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Best Pageant Photographers: 2022 Edition

05, January 2022

Every year Pageant Planet compiles a list of the best pageant photographers from the previous year based on our Best in Pageantry Awards. Not only will this list help you find your next pageant photographer, but it can even assist when finding the pageant photographer best suited for your pageant system. In this list you can find both pageant headshot photographers and pageant event photographers. If your favorite pageant photographer isn't on this list, you can shop our entire list of consultants by clicking Find a pageant photographer. 

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Top 10 Pageant Headshot Photographers of 2021

Top 10 Pageant Event Photographers of 2021

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Top 10 Pageant Headshot Photographers of 2021

10. Kathy Whittaker Photography

"Kathy Whittaker is one of the best photographers i’ve ever worked with! She has such an incredible eye and makes sure she gets the best photo possible! Such an incredible attention to detail and has the natural ability to bring out everyone’s beauty in her photos. Working with Kathy as a hair and makeup artist is incredible fun and seeing how our collaborations turn out is the best part. Love you Kathy!" - Megan Goins-Tatum

Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photgraphy

9. Kim Brantley Photography

"Kim and Carson are the perfect team! My favorite headshots ever! They are so good they don't even need editing! The best of the best!" - Rylee Williamson

Photo: Kim Brantley Photography

8. Devine Studios

"Lora and Joe are hands down the best at what they do!! Lora made my daughter look and feel fabulous with hair and makeup and Joe’s expertise behind the camera is undeniable. They both go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and beautiful and make sure they are having fun. And the pictures always turn out better than we could have hoped!" - Alexandra Newlove Deel

Photo: Devine Studios

7. Ferell Ann Photography

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Ferrell for my official headshot for Mrs. Nevada Earth. She was professional and fun to work with. What I love about her photography style is that it’s authentic. When I received my photos I looked like the best version of myself. I highly recommend Ferell if you’re in the market for authentic and glam headshots that will absolutely wow!" - Eileen Garza

Photo: Ferell Ann Photgraphy

6. Goodwin Photography

"Goodwin Photography is the BEST! I have used Krisna for many years as an event photographer as well as headshot photographer for my titleholders. Her quick and responsive program for event photography is unmatched and her headshots are the PERFECT glam look for all pageant girls! I am blessed to be a #goodwingirl and you should too!" - Summer Blalock

Photo: Goodwin Photography

5. Lyndzie Hack Photography

"Lyndzie is such a pleasure to work with. She makes her clients feel comfortable which is huge especially when taking pageant headshots. Her work is absolutely amazing and it shows, with the photogenic wins she has under her belt. She gives you so many great edited images and at a very affordable price. We highly recommend her for anyone looking to get high end headshots." - Trisha Jackson

Photo: Lyndzie Hack Photography

4. Carlos Velez Photography

"We were introduced to Carlos by Ali Lee, makeup artist extraordinaire, and could not have been happier. His work is amazing and he is kind and welcoming and so much fun to shoot with. My daughter Emma absolutely adores him and can’t wait until she can work with him again. Thank you Carlos for bringing out the beauty in my girl." - Wendy Buscemi

Photo: Carlos Velez Photography

3. Matt Boyd Photography

"Matt Boyd's photography has been absolutely amazing. My headshots by Matt Boyd Photography are wonderful, so artistic, and perfect for my resume and auditions. I highly recommend him to everyone and look forward to working with him in the future!"  - Victoria Hill

Photo: Matt Boyd Photography

2. Meagan Gilbert Photography

"Meagan is simply amazing! She is super sweet and such a beautiful person to work with. Not only does she make you feel confident and comfortable during your shoot, but she also makes sure that she captures you at your best! She is very knowledgeable and professional. I loved working with her and loved every single photo she captured! We will definitely be working with Meagan again!"  - Andrea Estrada

Photo: Meagan Gilbert Photography

1. Eva Flis Photography

"Eva's work speaks for itself! She has such an eye for amazing shots that really pop and stand out amongst a group of pageant headshots! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience shooting with her and I hope to work with her again in the future!"  - Alyssa Longanecker

Photo: Eva Flis Photography

Top 10 Pageant Event Photographers of 2021

10. Photos by Joey Brent

"Mr. Joey is pleasure to do business with. He does outstanding work and goes above and beyond for every client." - Danielle Norwalk

Photo: Photos by Joey Brent

9. Matt Beswick Photography

"Matt is an amazing photographer, Matt has been our official photographer for a number of years now. We will be using Matt for all our up and coming projects and pageants. He is extremely easy to work with and he cares about every tiny detail ensuring he has provided the very best service to us. He has an extremely high energy level needed for our big event, we are not sure how he kept going right to the very end. Our photos are incredible and he is very good at treating everyone with the same camera time and capturing those special shots! Top of the Game!! Number 1 for Matt x" - Charlie Mancini

Photo: Matt Beswick Photography

8. Sparkle Portraits by Lori Gush

"I can not say enough good things about Sparkle Portraits and Lori! She truly shines behind the camera! She is able to bring out the best in my daughter! She takes my ideas and incorporates them into her plan! I always feel heard and I know I will get the best results with Lori! I will keep coming back!" - Michelle Satrum

Photo: Sparkle Portraits by Lori Gush

7. Eric Choy

"Eric is not only a great photographer but he is kind and humble. He makes it about the contestants, not himself. He has twice shot me doing ballet and the pictures are better than any I have. They are clear and capture all the movement and expressions. He is talented and gracious!" - Gwyneth Bridges

Photo: Eric Choy

6. Bob McKinley Photography

"Bob was the event photographer for our 2021 state pageant and did a phenomenal job. The girls loved working with him and his end work was impressive!" - Lindsey Haukom

Photo: Bob McKinley Photography

5. SMOR Studios 

"A team fit for Queens!!! They are so fun to work with! Laid back and accommodating to contestants and the pageant staff! Attention is in the details and they don’t miss the details! I have loved every image they have captured of me and my fellow Queens during our pageant experience! Hope to continue to work with them!!!" - Kandace Monney

Photo: SMOR Studios

4. DazzleShot Images

"I absolutely loved my time with Radh! The picture came out super professional and beautiful, and they made me laugh and feel beautiful the entire time! Definitely recommend for any pageant picture headshots, or even senior photos, they are incredible!" - Talia Thorson

