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Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Image Height 5ft 10inch
  • Image Weight 132lbs

Leigh is a Twin; Full time model and a lover of sports and the gym. Homeless at 18 Leigh's life took a turn but with confidence, determination and the will to keep moving Leigh got back on her feet and grew to be the person she is today.

"The difference between dreams and reality is the actions you take." - Leigh

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  • Birmingham, United Kingdom

Pageant Planet Awards

  • Top 10 Mrs./Ms. Evening Gowns of 2019
  • Top 10 Mrs./Ms. Pageant Hairstyles


Professional BA(hons) Artist; Story and Comic book writer/Illustrator

Pageant Platform

The Buddy Bag Foundation; The National Society for Autism

What is the Occupation of Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson

Model SA, Double and Stunt Actor Artist

Which School Did Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson Attend?

Thorns school and Community collage of Art and science

Why start competing in pageants

"For me pageants as a whole represent and celebrate women from all over the globe. From all cultures, backgrounds, religions and beliefs. No matter your colour or heritage, all is welcome. Pageants and these wonderful title's are a way of empowering individuals to realise their potential, follow their goals and dreams and build up confidence in others looking for hope. Hope and encouragement that i once looked for as a girl alone looking for a role model." "Pageants for me are platform's and pillar's of light for those struggling in a world full of kardashians, fake unattainable social media standards of body and self and for individuals longing for encouragement or to inspiration. Beauty and brains used in perfect harmony and for a purpose! " "My title is everything and much more. Its a gift and a mantel i want to use to inspire and help others out there in need of a friend to talk to and follow. That is why i got in to pageants and started competing it was to not only to talk about Autism, disabilities and the Buddy Bag foundation but to show girls and women you can do anything you put your mind and heart to and even if you find yourself homeless and on the streets you can find away back on to your feet. Be brave, be smart and keep smiling even in the rain because the road to success will never be easy for you. "

FUN FACTS about Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson

Leigh is known for being adventurous and her wiliness to learn and try new things. Leigh enjoys Riding her Kawasaki Ninja 400 KRT Sport edition motorcycle and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty as she also works with a motorcycle Racing team as their mechanic and technician. A lover of sports. Leigh also has a love of travel and is vegetarian.

What is the Nationality of Leigh Annie-Louise Hutchinson

Mixed Race BRITISH - Father: Chinese/Jamaican - Mother: British / German