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Best Pageant Coaches: 2024 Edition

31, January 2023

Every year Pageant Planet compiles a list of the best pageant coaches from the previous year based on our Best in Pageantry Awards. Not only will this list help you find your next pageant coach, but it can even assist when finding the pageant coach best suited for your pageant system. If your favorite pageant coach isn't on this list, you can shop our entire list of consultants by clicking Find a Pageant Coach

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Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2023

Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2023











Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2022

10.) Crown Captors Consulting

"We LOVE Amber! She is not only a coach but also a life changer! She knows every her girl very well. She is positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator. She made my daughter improve a lot and surprise us every time. Amber's mindset session is definitely beyond pageant. It is a life skill. Thank you Amber!" - Mia Zhong

Amber Brown M.Ed. Photo: Unknown


9.) Perfect Image Consulting

"I worked with Wes, after taking a decade-long hiatus from pageantry! Nailing down my walk, turn, stage presence, and poses was giving me trouble. I was able to schedule a time to work with Wes and he was amazing. The consistency, patience, and professionalism were top tier. I felt comfortable and left my session feeling prepared and confident. I placed first runner-up, at the national level, and people are still complementing my walk and stage presence. I highly recommend Wes for your pageant needs!" - Portia Wofford

Perfect Image Consulting Photo: Unknown


8.) The Winners Way With Wendi Russo

"Wendi is absolutely amazing! She is real and truthful and makes you be the best you can be! She coached me all the way to the crown at Mrs. Petite USA and I have the title thanks for her knowledge and skills. From fitness and evening gown routines, to wardrobe, hair and makeup, interview and final question…she does it all! She’s an amazing asset and will be my coach for all future pageants! I love her and cannot talk her up enough. If you want to win, Wendi will get you there!" - Allison Wilkinson

Wendi Russo Photo: Unknown


7.) Jamie Hadfield, M.Ed. - The Crowning Touch Coaching

"Jaime is amazing! First, she is at a very reasonable price point—which is so helpful! Second, she has tons of experience and is extremely knowledgeable. She is fun, uplifting, and helps each person to be the best version of themselves instead of just a cookie-cutter version of something. She always challenges me to look at perspectives and knows how to help clients word their answers so that it is truthful, reflects their honest beliefs, but also doesn’t alienate others that might disagree. I highly, highly suggest Jaime!" - Britt Klocko

Jamie Hadfield, M.Ed. Photo: Unknown


6.) Amanda Moreno Consulting

"Amanda's professionalism, knowledge, and genuine love for her girls is what makes her such an amazing coach! I started working with Amanda early 2020 and had no pageant experience at all. We have worked and collaborated on all aspects of competition - interview, personal introduction, resume, stage presence, walk, wardrobe, hair, makeup - the list goes on. She truly makes you feel so empowered and motivates you to be the best version of yourself. Amanda is such a caring and genuine human that I have felt so loved as her client, whether I work with her in person or online. The work we have done together brought me to win state/regional titles, and my most recent and proudest moment of winning the title of the 2022 Ultimate International Miss. I would not be where I am today without her support and guidance. I am so blessed to have her as a coach!" - Annie Kroen

Amanda Moreno Photo: Unknown


5.) Pageant Coach International 

"Being a mom that has never been in pageants and having a daughter that loves to do pageants can be a struggle when you are clueless about the ins and outs. Working with Angel has made this process so much easier. She is very knowledgeable about pageantry from teaching routines, to what the judges are looking for, to using pageantry to be a positive influence on everyday life. She has become a role model to my daughter. She truly treats my child as her own family. When my daughter is overwhelmed and struggling she knows just what to say to get her back to herself. She is great to work with and has taught my daughter so much." - Jolene Pathare

Dr. Angel Bhathal Photo: Unknown

4.) Lisa Dean - Certified Life Coach & Pageant Coach

"My daughter is the current, Miss UNM Lone Star State Jr. Teen. We can not imagine doing a pageant without Lisa Dean and her coaches by our side. Lisa is simply the best. She has helped with her interview and fun fashion outfits. She even helped us custom-design her gown for nationals. Lisa knows everyone in the business and steers you in the direction best suited for you and your own personal goals. Of course, Lisa wants her girls to win but most importantly, she wants her girls to grow and develop into the best versions of themselves. We always feel supported and loved by Lisa. We love you, Lisa! Thank you for everything." - Dana Kemp

Lisa Dean Photo: Unknown


3.) Pageant Coaching and Designs

"Kari is more than a coach, she is family. She wants what is best for her clients just as much as their parents. I often refer to her as the "jerry maguire" of coaches. Her individualized coaching goes so far beyond the generic things offered by others. When she writes speeches/intros, she gets to know the client to write something that actually is true and not just for an award/title. My daughter performs in other areas besides pageants and people are constantly amazed at her poise and confidence. I owe all that and more to Kari. I highly recommend Kari for any pageant services, but even more just as an advocate for your child." - Caleya Agnew

Kari Volen Photo: Austin Ryde Photography

2.) Abelgas Pageant Consulting

"The absolute best ever! I’ve worked with Abelgas Pageant Consulting for everything from interview, walking, on stage , and even picking out every single outfit I was going to wear. Michaela has always made sure that I feel my best going into any pageant system no matter if it was local, state, national or international. If you want a coach who gets results and genuinely cares about their girls Abelgas Pageant Consulting is the way to go!" - Breanna Myles

Michaela & Keisha Abelgas Photo: Abelgas Photography

1.) Layilah Nasser Pageant Consulting

"Working with Layilah was a blast! Leading up to UNM, she helped me solidify my intentions and plans for my year that are now unfolding as USA National Miss 2022. By knowing my story and mission so clearly, I was able to confidently convey my plans and personality with the judges! Her energy is so bright and truly lifted me up. I’m so grateful for her professionalism and friendship that came from this experience!" - Jaclyn Davis