Photo: DazzleShot Images

3. Eireann Photography 

"I've worked with many photographers over the last few decades and Anthony is a class act. He always has the best Hair and Make-up artists and has always communicated timely with me- especially when I was in need of a photoshoot on my crazy schedule. He works with so many different pageant systems, that he knows what they are always looking for. Besides capturing the shots I was looking for, he always manages to come up with some really great ones that are professional and not too pageantry. As a matter of fact, I am using one of Anthony's headshots on the back cover of my new children's book. I highly recommend him for all of your pageantry and professional headshots." - Linda Zaneski

Photo: Eireann Photography

2. Eva Flis Photography

"I absolutely loved working with Eva Flis for our National Queen Photoshoot. She was very professional and she had great ideas for posing. Im looking forward to working with her again in the future." - Laci Brown

Photo: Eva Flis Photography

1. Meagan Gilbert Photography

"Meagan is an AMAZING photographer and person!!! I loved every single picture she took, she is fantastic at her job! While being super professional she kept the energy in a perfect state, and made me feel super confident! Her photography was super affordable too! I love her so much!" - Lexi Gryszowka

Photo: Meagan Gilbert Photography


Top 10 Headshot Photographers of 2020

10. Lyndzie Hack Photography

“Lyndzie has always been very professional and is always on top of the latest trends. She always looks for a new approach when taking headshots to make them stand out and more unique. I absolutely love all of the headshots she has taken of me and can’t wait to get more done in the future!” -Emma Shaw

Photo by: Lyndzie Hack Photography


9. Eireann Photography

“Anthony is simply the BEST! He is very knowledgeable about the Pageant World, and took incredible action shots of my daughter at her most recent pageant. We loved him so much, we came back for headshots and crown/sash shots. He was incredibly professional and patient, and came up with so many gorgeous shots I had difficulty choosing. He was very attentive to exactly the ‘look’ we were going for and extremely accommodating in creating the perfect shots. I would highly recommend working with him and his talented makeup/hair artists. We worked with Rachael, and she was WONDERFUL.” -Megan McNicholas

Photo by: Eireann Photography 


8. FELS Photo

“I have always loved the Fels Photo teams work- for a couple years I dreamed of working with them! They fall nothing short of quality & exceeded all my expectations! I felt very confident working with them, there were no short cuts & everything was done to perfection. Everyone was so kind and made sure I was happy with everything before we tied up the session. VERY pleased with their service & can't wait to work with them again!!” -Taynger Borninkhof

Photo by: FELS Photo 


7. Brittany Link Photography

“Just one look at Brittany’s work and you see what sets her apart. She always produces a clean, beautiful headshot. But it’s the artistic and fun shots that catch my attention. Having worked with Brittany for several years, I see how she never stops creating. She is always looking for ways to add value to her work, which means the client wins big! I can’t sign off without mentioning the vibe on set. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, early or late, or if she’s been shooting for hours, Brittany is always energetic and happy. She brings out the best in everyone working with her. She makes it easy. She is absolutely on her game and deserves the #1 spot!” -Robin Gifford 

“2020-2021 National All-American Miss Jr. Teen Peyton Stuewe”
Photo by: Brittany Link Photography


6. Kathy Whittaker Photography

“I have used Kathy for many of my clients. She is a phenomenal photographer that knows not only her industry but the industry that she is shooting for whether it’s modeling, pageants, or actors. She takes time to get to know her clients and cares about their best interest beyond the photoshoot. Behind the camera Kathy is a master at her craft. My clients have been thrilled with their results and many have won most photogenic because of working with Kathy!!! Love Kathy and her work!” -Lisa Dean

Photo by: Kathy Whittaker Photography


5. Meagan Gilbert Photography

“Meagan will change your life. Not only does she take amazing headshots that capture you authentically at your best, she makes you feel welcome and relaxed the second you step into her studio. The confidence boost she gives you working in your session may come second only to the confidence boost of seeing your completed photos. Her headshots have helped me in so many opportunities, and her personality and kindness has also helped people in more ways than she'll ever know. By far the best headshots I've ever taken, Meagan comes highly recommended, and I thank her for the headshot that helped me secure my Top 15 placement!”- Devon Kardel

Photo by: Meagan Gilbert Photography

4. Goodwin Photography

“I love Krisna!! Working with her gives me such confidence, and her sweet soul shines through with everything she does! She cares for her girls, and her work is stellar!” - Victoria Lee

Photo by: Goodwin Photography- pageantheadshots.com

3. Matt Boyd Photography

“My photos and the photo session with Matt Boyd Photography was far more than I could have ever asked for! After taking a break from pageants and jumping back in years later, I was not sure if I had the same passion for pageantry like I once did. While at my pageant headshot session with Matt Boyd, everything changed. The hair and makeup with Meredith Boyd was like a dream - an incredible dream of what I've always wanted and she created a melanin maven that rose, like the phoenix that rose from the ashes into a fierce, radiant caramel sister I was born to be! Matt walked me through each pose step by step and chose my wardrobe so we all agreed on what would make me feel my best and also stand out from my competition. Matt & Meredith are LEGIT, I am serious people - they know the in's and out's to headshots and I put all my trust in them and they exceeded my expectations! I not only won photogenic in my division, and the best part was the overall experience. Read this carefully - it is a life enriching experience, it has always been a bucket list item for me to shoot with them! They were able to help elevate me to the NEXT LEVEL of ME! I feel like the queen I was born to be and that resonates with me everyday and I love every minute of it! Thank you Matt Boyd Photography!” -Katherine King 

Photo by: Matt Boyd Photography

2. Eva Flis Photography

“One of the most professional, kind and most generous Photographers in Pageantry today, not to mention she's so talented and takes the most gorgeous photos with the most reasonable packages. She's compassionate and very patient with her clients and goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and special when they're in her studio. She understands the huge financial commitments it is for girls to compete, with fees, travel, wardrobe, coaches etc. and wants them to have the most gorgeous photos and not charge them an arm and a leg. She's that generous and we all adore and appreciate this amazing lady. Being a Hair & Makeup artist, it's a pleasure to be able to work side by side with this amazing lady and make Magic happen with our clients and their photos. If anyone deserves these awards, it's the AMAZINGLY TALENTED Eva Flis!” -Vicki Misuraca 

Photo by: Eva Flis Photography

1.Georgina Vaughan Photography

“It was so amazing working with Georgina! My photo shoot was fun and my pictures turned out so beautiful. It had great vibes all around and she has a great eye for beauty shots. I look forward to shooting with her again soon!” -Chloe Hiller 

Photo by: Georgina Vaughan Photography


Top 10 Event Photographers of 2020

10. Photos by Joey Brent

In 2020, photos by Joey Brent sponsored  Miss Grand TennesseeMiss Grand Mississippi and The Little Miss Magnolia State Pageant.

