with your lashes, which honestly can be very hard not to do for some people. They are long, thick and luscious and you are drawn to touch them, but you mustn’t!

You definitely don’t want to rub your eyes at all because that will result in immediate lash breakage. And, many lash technicians recommend investing in a silk or satin pillowcase, as sleeping on ordinary cotton shams can cause drying or lash snagging. Laying your head on a satin pillowcase also has the added benefit of keeping your lovely locks looking silky smooth.

Before and after volume eyelash extensions. Libby Living Colorfully Blog

The different types of eyelash extensions

The amount of information about eyelash extensions is massive and if you google the term, “types of eyelash extensions” you will be stunned at the number of pages available on the internet for you to read.   

It can be truly overwhelming to get some basic questions answered about all the different lash types so we decided to get to the nitty gritty and consult Courtney Akai about the differences between classic, volume, silk and mink lashes.

Courtney Akai was one of the first trained eyelash extension artists in New York. She has been in the cosmetic business for more than 15 years, and is a licensed esthetician. Courtney Akai holds certificates from two leading lash extension companies, as well as certifications in the newest “Volume”, “Russian Volume” technique.

 What are the different types of lashes available and how do I know what is best for me?  

“There are three types of lash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink,” she says. “Size availability ranges from 6mm to 17mm. A half set of lashes are an economical alternative to achieve a similarly dramatic effect, applied as filler to thicken natural lashes, or applied outward from the eye for a specialized look.”

“Everyone has different lashes, and depending on the condition of your own natural lashes, lash experts can only go a certain length or thickness. (This is to ensure that your own lashes remain healthy.) For example, if your natural lashes are on the shorter, thinner side, you won't be able to get a crazy, dramatic Kim Kardashian look, because it won't last. It's better to start out with a half set (50 to 60 percent of your top lashes) if you aren't sure or it's your first time. It’s easier to add more than to remove lashes!”

 What is the difference between silk and mink lashes?  

“Silk lashes are heavier lashes, but are great for thickness whereas mink lashes are typically thinner, lighter and softer,” she says. “Since mink lashes are thinner and lighter, they are best for achieving a more natural look. Silk lashes are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. They are made to look more glossy and full. With these types of lashes, you can sleep with them, swim, sunbathe and play sports.”

“These lashes require very little maintenance and allow you to continue with your daily activities without worrying about them falling out,” Akai continues. “If you are looking for the mascara look with glossy, long eyelashes – silk eyelashes are the way to go. Mink eyelashes look more natural and are extremely lightweight. They are more matte than silk lashes. The Mink is acquired by carefully brushing and collecting the hair. The best mink lashes are Siberian mink lashes.”

“The only downsides to mink lashes are that they may lose their curl as time passes (a heated lash curler can remedy this) and if you are allergic to animal hair, you may experience an allergic reaction to the mink hair.”

What is the difference between classic and volume lashes?  

“A classic lash extension is a method where one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Classic lash extension is also known as a one-to-one lash extension and while this technique can help add length and thickness, it limits the stylist to the amount of natural lashes a client has.”  

“A volume lash extension (also known as Russian volume) is a method where more than one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Volume lashes are thinner, lighter and use less glue during the application and this combination results in less weight on the client’s lashes while still reaching a fuller look.”

The volume lash technique is also known as Russian volume or 2D volume lashes. 2D volume lashes refer to when two lash extensions are applied to an individual natural lash. Although known as 2D lashes, up to 6 lash extensions (6D) can be applied to one natural lash. You can also opt for Mega Volume which is 6D to 10D. Volume lashes are great for achieving a more dramatic look and also great for clients with fewer natural lashes.

A cautionary tale about lash extensions

Megan Cox is a beauty manufacturer and beauty blogger who is on a mission to solve the world's toughest beauty problems through real science and natural ingredients. She is also an MIT grad who’s addiction to eyelash extensions caused her lashes to fall out, and as a result she ended up creating a product called, “Wink,” a natural hair growth enhancer used to re-grow sparse lashes and brows.

Megan was obsessed with beauty and makeup but her obsession ended up causing her a lot of harm. She began using false eyelashes and then began compulsively getting lash extensions. A year later, her lashes were devastated. Her story is very unfortunate, but she ended up creating a really powerful product as a result, that not only helped her to grow her lashes and over-plucked brows back, but also helped many other women with the same problem.

On her blog, she discusses all of the pros and cons of lash extensions in an extremely frank and honest way, and lays out the facts so that others can make an informed decision. Even though her experience with eyelash extensions was not positive in the end, she still supports those ladies who want to get them, and simply warns us to be wise and make an educated and informed decision.

“Eyelash extensions are literally little fake individual eyelashes that are glued one by one to your natural lashes at the base, by an aesthetician.” Cox explains. “The extensions “grow out” with your natural lashes, and fall off when the lash does. Lash extensions semi-permanently enhance the length, thickness and fullness of natural eyelashes.”

She started getting fills every two weeks and eventually her semi-monthly lash habit had forced her natural lashes to become even shorter and more sparse than they were when she started. Cox describes how she became so fixated on her lashes and her “OCD tendencies” really took over.

“I brushed and rearranged them,” she said, “I constantly felt them and “lifted” them with my finger. When I felt the bottom of one starting to come loose from my natural lash, I peeled it off. The only problem was, you can’t just peel a lash extension off. If it starts to come loose, you basically have to live with this weird hard fake lash poking out/poking your lid or eye, or you have to pull out the lash altogether. Most often, while trying to separate the false lash from the real one, I did the latter.”

On her final trip, the aesthetician told her that she needed to “take a break” because she couldn’t even attach extensions to her natural lashes because they were so short. That was the day that she quit extensions forever.

Wink Lash & Brow Oil. Photo. Amalie Beauty

Wink is an organic lash and brow enhancing oil, aimed at helping to naturally stimulate hair follicle growth. By leveraging a custom mix of essential fatty acids, this hypoallergenic beauty oil will give lashes and brows a more lush and full appearance.  

Don't fake it; enhance your natural beauty with Wink. Each bottle is a two month supply of nourishing oil for lashes or brows. Visible results at two weeks; full results at eight to 12 weeks.

Eyelash extensions versus false eyelashes

Lash extensions are an incredible benefit to those women who long for the lovely, lush lashes that they weren’t born with, and those devotees that adore them feel that they are worth the investment of time and money.  

You certainly cannot argue with how sensational and fabu-lash you always look first thing in the morning when you have lash extensions, that is for sure! There is no doubt that they can boost a gal’s confidence. You cannot beat the fact that doing your makeup is a much quicker and much easier process, leaving you a lot more time when you’re getting ready for the day or to go out somewhere.  

We would be irresponsible if we did not point out the risks and down side of lash extensions as opposed to traditional false eyelashes. After doing considerable research and hearing from professionals and lash users alike, we’ve created a list of the pros and cons of wearing both lash extensions and false eyelashes.  

Breaking all of the information down like this makes it much easier to determine which type of eyelash is best for you.   

Miss Grand Ukraine 2018 Yana Laurinaichute touching up her lashes. Photo Fans of Ukrainian beauty

 The pros of lash extensions  

  • LASHES! - Long, luscious, gorgeous lashes
  • No mascara - You don’t have to use mascara
  • No lash glue - You don’t have to use lash glue like you do with strip lashes
  • Looking good 24/7 - You look amazing without makeup on
  • Confidence - You feel so confident with long, full lashes
  • Time - You save time putting on your makeup
  • Commitment – Getting lash extensions is high-maintenance and require upkeep

  The cons of lash extensions  

  • Cost – Lash Extensions are a financial investment
  • Time – Appointments can take an hour or two
  • Energy – An appointment for a lash fill every 3-4 weeks
  • Being Fidgety – You must lie still, with your eyes closed while the technician puts the lashes on
  • Discomfort or danger to your eyes - Allergic to the eyelash adhesive used for eyelash extensions. Some adhesives used when applying eyelash extensions contain formaldehyde
  • Irritating – Lash extensions can be irritating at times if one lash goes haywire
  • Distracting – Sometimes people get distracted by their lashes and play with them and pull on them

Graffiti Glammed Lashes Style Isis. Photo @arcy_makeupdiva

 The pros of false eyelashes  

  • Low-maintenance – You can take them off at the end of the night
  • Natural look – You can create a very natural look if that is what you prefer
  • Variety – You can wear demi lashes, wispy lashes or super fabulous extra long and full lashes
  • Cost – False eyelashes are relatively inexpensive and there is a vast range of prices for lashes
  • Long lasting – They can last you up to 20 uses if you purchase a high quality brand, and if you take care of them

The cons of false eyelashes  

  • They are temporary
  • They can be challenging to work with
  • If you are impatient, you may get frustrated trying to put them on
  • They sometimes come unglued and fall off
  • The glue can be messy and sticky
  • Easy to rip out lashes when removing (which can result in semi-permanent and permanent bald spots on your lash line)

Hopefully, we have been thorough enough in our exploration of the pros and cons of both eyelash extensions and false eyelashes so that you can make the best choice for yourself. So before you rush to make an appointment with an eyelash extension technician who you found advertising a cheap Groupon deal, make sure you do your research first. You should have a full consultation with a technician and make sure that they are not only qualified, but certified to do your lashes safely. Take your time while communicating with them to determine what your desired look is and ask all the questions that you need to.

Also, make sure that they are using a premium adhesive that is top quality, pharmaceutical grade, and entirely safe to ensure the best results. Be certain that the glue used at the lash boutique is void of any toxic and/or cancer-inducing chemicals, including Formaldehyde, a commonly-used substance in adhesives. 

If you have extremely sensitive eyes, you should ask if a fume-free glue is available. And, finally make sure that all tools and products used are sterilized between appointments and clients. You are paying for a very costly service, and you want to come away with a positive experience, and fabulous lash extensions while maintaining the health of your natural lashes.

What is pageant makeup for kids?

Contribution by Allie J Hoffman

Pageants are for all ages! The youngest age division is typically zero to 11 months old. I have even seen a four-day old baby in a pageant. But not all contestants will have makeup on them. The younger the child is the less makeup (if any) they will wear. Also keep in mind that a glitz contestant will wear far more makeup than a natural contestant and at a younger age. When it comes to applying makeup for pageant kids, what will determine how much you put on is their age, the type of pageant and your pageant paperwork!

Babies age zero to two years old for natural and glitz typically will not use any makeup. At the very most concealer or pressed powder may be used to cover up bruises, bug bites or skin irritations. I do not recommend putting any makeup on your newborn. If you absolutely have to use any form of makeup on your baby or infant, make sure to use a new clean brush or sponge. Also choose a brand that is hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. Testing the product on your skin first can sometimes rule out any potential skin irritations that may happen with your baby but it is not a failsafe. If makeup is allowed try to keep it very minimal.  

