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What Are Your Breakouts Telling You?

In a world of allergies, sensitivities, and ingredients that we cannot pronounce, your breakouts could be caused by more than just surface bacteria.  As more and more foods are processed with unnecessary additives, we are harming our bodies from...

31, January 2014

Best Evening Gowns in Pageantry: 2013 Edition

When you're designing your dream gown for your pageant, not only should it be a goal for you to look stunning at your pageant competition, you should also strive to create a gown that lands you on the Top 10 in Pageantry for Evening Gown! Taking ...

01, January 2014

Which Color Dress Wins the Most Pageants?

Shopping for the perfect gown can be so difficult when there are so many options. When I'm narrowing down the colors to choose from, I like to take into consideration what colors look good with my skin tone, as well as the top three colors that w...

04, December 2013

Can Pageant Girls Have Tattoos

Since Miss Kansas 2013 has come onto the scene, the question isn't so much "can" pageant girls have tattoos, as much as "should" they have tattoos. Just as pop culture and politics are evolving, so is pageantry. While the idea...

12, September 2013

Top 5 Best False Eyelashes for Pageants

When I was a little princess, all I would have to do was bat my little eyelashes and my dad would give me whatever I wanted. If you want to be a queen, you need a little bit more length to those lashes if you want that crown. Falsies have been around...

27, August 2013