Layilah Nasser Photo: Unknown

Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2021

10. Confidence & Poise LLC: Pageant Training by Mary Swenson

"Coach Mary is THE coach for my daughter since Day 1. She is the all-around coach for ALL areas of pageants: walking, speaking, writing, wardrobe, and more! You have a question; she has answers for you. She is well-connected with other professionals in the fields. She organizes workshops and seminars which expand her mentees' coaching experience. With Coach Mary's help, my daughter is making progress in leaps and bounds. She won her first state title under 2 years of coaching. Winning a pageant or not, Coach Mary empowers each and every girl to be successful in life through her teaching. My daughter and I love Coach Mary! I couldn't be more happier to have Coach Mary guide my daughter in pageantry and life." - Elizabeth Wilcox

Mary Swenson. Photo: Carrie Pyrz Photography

9. Sarah Wall Beckman

"Sarah is the most genuine person I’ve come across. She truly takes time to get to know you, your strengths, and how we can work on weaknesses. Interview can be such a daunting and intimidating aspect of competing, but it’s Sarah’s speciality. Sarah starts each session with a prayer. Regardless of your preferred religion, this helps ground you and put you at ease. It’s my favorite way to get things moving! She’s such a cheerleader - not only during sessions but in life outside of pageantry as well. Would highly recommend her for all pageant contestants!" - Elle Gilbert

Sarah Wall Beckman. Photo: Unknown

8. Pageants 2 Go

"MT is amazing! She is truly an expert in everything pageant related. She will make sure you are fully prepared for any pageant. She is honest, yet kind and supportive. She is not just a coach but a mentor! Our lessons are always fun, and push me to be better. Through our lessons she has taught me skills, and helped me gain confidence that I use in not just pageants but life!" - Regan Lloyd

MT Duvall. Photo: Unknown

7. The Winners Ways with Wendi Russo

"Amazing coach who knows her craft like no other. She cares for her clients and gears you for success. Wendi has helped bring out what I thought I didn’t have in me. Most of all, she believed in me." - Rachell Diaz

Wendi Russo. Photo: Kristy Belcher Photography

6. Crown Captors Consulting

"Hensley has worked with Amber since the summer of 2020 - just a few months into her pageant career. Amber has helped Hensley learn that pageantry isn't about being perfect - there are no perfect answers or perfect ideas. She's instilled in Hensley a sincere desire to show authenticity and be vulnerable. Amber has also taught Hensley about vision boarding and the concept of "envisioning your reign," both of which Hensley now uses in her everyday life. Amber is more than a coach to Hensley, she's a friend and confidant. She knows that Amber is 100% #TeamHensley and that's been life-changing for Hensley. We all need an Amber in our corner - she truly is one in a million!" - Hensley Ann Carroll

Amber Brown, M.Ed.. Photo: Unknown

5. Perfect Image Consulting

"There are so many positive attributes about Wes Gandy as a pageant coach that I simply cannot name them all! He has helped transform my pageant walks, interview skills, confidence, and so much more. I couldn't be more thankful for him and all of his talents. I am honored to be one of his clients. He has truly brought out some of the best qualities in me through pageantry and life. He is so much fun to work with. My pageant journey would not be as amazing as it has been without Wes being a part of it!" - Rylee Williamson

Perfect Image Consulting. Photo: Unknown

4. Abelgas Pageant Consulting

"Miss Michaela has by far been the best coach I’ve gotten the pleasure to work with as she is very experienced, professional, and direct. She’s been in the pageant community for a long time, even receiving multiple national titles. Miss Michaela works very diligently to keep up with the newest pageant trends to make sure all of her girls look their best on stage. She’s very personable and most importantly, highly professional. Her facetime/zoom calls are in a set schedule which she is always on time to. She works very hard with all her girls and is very hands on and direct with her clients. Things I have struggled with for years, wether walking or interview, she was able to fix within the first 5 minutes of working with her. I highly recommend her for any girl interested in getting into pageantry. Overall, Miss Michaela is one of the most genuine and sweet coaches who has forever changed my pageant career." - Sophia Jones-Ramirez

Abelgas Pageant Consulting. Photo: Unknown

3. Amanda Moreno Consulting

"I am so thankful to have found Amanda 3 years ago. I knew she was the perfect one to help me achieved my biggest dream of becoming a NAM National Queen; and I have loved every moment of our journey together. She inspired me to start and develop my own initiative, Girl Strong by Noe. Amanda showed me that perseverance pays off. She helped me in all areas of competition, like but not limited to: choreographing casual wear, runway & fun fitness routines, help me prepare for on-stage questions & interview, and also writing my national winning personal intro and 1st runner-up spokesmodel speeches. Amanda, you were able to help me express my thoughts and feelings in such a motivational way every time. You are so talented and have a God given gift to help the younger generation develop into the best versions of themselves. You are my coach, my mentor, my big sister and so much more! I love Amanda and I know that she is loved by everyone that she coaches, as she is the best role model any girl/woman could have!" - Noelia Velazquez


Amanda Moreno. Photo: Unknown

2. Lisa Dean - Certified Life Coach & Pageant Coach

"My experience working with Lisa these past 2 years has not only helped me excel in pageantry, but in every aspect of my life. She is generous, kind, and knowledgeable! When I first met Lisa, she took the time to get to know me and build a connection. This connection with Lisa has helped me gain confidence and discover my purpose. During my journey with Lisa and her team of coaches, I placed Top 5 at Miss Texas HSA and won the national title of Miss Teen International. She has an incredible team of coaches that work under her. They have helped me improve my speaking, walking, and wardrobe! I have met some of my best friends and gained amazing mentors through her workshops and boutique events. I am so thankful for her constant encouragement and guidance! She is an inspiration and leader to everyone around her. I love you Lisa!"  - Katie Hoang

Lisa Dean. Photo: Unknown

1. Pageant Coaching and Designs

"Kari is one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the industry and it is obvious why she has such a great reputation. She really takes the time for her clients and is always there to answer your questions. Kari is very generous with her time and makes you feel as if you're her only client. She's so kind, innovative and always thinks of creative ways to help you improve and to bump up your pageant prep game, whether it's for interview, fashion runway or wardrobe and styling advice. Kari is the best and I can't wait to work with her more in the future!!" - Sydney Thomas

Kari Volen. Photo: Austin Ryde Photography


Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2020

10. Abelgas Pageant Consulting

“The most hardworking and selfless coach I know: Michaela. This superwoman worked 6am to midnight everyday at nationals for all her girls including mine and we are so thankful for her. She makes us feel important and appreciated! It doesn't matter how busy she is, she is always there for us and our many, many questions. We made top 10 at our first national pageant and it's all because of this woman's expertise and constant guidance! We cannot wait for many more "get it girl sessions" for our next adventure!!!,” wrote Michelle Taylor.