Elliahna’s makeup as the photo below shows is perfect for age two and under. She has light powder, blush and a tint of mascara.

Elliahna Scanlan baby glitz competitor. HMU: Toni Overby. Photo: LBF

Ages three and up in the glitz world are all hands-on deck-everything is allowed. At this age a child typically does not use a flipper, but some will depending on how their baby teeth have come in. Ages 3 and up are allowed to use full makeup, lashes, false teeth, hair pieces-everything. Although, just because your paperwork says they are allowed it does not mean the child will let you put it on!

Some kiddos this age can be still a bit too wiggly for a full face. And a little too young yet for black eyeliner or lashes. If you have a wiggly little one, a full coverage foundation, powder, blush and eye-popping shadow with glossy lips is a happy medium for makeup. Somewhere between three to five  years old most glitz contestants have merged from a light full face to a full face. After they are comfortable enough to sit still for a full face, there are no limits and this continues into the teen and above age groups. Ella Riest, pictured below, a nationally leveled competitor in the glitz world is a rock star for her hair and makeup stylist, Carmen Crocco.



Glitz competitor Ella Riest. HMU Carmen Crocco. Photo: PhD.

Ages three to nine in the natural pageant world typically won’t allow much makeup. You may be allowed to apply mascara and clear gloss. Some systems will allow light powder and blush as well. This is where referring to your director, paperwork or reigning royalty is key. Too many times I have seen contestants get points docked for improper use of makeup. Researching the last year’s competition can give you piece of mind as well. For our natural competitors ages 10 to teens, most systems will allow a light full face. The teen divisions into Mrs. And up, you are allowed to wear heavier stage appropriate makeup.

No matter the age of the competitor or the amount of makeup used on the skin, always make sure to start your makeup game with clean exfoliated skin. With the exception of the babies, all skin can use a light exfoliant and a mild car soap. For older competitors, a daily cleanser is also helpful.

“Start with a clean exfoliated moisturized face. Good scrub, exfoliate the skin, clean fresh canvas!” Pageant makeup expert Mykel Bacca says, “Keep care of your skin, you can’t buy more skin. Start now, you won’t have to worry about it. My biggest thing is to maintain your skin!”

Don’t ever be afraid to reach out to the director of the pageant on a detailed description of what makeup is allowed. Even when paperwork seems to clearly defined what makeup is allowed, directors would prefer you to ask a question for clarification. Please remember these remarks are a very general statement on pageant makeup for kids. Your best guideline is to read your pageant paperwork and reach out to your director. Once you have done that, we’d love for you to use some of our tips on makeup!

How to apply pageant makeup to peeling skin

Contribution by Devon Knightner

Having bad skin days can have unfavorable setbacks to our self-confidence. Your pageant day should be a fun-filled, glitter showered hectic day that peeling or dry skin shouldn’t hinder. There are many reasons your skin could be dry or peeling; Excessive sun exposure, dry winter air, or even overdoing it with harsh skin care regimes and products.  Yeah, you can exfoliate too much! Just because your skin isn’t being cooperative doesn’t mean your makeup, the judges or the audience should notice.

A few preventative measures should be taken. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Not just with a killer moisturizer for your pretty face. We’re talking about within. Drink lots of water. The amount of water you consume per day totally depends on the activity you’re involved in on a regular basis, your size, and weight. You should drink at least half of your body weight.

Example: If you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water per day.  The more active you mean the more water you should add to drink. Water keeps your skin clear and gives you an amazing energy to help keep your stamina through your pageant competition. Your skin has to have a fitness routine too!  

Since pageant makeup has to be “slayed” on thick no matter the skin type, don’t allow this to devour you. We recommend you seek your local professional dermatologist for questions, severe conditions or consultations. There are a few helpful and protective ways to apply your pageant makeup to dry-flaky or peeling skin.  

Step One: Smooth and soothe

Be nice to your pageant makeup artist. Give him or her the cleanest, smoothest surface to work with. Exfoliate with a mild cleansing scrub to remove any peeling and dead skin. Use a creamy or gel moisturizer. Gel moisturisers are preferred.  It is very soothing to dry or peeling skin and it’s water based. The thicker application of a creamy foundation will complement each to best conceal any potential dryness.

If you happen to be in a rush and your peeling flakes are making a last minute appearance then use a physical exfoliant.  Anyone with skin should own at least two of these, one for home and one on the go.

Budget-friendly tip: Apply a light layer of EVOO (Organic Extra Light Virgin Olive Oil) to damp skin. Leave on for four to six minutes. Then, use a warm washcloth, in a light circular motion to remove dead or peeling skin. Mild redness will briefly appear as blood flow is being released.  

Step Two:  Don’t forget those lips boo!

Peeling lips are a neglected area we sometimes forget about. Pageant beauty’s need smooth lips to apply gloss, creamy or matte lipstick. So impress your MUA with smooth everything! Exfoliate those lips too!  So obsessed with M·A·C’s Lip Scrubtious. This sugar-based exfoliator gently buffs away dry and flaky skin, with a formula enhanced by hydrating and nourishing conditioners leaving lips soft and oh-so-smoochable.  It tastes yummy too!

Lip Scrubtious by M·A·C. Photo by maccosmetics.com

Once you’ve wiped off or eaten the excess sugar scrub, it’s time to hydrate those lips.  Not with gloss. With a lip primer that won’t revert your lips to dryness or cracking. Remember those pageant lips have to withstand onstage lighting!  Try M·A·C’s Prep + Prime Lip. It’s a colour-free lipstick base that adds light moisture, soothes and refines.

Prep + Prime Lip by M·A·C. Photo by maccosmetics.com

Step Three: Prime layers for the skin you’re in

Now that your pageant dewy skin has been achieved, you have to add a really good primer.  Since dry or peeling skin is the topic, you’ll want to get a primer that caters to dry skin.  Becca’s Backlight Priming Filter is an amazing primer for dry skin.

Backlight Priming Filter by Becca. Photo by beccacosmetics.com

Step Four:  Conceal me not to foundation haute!

Conceal imperfections like blemishes, dark spots, and discoloration and Reveal photo-ready skin that’s begging to be crowned! This hypoallergenic and oil-free formula is infused with antioxidants & SPF 15 to protect against harmful UV rays. Its lightweight formula packs a ton of coverage without making you feel cakey, meaning you will be the one shining through during your interview and on stage, not the makeup you are wearing. Check it out.

Concealer by Rain Cosmetics. Photo: pageantplanet.com

Then, choose your favorite creamy foundation to blend that seamless layer of skin. If you still want a little glow, go to step four and a half.  

Step Four and a half (optional): Bronze me out, highlight me not.  

Usually, applying bronzer, blush or other dark-colored makeup products to dry skin will highlight the peeling skin and make it appear more prominent. And some would say avoid makeup products that contain glitter or shimmer in them. But not Pageant Planet.  Remember had a chance to really get your skin smooth in step one for your big pageant day. So go for it!

Just remember to use cream based bronzers and highlights. If you must use powder, just make sure to dab and not brush. Then, blend with a slightly damp sponge and follow the next step!

Step Five: Set me up, pageant style.

For dry skin…no setting powder. Setting spray! The right setting spray melts your makeup down and you can’t even remember ever having dry or peeling skin, to begin with.  Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray does not disappoint. Your skin feels so hydrated after those several layers of makeup pageantry rests upon your face. It feels as light as a feather with a couple of light mists.


All Nighter Setting Spray by Urban Decay. Photo: urbandecay


Pageant makeup ideas for your skin complexion

Contribution by Devon Knightner

Pro Filt’r Foundation by Fenty Beauty. Photo: lorealparisusa.com

When applying your makeup, wait, how do you know it’s for you? Do you match? Before pageant makeup can be slayed properly, you must make sure your makeup from concealer to highlights, all your shades match with your pretty face.  Knowing your complexion is extremely important when doing your pageant makeup. Best practice is to consult your local professional dermatologist in your area for a consultation to determine your complexion and skin tone.

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test is based on the skin's reaction to sun exposure, this system classifies skin tones into 6 basic categories. This information below is directly from The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test.

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test

Type I: Light skin that always burns and never tans.

Type II: Fair skin that usually burns, and then tans.

Type III: Medium skin that may burn, but tans well.

Type IV: Olive skin that rarely burns and tans well.

Type V: Tan brown skin that very rarely burns and tans well.

Type VI: Black brown skin that never burns and tans very well.


Photo: BAZE MPINJA via glamour.com


Variances in each of these 6 basic classifications of skin tone occur in the form of skin undertones. Whether you have very fair or dark skin, there is an undertone to your coloring that is warm, cool or neutral.

Warm undertones: The veins on the insides of your wrists have a purple-bluish hue, you look best in gold jewelry and your skin tends to get a golden or honey color from sun exposure.

Cool undertones: The veins on the insides of your wrists have a green-bluish hue, you look best in silver jewelry and your skin tends to burn or gets a rosy color from sun exposure.

Neutral undertones: It's hard to tell if the veins on the insides of your wrists appear more purple or green, gold and silver jewelry are equally complementary and your tan as well as the burn from sun exposure.

Skin types

Skin types refer to the condition or feel of your skin. Skin types vary based on water content, oil content, and sensitivity. Regardless of skin tone and undertones, just about everyone's skin can be categorized based on these factors.

Normal Skin: Not too oily or too dry with few or no imperfections, an even complexion, and no sensitivity.

Combination Skin: Can be oily in some areas, like the T-zone, and dry in others with overly dilated pores and a shiny complexion.

Oily Skin: Oily all over with enlarged pores and a thick, shiny complexion that is prone to blackheads and breakouts.

Dry Skin: All-over dryness with a rough, reddish complexion, almost no visible pores, less elasticity, and more visible lines.

Sensitive Skin: Easily irritated skin that shows up in the form of redness, itching, burning or dryness.

Now that you know what your exact complexion is, it’s time to even out your beautiful face so everyone can see you on stage.  It’s an enhanced dramatic look that requires the right skincare to the best foundation. The goal is to make your pageant makeup best any complexion. Here are a few helpful hints to even out that beautiful pageant complexion of yours.

Step One: Primer prep

After your face is clean and moisturized make sure you start with the great primer before you apply your makeup. Wearing the right primer as a base helps your makeup to evenly blend. It also helps set your makeup to last all day and on stage without melting.

Step Two: Even out color corrections

Take a look at your face and see what you’d like to cover up. Redness, sore under eye bags or puffiness is a good place to start. Depending on your skin tone some concealers to even out your complexion can go from green to yellow to orange Make sure to have a damp beauty blender to continue to even everything out.

Step Three: Foundation that can take the weight

The beautiful thing about foundation is that if you make a mistake, you can go back with concealer at the end and erase it! Remember to blend, blend and blend.

Step Four: Clean House

Make sure any imperfections are re-concealed and smoothed out by concealer and foundation.