Miss Magnolia State Preliminary Pageant. Photo: Joey Brent


9. Jenna Brooke Photography

Jenna Brooke Photography is a proud sponsor for the Miss Tennessee Scholorship Competition,  Miss Tennessee Volunteer Pageant  and Miss Tennessee Elementary, Jr High, High School, and Collegiate America

In a review left for Jenna Brooke Photography, client and pageant contestant Ruthie Richey said, "Jenna is so much more than a person with a camera!! She knows how to help you look your best no matter what! I don’t know what I would do without her creativity and knowledge in my life."

Photo: Jenna Brooke Photography


8. Eric Choy

Eric Choy is the official event photographer for many pageants in the Pacific NW including  International Junior Miss Washington and Oregon and Gold Dust Royalty Pageant.

In her review, Patty Baller, Director for Gold Dust Royalty Pageants said, "We have had Eric as our event photographer for the last 2 years and I could not appreciate him and his wonderful work more! We are blessed to have him come to our royalty events and capture great memories for us and our royalty. He has a great eye on shots that I wouldn’t even think of. Last year was the first year having him take photos at our pageant and I appreciate his leadership and not having to worry about things being done. He is very professional and took care of everything. We are so excited to have him back in 2021."

Photo: Eric Choy


7. PageantPics by Lenn Long Photography

PageantPics by Lenn Long Photography is the official photography studio for the Miss North Carolina Scholarship Pageant

Photo: PageantPics by Lenn Long Photography


6. Eireann Photography

Eireann Photography has workd with numerous pageants in 2020 including the National United States Pageant  and The 2020 Miss Pennsylvania Elementary, Junior High, High School, and Collegiate America pageant .

In her review, client and pageant contestant,  Krista Costanza said, "I highly recommend Eireann Photography! Anthony is very kind and friendly! I just had the opportunity to work with him at this year's United States of America's 2020 Pennsylvania Pageant. He is very professional in his work and takes his time. He is very uplifting towards all contestants and he is a very accomplished photographer!"

The 2020 Miss Collegiate United States Pageant Queens. Photo: Eireann Photography


5. Bob McKinley Photography

Bob McKinly Photography has worked with many pageants and contestants including International Junior Miss Kentucky and IJM Kentucky Teen 2020, Ashton Little

Photo: Bob McKinley


4. Beyond The See Photography

Beyond the See Photography is a well known event photographer who sponsored the Royal International Junior Miss pageant in 2020 and has worked with countless pageant contestants like Teen Miss Arizona 2020 Alexis Miranda. In her review Alexis said, "We met Stephanie and her crew at Internationals in Florida. As if I was not nervous enough, head spinning with details, when it came time for photos, Stephanie just made relax with her down to earth, real personality. Stephanie has the ability to refocus you for a great photo shoot!"

2020 Royal International Miss Queens. Photo: Beyond the See Photography


3. Amanda Ferguson Photography

This nationally awarded South Carolina photographer is the official photographer and sponsor for the USA National Miss pageant as well as Miss Universe Iceland, among many others.

"Amanda has been our only photographer for more than two years and every photo she takes is absolutely amazing! She uses natural light and the colors in the photos just sparkle! My daughter adores her and it shows in every photo." The mother of client and 2020 IJM Pacific Northwest Princess, Roselyn Halvorson.

Photo: Amanda Ferguson Photography


2. Goodwin Photography

Krisna Goodwin is a leader in the industry who has documented just about every pageant including International Junior Miss, Miss Florida USA , Miss Tennessee Cosmos USA and  The 2020 Miss Mississippi Elementary, Junior High, High School, and Collegiate America pageant, just to name a few.

#goodwingirl client and America’s National Teenager 2020 Victoria Lee left a review saying, “I love Krisna!! Working with her gives me such confidence, and her sweet soul shines through with everything she does! She cares for her girls, and her work is stellar!"

2020 Miss Georgia High School America Ashlin Meadows. Photo: Goodwin Photography


1. Eva Flis Photography

This prestigious photographer worked with Miss Bikini US 2020 and Miss Elementary, Jr. High, High School and Collegiate America this year and has long been the go to photography sponsor for Miss Earth USA.

Client and titleholder Miss Illinois Great Lakes Teen USA 2020 Sydney Bitar left a review stating, "You cannot go wrong with Eva! I have worked with Eva for headshots, modeling portfolios and had her as the photographer at multiple pageants and I have never been disappointed with the photos. Eva is a joy to work with, her prices are reasonable and the photos speak for themselves."

8th Annual Girls For a Cure Models. Photo: Eva Flis Photography


Top 10 Headshot Photographers of 2019 

10. Eva Flis Photography

Placing tenth on this year's Top 10 Pageant Headshot Photographers of 2019 list is Eva Flis Photography. Based out of Illinois, Eva has photographed national and International pageants including Miss Earth USA, Miss Earth (including elemental queens), and Miss World. Eva Flis is making a big impact on both national and international pageant stages! Eva Flis Photography has worked with many contestants including, Morgan Ghys, Phuong Khanh Nguyen, Yashvi Aware and Grace Grell.

Victoria Poloniewicz reviewed Eva Flis Photography stating, "She never drops the ball communicating with her clients and giving them exactly what they ask for! Her motto is under-promise and over-deliver."

"Eva goes above and beyond to make sure that the outfits, lighting, backdrops, and music is just what you're looking for in a photoshoot," said Grace Castro. 

Eva is truly a photographer that goes above and beyond!

Emma Loney. Photo: Eva Flis Photography


9. Studio Envogue

STUDIO ENVOGUE Photography wins the ninth spot on the list this year. Based out of Alabama, Studio Envogue has sponsored state pageants such as Miss Alabama USA and Teen USAMiss World America Connecticut, Miss World America Rhode Island, Miss World America Alabama as well as Miss Alabama United States. This photographer has also been a successful director within the Miss USA system, giving her a unique insight into pageantry and what to look for in a photogenic picture. 

On November 22, Stephanie Crites reviewed Studio Envogue stating "Cindi is an amazing photographer who has the ability to make anyone she works with smile and shine. Her pictures are stunning and she comes up with the most beautifully artistic looks. Looking forward to working with her again!"

