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10 Lazy Beauty Hacks Every Pageant Girl Should Know

22, March 2016

We all know the feeling: It's 6 a.m., you've hit the snooze button multiple times stalling until the last possible second, and you definitely can't function without your favorite cup of Starbucks or Dunkin coffee. Chances are, you're also struggling with your morning beauty routine – or lack thereof. If you're willing to skip important things such as a long, hot shower or breakfast for some extra minutes of blissful sleep, then the thought of waking up early to set the hot rollers is probably terrifying for you! Thankfully, you don't have to choose between sleep and beauty. With the help of these beauty hacks you can actually have both. 

Pageant girls are known to have perfectly done hairdos to match their flawless makeup finishes. However, sometimes even the most beauty-obsessed pageant girls need a break at times. It is completely alright to admit that contouring and winged eyeliner are either not a part of your everyday makeup routine or are the bane of your existence when they are included. There are plenty of beauty hacks for girls that will make you look just as phenomenal as the professional models who spend hours on their beauty routines. Who wouldn't take the chance of looking like a runway model in the time it takes you to brush your teeth? Next time you realize that you only have less than ten minutes to get ready for school, work, or a pageant appearance, employ some strategy. Just slip in a handful of these easy makeup hacks and enjoy the ease of it all.

Andrea Danae Yarritu. Photo: Grant Foto

10 Lazy Beauty Hacks

1. Bang wash

If you want to skip shampooing but don't want to let everyone at the office know you didn't shower before coming in, just wash your bangs! Simply pull the rest of your hair back and secure it in a ponytail, wet your hands with a small, dime-sized amount of shampoo, run it through your bangs, and rinse it out under the sink faucet. If you were blessed with hair that dries pin straight, you can probably skip blowdrying as your bangs should dry within a couple of minutes. If you hair is a little bit on the unruly side, quickly blow-dry and style your bangs.

2. Style hair the night before

You do not have to say goodbye to gorgeous beach waves simply because you are running short on time. Before you go to bed, work texturizing cream, such as Bb. Texture Hair (Un) Dressing Creme by Bumble and Bumble, into your hair, make two tight braids, and fall into a peaceful slumber. After undoing your braids the next morning you will be happy to see that your hair has been transformed into gorgeous, messy boho waves.

3. Bigger eyes

Instantly transform your look and make your eyes look more awake by lining the inner rim (waterline) of your lower eyelid with a nude eye pencil. This trick will help to brighten your eyes as well as make your eyes appear larger than they actually are. Think Disney Princess-esque.

4. Make highlighting easy

Make highlighting and contouring as easy as 1, 2, 3! To highlight your face, simply make a "3" with a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone. Draw the top line above your brow, middle line above your cheekbone, and bottom line right above your jawbone. Now, to contour your face, draw a backwards "3" (like the shape of an "E") in a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone. Start the top line on your temple, put the middle line right below your cheekbone, and draw the bottom line underneath your jawbone. Then, buff out both of the shades, blending the lines completely for a seamless finish.

5. Hide your manicure

Hide a manicure that's growing out by creating a glitter ombré effect at the base of your nails. Glitter is an amazing way to distract from a chipped or overgrown manicure. The effect is gorgeous and will last longer than regular nail polish. "Desperately Seeking Sequins" by OPI is a silver holographic hex and bar glitter mix that is the perfect way to compliment your pastel spring nails!

6. Curl and line at the same time

If you're really pressed for time, you can line your eyes and curl your lashes in one simple step. Draw a line using either a kohl pencil or gel liner (avoid liquid liner because it smudges too easily) across the edge of your eyelash curler where it would be touching your lid right above your lashes, curl, and rejoice! Instantly lined lids and curled lashes with one simple step!

USA National Miss Indiana Teen 2019. Photo: Lyndzie Hack

7. Blow dry your face 

If you're too impatient to wait for your moisturizer, toner, and self-tanner to dry, or for your makeup to set, blast your skin with a blowdryer on the cool setting. Certain products (toner, tanner) need to dry completely before you move on to your next step when getting ready, and a blowdryer can really help speed up that process.

8. Contact solution 

To get the most out of your mascara, stick it in your bra for a few minutes to warm it up. It'll loosen up the consistency of the product and work magic on your lashes, allowing for easier curling, lengthening, and application. If you are still unhappy with the consistency of your mascara, try adding in a couple of drops of contact solution to help extend the life of clumpy mascara. Simply add about 10-12 drops of contact solution into the mascara tube, shake well, and enjoy!

9. Add moisturizer to foundation 

Few things can send a girl into a panic faster than realizing you bought the wrong color while opening your newest bottle of foundation. This can be especially tough when working with drugstore foundation where you didn't have the luxury of testing out different colors in the store. Fortunately, adding a little bit of moisturizer to a too-dark foundation can drastically lighten up the color! (Read: 5 Foundation Tips Every Pageant Girl Should Know)

10. Adding concealer to lipstick 

Want to transform a regular lipstick into a matte show stopper? Apply a little bit of concealer to your lips before applying your lipstick. This simple trick transforms any regular lipstick into a matte bombshell.

These beauty hacks are so easy you'll be able to follow them even in your half-awake daze. However, each of these hacks will make you look as though you spent hours primping. It'll be our little secret! Save


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