Step Five: Contour

From Loreal, “One of the final steps in your makeup routine is to sculpt your newly even-looking skin tone. You know what that means: contouring. Don’t be intimidated—although it sounds super fancy, contouring your face requires an easy technique. Generally, all you have to do is trace the shape of the number “3” on either side of your face, hitting your forehead, cheekbone, and jawline. For this step, use a concealer shade that’s two hues darker than your skin tone and be sure to blend your lines out with a makeup blender for a natural look.”

Step Five: Seal and set

The end is here and now you need to make sure it stands underneath the stage lights.   Well get your setting spray and bake it in right with your favorite setting spray.

Photo: Nancy Mangano


How to use pageant makeup to hide imperfections

Contribution by Julia Stone

Every pageant girl loves pageant makeup! It just seems to come with the territory. We all have versions of different makeup looks, depending on what we are doing in our day or where we are going. Each of these makeup looks is perfect for the situation. They usually go something like this:

We have our everyday, glammed down, go to work or school makeup face with just the basics and what we feel we need to do in order to leave the house. We have our night on the town or special occasion makeup face, which has a bit more color and a lot more sparkle. We definitely have our full on over-the-top pageant competition face, complete with out-to-there eyelashes and bright lipstick. We might even have a, “it’s 10:00 on Friday night, but I’m craving ice cream, and must go to the store right now” makeup face, which probably consists of a touch of concealer and lip gloss.

A queen with a perfectly highlighted face. Photo: nickitutorials

Most of us are not only very comfortable doing our makeup in all of these different ways, but we have become quite skilled at creating these looks and we tend to be consistent with what we like. We know what our favorite features are and we tend to highlight those areas.

If we think we have pretty eyes, we might have amassed a large, colorful collection of eye shadows, liners and lashes in every length imaginable. If we have always loved the shape of our lips, we probably have an enviable treasure trove of lipsticks in mattes and shimmers, not to mention a drawer full of liners and glosses in every shade of the rainbow.

At Pageant Planet, we know that pageantry is for everyone!  We believe that there is a place for every single person who wants to participate in a pageant. We also believe that all women are beautiful, that nobody is perfect and that there are no such things as “flaws.” But, we also understand that sometimes people do get self conscious about a facial feature and they feel like they cannot be successful in pageants because of it, or that maybe they shouldn’t even be competing in pageants at all.  

We don’t want you to be held back just because of something like that. We want to empower you and make you feel incredible about yourself. We make it a priority to give our readers everything they need to be the best that they can be, so, we’ve developed a guide to pageant makeup ideas to hide those imperfections that you’re not crazy about. And, we sincerely hope that this guide will help you fall in love with every single part of you, because you are worth it!

Check out five common beauty issues and how to fix them:

There are five main areas of the face that people often want to improve or change in some way: eyes, nose, lips, skin and facial shape.  

Before we can teach you how to change your facial features with makeup, we need to go over the basic principles involved in correcting facial features, as well as the makeup products and tools that you’re going to need in order to do that.

Changing your facial features with makeup

Kim Kardashian West with and without makeup. Photo: nikkietutorials

As mentioned earlier, most pageant girls know how to apply their makeup for all the various functions, events, occasions and areas of their lives, and they have become very adept at doing it. But, when it comes to actually correcting a facial feature or creating the illusion of something that is not really there, many of you are really intimidated by the prospect. You think that only highly skilled professional makeup artists are capable of the techniques required to pull off that level of makeup magic.

Yes, we wholeheartedly agree that there is nothing like have a professional artist do your makeup for you, and some of you rely on them to create the perfect look at your pageants. But, what will you do if your makeup artist gets sick or their car breaks down?  Wouldn’t you rather have the power and ability to take care of yourself?

Just because you are not a pro, does not mean that you can’t learn the skills necessary to change your facial features with makeup. The power of makeup is available to anyone who is willing to be open minded enough to learn and patient enough to practice.

The basic principles of correcting facial features with makeup  

Doing makeup is an art, and to be skilled at applying makeup, especially when it comes to correcting things on the face, you must approach it as an art. Therefore, you must understand the basic principles of techniques like contouring and highlighting.

If you have ever taken a painting class, one of the very first lessons that you learned was how using light and dark colors affected the look of your painting. You learned that light colors highlight things, bring them out and make them look larger, while dark colors made objects diminish, made them smaller or caused them to fade into the background.

The same principles that the master painters throughout history used to create all of the masterpieces in the Louvre in Paris are the same principles that modern makeup artists use today to change the shape of eyes, noses and cheekbones on the canvas of the face.

Contouring involves the use of darker colors to make an objects diminish, make it smaller or cause it to fade into the shadows. Highlighting just means that you use lighter colors to bring attention to something, bring an object out and make it look larger. Then when you combine these two opposite techniques together you use them both to create symmetry and balance. Some people might say that you are in essence replicating cosmetic surgery when you are contouring and highlighting. We prefer to think of it as visual magic with makeup!

The Magic of Makeup - Before and After. Photo Laura Lee Instagram

Recently, Allure magazine spoke to makeup artists Ashleigh Ciucci, Troy Surratt, and Mally Roncal (all of whom can contour and highlight in their sleep) to reveal the basics you need to know for bringing out your cheekbones, reshaping your nose, and subtly sculpting your face whenever you feel like it.

In the article, “How to Contour and Highlight Your Face With Makeup,” the professionals give us the goods on how they create masterpieces on the canvases they work on. With regard to contour products, anything that stands out too much against skin is going to look obvious.

"If you're fair, use a contouring cream or powder that's one shade darker than your skin tone," says Ashleigh Ciucci.

In keeping with the idea of shadows, but look for formulas with a grayish cast, and stay away from anything too red or orange, like most bronzers.  Bronzers can be used for contouring but they must be more neutral tones and they have to have a matte formula without added sheen. Most bronzers are made to not only warm up the skin and make it darker, but many of them have added shimmer to recreate the glow that you might get from a day in the sun.

One of the best contouring products ever made, Kevyn Aucoin “The Sculpting Powder” creates the illusion of flawless shadows. Lightweight to the touch for a seamless blend, this buttery powder accentuates the natural contours of your face to impart a sculpted, airbrushed look. The all day coverage lasts until you take it off, in three perfect-for-everyone shades. See what all the fuss is about!

Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Contour Powder. Photo Dermstore.com

Highlighting is especially important when you're contouring because it brings the light back into your face,” says Ciucci. “But once again, you don't want to overdo it.”

"Most people slap on too much highlighter and look like the Tin Man," agrees makeup artist Mally Roncal.

Her technique is practical and efficient. "I lightly coat my pointer, middle, and ring fingers with highlighter, and then rub them against the same fingers on the other hand," she says. "Tap your fingers up and down your cheekbones, and then dab whatever's left over on your brow bones, the center of your chin, and just one tap on the tip of your nose.”

When you are highlighting, especially with formulas that have a lot of sheen or sparkle in them, be especially careful of not putting a lot of the product on the very tip of your nose. It’s normal to have a bit of shine on your nose but oftentimes girls overdo it with the highlighter and they end up looking like a reindeer or an elf!

This might be super cute if you are “a who from whoville,” but it’s really not a good look for a pageant queen, Cindy Lou!  

Makeup products for contouring and highlighting  

So now that you understand the basic principles of techniques like contouring and highlighting, you need to know exactly what to do to achieve the corrections you desire for each of your features. You need to know what makeup products to use to make that magic happen.

One of the first things you will need to decide is if you want to purchase products that are powder based or cream based, or a combination of both. While the formula you use is totally up to you, make sure you're consistent. That means using all cream or all powder products, from your foundation to your blush. Layering different textures can cause a caked-on effect, and it won't blend as seamlessly.

Using the same type of products on your face at one time is definitely the way to go, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use both powders and creams at different times. There is nothing wrong with having a variety of options in your makeup bag because our skin changes throughout the year and you may find that you prefer one type of formula over another during certain seasons.

For instance, in the winter when our skin tends to be drier, you may find that you like to use cream products on your face as they contain moisturizing agents that will blend easily and give you a nice glow when your skin might be more pale. During the spring and summer months, our skin tends to produce more oil and our skin may also be darker from being out in the sun. Powder formulas may perform better on your skin during these times.

On the other hand, if your skin is consistently oily or more combination but tends to be oily in the t-zone area (your forehead and then down your nose to your chin), you might benefit from using powder based products all of the time. If your face is always on the dry side, or if you are an older woman whose skin is changing, you might find that cream or mousse type products really feel great on your skin and last a lot longer than the powder versions.

Powder products are usually easier for beginners to work with as they are buildable and easy to take off. Buildable means that you can start off with just a little on your skin and then build it up if you want more of it. Powder can also be easily wiped off if you make a mistake.

One of the most error proof highlighters that you can buy are BECCA highlighters. It’s hard to describe why best-selling award-winning BECCA highlighters are so loved and adored by women everywhere. All we can say is that they have the ability to make you look like you are surrounded by a shimmering halo of light, or perhaps kissed on the face by a fairy.

They come in an array of breath taking colors with names like opal, topaz, moonstone and rose quartz. And there are molten liquid glaze varieties as well as the softest, creamiest powder formulations. You can layer them to create ultimate light and lift or wear alone for different highlighting effects. All highlighters are free of fragrance, sulfates and phthalates.

BECCA Opal Glow on the Go Shimmering Skin Perfector 2 Piece Set. Photo Amazon

The other concern that you have to be aware of when using contouring and highlighting products is that they also come in formulations that have either a matte look or a shimmer or sheen to them. The reason that you have to pay attention to this is that when cosmetics companies add light reflective particles to a product, it will look shiny on the skin, which is usually the intent.

The problem is that those little light reflective particles act like a highlighter and they will bring attention to whatever you put it on. That’s not an issue if you are deliberately using a highlighter that has light reflecting particles, and you’re trying to emphasize a facial feature like the top of a cheek bone.

But if you are trying to contour with a bronzer, for instance, and you’re trying to create the hollow underneath that same cheekbone, those light reflecting particles will actually make your cheeks look bigger!  You will end up looking like a shiny, puffed up chipmunk! So, just be careful when you are selecting the specific products you want to use to contour and highlight.

Ciucci likes working with liquid highlighter formulas, like Nars Illuminatorin Copacabana (a glistening light pink) for fair skin or Laguna (a shimmery golden brown) for dark skin.

"These formulas mimic your skin's texture so it just looks more believable," she says. If you have fair skin, a pearly shade works well, but those with medium and dark complexions need a warmer golden highlighter for a glow that looks natural, not pasty, says Ciucci.

Nars Illuminatorin Copacabana. Photo Allure


 All-in-one kits for contouring and highlighting  

If you would rather not purchase separate containers or different brands of contour and highlighting products, it’s totally fine to streamline your makeup and buy an all in one kit. You definitely want to invest in a quality contouring and highlighting kit if you are a pageant competitor, and lucky for us, there are endless products on the market for us to choose from.