"I've never seen a more hardworking, dedicated, passionate photographer," Julia Oustad said. "Cindi is absolutely amazing on multiple levels! Her love for people, and bringing out the truly fabulous in everything she puts her hands to, is beyond phenomenal!"

Studio Envogue has worked with Katia Gerry, Kelly Hutchinson, Hannah McMurphy, Katie Watts and Kalin Burt, to name a few. 

Caelyn Dolar. Photo: Studio Envogue


8. Devine Studios

Finishing in the eighth spot this year is Devine Studios, based out of Missouri, USA. Joe and Lora Devine both own Devine Studios, together this power couple do both hair and makeup services, then take an absolutely stunning headshot! This year working with Miss Nebraska USA and Miss Nebraska Teen USA state pageant, they've made an impact on the pageant world by creating amazing first impressions through pageant headshots!

Faith Jacobs reviewed Devine Photography on the 19 of December stating "I absolutely loved working with them!" and giving them a 5-star rating!

Devine Studios has worked with former Miss Teen USA 2017 Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff, Mrs. United States 2017 Lauren Ziegler, Mrs. United States 2018 Samantha Reinecke and Miss Missouri Teen USA 2019 Abilene Lortz.

Faith Tyrell. Photo: Devine Studios


7. Lyndzie Hack Photography

Our seventh spot goes to Lyndzie Hack Photography, based out of Kentucky! With clients winning most photogenic at Local, state and national levels there is no question why contestants go with Lydzie! Capturing the headshot for several contestants at State USA pageants, State and National United States Pageants, and many others including local systems. Lyndzie Hack is the official sponsor of Miss Earth USA Kentucky, Miss Earth USA Ohio, USA National Miss Indiana, USA National Miss Ohio, International Junior Miss Kentucky, Miss Kentucky Teen America and America's Majestic Miss Southeast Region.

Kim Edge reviewed Lyndzie Hack Photography, stating that she has won many photogenic awards with Lydzie’s photos. 

Jersey Wooten's mother reviewed Lyndzie Hack Photography stating, "Lyndzie is absolutely phenomenal in everything that she does in regards to photography!! We couldn’t be more pleased with our daughters photos/headshots! Our daughter (Jersey) has won awards at both the State & National level based off her photos alone from the wonderful Lyndzie Hack! We will continue to utilize Lyndzie’s services time & time again as she exceeds our expectations with each appointment ??!!"

"I have been going to Lyndzie for years and have never been disappointed," one reviewer, Samantha Herr, said. "She has helped coordinate outfits for me and style me in the most flattering way each time. Her creativity is always so different from what you see everywhere else. You can go from pageantry straight into clean natural headshots with her and round out your portfolio at Lyndzie Hack Photography."

Sophie Burzynski. Photo: Lyndzie Hack Photography


6. Goodwin Photography

Winning the sixth spot for best headshot photographers this year is Goodwin Photography, who believes that a good headshot is always the best first impression. Working with contestants from several national pageants such as International Junior MissANTSOMiss Teen America and Miss Cosmos United States, as well as many state pageants, Goodwin Photography is well experienced in the industry. With some clients coming back year after year, it is no wonder why they are so well-loved!

Laura Whittaker reviewed Goodwin Photography this year stating "I have known, and worked with, Krisna for over 10 years. She is a class act individual with talent and eye for capturing and bringing out her subject's personality with a single photo."

Rachel Novem, states, "We drove over 5 hours and back in one day to have head shots done with Krisan she was so professional. She made my daughter perfectly comfortable, she was honest, kind, friendly and very affordable. We definitely would make the trip again."

Goodwin Photography has worked with Andrea Moore, Clark Rector, Christine Williamson, Emily McPhail and Justice Enlow, just to name a few.

Gaven Waldrop. Photo: Goodwin Photography


5. FELS Photo

Breaking into the top five pageant headshot photographers of the year is FELS Photo. Based out of Iowa, FELS Photo sponsors an abundance of state Miss USA pageants across the United States, photographing both contestants and titleholders alike. FELS Photo sponsors the Miss USA & Teen USA pageants in Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Wisconsin, Wyoming, North Dakota and Minnesota.

In November, Brooke Beeson-Hughes reviewed FELS photo stating the following, "I had the best experience during my photoshoot. They made me feel so comfortable and I had so much fun. I've never felt so beautiful and confident as I did that day. " 

Taynger Borninkhof also used FELS photo for her headshot stating, "I have always loved the Fels Photo teams work- for a couple years I dreamed of working with them! They fall nothing short of quality & exceeded all my expectations! I felt very confident working with them, there were no short cuts & everything was done to perfection. Everyone was so kind and made sure I was happy with everything before we tied up the session. VERY pleased with their service & cant wait to work with them again!!"

This year FELS Photo worked with Emily Tinsman, Amber Hulse, Olivia Pura, Regina Gray and Olivia Lulich.

Regina Gray. Photo: FELS Photo

4. Brittany Link Photography

Brittany Link Photography is fourth on our list this year. Based out of Minnesota, Brittany is no stranger to pageants. Being a past contestant and titleholder herself, she knows what it takes to produce stunning pageant headshots and photogenic award-winning images.

Brittany Link Photography is an official sponsor for Miss USA & Teen USA pageants in Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. She's also an official sponsor of Miss High School America and its state pageants in MinnesotaNebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. As you can tell, Brittany has had the opportunity to work with tons of young women across the country. Some of her clients include Serena Schreifels, Danika Tramburg, Kristen Hovda, Lucia Fang, Hannah Kost and Lainey Donoghue.

Her clients absolutely rave about Brittany and you can tell by her reviews:

"Brittany Link is not only a talented photographer, but she is also an incredible person," Hannah Kost said. "I have shot with her only a couple of times, but both times I walked away with an incredible experience and an abundance of photos to choose from! She’s great at what she does and truly knows how to get the best shot. The quality of the pictures and editing are amazing. She gives direction and allows for creativity and personality to show in each shot and she really knows how to make girls feel comfortable and feel their best in front of the camera! Her pricing is great and I can never choose just a few favorite photos! I personally love the pictures I’ve gotten from her because they’re super fun, and I love that when she edits, it isn’t over edited, it still looks fresh and natural and the product is absolutely beautiful! She also works to get all of her photos out to her customers as soon as possible. She’s a blast and is such an extremely kind person! I have so much fun when I’m shooting with her! Overall she’s an incredibly talented photographer."