Photo: Abelgas Pageant Coaching

9. Pageant Coaching and Designs 

“Coach or Second Mom? At this point I can’t tell the difference! She goes above and beyond like any mother would! From helping me years ago at my first local pageant to now Miss California International and National second runner up - she has helped me achieve the best version of me. Her knowledge goes beyond the stage and even showcases in my career now. She’s a NECESSITY,” explained Tara Broderisk. 

Photo: Pageant Coaching and Designs

8. Pageants 2 Go

“MT Is a remarkable coach who dedicated her time to teach and inspire my daughter. MT helped my daughter improve her physical and mental skills that she utilizes in and out pageantry. MT is a well-rounded instructor who is passionate, motivational, disciplined, focused and will leave an impact on each individual she instructs. A great coach can change a life,” Vanessa Meikle shared.

Photo: Jessie Palumbo

7. Crown Captors Consulting  

“When it comes to being your true authentic self, Amber with Crown Captors knows how to help get you there. She was able to help me find the confidence and courage to be my quirky self and display my true personality to the judges. After 8 years of working towards my goal, I managed to finally capture the title I had been working so hard for. Amber not only helped me in interview, she’s also an excellent speech writing and helped me capture a perfect personal intro score. She also wrote a fantastic spokesmodel speech for me. I am so grateful for all of Amber’s expertise and for helping me become and showcase who I truly am to the judges,” wrote Zyrianna Zevallos

Photo: Crown Captors Consulting

6. Commit to the Crown Coaching

“Love Jackie! Commit to the Crown is an absolutely amazing company. Through my sessions with Jackie, I was able to unlock my truest self. On pageant day I felt prepared and empowered and much of that was because of Jackie’s helpfulness. Jackie is the best to do it, and as sweet and kind and a piece of pie,” Tanisha Fordham shared. 

Photo: Commit to the Crown Coaching

5. Lisa Dean - Certified Life Coach & Pageant Coach

“I cannot say enough about Lisa Dean. Not only is she an amazing coach but really takes the time to pour into her girls. With Lisa I won three state titles in three years, have been a runner up internationally, 2x runner up nationally, top 5 at Miss Texas Teen USA twice, and won Miss High School America. I could not imagine my pageant journey without Lisa Dean. The way she coaches is not just to win the crown, but to win in life. I look up to Lisa so much I call her my second mom. She cares about more than just on the stage or a client, but as a person and wants to grown you spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This year she has grown her coaches and now has five coaches working under her. I am personally honored to be one of them and take on the cute little girls. Lisa has prepared me and has taught me how to spread continuous love and be more than just a coach. I look up to Lisa and cannot see where God takes her, her company, and the boutique,” Haliegh Hurst explained. 

Photo: Lisa Dean

4. Amanda Moreno Consulting

“Coaching with Amanda has been THE BEST experience we have had with coaching! She is not only very knowledgeable about interview skills and pageantry in general but she is super supportive and positive. The overall experience was phenomenal. My daughter is only 6 and Amanda gave the right amount of stern and affection when coaching her. And as a mom of a “little” it is so important that we get that support as well. Amanda gave all of that and more. During the pageant week at IJM Amanda was always just a call or text away. She provided much needed support to help with the nerves and FT my daughter after interview just to provide that extra support. She showed that she genuinely cares and it’s not just a “job” for her. She really made us feel special. This was definitely a grade A experience for us and we will continue to work with Amanda and would recommend anyone who is looking for an amazing pageant coaching experience to work with her,” Tifini Rahmaad shared. 

Photo: Amanda Moreno Consulting

3. Bill Alverson, LLC

“Bill is one of the winningest coaches out there. Not only did he coach Miss USA 2020, he also coated Miss Earth, Miss Earth USA, 8 women who won their state MUO title, and among them 6 made the top 15 or higher at USA, State Outstanding Teens in MAO, as well as Top 5 in High School America. The 1 ru in UNM and top 5 finalist in NAM and in Miss America. Who else has that many winners. He also cuts to the chase and doesn't want you to waste your time or money on things that will not impact your win. He is BEST OF THE BEST,” wrote Danyel Phelps. 

Photo: Bill Alverson

2. Perfect Image Consulting

“When my daughter started pageants we consulted Wes to help her learn how to walk the stage and hoped for the best. WOW is all I can say, over the past year my daughter has gained so much confidence, so much control, so many friends, and such a love for pageantry. Wes is so encouraging and loves what he does and it shows. If you want the best then look no further because he is IT,” Robbie Price explained. 

Photo: Wes Gandy

1. Total Pageant Preparation

“Terri is the ultimate pageant professional. She was born for this profession! I’ve never seen anyone more perfect at her job. She truly cares about her clients; not just as pageant competitors, but as young women. Her guidelines and teachings open up a world for young women to have successful lives, positive attitudes, and a quest to be the very best at everything they strive for. Terri Bolen is the best of the best,” Deb Hudson shared. 

Photo: Terri Bolen

Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2019

10. Monlux Consulting

Monlux Consulting came in at the number 10 spot on the list of the Best Pageant Coaches of 2019! Through confidence building and teaching how to deliver succinct, thought provoking and intentional answers, Jeremy Monlux has an incredible track record of success!

"Know your purpose and keep focused on what it is you are after" is a motto Jeremy shares with all clients. Jeremy never tells a client what to say. He instead works with his clients in a way that they learn how to develop and express their own thoughts, opinions and passions. Because of this, Jeremy's clients are prepared and most of all, ready to tackle any question thrown their way.