We’re going to start off our list of recommendations with a product from a man who was a true master of makeup, not simply a makeup artist. It seems only fitting to begin with the person who actually created the blueprint of modern contouring and highlighting as we know it today in the makeup industry.

Kevyn Aucoin was a trailblazer and an icon, and is celebrated as perhaps the most influential makeup artist of our time.

From haute couture to Hollywood, Kevyn painted and sculpted the faces of countless models and celebrities, including Cher, Janet Jackson, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Julia Roberts, Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow.

His work has appeared in editorial pages, advertising campaigns, music videos and the front covers of every leading magazine, including 18 consecutive covers of Vogue. Taken from us far too soon, his impact on the world of makeup is revolutionary and far reaching, even after all the years that have passed since his untimely death.

If you can purchase only one contouring and highlighting kit, you absolutely cannot go wrong with either one of these beauties. The quality of the makeup is unsurpassed, the formulations are luxurious, and the presentation is gorgeous!  You can find them at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, Sephora, or Dermstore.com. Both “The Contour Book - The Art Of Sculpting + Defining Volume II” and “The Contour Book - The Art Of Sculpting And Defining Volume III” are top of the line and unbelievably reasonably priced. “Volume II” is an all-in-one contour and highlight palette for face and eyes with both cream and powder versions of Kevyn Aucoin’s legendary formulas. This kit has been created for every skin tone and will inspire you and enable you to contour like a pro with easy how-to steps and illustrations.

The Contour Book - The Art Of Sculpting + Defining Volume II. Photo Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

 “Volume III” is an exclusive PRO Artist contour palette that uses shadow and light to create contrast, depth and dimension. Three classic sculpting shades (in light, medium and deep) define facial features including eyes, cheekbones, nose and jawline.  Two exclusive highlighting shades (flash and beam) cast an ambient strobe on skin. Finish with a brand new Neo-Bronzer shade (Venice) for radiant sun-kissed skin. These silky buildable powders blend effortlessly for a flawless finish that work with every skin tone and face shape.  

The Contour Book - The Art Of Sculpting And Defining Volume III. Photo: Kevyn Aucoin Beauty


If you’re the kind of girl who prefers the idea of using natural beauty products or if you have sensitive skin in any way, the “Honest Beauty Contour + Highlight Kit” might be just your thing.  

Actress, mother and activist, Jessica Alba created the Honest company after having her children. As a mommy who wanted to ensure that her daughters were not being exposed to harsh chemicals and potentially harmful food additives, she began developing everyday products to help out other like-minded women. Now, in addition to all of her baby products and household items, she has created a beauty line described as, “Clean Beauty That Works”. All of her beauty products are made without: aluminum, parabens, paraffins, talc, petrolatum, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances.

She claims that this is the only contour kit you’ll need to sculpt and highlight like a pro in seconds, and we’ve gotta say, this kit looks great. This compact kit contains two blendable contouring creams, one light-catching luminizer and complete instructions on how to create your own fabulous, worry free glow.

Honest Beauty Contour + Highlight Kit. Photo Amazon


Aesthetica is one of those cosmetics companies that have raised the standard for not only the quality of makeup products, but for helping to educate their customers on how to accomplish the specific makeup goals that they are trying to achieve. Aesthetica sells incredible kits of makeup products for your eyes, lips, and skin. And, what makes their kits so impressive is that they include every single item that you require, not just one type of product.

Aesthetica Contour and Highlighting Chart. Photo Amazon

Their formulas are vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. They come in powder and crème formulations, and they offer all shades from fair to medium and tan to deep skin tones. And, if that wasn’t enough, every single kit comes complete with a highly detailed, step-by-step set of instructions. It’s like having your own personal makeup artist included with your makeup!

Their “Cream Contour and Highlighting Makeup Kit” is a superb example of an all-in-one kit that will meet all your needs in one very impressive product. If you prefer a powder formula, no problem!  You will find it and more on Amazon.com.

Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contour and Highlighting Makeup Kit. Photo Amazon

Tools for contouring and highlighting  

Whichever formulas you decide to use for contouring and highlighting, you must also have good, quality brushes, sponges and tools in your beauty arsenal to make them work well. There is no sense purchasing a fantastic product if you’re not going to use a fantastic brush with it. Investing in a good brush set and some appropriate makeup sponges or beauty blenders will make it so much easier to achieve the effects that you are trying to create.

Even though we recommend buying some quality brushes, it does not mean that you must spend a lot of money. You can find great deals on brushes if you do your homework. Just make sure you are getting exactly the right kind of brush for what you want to do. You do not need a 50 piece brush set!  You just need a handful of the right brushes.

The Ecotools Cruelty Free Define and Highlight Duo is about as straightforward as you can get. Two brushes, one for contouring or defining and one for highlighting. This brush set runs about $5.00 and you can get it from Amazon, Target and many other retailers.

Ecotools Cruelty Free Define and Highlight Duo. Photo Amazon

What started as a YouTube channel by makeup artists Sam & Nic to create runway and celebrity cosmetic looks has become Real Techniques, a source of quality beauty tools. Through Real Techniques, women everywhere are transforming their makeup routines - and themselves - with the approachable expertise, friendship, and tools from Sam & Nic.

Real Techniques is one of the best all around companies for producing quality brushes, at a reasonable price along with professional instruction, all in one user friendly package. They offer every kind of brush and brush set that you can imagine, complete with instruction cards and thorough explanations so that you can create professional looks all on your own. And, the best part is that you can find their brushes just about anywhere.

The Real Techniques “Cruelty Free Sculpting Set” is a versatile brush set that includes a sculpting brush, a fan brush, a setting brush and a brush cup to keep them in. Accentuate favorite features, create defined contours for added depth, or simply enhance your natural bone structure with this sculpting set. With the use of light and dark makeup, this set gives you the flexibility to take your look to the next level.

Real Techniques Sculpting Set. Photo Amazon


Another amazing set by this brand is the “Flawless Base Set,” which includes contour, detailing, buffing and square foundation brushes. If you can only buy one brush set for contouring and highlighting this once will help you to create a perfect canvas. This brush set by is an awesome collection of the ideal brushes for contouring.

Flawless Base Set. Photo Amazon

 The best brows for your face shape  

Changing the shape and overall look of your eyes is not only very easy to do, it’s a lot of fun because of all of the different cosmetics available for us to use, the products that are created for the eyes are the most diverse and the most colorful. Just think about it.

When we want to change the shape of our nose, forehead, jaw or cheekbones, we are only using colors that are found in the various skin tones that we all have, not fun colors like purple, blue and green, just to name a few. There are a whole slew of different types of cosmetics that are used in the eye area such as eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow products. Speaking of eyebrows, the very first things that you should consider when you want to change something about your eyes are your eyebrows.  

Eyebrows are easily the most overlooked facial feature, and yet they are the most powerful as far as creating the foundation for the rest of your features. Having the perfectly shaped eyebrows for your particular face shape is so important, because without them, your face will never look as good as it can. Yes, eyebrows are that important!

Eyebrows are like a frame for the beautiful masterpiece that are your eyes, and eyebrows that have the ideal length, shape, fullness and arch will radically change your face and the way you look. Trust on this!  Or better yet, find out for yourself.

If you don’t know if your eyebrows are the correct shape for your face or if you do not know how to do it yourself, then you absolutely must either consult a professional or get yourself educated. You can find numerous tutorials online about making the most of your eyebrows, if you can’t meet with a good makeup artist. Here is a chart that will give you a quick overview of what kinds of eyebrows look best on different face shape.

The Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape. Photo: Reddit

The different parts of the eye  

Now, that we have established how crucial it is to have your eyebrows on point, let’s move on to all of the different eye issues and imperfections that we want to change with makeup. First things first. In case you’ve ever wondered where your “upper and lower waterline” is, here is a handy chart and glossary of commonly used terms that makeup artists use when discussing eye makeup. Understanding what these terms refer to will help you to be able to customize your eye makeup more effectively, and will help you know what shape your particular eyes are and how to make them look their best!

Eye glossary image. Photo Good Housekeeping


Brow bone/highlight: To accentuate brows and illuminate eyes, add a matte or shimmery pale eyeshadow directly under the brow.

LidTypically, your main shade or shades of eyeshadow go on your eyelid, but you can get creative with your eyeliner here, as well. Some people have a lot of space here, while others have very little — it varies from person to person.

Crease: Between your brow bone and eyelid, applying a darker shade of eyeshadow here, right along your eye socket, adds dimension to your eye. Tip: If you have hooded eyes, play with different placements for crease shadow, opening your eyes after each test to see which placement makes your crease shadow visible.

Outer V: The outermost corner of the eye where eyeliner or deeper shades of eyeshadow are typically applied in a "V" shape, though you can blend your makeup into a "C" shape for a softer effect.

Upper lashline: Right along and above the edges of your upper eyelid where your eyelashes begin, you can define your eye with eyeliner or eyeshadow, or even simply mascara.

Waterline: The inner rim of the eye, the waterline can be host to dark eyeliner to add a smokey look or pale nude eyeliner to make the eye look wider and more awake.

Lower lashline: Just below the waterline, your lower lashline is where liner and shadow can be applied to define the eyes.

Tear duct: This is the inner corner of the eye, and where you can add a little pale or shimmery shadow here to open things up.

How to determine your eye shape  

Now that we know all of the different parts of the eye, we need to determine how to make our own eyes look their very best with makeup, and that includes also knowing what our actual eye shapes is. The fine folks at Smashbox Cosmetics have not only taken the guesswork out of determining your eyes shape by putting together this cool video tutorial, but they’ve also created an incredible palette of eyeshadows so that you can create endless eye looks yourself!

This palette was created because the pros at Smashbox Studios needed it. On set, they’ve seen every skin tone and eye shape imaginable, so they wanted a super universal, straightforward palette that works on anyone, anywhere from big deal photo shoots to behind-the-scenes selfies.

Want to take your eye look to the next level? You've got to know your shape first! Find out your shape with four easy questions, then get your most gorgeous eyes with our new Full Exposure Palette.

Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Shadow Palette. Photo Smashbox Cosmetics


The palette comes with 14 shades, a double-ended brush: fluffy side for blending mattes, flat side to lay down shimmers without sparkle overload, and an extremely thorough chart describing how to create all kinds of makeup looks for your eye shape.  

Changing your eyes with makeup

Have you ever watched a youtube tutorial on creating the perfect smoky eye, or followed a Pinterest “how to” guide to some trendy new eyeliner style, and were dismayed because your result looked more like a kindergartener’s coloring page than a beauty blogger’s effortless creation?