Maranda Saltzman. Photo: Brittany Link Photography

3. Kathy Whittaker Photography

Winning the third spot on our list is Kathy Whittaker Photography! With clients in Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, International Junior Miss and more, she is experienced with the "look" of different systems. Kathy Whittaker is based in Texas but works with clients across the country to get the perfect shot for their upcoming pageants. You may recognize Kathy Whittaker's work as many of her headshots took home placements in the Best Pageant Headshots of 2019! Some of her clients this year were: Khloe NoelkeSydney Spencer, Audrey Burri, Kennedy Edwards, Peyton Stuewe and so many more.

Donna Berry used Kathy this year and reviewed her on the pageant planet, stating  "If you want a professional experience and quality headshots call Kathy Whittaker!"

"I have won photogenic competitions at the state and international levels with Kathy's talent," Nicki DiPietro said. "The experience with her is consistently amazing, and I always leave feeling beautiful and happy. Kathy knows what she's doing, she knows what is going to look great for each girl, and she is helpful throughout the process to ensure you get the best quality photos possible. working with her is a joy!!!"

Neelam Chahlia. Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography

2. Meagan Gilbert Photography

Coming in second spot is Meagan Gilbert Photography. Meagan works with contestants of all ages, from all pageant systems to create the perfect headshot for them. She's responsible for creating the headshots and images for Miss Indiana USA and Miss Indiana Teen USA 2019, Miss West Virginia USA and Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2019, Miss Pennsylvania USA and Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2020 and many others.

Devon Kardel who reviewed Meagan Gilbert Photography this year stated, "Meagan will change your life. I thank her for the headshot that helped me secure my Top 15 placement!"

"I absolutely adore Megan and her team!!! She was more than willing to doing my headshots for a system she’s never done before, and I loved them," one reviewer raved. "The shoot was so much fun and we shared so many laughs throughout the day. It took me 3 weeks to narrow down my edits...if that doesn’t tell you anything about how amazing she is, I’m not sure what will. 12/10 recommend using Megan and her team. You will not be disappointed!!"

Meagan Gilbert photographed numerous contestants this year including, Miss Pennsylvania USA 2020, Victoria Piekut; Miss Illinois 2019, Tiarra Taylor; Miss Indiana Teen USA 2020, Jinnie Tomes; Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen 2019, Hadley Abram and many more.

Nicolette Pacheco. Photo: Meagan Gilbert Photography

1. Matt Boyd Photography

Winning the number one spot for Best Headshot Photographer of 2019 is Matt Boyd Photography. He photographs contestants from a various pageant systems, for instances: Miss World America 2019 1st Runner-up, Megan Gordon; Miss Maine 2019, Carolyn Brady; Miss Mississippi USA 2020, Asya Branch; Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2019, Allie Richardson and Miss Universe Iceland 2019, Birta Abiba Porhallsdottir. He's also photographed the Miss America winner in recent years. 

"Exceptional in every way possible! From start to finish, Matt Boyd Photography exceeded our expectations," one review said. "Worth every penny, the experience is priceless, will continue to use Matt and Meredith Boyd for years to come for our pageant headshots. They treated my daughter like Miss America, they both have such sincere hearts for what they do and it shows! They walked us through the process every step of the way and helped us with all the details. The hair and makeup by Meredith is gorgeous and age appropriate. I researched numerous pageant photographers and hands down, it was the best investment and I found them to be very affordable which always helps too! So easy to get to Atlanta, Georgia and we enjoyed touring the city and the shopping was wonderful. Made for a memorable girls trip. My daughter felt so confident and still cannot stop talking about how much fun she had! The experience truly uplifted her to another level and she also won overall photogenic in her pageant!!! We cannot wait to go back!"

Alice Giannetta. Photo: Matt Boyd Photography

Top 10 Pageant Event Photographers of 2019

10. Captured Beauty Productions

Captured Beauty Productions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana came in at the number 10 spot on the Best Event Photographers list of 2019! Colleen Charlton with Captured Beauty Productions has over 30 years experience in the pageant industry. 16 of those 30 years have been providing directors and clients with the very best in pageant production, stage photography and headshot photography. Production services include stage lighting, pipe and drape, audio, stage photography, videography and more.

This year Captured Beauty Productions worked with numerous pageants including International Junior Miss Kansas, Montana and Central States, National Sparkle Miss, Ultimate Dream Face Nationals and Southern States Pageant Expo and Razzle Dazzle Nationals!

Photo: Captured Beauty Productions


9. Say Uncle Photography

Say Uncle Photography in Davenport, Iowa placed in the number nine position on the list! Say Uncle Photography is the official event photographer for the Miss Iowa Scholarship Program, and they are also the headshot sponsors of Miss Greater Des Moines and Miss Metro competitions. Their fans love that their prints and digital downloads are made available within a week of the event and they strive to send out crowning pictures within hours, edited and perfect for posting on social media!

Their glowing reviews speak highly of Stephen & Ray from Say Uncle stating, "They not only take beautiful pictures, but they support the candidates they work with throughout their pageant careers!"

Say Uncle Photography also sponsors many Miss Iowa and Miss Illinois local competitions as well including the Miss Scott County Program, Miss Iowa's Youth Program, Miss Muscatine, Miss Greater Des Moines, Miss Metro, Miss Eastern Iowa, Miss Capital City and 80/35, Miss Mississippi Crown, and Miss Blackhawk Valley programs.

Photo: Say Uncle Photography


8. Believe Photography

Selected for the number eight spot is Believe Photography in Portland, Oregon! Chris Montgomery and his team members, Shayla and Crystal are extremely popular throughout the Northwest for providing quality headshots, prompt crown and sash portraits and outstanding event photography for their clients throughout the United States.

They have a long list of dedicated fans, as well as positive reviews on their profile, just like this one:

"I have been to the National American Miss pageant for 3 years and every year Believe has incredible photos from it. Chris seems to know just the right place to shoot so that he can get the best angel to capture the one moment in time that only last for a brief second. I didn't know until this year that he doesn't charge for them and that means a lot. I play around with photography and realize how much work it takes after the photo is taken and for Chris to provide all of his shots from NAM for free is incredible. His headshots are amazing as well! I don't ever write reviews but I want to give credit to a place that is due."