Fun facts: He is proud to have coached the last five Miss Oregon Teen USA titleholders. His daughter, Madeline was the 2015 National All-American Miss Junior Teen through National American Miss where she also holds three state titles. In 2013, he wrote three speeches for IJM Internationals, all three won. In 2015, he wrote seven speeches for NAM Nationals - five placed in the Top 5.

Photo: Monlux Consulting

9.   Next Paige Productions

Jillian Spano, owner and CEO, of Next Paige Productions, placed in the number nine position this year!

Accomplishing an incredible amount of personal dreams in her life thus far, Jillian has clearly lived by her own belief "you cannot become what you dream by remaining where you are." As a successful pageant coach, Jillian now enjoys a career that allows her to invest in the lives of women, and empower them pursue their own incredible dreams.

She is a professional model in NYC and New Jersey, and holds two bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Communication as well as her Master's in Counseling Psychology. She has been featured in both print campaigns and commercials as well as walked in New York Fashion Week, and served as the Associate Producer and Model Casting Director for NYFW 2.0  

With a deep love for the world of pageantry, Jillian has experience as an Executive State Director and Producer, a state and international titleholder, and a judge for state, national and international pageants. Jillian has also served as Vice President for the official hair and makeup team for the Miss Universe Organization state level pageants and other national level pageant systems.  

Photo: Carlos Velez

8. Abelgas Pageant Coaching

Selected for the number eight spot is Abelgas Pageant Coaching! Super sisters, Michaela and Keisha of Abelgas of Abelgas Pageant Coaching, have over twelve years experience as international, national and state titleholders for the country's most prestigious pageants!  

Michaela has been very fortunate to be successful in the field of pageantry and currently holds the illustrious distinction of being the only pageant competitor to have won five national titles from some of the biggest and most prestigious pageant systems in the United States, including National American Miss, International Junior Miss, Miss American Coed, Royal International Miss and USA National Miss.

Keisha has been extremely active in pageantry for years and in addition to numerous pageants that she has competed in, she won the 2012 National American Miss Florida Jr. Teen, USA National Teen 2016 and the National All-American Miss 2017 titles. This past year, she held the title of Miss Filipina International Tourism 2019 with the Miss Filipina International Pageant

Needless to say, these two young women have an incredible amount of experience to draw from, so it only made sense for them to embark on careers as pageant coaches and assist other girls in achieving their own pageant goals.

Photo: Katherine Ryan Abelgas

7. Total Pageant Preparation

Total Pageant Preparation ranks number seven on the list this year! Terri Bolen is the founder of Total Pageant Preparation, a full service business geared to helping clients realize their fullest potential.  

Terri is available to assist clients in most areas of pageantry. Her services include Platform Development, Judges Bio/Paperwork, Personal and On Stage Interview, Modeling and Stage Presence, Wardrobe and Styling.  

With over 40 years of experience, Terri has coached clients on the local, state and national levels. Total Pageant Preparation is an official sponsor of Alabama USA, Alabama United States, Alabama Jr. High/High School/Collegiate America pageants and national sponsor of Miss Jr. High/High School/Collegiate America pageant.

Photo: Total Pageant Preparation  

6. Lisa Dean

Coming in at the number six position is certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Pageant Coach Lisa Dean! Lisa possesses a degree in Radio and Television and was a model with acclaimed Ford Models Agency, as well as a freelance journalist. Her resume includes print, voice over, regional theater, television commercials and industrial films. She has also worked on the local and national level of radio and television as a news reporter and host.

She held the titles of Mrs. Illinois U.S. Globe 2005, 2nd runner up at Mrs. US Globe, Mrs. Illinois United States 2006, Mrs. Illinois America 2008 and she was also top 10 at Mrs. America. Because of her own success in the pageant world Lisa was soon asked to prepare state winners for national pageants in the area of interview and on stage presentation. Lisa has helped countless women go on to win local, state, national and international titles.

Lisa has the rare ability to help her clients experience transformation by encouraging them to reach deep and tap the dynamic individual qualities they each possess, but never would have been able to develop on their own.

Photo: Lisa Dean

5. Amanda Moreno Consulting

Amanda Moreno, the founder of Moreno Consulting placed in the number five spot! Amanda Moreno focuses on cultivating clients' interpersonal and public speaking skills, crafting personal brands, assisting clients in marketing themselves and their platform, and developing clients' modeling and on-stage presentation skills. Through all-inclusive consultations, workshops and development plans, clients use Amanda Moreno Consulting as a road-map and catalyst to success.

Amanda uses her background in corporate America, media, modeling and motivational speaking to prepare clients for success. With over eighteen years of experience as a pageant competitor, judge, emcee, staff member and state, national and international queen, she offers professional pageant services for competitors who are ready to take their skills to the next level.

Moreno Consulting has a proven coaching method that transforms contestants into their personal best while gaining life skills that propel them into their future!

Photo: Amanda Moreno Consulting

4. Perfect Image Consulting

Perfect Image Consulting ranks at number four this year! Alabama native, Wes Gandy has judged on the local, state and national level since the age of 17. This is where his passion for helping young ladies gain self-confidence and realize their full potential, ultimately began. Wes then pursued a degree in Political Science with a minor in Public Relations from Troy University where he was an active member of Delta Chi Fraternity.

As a result of his nearly 20 years of pageant experience and his education, he has developed a system that has enabled his clients to capture state, national and international titles. Wes believes that the work he does is less about obtaining a crown and sash and more about the confidence and life lessons learned through the process of competing.

He expects his clients to be able to say the following three things at the end of their pageant:

1. That you were absolutely 100% yourself

2. That you did your very best

3. That you learned something through competing

Wes insists that if you can say all three of those with conviction, then you are absolutely a winner!    

Photo: Wes Gandy

3. Prep With Bill

Selected for the number three spot is Bill Alverson, of Prep With Bill! Bill Alverson has become a household name, not only in the pageant industry but also due to his hit show, "Coach Charming," which aired on TLC. Viewers will also recognize the popular Netflix series, "Insatiable," which is based on Bill's life.    