Most of us have had this exact same problem and it is so frustrating. But, you know what?  It’s not your fault. What the majority of the youtubers who aren’t professional makeup artists neglect to tell you, is that their tutorial will probably only work the way that they’re teaching it if you have a specific eye shape.

It’s not that they are intending to mislead you, it’s just that a professional makeup artist knows that not every way of applying eye shadow and liner is going to work the same on every single woman.

Eyes, like eyebrows, lips, and just about every other part of a person’s body, come in many different shapes and sizes. And when you know which shape and size you are, you’ll have a much better chance of creating a look that flatters your specific form.

With the help of Loreal Cosmetics, we’re going to help teach you how to apply eye shadow and eyeliner in the ideal way for your eye shape. Before you know it, you’ll be able to tailor all your favorite makeup tutorials to your face for a gorgeous eye makeup look for your next pageant!

The best eye shadow technique for your eye shape  

If you have almond eyes…you’re one lucky woman! With your slightly lifted, super-symmetrical eyes, just about any shade and style will look fabulous. Don’t know where to start? Try a classic nude smoky eye that uses a medium matte brown on your lid paired with a slightly darker shade blended into your crease. When fully blended, this look will open up your eyes and accentuate your almond shape.

Almond Eyes. Photo Byrdie

If you have round eyes…contouring your peepers can be the difference between a bulgy and defined end look. All you have to do is apply a medium to dark shade over the center of your lid, followed by highlighting your inner and outer corners with a lighter shade. When you bring the focus to the center of your eye, you narrow the overall appearance of your round shape.

Round Eyes. Photo Aelida

If you have upturned eyes…balance out your upturned look with the help of a little dark shadow or liner along the outer lower corner of your eyes. Next, apply a medium-toned shadow along your lid and top it off with a subtle highlight along your brow bone. Don’t be too heavy-handed, though, because you want this to look the way light bouncing off your skin naturally would.

Upturned Eyes. Photo MUGeek

If you have downturned eyes…there are two things to keep in mind. First, don’t blend eyeshadow too far above the crease because it can look a tad messy with this eye shape. Second, the best way to perk up downturned eyes is to shade them in natural colors that brighten them up for an instant lifting effect.

Downturned Eyes. Photo. Radioimagina

If you have monolid eyes…a great way to add dimension to your eyes is to apply a gradient effect starting with darker colors near your lash line that gradually work up into a more shimmery tone under the brow. When you are trying to create that ombré effect, just remember to blend between color transitions!

Monolid Eyes. Photo Soompi

If you have hooded eyes…it can seem a little pointless to put in the effort—but trust us, though, it isn’t! You just have to get a little creative. To trick your eyes into looking like they have more lid to work with, all you have to do is keep your brows well maintained and carry your eye shadow all the way up to your brow bone in neutral colors.

Hooded Eyes. Photo StyleCaster

The best eyeliner technique for your eye shape  

Whether you want to wear it alone or layered with eye shadow, the right eyeliner technique tailored to your eye shape is a fabulous final touch to flatter your gaze. So, before you just go and line your lids with no rhyme or reason, take a peek at which liner technique is best suited for you.

If you have almond eyes…by now you know that your eye shape is pretty much the most ideal one and can pair well with various looks across the board. But, if you want to really accentuate your shape, look no further than a classic cat eye or wing-tip. Starting thinner towards the inner corner and gradually getting thicker towards the outer corner of your eye, this liner technique helps highlight the gorgeously upturned shape.

If you have round eyes…the key to applying eyeliner to make your eyes pop is to emphasize the outer corners with winged eyeliner that extends past the eyelid. This can help to play down how round your eyes really are. Be sure to start your line around the highest peak of your eye and work your way outwards. If you line all the way from your inner corner, you’ll bring too much attention to how round your eyes are. (If that’s what you’re going for though, go ahead and rock it!)

If you have upturned eyes…your eyes look best when the upper lid is exaggerated with eyeliner to even it out with the predominantly larger lower lid. Remember: It’s all about proportion. Wonder which specific technique to employ for a gorgeous gaze? Try a smudged eyeliner if you want to lengthen your upper lid or opt for a little white liner along your lash line and inner corners to give the appearance of bigger, brighter eyes.

If you have downturned eyes…add a little 45 degree flick at the end of your line for an instantly balanced, uplifted look. If you want to rock something a little less dramatic than a cat eye, use a smudging brush to lightly blend out a thin line that adds just enough definition on your upper and lower lash lines.

If you have monolid eyes…tightline, tightline, tightline. When you apply your eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible, you will be able to define your eye shape while making your lashes appear fuller at the same time.

If you have hooded eyes…lining your eyes can be a little tricky, due to the way your upper lid droops over your crease. To avoid any unwanted smudges or transfer, be sure to keep your eyes open when you line them. This is especially important when trying to achieve a thick, bold wing (the most complementary liner for the shape). If you close your eye to create the wing, there’s a good chance that when you open your eye, the tail end will be in the fold. Don’t want to deal with that headache? No worries! Just trace close to your bottom lash line starting around the middle of your eye for upside down definition that looks positively radiant on this eye shape.

Whew—that was a lot! To recap, understanding your eye shape can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to applying your makeup. Whether you have almond eyes, hooded eyes, or anything in between, there’s a technique out there that will seriously help flatter your peepers.

Changing your nose with makeup

Problem: Wide nose  

To slim your nose, contour the sides of your nose with the help of a dark foundation or contouring cream or powder, and blend it upwards and into your eyebrows. Then highlight the bridge of your nose with a lighter color. Blend carefully to remove demarcation lines.

How To Correct The Wide Nose. Photo Pinterest                                                                      

Problem: Long nose   

To shorten a longer nose, you want to concentrate the darker contour product, shading cream or powder at the very end of your nose only. The next step would be to highlight the side of the nose which helps bring more width to the nose.                                

How To Correct The Long Thin Nose. Photo Pinterest

Changing your lips with makeup

Problem: Small lips  

In order to make lips look fuller, you will have to create the illusion of larger lips using a coverage product like foundation or concealer and powder that both match your skin tone. You will also need lip liner, lipstick and gloss.  

First make sure your lips are soft and smooth and free of roughness. You can use a special lip scrub designed just for this purpose or even use a washcloth or toothbrush along with a bit of vitamin E or lip balm. Then cover the area around your lips and the actual outline of your lips with foundation or a concealer. Lightly go over that with some pressed or loose powder, using a powder puff or makeup sponge to press it into the skin and lip.  

Now, you carefully want to overline your lips with a lip pencil that either matches your own natural lip color or is a bit lighter. Keeping in mind that light colors make things look larger, select a lip color that is nude or a lighter version of whatever lip color your prefer.  When you overline, you want to draw the line outside of your actual lip line. Don’t worry, it won’t look weird at all. You can either fill in the lip completely with the same lip liner, or you can take a makeup sponge and pull the lip liner into the rest of the lip area, being careful to not disturb the line that you have just created.  

After this step, if you like the color that the lip liner already is, then just finish with a similar colored gloss that has some shimmer to it. If you want to go over it with a lipstick, that’s fine too. Again, choose a lipstick that is nude or a lighter color, and if you have one with some built in shine, even better. Any kind of shimmer will attract light, making your lips look larger.

If your lipstick is more matte and does not contain shimmer, just blot the lips lightly with a tissue, put on a sparkly gloss over the lipstick and it will create the illusion of making your lips appear fuller.  

Problem: Large lips  

In order to make lips look smaller, you will have to create the illusion of smaller lips using a coverage product like foundation or concealer and powder that both match your skin tone. You will also need lip liner, lipstick and gloss.  

First make sure your lips are soft and smooth and free of roughness. You can use a special lip scrub designed just for this purpose or even use a washcloth or toothbrush along with a bit of vitamin E or lip balm. Then, cover the area around your lips and the actual outline of your lips with foundation or a concealer. Lightly go over that with some pressed or loose powder, using a powder puff or makeup sponge to press it into the skin and lip.  

Now, you carefully want to underline your lips with a lip pencil that either matches your own natural lip color or is a bit darker. Keeping in mind that dark colors make things look smaller, select a lip color that is a darker version of whatever lip color your prefer. When you underline, you want to draw the line inside of your actual lip line. Don’t worry, it won’t look weird at all. You can either fill in the lip completely with the same lip liner, or you can take a makeup sponge and pull the lip liner into the rest of the lip area, being careful to not disturb the line that you have just created.  

After this step, if you like the color that the lip liner already is, then just finish with a similar colored gloss that has a matte finish to it. If you want to go over it with a lipstick, that’s fine too. Again, choose a lipstick that is a darker color, and make sure it is a matte formula. Any kind of shimmer will attract light, making your lips look larger, so you want to stick with more matte lipsticks and glosses in general.

Problem:  Uneven lips  

In order to make lips look even, you will have to create the illusion of even lips using a coverage product like foundation or concealer and powder that both match your skin tone. You will also need lip liner, lipstick and gloss.  

First, make sure your lips are soft and smooth and free of roughness. You can use a special lip scrub designed just for this purpose or even use a washcloth or toothbrush along with a bit of vitamin E or lip balm. Then, cover the area around your lips and the actual outline of your lips with foundation or a concealer. Lightly go over that with some pressed or loose powder, using a powder puff or makeup sponge to press it into the skin and lip.  Now, you carefully want to line your lips with a lip pencil, drawing the line in the ideal shape and size that you want to create.

If you want one of your lips to be fuller, then draw the line on the outside of your actual lip line. If you want one of your lips to be smaller, then draw the line on the inside of your actual lip line. If one of your lips is kind of irregular, and you want it to be a specific shape or size, then draw the line on the exactly how you want it, regardless of your actual lip line.  

Use a lip pencil that either matches your own natural lip color or is a bit lighter or darker depending on the effect that you want to achieve. Keep in mind that light colors make things look larger, and dark colors make things look smaller. You can either fill in the lip completely with the lip liner, or you can take a makeup sponge and pull the lip liner into the rest of the lip area, being careful to not disturb the line that you have just created.  

After this step, if you like the color that the lip liner already is, then just finish with a similar colored gloss, although using a lipstick will help to keep the lips that you have created more intact. Blot lightly and go around the edges with a small brush with some powder on it.  

Changing your skin with pageant makeup

Hiding blemishes, sunspots and uneven skin texture  

Everyone has dealt with blemishes, pimples, zits, whatever you want to call the little buggers. And, the struggle doesn't end just because you become an adult. Oh, no!  Teenagers are not the only ones who fight acne or the unpredictable visit of a blemish popping up at the wrong time. Add to that, we sometimes have to deal with sunspots or uneven skin texture as a result from being in the sun and perhaps not using sunscreen as much as we should. Even our body’s normal hormonal fluctuations can contribute to melanon changes in our skin.

Fortunately, the cosmetics that have been developed to conceal these problems are so high tech today and come in so many fabulous formulas and shades to match every skin tone, that we don’t have to hide away in our house until that pesky blemish goes away.  