In the past year, Believe Photography has worked with countless clients and pageants including National American Miss, United States of America Pageants and Regal Majesty!

Photo: Believe Photography


7. Eireann Photography

Eireann Photography in Lancaster, Pennsylvania placed in the number seven spot! Eireann Photography specializes in pageant headshots, formal portraits and event photography. They provide high quality images and a top notch pageant photography experience for an affordable price. Their professional studio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is conveniently located for clients, contestants and titleholders in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

Anthony Panzino, who owns Eireann Photography, has so many dedicated fans who depend on him for their headshots and pageant events. Here is an excerpt from one of the reviews on his profile:

"Anthony is by far my favorite person to do headshots. The studio is warm and welcoming even for the parent(s) who are waiting and watching the session. His fee structure is fair and the selection of photos are amazing. When it comes to pictures from pageants I will say Anthony does a great job, even when it comes to talent. My daughter's talent is competitive cheerleading and she does a lot of power tumbling and quick moves in her 90 second routine. He has been able to get some incredible shots when it is extremely easy to miss the perfect moment. Book a session with Anthony or ask him about photographing your event. I guarantee you will not regret your decision."

In the past year, Eireann Photography has been the official pageant photographer for United States of America's Miss Pennsylvania, International Junior Miss Pennsylvania and the Miss Pennsylvania Elementary, Junior High, High School, and Collegiate America pageant.

Photo: Eireann Photography


6.  Eva Flis Photography

Coming in at number six on the list this year is Eva Flis Photography! Eva Flis Photography is based in Chicago, Illinois but they often travel on location for photoshoots. Eva discovered photography while working as a model, being on the other side of the camera. Her ultimate goal is to listen to what YOU want, then deliver timeless photographs and capture moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. Eva Flis Photography is involved in all kinds of pageant photography but specialize in glamorously styled images and headshots.

Here are some excerpts from reviews on Eva Flis Photography's profile:

"Eva goes above and beyond to make sure that the outfits, lighting, backdrops and music is just what you're looking for in a photoshoot. Eva is willing to push creativity to its limits and make you feel like a super star!"

"We absolutely love working with Eva!!  Eva's photos look amazing and she has a ultra fast delivery time. Eva is punctual and dependable. She never drops the ball communicating with her clients and giving them exactly what they ask for! Her motto is under promise and over deliver. Eva is very hard working and dedicated to her clients. She has emailed us photos at 2-3am to meet strict deadlines."

In the past year Eva Flis Photography has worked with many satisfied clients and pageants including the Miss Earth USA 2019 pageant!

Photo: Eva Flis Photography


5. Goodwin Photography

Placing at number five on the list this year is Goodwin Photography from the great state of Tennessee! Krisna Goodwin has been involved in pageant event photography, as well as taking winning headshots for more than 25 years!

Krisna Goodwin has so many dedicated fans that depend on her for their headshots and pageant events. Here are excerpts from some of the reviews on her profile:

"Goodwin Photography seems to know just when to take that perfect picture. Our stage shots were amazing."

"We drove over 5 hours and back in one day to have head shots done with Krisna - she was so professional. She made my daughter perfectly comfortable, she was honest, kind, friendly and very affordable. We definitely would make the trip again."

"I am known for my lengthy speeches but I can scarcely find the words to describe my affection for Goodwin Photography. They have been my top pick and some of my biggest professional supporters for well over a decade. You get so much more than a headshot, with Krisna. She becomes a card carrying member of your cheer squad. I trust her unconditionally and you should too."

In the past year, Goodwin Photography has worked with countless clients and pageants including Miss Tennessee and Kentucky Cosmos USA, Miss Tennessee Scholarship ProgramInternational Junior Miss, Miss Virginia Scholarship ProgramANTSOMiss Teen America and Miss Cosmos United States

Photo: Goodwin Photography


4. Steve Drury Photography

Selected for the number four spot is Steve Drury Photography in Irvine, California! Steve Drury has been capturing moments in pageantry since 2012, gracing the cover of Pageantry Magazine on multiple occasions. Steve Drury not only captures your crowning moment on stage, but also helps you reach that moment by offering headshot sessions that can help you achieve your Photogenic Award goals. Steve Drury is passionate about what he does, and will make you have the best photo shoot experience possible.

Here are some excerpts from reviews on Steve Drury's profile:

"Steve Drury is amazing not only as a pageant photographer, but a skilled headshot photographer. As a contestant, coach and H/M Artist, Steve and I have created international winning photogenic photos of contestants all around the world. He is always super optimistic, uplifting and supportive!"

"I love working with Steve. He is incredibly talented. Not only does he capture amazing photos during events and shoots, but he is fun to work with. He keeps the humor flowing to make sure the shots he takes are the best. He also is supportive of his clients and goes above and beyond for them."

In the past year Steve Drury Photography has worked with numerous clients and pageants including National American Miss California, Miss International California and Miss California Jr. High, High School, & Collegiate America Pageants.

Photo: Steve Drury Photography


3. Clover Storm Photography

Coming in at number three on the list this year is Clover Storm Photography in Dayton, Ohio!

John Flynn from Clover Storm picked up his first camera when he was in fourth grade, and has been shooting ever since. He finally "went pro" with his photography in January 2015, when Clover Storm Photography was born. People ask where he got the name. A four leaf clover is supposed to represent faith, hope, love and luck. John knew that if he was going to be a successful photography business owner, even part time, that he was going to need a great deal of each of those things. A "storm of four leaf clovers" if you will.

The glowing reviews on his profile speak highly of John from Clover Storm stating,

"John you are extremely talented! You have the perfect demeanor when working with your subject! You are calm and funny and mindful, you really bring out the very best and your photos are amazing! Loved having you work with Julianna and your photo of her is award winning!! She received 1st place and overall pageant winner for Princess of America state competition and 1st runner up for Princess of America Nationals 2019."

"Love working with John. He is very knowledgeable in his field of studio, outdoors, and at events. Well rounded in the understanding of lighting, posing, and personal development in the industry. We thoroughly enjoy his ability to put his clients at ease by having fun and create beautiful images at the same time."

In the past year Clover Storm Photography has worked with countless clients and pageants including, the USA National Miss OhioUSA National Miss Indiana and Pure International Pageants!

Photo: Clover Storm Photography


2. Eric Choy

Placing at number two on the list this year is Eric Choy Photography in Portland, Oregon! Eric Choy is a popular and very well known photographer throughout the Northwest for providing quality headshots, touching crown and sash portraits and breathtaking event photography!