Bill is an individual who is very direct in his approach to working on and preparing for pageant interview and competition. He knows that every person is unique and thus, he has learned that an individual approach is what is most effective. Bill is also a very unusual pageant coach, in that he ties his over 30 years experience as a litigator into the pageant interview process. He teaches his clients to approach interview preparation in the same way that he prepares for court proceedings. This approach is unique to him, therefore even if his clients work with other coaches; it's not a problem because the styles are completely different.

Bill Alverson is the national sponsor for Miss USA Earth and has been featured on Nightline, E!, Hollywood Today, Access Hollywood, Home and Family, The Talk and numerous other prestigious news sources.

Photo: Bill Alverson

2. Pageants 2 Go

Selected for the number two spot and no stranger to our list is Pageants 2 Go! Pageants 2 Go was founded in August 2005 by Maria-Teresa, a pageant veteran involved in the industry as a contestant, queen, staff member and judge for over two decades. During her impressive years as a competitor, Maria-Teresa has captured several local, state and national titles for Miss American Coed (MAC), National American Miss (NAM), International Junior Miss (IJM), Mrs. America and the Miss America Organization.  

While they prepare girls for all areas of competition, Pageants 2 Go places an emphasis on preparing contestants for the interview and personal introduction competitions. Their specialty is preparing contestants for National American Miss. They have written winning personal introductions for more National American Miss queens than anyone else in the industry. Over the years, they have written an astounding twenty-five of the National Queens' national-winning personal introductions, including five in the past two years alone.

In addition to working with their NAM Family, the Pageants 2 Go staff have also coached and consulted clients competing at the local, state, national, and international levels for American Coed (MAC), Princess of America, USA National Miss (UNM), Royal International Miss, International Junior Miss (IJM), America's U.S. Miss, Miss Jr. High, High School and Collegiate America, Miss America's Outstanding Teen, the Miss America Organization (MAO), Mrs. America and more!

Photo: Pageants 2 Go

1. Pageant Coaching & Designs

Topping the list in the top spot is Kari Volen of Pageant Coaching & Designs!

Kari has worked with local, state, national and international clients around the country and has built a long list of dedicated fans in addition to a proven track record of success in the pageant industry. She also assists her clients with marketing/branding, optional competition preparation, speech/intro writing, wardrobe selection, hair & makeup referrals, fitness & nutrition, image consulting and talent selection!

She has a notable network of professionals then can help contestants to feel confident with every aspect of their preparation and pageant journey. Kari is focused on bringing out the best in her clients and preparing them to not only succeed in pageants but also in life.

Pageant Coaching & Designs is also proud to be the official pageant coach for the following systems: Miss/Teen/Preteen California International, California International Junior Miss, Royal International Miss California, Miss California/Miss California's Outstanding Teen and Miss Arizona Junior High/High School/Collegiate America.

Photo: Pageant Coaching & Designs

Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2018

10. Perfect Image Consulting

Perfect Image Consulting was selected for the 10th spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. They have worked with many contestants this year in systems such as International Junior Miss, United States Agriculture, United States Woodlands, National American Miss and the Miss High School America systems to name a few.

“My girls absolutely love Wes,” one reviewer said. “My youngest was so nervous going into her first session that she was in tears but by the end of her hour with Wes she was like a different person! He was so great with her that not only did she win her pageant she also won interview!”

Perfect Image Conslulting's Wes with a client. ​​​​​​Photo: Facebook

9. Faith Schway

Faith Schway was chosen as the ninth spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. She has worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Miss Deaf USA, two America's Perfect Junior Teens, America's Perfect Miss and Miss Teen America!

“I met Fatih when I was about 17 years old,” one reviewer said. “She coached me into winning Miss Teen Minnesota USA the first time I competed. She will not only help you win but she will also change your life for the better. After knowing Faith for the past 5 years, I can honestly say that she is one of the kindest and hardest working people I’ve ever met. I truly don’t think I would be the woman I am today without her support and influence.”

Photo: Facebook

8. PageantPrep

PageantPrep was awarded the eighth spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. They have worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Mrs. New Jersey America, Mrs. Rhode Island America and Miss Canada Globe!

“Pageant Prep provides everything a contestant should look for in a coach- one that provides knowledge, encouragement, and makes you feel prepared for any interview room,”one client said. “Erika & Amy are a great duo. The two prepared me to feel so comfortable walking into my very first competition as if I had done this all before. The skills I have learned from Pageant Prep has not only made me successful in competing but a strong candidate in any interview room. My interview skills alone has allowed me to get into an extremely competitive graduate program to accepting my very first professional job!”

Photo: PageantPrep Facebook

7. Lisa Dean

Lisa Dean was listed as the seventh spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. She has worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Mrs America, Miss Illinois America and Miss Texas Teen USA.

“Lisa helps every client figure out who they are as a person which in turns helps you know who you are as a contestant,” one reviewer said. “Her skills, knowledge, and pure joy to inspire women of all ages truly made my experience wonderful! She’s more than a pageant coach, she’s a philanthropist, a life coach, and an amazing support system.”

Photo: Facebook

6. Bill Alverson

Bill Alverson was listed as the sixth spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. He has worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Miss Jr, High America, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Alabama USA. Alverson was the inspiration for the 2018 hit Netflix series Insatiable.

Bill Alverson with a winning client. Photo: Facebook

5. Total Pageant Prep

Total Pageant Prep was listed as the fifth spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. They have worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Miss Alabama USA, Miss United States and Miss High School and Collegiate America and more!

“Terri has a passion for pageants and loves her clients,” one review said. “She is very professional and my overall experience was amazing! She helped me with walking, interview & clothes and I improved so much after going to see her!”

Photo: Total Pageant Prep Facebook

4. A Queen's Conversation

A Queen's Conversation was listed as the fourth spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. They have worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Miss Texas Teen USA, Miss Minnesota United States and Miss Ohio USA just to name a few!

“Jimmy is amazing,” one client said. “His sessions challenge you to look at who you are in order to better yourself which I find very rewarding. Not to mention jimmy is very energetic and fun to be around. There’s never a boring moment with him. So glad someone recommended him to me!”

Photo: A Queen's Conversation Facebook

3. The Tiara Pageant Training Studio

The Tiara Pageant Training Studio was listed as the third spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. They have worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Mrs. Earth, Miss World and many others!

“Ritika Ramtri is the best coach for anyone who wish to have a successful career in pageantry and modelling,” one happy client said. “The tiara training studio has been a life changing experience for me, it has helped me to know myself better and has transformed me completely!”

Photo: Tiara Pageant Coaching

2. Pageants 2 Go

Pageants 2 Go was listed as the second spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. They have worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Miss Junior High, Princess of America and National American Miss! This year alone, Pageants 2 Go coached the reigning National All-American Miss Teen winner, wrote national-winning speeches for International Junior Miss, Princess of America, and National American Miss, and wrote the winning personal introductions for the NAM National Pre-Teen, Teen, and Miss Queens

”Ms. Maria Teresa wrote my first spokesmodel speech and worked with me on my inflection and enunciation,” one reviewer said. “As a result, I won my first spokesmodel competition at POA Nationals! I enjoyed working with MT. She was fun and I felt like she truly wanted me to do my very best.”

Photo: Pageants2Go Facebook

1. Pageant Coaching and Designs

Pageant Coaching and Designs was selected for the first place spot for the Top Pageant Coaches of 2018. They have worked with many contestants this year in systems such as Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, National All-American Miss Junior Teen and Royal International Miss!

“I began working with Kari when I was preparing to compete for Miss Montana 2017,” one reviewer said. “After winning the title, as well as overall interview that year, I continued to work with her while prepping for Miss America 2018. Kari is always so kind and encouraging! No matter what time it is, she is always just a text or a phone call away. She truly cares about her clients! The skills I have learned from Kari have not only helped me succeed in pageants, but they are skills that will help me to succeed throughout life.”

Photo: Pageant Coaching and Designs Facebook


Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2017

10. Katie-Britt Greenway with Pageant Performance

Katie-Britt Greenway is the founder and owner of Pageant Performance. She has prepared competitors for pageant systems like Miss America, Miss USA, Miss United States, National American Miss, USA National Miss, Miss Jr. High/High School/Collegiate America, International Junior Miss, Miss American Coed and more.

Greenway has served as a pageant judge, consultant, emcee, entertainer and contestant, which allows her to give her students a competitive edge! Greenway works with contestants ages 3 and up in all systems. She offers private lessons, Skype and FaceTime sessions, and weekend workshops. Between modeling services and helping to reform platforms, Greenway can prepare any girl for her upcoming pageant.

Katie-Britt Greenway with Pageant Performance. Photo: www.pageantperformance.com

9. Kari Volen with Pageant Coaching and Designs

Kari Volen started her pageant coaching business, Pageant Coaching and Designs, in 2010. She can assist you with wardrobe selection, hair and makeup, fitness and nutrition, image consulting, and talent selection. While most of her appointments are in person, Volen also assists her students over the phone as well. She is the official pageant coach for America's Miss California and California International Junior Miss.

"She is so insightful into the whole pageant process and competition for multiple systems," one nomination read. "Whether it be interview or stage presentation, she is insightful and offers helpful, individualized expertise."

Photo: http://www.pageantcoachinganddesigns.org/

8. Maria-Teresa DuVall with Pageants2Go

Maria-Teresa DuVall founded Pageants2Go in August 2005 and has a specialty in National American Miss pageant coaching. DuVall has a knack for writing personal introductions and has written 20 national-winning and over 100 state title-winning personal introductions for National American Miss. She has won several local, state and national titles for National Miss American Coed, National American Miss, Mrs. America and the Miss America Organization.

"MT has enriched my daughter's life in so many ways," one nomination read. "In addition to being an amazing pageant coach, she is a teacher, a mentor, a cheerleader and a friend. My daughter has achieved so much personal growth." 

Photo: Pageants to Go Facebook

7. Wes Gandy with Perfect Image Consulting

Wes Gandy and Perfect Image Consulting are based in Jamison, Alabama. Perfect Image Consulting has coached winners in the International Junior Miss, United States Agriculture, United States Woodlands, Nation American Miss and the Miss High School America systems.

"Wes has been great!" one nominator wrote. "My daughter was older when we decided to get into pageants bigger than an occasional local school pageant when she was a young child. We both had little knowledge of pageantry and we were pretty nervous. Wes was very patient and is a great coach."

Wes Gandy. Photo: Wes Gandy Facebook

6. Robin and Emerie Gifford with Springboard

Springboard for Success is a mother-daughter duo that coaches Midwestern girls for pageantry, modeling and more. From eight-week workshops to four-day intensive classes to private lessons, Springboard for Success has any kind of coaching you're looking for to launch your pageant, modeling or acting career.

"Springboard truly makes you feel like you are part of a family," one nomination read. "I haven't been with them long but I was welcomed with open arms. They are the best at what they do. I used to be the most awkward person on the planet and they've helped me turn into a confident strong woman."

Springboard coaches. Photo: springboardforsuccess.com

5. Cheri Kennedy

Cheri Kennedy is certainly no stranger to the pageant and beauty community. She held several pageant titles during her competition days before moving on to become the president of her own cosmetics company, C Cosmetics. She has been a pageant contestant, judge and director, which has allowed her to coach over 1,500 girls to their dream crowns. Kennedy has knowledge of almost every pageant system and works to create a custom coaching plan with each of her clients. 

Cheri Kennedy. Photo: cherikennedy.com

4. Terri Bolen with Total Pageant Prep

Terri Bolen with Total Pageant Prep has been involved with pageantry ever since her first competition at just 10 years old. Bolen has been involved in all facets of pageantry as a competitor, judge, director, pageant mom and coach. She offers coaching in just about every area of competition from onstage question to wardrobe selection to fitness.

"It is my belief that a 'beauty queen' lies within each of us," Bolen wrote on Facebook. "The crown is just a sparkly accessory, however, what you take from the experience will enhance your life forever."

Terri Bolen (right). Photo: Total Pageant Preparation Facebook

3. Bill Alverson

Bill Alverson is one of the biggest names in the south when it comes to pageantry. He has been named “Coach Charming” and “The Pageant King of Alabama,” after his CW show debuted. An attorney by trade, Alverson manages to make all of his clients feel and look like queens. While he is based in Alabama, he coaches pageant girls across the country in everything from onstage question to evening wear walking!

Bill Alverson. Photo: jdspr.com

2. Brittany Eskew with Eskew Consulting

Brittney Eskew has over 26 years in the pageant community and loves coaching young women to achieve their personal best while maintaining their individuality. Eskew Consulting works with Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, International Junior Miss, Miss United States, Miss Teen America and ANSB among others to provide contestant preparation.

Brittney Eskew. Photo: Eskew Consulting Facebook

1. PR Pageant Coaches

PR Pageant Coaches prides itself on being one of the only coaching businesses to adopt a "team approach" to pageant coaching. Instead of signing up with a specific coach, PR Girls have the opportunity to speak with multiple experts in fields like walking/stage presence, fitness/nutrition, interview, talent and so much more! PR Pageant Coaches worked with the past two Miss USAs and continues to host PR University events across the country.

Jules Meyer, CEO of PR Pageant Coaches


Top 10 Pageant Talent Coaches of 2017

10. Wendi Russo

Television Host, Mrs. United States 2010 first runner-up and Mrs. United Nations 2016, Wendi Russo is no stranger to the spotlight! Wendi takes a lot of pride in mentoring young women across the nation to perform their best at their pageant and being confident while doing so. Wendi is not only a successful pageant contestant but also a successful coach!

Photo: Wendi Russo-Media and Pageant Coach Facebook

9. Amber Brown

Amber Brown founded her company Crown Captors Pageant Support and Consulting, which is dedicated to helping young girls and teens that are active in the pageant community. Amber provides her clients with personal, well-rounded coaching that will help them succeed in every area of competition, especially the talent portion. "Amber's advice and tips are golden!" one nomination read. "She has narrowed down exactly what contestants need to do to score well. She's patient, kind, and super professional!"

Crown Captors. Photo: Crown Captors Pageant Support and Consulting Facebook

8. Audrey Beharie

Audrey is a singer, songwriter and producer who founded her own company, Vocal Zones, which is dedicated to vocal and performing arts one-on-one coaching. With over 30 years of vocal performance and music business experience, people from all over the nation come to Audrey for her coaching in hopes to excel their talent and performing abilities. If you are a singer and looking to increase your talent score, look no further!

Photo: BreProductionsInternational.com

7. Amanda Beagle

Next on our list is a former Miss Ohio 2004 herself who knows a thing or two about stage presentations. Amanda Beagle sings soprano and has an extensive resume in musical theater. Her work has taken her to perform in New York City and across the country. She has over 15 years of teaching experience. She works as a personal development coach and can help out with styling to runway to developing your platform. Her vocal experience and musical theater background allow her to help her clients master their performances.

Photo: AmandaBeagle.com

6. Austin Carroll

Self-proclaimed as “The Midsouth’s Premier Talent Coach,” Austin Carroll is based out of Tennessee and is a well-known vocal artist. Carroll's work varies from helping women grace the Miss America stage for their talent competitions to helping children develop and control their singing abilities and work on their stage presence and confidence.

Photo: Austin Carroll Vocal Arts Facebook

5. Thomas Barnette

No stranger to the pageant circuit, Thomas Barnette works to help his clients shine on stage. For the last 20 years, Barnette has worked out of the southeastern states with a focus on talent, interview, paperwork and communication skills on and off the stage. He has worked with women in both the Miss America and Miss USA systems. His success stories include Betty Cantrell, who won Miss America 2016, and Olivia McMillian, who won talent and Miss America Outstanding Teen, as well as several Miss America preliminary talent winners over the years. Last year, Thomas made it to our Top 5 Pageant Talent Coaches of 2016.

Photo: ThomasBarnette.com

4. Lanny Spires

Known for his work in the theater world, Lanny Spires is a favorite amongst those competing in the Miss America Organization. Lanny has performed on Broadway several times, and his most popular showing was HAIR. If you are in need of someone to help you create a performance of a lifetime full of creativity, authenticity and talent, Spires is the one! "We are nominating Lanny Spires because we just adore him," one nominator wrote. "Lanny has helped my daughter with her talent presentation tremendously. He encourages her "out-of-the-box" thinking."

Lanny Spires with pageant girls. Photo: Lanny Spires Facebook

3. Liz Baldwin

Soprano Elizabeth Baldwin has been called “ferociously talented” by the San Francisco Examiner. Performing on different stages all over the country, performance is her expertise! Baldwin’s talented vocals have won her several awards, including the Grand Prize at the Sullivan Foundation Competition and the Nicholas Loren Vocal Competition. She even took home first prize in over five different national vocal competitions. If your talent is vocals, Liz is your go-to! "Liz is the best vocal coach EVER!" one nominator wrote. "So lucky to have met her – she helped bring my talent from nothing to superstar status."

Photo: www.elizabethbaldwinsoprano.com

2. Shea Sullivan

Shea Sullivan has been dominating the Miss America system! Listed on Pageant Planet’s Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2014 and Top 5 Pageant Talent Coaches of 2016, Sullivan worked with Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, on her winning talent routine. Sullivan has almost 20 years of experience choreographing talents in jazz, pointe, ballet and clogging. She was a former Miss Oklahoma City University before moving to New York to pursue her passion for dance.

Photo: SheaSullivan.com

1. Bill Wolfe

Taking the number one spot is Bill Wolfe, known for his work in the Miss America system, specializing in vocals, instrumentals and dance. From 1992 to 1996, he served as the producer for the Miss Missouri pageant while also producing competition tracks that were used by contestants on a local, state and national level. For almost 30 years, Wolfe has worked on music for a total of 10 Miss Americas and has anywhere from one to nine contestants that place in the semi-finals at the national pageant every year. Congratulations!

Photo: TalentWolfe.com


Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2016

10. Chris Saltalamacchio

Chris has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years and his love for theater grew into a love for pageantry at a young age. He has competed in state and national male pageants and held state and national titles. He owns Pageantry By Chris and is now one of the biggest pageant coaches who coaches around the nation.

Chris Saltalamacchio

9. Suzy Bootz

Suzy is a pageant and personal development coach and author. She helps prepare the mind to win and to help her clients face their biggest fears. Suzy wants to help her clients compete and grow for the greater good for themselves and the environment and communities around them.

Suzy Bootz Creating Queens Workbook. Photo: suzybootz.com

8. Valerie Hayes

Valerie has had over 20 years of being an executive and seeing many good and bad interviews and communication skills. After a family friend asked her to help prepare a contestant for her on-stage question portion of a pageant, Valerie entered the world of pageantry. She is one of the top interview coaches in the nation and focuses on other portions of competition as well. She offers lots of help and information, even helpful emails to email subscribers, that will help you with your pageant goals! 

Valerie Hayes. Photo: valeriehayes.com

7. Wendi Russo

Wendi Russo is a great pageant coach to help pageant contestants and titleholders market themselves and their platforms. She does image and pageant consulting and helps in all phases of competition with a great line of success for herself and clients. Wendi is the current Mrs. United Nations and a TV host, which helps her to teach her clients how to communicate effectively both on and off the stage.

Wendi Russo. Photo: wendirusso.com

6. Cheri Kennedy

Cheri Kennedy promises to work together with you with a program designed specifically for you. She wants all of her clients to have a fun, personal and positive experience. Cheri wants her clients to perform flawlessly in interview and to present themselves beautifully on stage while representing their platform well. Cheri is an award-winning pageant coach who has a passion for helping others in the pageant world.

Cheri Kennedy. Photo: cherrikennedy.com

5. Brittney Eskew

Brittney owns Eskew Consulting, LLC. and has been coaching girls around the nation while growing her business and adding other coaches to her team. She is known for her loving personality while pushing others to be and do their best.

Brittney Eskew and Virginia United States queens. Photo: Brittney Eskew Facebook

4. Jorge Esteban

Jorge is the president of Pageant Smart Interview Consulting and his professional experience has encompassed over 30 years. He started out in the telecommunications industry and then turned to pageant coaching, which became his profession after it being his hobby and passion. In the USA system alone, Jorge has had over 60 winners in the past seven years of working in the pageant industry.

Jorge Esteban. Photo: pageant-smart.com

3. Mary Swenson

Mary Swenson loves sharing her love and positivity for pageantry with others and has many success stories in the books for her clients and herself. She was Miss Minnesota International 2011 and since then has been able to reach others with her love for pageantry and developing self-esteem for young women everywhere.

Mary Swenson. Photo: marylynnswenson.com

2. Terri Bolen

Terri is the owner of Total Pageant Preparation and has been coaching winners since 1995. She is the official sponsor of the Miss Alabama USA, Miss Alabama Teen USA, Miss Alabama United States, and Miss Alabama High School/Collegiate pageants. She believes that a beauty queen lies within everyone and wants to help bring that out in each client, contestant and titleholder. 

Terri Bolen. Photo: Terri Bolen

1. Bill Alverson

They call him "Coach Charming" and "The Pageant King of Alabama." Bill Alverson has his own show on TLC all about him being a top pageant coach in the nation. He is an attorney and a pageant coach and is very successful in each field. He holds lots of success stories and is based in Alabama. He coaches contestants and titleholders all around the country and coaches in all segments of the competition.

Bill Alverson

There are so many amazing pageant coaches in America that it was difficult to select just 10. If you don't see your coach up here, be sure to nominate him or her next year as a top coach of 2017!


Top 5 Pageant Talent Coaches of 2016

5. Chris Saltalamacchio

Beginning this year's list, Pageantry By Chris (PBS) began in 2012. Chris has been working with women in the Miss America Organization and was even a featured trainer on MTV's "Made." He is an all-around expert from interview to talent to wardrobe selection. He's no beginner to the stage himself, as he has over 15 years of experience in the pageant industry. 

Chris was a local director and volunteer with the Miss America system before becoming a coach. Photo: pageantrybychris.com

4. Amanda Beagle

Next on our list is a former Miss Ohio 2004 herself who knows a thing or to about stage presentations. She sings soprano and has an extensive resume in musical theater. Her work has taken her to perform in New York City and across the country. She has over 15 years of teaching experience. She works as a personal development coach and can help out with styling to runway to developing your platform. 

Miss Ohio 2014 and a musical theater performer in New York City, Amanda focuses on confidence building through education and enrichment. Photo: amandabeagle.com

3. Austin Carroll

Self-proclaimed as "The Midsouth's Premier Talent Coach," Austin Carroll is based out of Tennessee and is a vocal artist. Carroll has helped women develop their talents in the Miss America systems and even works with younger girls to nurture their singing abilities and stage presence.

Austin Carroll (R) works with women of all ages to present their best selves. He has a musical background and knows talent. Photo: Austin Carroll Vocal Artists Facebook

2. Thomas Barnette

No stranger to the pageant circuit, Thomas Barnette works to help his clients shine on stage. For the last 20 years, Barnette works out of the southeastern states, with a focus on talent, interview, paperwork and communication skills on and off the stage. He has worked with women in both the Miss America and Miss USA systems including the Miss South Carolina and Miss South Carolina Outstanding Teen. One of his most recent success stories; Betty Cantrell went on to win Miss America 2016 and Olivia McMillian who won talent and Miss America Outstanding Teen. He picked her talent, music and arranged her choreography. 

Thomas Barnette worked with Betty Cantrell, Miss America 2016 and Olivia McMillian, Miss America Outstanding Teen 2015. Both women also won the talent award in their respective competitions  Photo: [email protected]

1. Shea Sullivan

This year's top talent coach is Shea Sullivan, who has been dominating the Miss America system! Listed as Pageant Planet's Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2014, Sullivan worked with Mallory Hagan on her tap routine. Sullivan has over 18 years of experience choreographing talents in jazz, pointe, ballet and clogging. She was a former Miss Oklahoma City University before moving to New York to pursue her passions.

Choreographer and former contestant herself, Shea helps women showcase their true abilities through dancing. Photo: sheasullivan.com


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