BECCA cosmetics who have created the most exquisite highlighters on earth, have also developed a spectacular line of foundations and concealers that blur the appearance of pores, fine lines and uneven skin texture for a flawless, natural finish.  BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer is a blendable, buildable, long lasting answer to prayer!

BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer. Photo BECCA

When you are trying to hide that annoying blemish that has just exploded on your face, the last thing you want is for your concealer to cake up and draw more attention to it. So, we did some research and consulted celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno  for the techniques she uses to cover a blemish.

“Your concealer’s texture is, in fact, as important as its shade. If you apply concealer to an otherwise bare face, despite how perfect a color match it may be, an emollient pigment right atop the spot you want to hide can essentially highlight the blemish to anyone looking at you in natural light,” Denno warns.

“When covering spots, remember to lay a base. Apply a very sheer layer of foundation or tinted moisturizer to the entire area the blemish is in. So, if the spot is on your forehead, apply the foundation sparingly starting in the middle, and blend very lightly towards your hairline. Then, using a tiny pointed brush, tap on your concealer and press with your finger or a sponge to blend it in around the edges,” Denno advises.

Covering a large raised spot? Use a shade just a touch lighter than your skin tone at the bottom of the offending spot.

“This little hack tricks the eye of the onlooker,” Denno explains. “If you think in terms of painting, using a light shade brings the eye forward, while dark causes recession. It's all about evening the playing field when covering a blemish that's changed the topography of your face,” she notes.  

A little bit of green color corrector can be added to help neutralize any redness, as well. You see. Makeup is an art, after all! Katey also recommends a “super tiny brush,” which you can even find at your local art store.

Practice covering spots to see what level heaviness gives you the coverage level you’re looking for. Not all concealer brushes are created equal, and some are even made for concealing different areas. Then, the finishing touch is setting powder. Setting powder goes everywhere, not just over the spot.

This is, again, about color and texture. Powdering just the blemish adds height and a flat, dull texture to the area. Sometimes, a light dusting of translucent powder over the blemish and the entire face will give you an even canvas. When we spot-treat pimples, the products we use tend to dry out the skin surrounding the blemish as well. You’ve probably had this happen to you. While the worst of the pimple’s life cycle is over, you’re left with flaky, red, inflamed and irritated skin, right?

What you want to do is use a warm, damp washcloth to gently exfoliate and smooth away flakes, and apply just a tiny drop of a gentle, light oil (like jojoba or grapeseed) to provide immediate hydration while helping the blemish heal. Once you’ve smoothed your canvas a bit, you can go in with a concealer matching your skin tone onto the blemish and any surrounding redness.

Hiding major pigmentation and discoloration issues  

To hide or minimize pigmentation issues problems with major discoloration, you will need to use products with heavier coverage. Foundations, concealers and color correcting products in cream formulas will work better than powder based cosmetics. Before you run out and spend money on a cabinet full of makeup though, please consult a qualified professional dermatologist who is well versed in dealing with these kinds of skin issues. Simply covering up these problems without trying to treat them will only lead to more problems and frustration.  

Hyper pigmentation and discoloration problems, especially those that involve overactive pigmentation where your skin is darker in some places than others, can only be improved with prescription strength medicines. So, before purchasing any cosmetics, how about reading this article from Allure magazine. This will give you a solid understanding of what is happening under the surface of your skin before you go trying to hide what’s happening on top of it.  

After you have developed a treatment plan with your doctor, then you can look into some good coverage cosmetics. This follow up article contains the favorite picks of professional makeup artists who deal with this issue all the time. It with give you some good ideas for products to try for your specific situation.  

"Nobody is one flat color, and and I think it’s important to maintain the underlying integrity and natural color of the skin," explains makeup artist Lauren Gott, who works with Kiernan Shipka. "I personally love Dermacolor for hyperpigmentation; it stays put, and I can control the build of product. The palettes have a good range of color that is very much applicable to one face."

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme Mini-Palette. Photo Allure

 The art of color correcting  

To demonstrate how color correction works on your face, you have to understand the principles of the color wheel. Those colors located opposite each other on a color wheel are called, “Complementary Colors.”

When you want to correct a certain color, you use products with the opposite color (the complementary color) in order to do it. For instance, red might be the color of a blemish, so you would look at the color on the color wheel that is the opposite color, which is green. Therefore, if you want to counteract the red in that blemish, you would use the green cream from a color correction kit.  


Complementary colors on a color wheel.  Photo blog.thepapermillstore.com 

Here are some more examples. Yellow is the opposite of purple so the yellow cream corrects dark circles, veins, and purplish bruises. Purple is the opposite of yellow so if you have yellow undertones in your skin that you want to change, then use the purple cream. The salmon-pink cream corrects blue and purple imperfections, like deep circles or under eye bags. You don't want to use these colors on your face alone though. You blend them with concealer or foundation, or you put them on first, and then put your concealer or foundation over the top, and then add powder to set.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Color Correcting Palette is a six color correcting palette with a lightweight texture that is easy to blend and provides complete coverage. It helps conceal trouble spots and visibly corrects color. Light and medium camouflage imperfections, yellow conceals purple and deep reds, green covers redness, purple and pink brighten.


NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Color Correcting Palette. Photo: Amazon

Changing your face shape with makeup  

When most people are trying to change their face shape with makeup, they generally want to create cheekbones where they don’t have any, minimize a large forehead or slim a jawline that they feel is too wide.

Creating cheekbones  

Generally the way to create cheekbones is to contour underneath your cheeks and then highlight above them. The way you do this is to suck in your checks ("It's the best way to find the hollows," says makeup artist Troy Surratt).

Then, working from the tops of the hollows inward, shade along and just beneath the sunken area, stopping about an inch from the corner of your mouth, then blend well with your finger or a sponge. Then you want to put your blush on the apples of your cheeks, which you find simply by smiling. Finally, you add the highlighter just on top of the cheekbone and brush it up into your hairline. Using your contour, blush and highlighter in this way creates a 3-dimensional effect.

However, not all of the rules of highlighting and contouring are universal. It's also important to keep your face shape in mind. Everyone has a unique bone structure and face shape, so you want to be sure that you understand your own face so that you can customize how you contour and highlight with your products.

If you have a round face, contouring under your cheekbones can make it appear smaller. But if you have a narrow face, it could make it look even longer. Instead, "shade along the top of the forehead and a bit on the chin," says Ciucci. This technique softens angular features and creates a more rounded effect.

 Minimizing a large forehead  

They say that having a large forehead means that you are a person with higher than average intelligence. But, we get it. Sometimes you’d rather be a person with average smarts and a normal sized melon, right?  If you’re really not happy with the size of your forehead your choices are that you can either grown bangs to hide it, or you can simply learn to minimize it with contour.

Using the principles of light and dark, put your dark contour on the areas that you feel are the largest. If your forehead is high, then just put the contour at the top just below your hairline and blend down. If your forehead is wide, put the contour on the sides of your forehead at the temples.  

If your entire forehead is larger, then combine both of those techniques, putting the dark contour on the sides, at the top and all along the hairline. If you want to make it even smaller, combine contouring with highlighting and put some highlighter in the very center of your forehead, just above your eyebrows. That will create a more 3-dimensional look, and will give the illusion that your forehead is receding into the background.  

Slimming a wide jaw line  

Having a wider jaw is normal if you have a round face or a square face shape. But, some of use have severely wide jawlines in relation to the rest of our features. This makes our entire face look a bit out of balance. This can make a female feel very self-conscious because having a wide jaw is more typical of a male’s face shape. Men like to have a wider jaw because it makes them look more masculine and rugged.  

The actress Rumer Willis, who is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis is a perfect example of a woman who has a wider jawline. She inherited her daddy’s jawline and she used to be extremely unhappy about it. She’s spent practically her entire life in the spotlight and as a result, experienced cyberbullying and got teased mercilessly about it in the media.  

Willis is a very beautiful woman who has her mother’s big brown eyes, a gorgeous figure, and very chic fashion sense. Although, there are rumors, (no pun intended) that she has had some surgical altering on her jaw, she obviously made the decision to own her jawline and not allow it to affect the way that she felt about herself.  

If you have a wider jaw, you can either opt for cosmetic surgery to fix it, you can accept it or you can try to make peace with it and use contouring and highlighting to balance it out with the rest of your face.  

If your face is round, square or if you just have a larger chin or jawline, simply apply your dark contour product along the area that you want to minimize. If it’s your chin and jawline, then don’t put contour underneath your jaw or else it will make it sharper and more defined. Just put it on your actual face, below your lips, and up into your hairline.

Other things that you can do to de-emphasize a wider jaw is to overline your lips and make them slightly larger so that they balance out the width of your jaw. Using darker lip colors will help with that also. Lighter or nude lip colors will make your lips larger in general but you also run the risk of making the area from your lips to your jaw all blend together, and you don't want that.  

In addition to making your lips larger, you can draw attention away from your jawline by making your eyes more prominent. Make sure that your brows extend beyond the outside corners of your eyes, and try to add a pronounced arch in each brown. Wearing long, winged false eyelashes and pretty, defined eyeshadow will also draw attention away from your jaw and will balance your face out overall.

Rumer Willis and her “Dancing With the Stars” co-star Val Chmerkovskiy. Photo: Page Six


How to cover a tattoo using pageant makeup

Sometimes we just can’t resist the ink, especially the permanent kind! Tattoos are an extension of ourselves and a work of art that some choose to get while still competing in pageants. Unfortunately, in competition, the judges usually want to see clear, smooth, ink-free skin. Luckily, there is a way around this! I will show you how to conceal a tattoo.

Pageant Makeup Tips for Tattoos:

  • When covering a tattoo, make sure the concealing makeup is completely dry before wearing your pageant attire.
  • Think Before you Ink. If you are considering tattoos, wait until after competition. Make pageant day easier by not having to cover a tattoo.
  • Always ask for a second opinion once the tattoo is covered. Make sure the tattoo is completely covered evenly. I recommend purchasing Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Concealer. She is the tattoo artist for TV show LA ink and created the line due to her wanting to model without her tattoos from time to time. I will recommend this because it is highly pigmented and base heavy which is ideal for covering your tattoo. It takes fewer steps to utilize this product which is ideal when you are switching outfits throughout the pageant and are on a time crunch.

Tools needed to Cover Tattoos:

  • Concealer Brush
  • Makeup Sponges
  • Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Concealer
  • Translucent Powder
  • Foundation
  • Makeup sealant

How to Apply Makeup to Cover a Tattoo:

  1. Make sure the skin is clean and moisturized. Take your foundation of your choice and coat the tattoo. I recommend purchasing a lower end foundation that you would not necessarily use on your face for the covering of body tattoos. Keep this foundation strictly for the use on the body.
  2. Take the tattoo concealer brush that comes with the concealer and blend the foundation. Now take the Kat Von D concealer and apply completely to your tattoo. With the concealer brush, stroke it as if you are painting for complete coverage.
  3. Take a makeup sponge and blot the makeup into the skin.
  4. Finally, apply a translucent powder over the tattoo for a matte look.
  5. Lock in the concealer with makeup sealant that can be purchased at Sephora.

"I think just as much as people have the choice to be tattooed, they should also have the liberty to look whatever way they want whenever they want." – Kat Von D Stay Beautiful.


How to use pageant makeup to body contour

Contribution by Julia Stone

Every pageant girl knows how to apply makeup to her face, but a lot of us have no idea how to use makeup to contour our bodies. Some of us would never even consider doing it in the first place. But, when you are up on stage under those bright stage lights, your skin can easily get washed out and leave you looking pale and paste-y.  

We typically get a tan or use self tanning products to deal with that problem, and that’s a perfect solution of course. However, those bright stage lights that enable the judges to see our gorgeous faces, also have a habit of flattening out our muscles and erasing a lot of the definition that we’ve probably worked very hard to achieve in the gym.

If we’ve been eating healthy and hitting our workouts hard in order to develop our physiques, then we certainly want to show that off to the judges. One way to emphasize our muscles and definition is to use body contouring. Athletes and bodybuilders have been doing this for years because their success depends on the judges seeing every little bit of effort that they have put into their bodies. The other reason to use body contouring is if we have some imperfection on our body or on our skin and we wish to camouflage those areas so that we can feel more confident.  

Before we get into the details of how to use body contouring products for your next pageant, we need to understand some basics of contouring and highlighting techniques.   

The basic principles of contouring and highlighting with makeup                                                

Doing makeup is an art, and to be skilled at applying makeup, especially when it comes to correcting things on the face, you must approach it as an art. Therefore, you must understand the basic principles of techniques like contouring and highlighting. If you have ever taken a painting class, one of the very first lessons that you learned was how using light and dark colors affected the look of your painting. You learned that light colors highlight things, bring them out and make them look larger, while dark colors made objects diminish, made them smaller or caused them to fade into the background.                                         

The same principles that the master painters throughout history used to create all of the masterpieces in the Louvre in Paris are the same principles that modern makeup artists use today to change the shape of eyes, noses and cheekbones on the canvas of the face. Contouring involves the use of darker colors to make an objects diminish, make it smaller or cause it to fade into the shadows. Highlighting just means that you use lighter colors to bring attention to something, bring an object out and make it look larger.

And, then when you combine these two opposite techniques together you use them both to create symmetry and balance. Some people might say that you are in essence replicating cosmetic surgery when you are contouring and highlighting. We prefer to think of it as visual magic with makeup!

Products to use for contouring, highlighting and concealing imperfections on your body  

You can use makeup to contour all different parts of your body, including your waistline at the sides, your abdominal muscles as well as your thighs or arms along the sides, to make those areas appear slimmer.

A good product to contour with is MAC Face and Body Foundation. If you are going to use it during your pageant, like for the swimsuit competition, get a shade that is about three shades darker than your natural tanned skin color.

If you want to conceal things on your figure like bruises or spider veins on your legs, skin discolorations or scars, a fabulous waterproof concealer for the body is Dermablend Leg and Body Cover with SPF 15.

Contouring to try to minimize body parts to make you look slimmer is actually quite easy. You simply apply the dark contouring product wherever you want to either minimize something or to deepen something. For example, if you want to make the outsides of your thighs appear smaller, apply the contour all along the outside of the leg. If you want to further slim the thigh, then apply a lighter color of the product along the very front of your leg, and it will highlight that area and make the entire muscle look sculpted.  

It’s also quite easy to make muscles more emphasized by using contouring techniques. Check out this video for a tutorial on body contouring.


How to remove pageant makeup

Contribution by Allie J Hoffman

The pictures are taken, the crown is happily on your head and the recovery from months of preparing will now commence. Your gown will go to the cleaners, your feet are in need of a soak but what about your face? How do you get all of that makeup, primer and eye lashes off? And what about the effects of wearing it in addition to pageant day sweat! If you need good advice from the experts that know, read on to find out just how to take off all that pageant makeup!

I remember from a very young age after a pageant my mom sending me into the hotel bathroom with a bar of ivory soap. I was taught to remove makeup by using a warm wet cloth with the suds from the soap. Although that still may work for daily cleansing, 20 years later we know a lot more about what really goes on with our skin when we wear makeup and how to remove it. Now there are so many different types and brands of makeup removers it is hard to figure out how to get all that gunk off. A very efficient three step routine may help you regain your pre-pageant day glow and unclog your pores.

Step one: Wipe the makeup off  

Although this step will only remove the appearance of the makeup on your skin, it is essential to start here. My go to for removing makeup is micellar water. Tiny little micelles help remove surface makeup and rinses pores. It is gentle to use on any age and at $7 a bottle, very inexpensive. Garnier Micellar water is a makeup remover and cleanser in one, that will leave your skin feeling soft and makeup free. Place a small amount of product onto a cotton round and gently massage onto your eyelids, lips and hair line. Remove your false lashes prior to this step. Coconut oil, baby oil, makeup remover wipes can also be used for this step. My suggestion is to try a few different products until you find what works best your skin. Removing makeup should never leave your skin irritated and you should never have to rub or scrub skin to remove makeup (unless exfoliating).  

Garnier Micellar water. Photo: www.walmart.com

When it comes to makeup removal in general, it goes deeper then no longer seeing the makeup on your face. Many people will survive on just micellar or makeup remover oils for cleansing as well. In a pageant girl’s case, stage makeup needs a little additional help with coming off. Even after using micellar water, the very next day’s shower may leave me with running black streaks from mascara. This is why we move onto step #2 to remove any remaining makeup and to clean our skin.

 Step two: Cleanse the skin  

This is the step where all of the leftover makeup and debris goes down the drain. Cleansing the skin will unclog your pores and reveal your soft, makeup free face. If you have a daily cleanser that you use, you can surely use that product here. When purchasing a daily cleanser always purchase based on your skin texture. Skin that is super oily will not react the same to a mild cleanser as combination skin will. My go to cleanser is Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. This product will leave your skin clean, smooth and hydrated. Cetaphil makes cleansers in liquid and bar forms, with formulas for all skin types. Use warm water and gentle circular motions to lightly rub away everything stuck in your pores. Cetaphil can be purchased at most drug and grocery stores.

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Photo: www.walmart.com


Step three: Moisturize  

Our last step is actually a trick that my amazing husband, a former actor and model, taught me years ago that has saved my skin. I now pass this onto all of my hair and makeup clients, my friends and now to the Pageant Planet community! This secret you ask? Cold cream! Yes, that’s right, the stuff your grandma uses with that distinctive smell, has saved my skin for years now. Cold cream is a cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one. Pond’s will hydrate your skin with a sheer coating of moisturizer leaving skin feeling fresh and smooth. This product is so thick, you do not need to apply a lot. Smear a thin layer of the cream all over your face, going around your eyes, and let rest for a few seconds. Then gently wipe off with a clean cotton towel with warm water. It may feel like you’ve been taking this off for years, and that’s the secret. It stays on your face until all the dirt is gone. Once it’s all gone you may rinse with cool water or leave it as it.

Ponds cold cream. Photo : www.target.com

Secret tip: using baby products  

BABY PRODUCTS! Think about it - all of the specialized creams, ointments and the like that cater to baby’s sensitive skin. According to the day time doctor advice program, The Doctors, baby products tend to be less expensive, gentler and don’t have as many harsh chemicals as adult products. They even suggest using diaper rash cream as a ‘zit zapper’. The active ingredient in diaper rash cream is zinc oxide which is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide can leave your skin dry and red.  

Probably the most common baby product you may use is baby wipes. Carrying around a small pack of baby wipes to quickly remove makeup is a secret beauty tip. However, don’t settle for any kind of wipe. While most baby products tend to have less chemicals that does not mean they all do or that they are safe! When picking out a product to use, look for the most sensitive kind. The packaging should say hypoallergenic and scent free, among other things. My go to baby wipe is Pampers Sensitive wipes. However according to www.mommyhood101.com, the best sensitive baby wipe is Bloom Baby. Bloom baby wipes are not only hypoallergenic and scent free, they are also plant based and formulated for sensitive skin. You can find these on www.amazon.com.

Baby Bloom sensitive wipes. Photo: www.amazon.com

Always remember that these wipes are not formulated for your face, regardless of how gentle they are. The skin on a baby’s bottom will be thicker than the skin on your face.So there may be a tingling sensitive when applied. This is another reason why it is best to always know what ingredients are in your product and how your skin may react. Also, a baby wipe should not replace other steps in cleansing the skin. Remember from above, that using a wipe will only remove the appearance of makeup. There will still be makeup in your pores and hiding in hair follicles that will need steps two through four to remove.

A recent study done at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine revealed that a specific chemical preservative called methylisothiszolinone was the culprit of a severe rash outbreak on children. Click here for more information on this study.  

This is not to scare you off! Just be very careful when using any product on your face and on your body. Our pores absorb anything put on them. Always take a moment and look up any ingredients you are not familiar with. You can also try natural oils and products as well! If you have naturally sensitive skin, trying a small amount of a new product on a patch of skin on your neck or back of your hand can save you from a major skin rash later on.

Baby oil is another product to try. While this may not take all your makeup off, it is great for eye makeup and that pesky residue from false lash glue. When using baby oil, squirt a pea size or smaller amount onto a q-tip. Swipe your q-tip lightly along the lash line to remove false lash glue. To remove eyeshadow a small amount on a cotton round will do the trick. Always be careful with any product around your eyes and use a gentle cleanser to rinse the oil off afterwards. 

Whichever method you decide to use to take your makeup off, remember to remove all makeup prior to going to bed! We have all been there, a pageant schedule is grueling and can consist of several days of full makeup. All of these things-sweat, makeup, dry skin- can sit in your pores and wreak havoc on your face. The best way to prevent acne and blemishes is to remove all makeup prior to sleeping. If you have forgotten to wash away yesterday's smoky eye and pouty lips, wash your pillowcase in the morning. Dead skin cells and last night's dreams can sit on your pillow and cause a nightmare of blemishes the next day.


What pageant makeup ingredients I should avoid?

Contribution by Allie J Hoffman

Pageant makeup. It makes us feel unstoppable. The #powerofmakeup is real. It can not only change your outward appearance but for many of us, can change our inner appearance as well. It boosts self-confidence and provides an opportunity for unique application and self-awareness. We all know what makeup is and what it can do, but what is it? What is makeup made of and better yet, is it safe? What types of ingredients should be avoided? To find out how to properly save your skin from harmful makeup ingredients, read on!

What is it made of?

Since ancient times women have worn makeup for the very same reasons we do now and for others as tradition or religious/hierarchical standards. Luckily for us the ingredients used to create makeup have changed for the better. Long gone are the based of makeup based from tar, coal and copper. Believe it or not some ingredients for makeup are still the same like natural oils and plant-based products.

Makeup is made up of thousands of different ingredients. What a product is made up of will depend upon the category of makeup, the brand and performance level. The main components of makeup today include wax (lip products), oils (foundations, concealers), water, talc, fragrance, alcohol and preservatives. Some of the listed ingredients above can be potentially harmful to your skin, but always keep in mind that placing something on our skin is not the same as ingesting it. Also keep in mind that anything put on your skin can be absorbed by your pores! It may be beneficial to look at your ingredients, try plant-based products when possible (natural means less chemicals) and don’t always assume that the more expensive the product the safer for you.

Although the FDA has increased its measures to limit what goes into our makeup, with over 45,000 makeup brands worldwide you can imagine how difficult it may be to control all elements involved. Unfortunately, some companies even with guidelines set by the FDA, find loopholes when having to list all ingredients on their labels. Another issue with controlling ingredients is that chemical compounds can be made it many different and disguising ways. It is not as easy as listing oil, water and coloring as it used to be with so many brands competing for the number one spot.  

When purchasing makeup take a moment, look up the ingredients and see what you are comfortable with putting on your skin! If you are not sure how something will react on your skin, try a small patch on your neck first before applying an entire face.

What ingredients to stay away from

As mentioned above makeup is made of thousands of different components. To list everything that could be harmful would take years of research! Even today there are new ingredients and ways to use them. Below is highlighted three of the most (debatably) harmful ingredients found in makeup.


Commonly used in lip products as a colorant, metalloestrogens ‘heavy metals’ like lead, aluminum, arsenic (eek!), mercury, zinc, chromium and iron can lead to a vast variety of health problems. We all know about the issues caused with old school thermometers that contained mercury like uneven hormone levels, nervous system, kidney and lung failure.

According to Organic Authority,  “Heavy metals accumulate in the body and take longer to flush out, which means longer exposure to these toxins. High levels may cause an increased risk in cancer, reproductive issues, immune system disruption, and allergic reaction.”

Normally found in lip products, the use of heavy metals is banned in Canada, Japan, the EU and has restrictions in the U.S. Look out for the words ‘aluminum, pigment metal, anything with lead in it (lead acetate, lead flake) when looking at your cosmetic label to avoid these nasty heavy metals.


Found in more than half of the world’s cosmetic products, Parabens are harmful preservative chemicals that can cause serious damage on your hormones. While hormone issue may not seem so serious, www.friendsbeauty.com says, “Their use is linked to breast and skin cancer as well as decreased sperm count. They're also easily absorbed so all of those harmful properties are soaking right in.”

So, if they are so harmful, why are they in so many products? While some cosmetic companies are switching to paraben free ingredients, many others are finding it more difficult. Paraben ingredients like methylparaben have been used since the 1950’s to prolong the life of a product and keep from bacteria and mold contamination. While we are hopeful that parabens will slowed be phased out, keep a look out for ingredients listed as butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben.


Phthalates are commonly used to ‘stick’ a product to its surface. It can also be used to carry other ingredients from the product itself to the application surface like fragrances. Often used in lipsticks and eyeshadows, some phthalates are so harmful they are even banned in the E.U. Phthalates like DBP and DEP are link to a host of health issues.

According to www.friendsbeauty.com, “Endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity and cancer are all linked to this chemical.” Unfortunately phthalates are still used in the U.S. Be on the lookout for ingredients listed as phthalates, DEP, DBP and even fragrances. Luckily after a 2010 survey conducted by the FDA many cosmetic manufacturers are now phasing out all phthalates.


Do I need a pageant makeup artist?

Contribution by Devon Knightner

Entering a pageant is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.  Your checklist is long enough already, but did you think about your pageant makeup artist? The question isn’t should you have one because unless you know how to slay your face to the gods, you may need to invest in a pageant makeup artist. This all depends on what type of pageant you’re in and of course your budget. Remember you want to be seen on the stage by the entire audience. What do you want them to see?

If you decide to do your own pageant makeup, what makeup products do you need? Find out below!

Having a pageant makeup artist is a little different than having a regular makeup artist. A pageant makeup artist not only specializes in pageant makeup but also are usually exclusive to it and come highly recommended in the pageant world. Just like a hair stylist, the price range for pageant makeup artists ranges from $250 to $1000. This depends on travel, how long the pageant is and how many clients they may have to work on. Sharing your pageant makeup artist isn’t a bad thing. It helps with splitting the cost, thus making your budget a little friendlier. If you want someone all to yourself it will cost you more.

Meredith Boyd applying pageant makeup for Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields. Photo: Matt Boyd Photography

You don’t have to get a pageant makeup artist at all if you don’t need to. Some pageants don’t allow makeup artists backstage. If you know how to slay your pageant makeup then rock out!  We would advise you practice with a professional to make your journey more seamless and to check on the new trends or methods.  Before you decide your look, make sure that it goes with the pageant’s visual brand and standard. It could be The Girl Next Door, “Glam” or Red Carpet. Your pageant makeup artist should have a private session with you to practice the best look for you and the pageant you’re in.

If you have never done your own pageant makeup or have no clue where to begin, then you will absolutely need the assistance of a professional makeup artist. You don’t want to skim on the quality either.  It’s your face. Cherish how it is enhanced. Make sure you learn and practice the techniques your MUA gives you. Practice at home as much as you can. In no time you may feel hiring anyone else is necessary. If you’re a mom doing your child’s makeup, hiring a pageant makeup artist may not be for you early on her pageant journey. Why? Mommies are usually always the pageant makeup artists for the younger delegates in pageants.  

Photo: Getty Images/ istockPhoto

How to find a glitz pageant makeup artist

You put a lot of trust in the makeup artist you hire to help your daughter in a glitz pageant. Simply put, good hair and makeup is absolutely essential in a glitz pageant, and a botched job could frazzle your nerves, shake your daughter's confidence and cost you in terms of points. There are four things you need to consider when hiring a  makeup and hair artist for a glitz pageant. Make sure you've done your research so that you get your money's worth and have the best possible experience.


How long has the person been doing hair and makeup?  Do they understand glitz-specific needs, like falls or how to attach wiglets? What do other moms say about this person's service. You should check out their website or photos of past contestants to make sure this person's abilities suits the style you're looking for.


The downside of someone being a really good hair and makeup artist in the glitz world is that they might get overbooked. Ask how many girls they take on during the day of the pageant. You also want to know the average time it takes them to complete a girl's look. For example, if your daughter is slotted last with only 45 minutes before she has to go on stage, and the makeup artist is running behind or working slowly, this could really cost you in terms of overall look. Make sure the artist is going to be able to provide your daughter the necessary time to get a quality look.

What You'll Need to Provide

Make sure the artist is upfront about what you need to provide. Do you need to roll your daughter's hair, use a certain priming product on her face or bring your own eyelashes/other materials Find this out in advance so that you are ready. The artist will be able to quickly work magic if you've done your prep work.


Any pageant parent with glitz experience knows that you get what you pay for in glitz makeup. If you have a specific look or set of looks in mind, make sure you know exactly what it's going to cost. Also, find out whether you'll need to bring cash or some other type of payment. The artist may even require advanced payment or a deposit, so get the details upfront. Done properly, a glitz hair and makeup artist's work is going to really sell from the stage. Take some of the pressure off of you and do your homework to select the perfect person to craft your daughter's look!  

Where do I find a pageant makeup artist?

Contribution by Devon Knightner

Meredith Boyd applying makeup to Miss America 2018 Cara Mund. Photo: Matt Boyd Photography

Okay, seriously? The best place to start looking for a pageant is with us at Pageant Planet of course! Our directory is amazing and super easy to use. Discover hair and makeup artists near you who have worked with local, state and national titleholders. Use our filtering options to narrow down the experts and then click their profile to see their work and reveal their contact information. Check us out and make your profile while you’re at it!   

When you apply and get accepted to your pageant, each one has there own sponsored pageant makeup artist. Take a look at their work and the overall look of that particular pageant. If that artist is local, start there. If not, then use that pageant makeup artist as the barometer that measures all other pageant makeup artists you are reviewing. Looking at former pageant queens and their stylists can get you pointed in the right direction.

Photo: Andy Kropa/ Getty Images

Look in ads of pageant program books as they usually come with a discount with mentioning the ad. You can also look for pageant makeup artists who have made the Best Pageant Makeup Artists list.  Never try to skimp on money by letting your cousins neighbor’s best friend who has only done her own makeup, do your pageant makeup. Check out your local pageant makeup artist in your area and look at their social media pages to view their work.

Other places to look in your area to find pageant makeup artists are by visiting pageant and prom apparel stores and boutiques. Don’t just shop for dresses and accessories. That is glam central for all of your pageant happenings. They can recommend some of the best choices you didn’t originally have access to. That one-on-one interaction is priceless when you’re just starting out in pageantry or relocating to a new area.  

If you don’t have any pageant makeup artists in your area, bridal shops are your next bet. Before you decide on going with them for your pageant, make sure to see their portfolio and any glam events to ensure they would be a good fit.


Contribution by Devon Knightner

Photo: Valerie Hayes

You know how to find a pageant makeup artist. You know if you need one or not. You’ve decided you want a pageant makeup artist. So you ask yourself, “Do I have to use the sponsored pageant makeup artist?” If you think it will count against you, then absolutely go with the pageant sponsored makeup artist.  No need for your score to be affected if it’s a requirement.  

Most pageants have a group of sponsored pageant makeup artists so you get your pick from the bundle. Make sure to ask them a few questions to see if they can fit you in and if you don’t mind sharing. Here are a few questions to ask to see if choosing a pageant sponsored makeup artist.   

  • How much are their fees for the pageant? A payment plan and deadlines?
  • Will they have an assistant or will it be them personally?
  • Will they hold a private makeup teaching session prior to the pageant? Is there a fee for that?
  • What do the services include? Are rehearsal days included?
  • Are they working on other contestants? How many?
  • Do they have a specific contract? Is there a deposit?
  • What should I do to prepare for flawless timeliness?

Those are just a few to consider. These questions should be asked of any pageant makeup stylist to help you make a better decision for your pageant needs. If there is no requirement to use the sponsored pageant makeup artist then feel free to acquire your own. Make sure they are up to par with the pageant you’re in. Hair, gowns and photos are super important, but if your pageant makeup is not to scale, it could cost you.

Remember that you don’t have to go with the pageant’s sponsored makeup artist. You should go with the pageant makeup artist who makes you feel comfortable, confident and is eager to teach you. Ask your questions and do your research so you can make the best, most confident decision.


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