He has a long list of loyal clients and fans, as well as positive reviews on his profile, just like this one:

"Eric Choy is amazing! Being three states away we haven't had the opportunity to be able to have him again but if he's ever at a pageant we attend or in our state he's my very first choice!!  At first I was surprised at the price because he was less expensive then what we have seen with pageant photographers, but the quality was a million times worth it! He gave us way better photos than the other people we have paid much more to. They were not only clear, amazing talent action shots, and beautiful shots of all the pageant events, but even his own creative shots turned out uniquely awesome! Five star best pageant photographer and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again one day!"

In the past year Eric Choy Photography has worked with an endless list of clients and pageants including, International Junior Miss Washington and Oregon, Regal Majesty Oregon and Washington and Nationals, Queens for a Cure, the Miss Exceptional Pageant, All American Girl Washington State, Gold Dust Royalty Pageant and the Miss Mason Area, Miss Portland and the Miss Washington County Scholarship Programs.

International Junior Miss Washington and Oregon titleholders waiting for rehearsal. Photo: Eric Choy


1. You Blinked Photography

Topping the list of the Best Event Photographers of 2019 is You Blinked Photography in the number one spot! Rod Aberegg with You Blinked Photography is a very well known Southern California-based professional photographer who specializes in fashion, beauty and pageantry photography.

Rod Aberegg has a long list of loyal clients and fans, as well as positive reviews on his profile, just like this one:

"Rod has been the event photographer for our Miss California Elementary, Jr. High, High School & Collegiate America Pageant for the last 5 years! He is very professional and captures picture perfect images of the girls in action, on and off stage. His photos speak for themselves and the girls get their digital images back quickly! He is also our go to for our sisterhood studio marketing photos each year. The girls love him and he makes them feel so comfortable in front of the camera. We are blessed to have You Blinked Photography a part of our state team!"

"It's difficult to put into words how much we love Rod. He's one of the sweetest and most caring people you will ever meet. He makes every person he shoots feel like a star and he is so amazing at what he does. The proof is in the product. His ability to capture the perfect moment is unmatched. And not only do you get digital memories that will last a lifetime, but the composition and quality is amazing. Every pageant needs an Uncle Rod."

In the past year You Blinked Photography has worked with too many clients and pageants to mention, but some that he worked with include International Junior Miss California, National American Miss California/National American Miss Nationals, Miss California Jr. High, High School, & Collegiate America Pageants and The Miss Big Bear Pageant.

Photo: Rod Aberegg

Top 10 Headshot Photographers of 2018

10. Lyndzie Hack Photography

Lyndzie Hack Photography was listed as the 10th spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. She has worked with many contestants this year, such as International Junior Miss Kentucky 2018, America’s Majestic Miss 2018 and more!

“We have been fortunate to work with LHP for several years!” One review stated. “She has served as the official headshot photographer for our Miss KY Teen America titleholder and has been my daughter's headshot photographer since she began competing. Regardless of the client's age or style, she never fails to capture them perfectly! I highly recommend her!”

Headshot of Victoria Brown, Miss Bluegrass State Princess 2018. Photo: Lyndzie Hack Photography.

9. Owens Photography

Owens Photography was named in the ninth spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. They have worked with many pageant girls this year, such as Miss North Carolina State Runway Model of the Year 2018, USA National Miss Tarheel State Jr. Teen 2018 and more!

“Angela did the most amazing photo of my 2 year old,” one reviewer said. “Yes two year old!!!! She managed to keep her focused and happy and get the best shot ever! She was able to do such sweet natural editing to keep her 2 and not 22! The value for what we got/ experienced was amazing! We were so fortunate she travelled to Pittsburgh and can not wait for her to come back!”

A glitz pageant headshot by Owens Photography. Photo: Owens Photography

8. Eva Flis Photography

Eva Flis Photography was selected as the eighth spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. She has worked with many titleholders this year, such as Miss Bikini US 2018, International Junior Miss Illinois Jr. Princess 2018, Miss Illinois World 2018, Miss Wisconsin Collegiate America 2018 and more!

“My daughter Alexandra Syndram, Miss Latina World 2018, has worked with her for the last 2 years,” said one review. “Her pictures are always beautiful, and different from the typical shots.”

Miss Latina World 2018, Alexandra Syndram, Photo: Eva Flis Photography.

7. FELS Photo

FELS Photo was listed in the seventh spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. They have worked with many contestants and titleholders this year, such as Miss Iowa America 2018, Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen 2018, Miss Iowa USA 2018, Miss California USA 2018, Miss Minnesota USA 2018 and more!

“I like working with FELS because Kari does all the heavy lifting for you,” said Bailey Hodson, who worked with FELS Photo for competition headshots. “The hardest part of getting a headshot taken is making sure it’s perfect! Kari helps with colors, hair, makeup, poses, and anything else you can think of. She makes you look and feel your best. She’s very personable and easy to talk to. I have worked with a handful of photographers through modeling and she is by far in my top 5 of favorites to work with!”

Miss Minnesota USA 2018 Kalie Wright. Photo: FELS Photo

6. Meagan Gilbert Photography

Meagan Gilbert Photography was chosen in the sixth spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. She has worked with many contestants this year, such as Miss Indiana America 2018, Miss Pennsylvania USA 2018, Mrs. Indiana America 2018 and more!

“Meagan is an incredible photographer,” a reviewer of Meagan Gilbert Photography said. “This girl continues to amaze me! She is passionate and dedicated to helping you feel your best and get the best shots for YOU! She is considerate to what you are looking for and really stays committed to that, while also exercising her creative abilities. She is talented and kind. I always leave her studio with a smile on my face and that is priceless. I would recommend her 10/10 times.”

Miss Indiana Teen USA 2018 and Miss Indiana USA 2018. Photo: Meagan Gilbert Photography

5. Brittany Link Photography

Brittany Link Photography was selected for the fifth spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. She has worked with many contestants this year, such as Miss Colorado USA 2018, Miss Colorado Teen USA 2018, Miss North Dakota USA 2018, Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2018 and more!

“Brittany is the best!” One reviewer raved. “I've shot twice with her and both times were an amazing experience! I had no idea what I was doing the first time and she made me feel so comfortable. I know that my images will always come back amazing when I work with her!”

A stunning pageant headshot by Brittany Link. Photo: Brittany Link Photography

4. Goodwin Photography

Goodwin Photography was chosen as the fourth spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. They have worked with many contestants this year, such as Miss Teen America 2018, USA National Miss 2018, Miss United States 2018 and more!

“Krisna has been shooting winners of my pageant for several years,” one reviewer said. “She LISTENS to her clients and creates looks that are eye-catching and unique. She goes out of her way to ensure the girl is happy with her look AND her final product. She many times goes above-and-beyond; most recently inviting my titleholder to spend the night with her so she wouldn't have to drive nine hours to her appointment and nine hours back home. To me, this is exceptional service. If you want a great product in a professional, friendly, and fun environment, Krisna is your person.”

Miss Teen Cosmos 2018. Photo: Goodwin Photography

3. Grant Foto

Grant Foto was listed in the third spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. In 2017, Grant Foto was ranked in the sixth spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2017. He has worked with many contestants this year, such as Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2018, Miss Nebraska USA 2018 and more!

“Steven Grant is amazing.” says one review. “We've had him come to our studio several times to shoot contestants. We have a waiting list every time! The photos are always spot on! He's fun too, which makes long days ok!”

Miss Rhode Island USA 2018. Photo: Grant Foto

2. Carlos Velez Studios

Carlos Velez Studios was named as the second spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2018. Last year, Carlos Velez Studios was ranked in the 10th spot for the Top Headshot Photographers of 2017. He has worked with many contestants this year, such as Miss Bahamas 2018, Miss Earth United States 2018, Miss Massachusetts America 2018 and more!

Carlos Velez Studios has a five-star rating on their Pageant Planet business page!

Miss Maryland USA 2019. Photo: Carlos Velez Studios

1. Kathy Whittaker Photography

Coming in first was Kathy Whittaker Photography as the Top Headshot Photographer of 2018. She has worked with many contestants this year, such as International Junior Miss 2018, Miss Houston USA 2018 and more!

“Kathy Whittaker is not just another photographer,” said one reviewer. “She is supremely talented and her award winning headshots are worth every penny. On top of that, a photo shoot with Kathy is a fun and memorable experience. She is professional, kind, supportive, encouraging, and makes your time with her relaxing and rewarding. Nothing is more exciting than having Kathy lean over and show you a headshot that is on point! She is knowledgeable regarding pageants, and what it takes for your child to look the best they can. My daughters headshots were fantastic. We will definitely be back for more!”

Miss Cosmos United States 2018, Katherine McQuade. Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography

There are a few talented photographers not included in our list above that we wanted to provide honorable mentions to that made our list in years’ past (scroll below to see!). In fairness to our awards process, we overstated that all winners would need to have received at least one nomination on our site to be considered. These talented individuals did not receive any nominations - never take for granted that your favorite vendor (or your own business) will DEFINITELY make the list. Don’t get shut out in our 2019 awards - create a FREE profile here today.

Top 10 Event Photographers of 2018

10. Say Uncle! Photography

Say Uncle! Photography was listed in the 10th spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as Miss Iowa America 2018, Lil’ and Junior Miss Iowa 2018, many local Miss America Pageants in both Iowa and Illinois and more!

“Say Uncle knows how to capture moments,”Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw, Miss Iowa America 2018 said. “They are some of the kindest people I know, and they are so invested in their work.”

Miss Iowa 2018, Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw, in her crowning moment. Photo: Say Uncle! Photography, the official sponsor of the Miss Iowa Scholarship Program.

9. PG Photography

PG Photography was listed in the ninth spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as Miss America 2019, Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen 2018, Miss Virginia America 2018 and more!

“One of the best photographers I have ever worked with!” says one reviewer. “He was super patient through the entire shoot and gave feedback throughout, which was helpful for me for future shoots. Overall would highly recommend him for any kind of photo shoot!”

Miss Thousand Island’s Outstanding Teen 2019, Deayza-Marie Peebles, being crowned. Photo: PG Photography

8. PageantPics by Lenn Long Photography

PageantPics by Lenn Long Photography was listed in the eighth spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as Miss North Carolina America 2018, Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen 2018 and more!

“Absolutely a wonderful photographer we have had the honor to know and work with for years,” one reviewer said. “His talents astound us!!”

Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen 2018, Caroline Credle, shortly after being crowned. Photo: PageantPics by Lenn Long Photography

7. Eireann Photography

Eireann Photography was listed in the seventh spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as local pageants for the Miss Pennsylvania America and Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen Organization, International Junior Miss Pennsylvania, New England, New York, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia 2018 and more!

“I met Anthony at the International Junior Miss Northeast Regional where I was a judge. He took so many beautiful photos of everyone involved!” states one reviewer. “He took some shots of me in front of his backdrop which came out lovely. I liked them so much that I’m currently in the process of setting up a shoot with him! He is very professional and overall a great guy!”

Miss Mountain Laurel 2018, Kayla Myers, being crowned. Photo: Eireann Photography.

6. You Blinked! Photography

You Blinked! Photography was listed in the sixth spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as America’s Miss California 2018, National American Miss 2018, Miss California Collegiate America 2018 and more!

“Rod is a gem,” one reviewer said. “He takes some amazing shots during events. He is a bit goofy which makes working with him a fun experience. I am grateful for the amazing pictures I have thanks to him.”

The 2018-2019 National American Miss, Kendra Hale, being crowned. Photo: You Blinked! Photography

5. Steve Drury Photography

Steve Drury Photography was listed in the fifth spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. He has photographed many events this year, such as National American Miss 2018, International Junior Miss California 2018 and more!

“I love working with Steve,” one review said. “He is incredibly talented. Not only does he capture amazing photos during events and shoots, but he is fun to work with. He keeps the humor flowing to make sure the shots he takes are the best. He also is supportive of his clients and goes above and beyond for them.”

A candid shot from the National American Miss 2018 national pageant. Photo: Steve Drury Photography

4. Goodwin Photography

Goodwin Photography was listed in the fourth spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as Miss Teen America 2018, America's National Teenager, Miss and Mrs. United States 2018, Miss Virginia 2018 and more!

“Krisna is an exceptional photographer,” a review of Goodwin Photography says. “Her work is outstanding! Her work, quality and the experience she gives the girls will not disappoint. She goes above and beyond to capture the beauty inside and outside of each person she shoots. I highly recommend Goodwin Photography!!!!”

The Crowning of Miss Teen America 2018. