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What to Wear For Fun Fashion

28, April 2018

Did your fun fashion outfit stand out from the rest? Fun fashion is the phase of the competition where you can show off your personality, fashion sense, uniqueness and modeling skills. Since you are a one-of-a-kind contestant, it's important that your outfit is also one-of-a-kind. This can be achieved by hiring a designer, making alterations, spicing up your styling choices or adding accessories. (Read: What You NEED to Know to Increase Your Pageant Fun Fashion Score)

IJM Gulf Coast Teen 2017 Ashtin Grace Tucker Fun Fashion. Photo: Paul Marcus

Trying to find the perfect fun fashion outfit can take you on a long hunt that involves a lot of trial and error. Having an idea of what you want before you go out shopping can make the process less time consuming and more enjoyable. When looking online or going out shopping for a fun fashion outfit, it's important to keep trends, colors and popular styles in mind.

Check out our fun fashion gallery for some extra inspiration!

Select your style

Like any piece of fashion, you're going to want to be selective when choosing your style. It's important to be conscious of what looks good on you, what fits your build and what styles are currently trending. Make sure your style choice fits your personality and really says something about who you are. A short skirt can make you seem feisty and firey, pants say "I'm here and I'm ready to work," and a long skirt can show your free and feminine side. Different styles of fun fashion wear can be worn to cater to your specific needs when it comes to performing well on stage. If you have long, lean legs, show them off on stage by wearing a romper or short skirt. If you are self-conscious about a certain body part, like your arms, you can wear an outfit with a cape so they are covered a bit more while you're on stage. Remember that with whatever style you choose, make sure you feel confident and comfortable! Are you confident and comfortable in your swimsuit or fitness wear, too?

There are many styles of fun fashion outfits that can be found during a pageant. Rompers, jumpsuits, dresses and two-piece outfits are some common styles that fun fashion outfits are built around. To create movement on stage and liven up the routine, overskirts, capes and textured fabrics or other materials are often added to a fun fashion outfit. Including multiple components to your outfit will make it multi-dimensional and memorable in the judges' eyes. Are you also looking for the perfect style for your talent outfit?

Choose your color 

Selecting the perfect color is so important when picking out your fun fashion look. You'll want to make sure you wear a color that stands out from the rest but also complements your complexion. Think about what colors tend to look best on you and make a list, making sure to consider factors like hair and skin color. Once you've figured out which colors complement your complexion, try to find some fun fashion outfits that come in that color. Determining whether or not the color will really pop on stage and if so, you have a winning color! When looking for the right fun fashion outfit, it may be helpful to do some research. If you have access to photos from previous years, or if you're able to ask the director, try to find out what color the stage backdrop will be. The color scheme of the stage can really influence how the judges see your outfit, so selecting an outfit that will stand out against it, while not clashing with it, can truly impact your score. Is your interview dress the right color?


Fun fashion outfits for Princess contestants should be age-appropriate, stylish, easy to move in and fun! One way to keep Princess fun fashion outfits age appropriate and fun is to combine pants with an overskirt. The overskirt will add movement on stage while the pants will keep the outfit on the more modest side.

Since Princess contestants are among the youngest at a pageant, it's important to make sure that their fun fashion outfits are easy to move in on stage. Eye-catching accessories can be worn to spice up a fun fashion look that doesn't have any added movement because of an overskirt or cape. Blinged-out sneakers, as seen on Daphnie Talsma, America's Mini Miss 2017, can be the perfect accessory for any Princess contestant since they will be able to move comfortably and confidently around the stage.

Sometimes, the best way to make sure something gets done right is to do it yourself! Designing, or helping someone else design, your fun fashion outfit will ensure that it's the most unique it can be. This way, you can make sure everything about your outfit highlights you and your personality. "We chose the golden yellow color since it complements well with Lilah's Asian skin tone and the flower lace fabric," said Josie Lor, mother of Petite Miss Minnesota United States 2018. "I'm a big fan of lace. I chose a simple round neck with cap sleeves so Lilah can have free arm movements for her poses.

The dress shop suggested adding a red bow to the back so I requested for it to be detachable because Lilah has really long hair and I was not sure if we can make it work; her hair stylist did make it work by giving her bouncing curls. My vision was to design a dress that is classy, age appropriate and will complement my daughter well so she can perform her best on stage in the dress."

International Junior Miss 2019 Ayva Yoeub. Photo: International Junior Miss and Goodwin Photographer


Preteen contestants can start showing a bit of skin during the fun fashion competition, but the outfits should still be age appropriate. Rompers, skirts and dresses are great options for Preteens since they are youthful and eye-catching. While some Preteens go through an awkward stage, your time on stage is your time to shine! Put yourself out there and add some ruffles, bling or beading to your fun fashion outfit. Standing out on stage is key!

If you are a Preteen contestant who has her heart set on wearing a two-piece fun fashion outfit, then this next piece of style inspiration is for you! Since you want to make sure your outfit is age appropriate, consider having your overall look remain on the more youthful and playful side in addition to only showing off a bit of midriff. Rylee Ruegger, Royal International Miss Georgia Preteen 2017, perfected the two-piece look as a Preteen with her pink, polka-dot outfit.


The main balance a Teen contestant should try to achieve when competing in a fun fashion competition is the balance between playfulness and maturity. This can be achieved by choosing a fun fashion outfit that is both fun and flirty. The combination of a form-fitting jumpsuit or romper with a cape or overskirt is an eye-catching way to find this balance. While it's important to look your age on stage, even if you are on the older side of the Teen division, you should keep in mind that this is a fun-fashion competition, so playfulness is expected!

As a teenager, it's sometimes too easy to want to be a part of the crowd. Competing in a fun fashion competition can be your way of shining on stage and standing out in your own way. Experimenting with lots of bling and textured fabrics can make you stand out from the other contestants while still appearing fun and flirty on stage. While you're a Teen and it's okay to start showing some more skin, make sure to keep it on the appropriate side.

USA National Miss Wisconsin 2019 Jillian Sesing. Photo: USA National Miss


Competing in a fun fashion competition while in the miss division can be a bit challenging. While you still want to have some fun movement on stage, you don't want to appear too immature. Wearing a two-piece outfit that shows a bit more midriff like Michaela Jacobs, USA National Miss Florida 2017, can make you look more mature on stage and can add a touch of sex-appeal. Balancing out this type of outfit with bling or a cape can make is fun enough for fun fashion!

If you have never experimented with texture during a pageant, now is your time! Adding textured fabric or other materials, like feathers, to your fun fashion outfit can take it to the next level. Feathers can add a glamorous and elegant vibe to your overall look while still adding some movement on stage. You will be sure to catch the judges' eyes and show off your maturity.


When it comes to the Ms. or Mrs. division, you will want your fun fashion to be on the more elegant side. This is your time to show off how glamorously fun you can be while still looking age-appropriate. Remember, age-appropriateness goes both ways! Textured fabric and a subtle overskirt can add dimension and movement to your fun fashion routine without making you appear too youthful. The high, chunky neckline looks stunning on Kayla Wharton, Royal International Miss Texas Ms. 2017, since it goes well with her maturity level. Would this outfit look as good on a younger contestant? Not so much.

Kimberly Stommes, Mrs. Minnesota United States 2017, provides us with another great example of a fun fashion outfit for a contestant in the Ms. or Mrs. division. Her beaded, form-fitted dress and the plunging neckline add a touch of sex appeal while the overskirt makes her look fun and flirty. While you are in one of the most mature divisions, you still want to look like you are having fun on stage!

Moving forward

Fun fashion can be one of the most rewarding areas of competition. In addition to learning more about your personal style, you will be able to find out what kinds of outfits look the best on you and how to dress appropriately for your age division. While searching for a fun fashion outfit can be a tedious task, doing some research beforehand can help you look your best during pageant weekend!

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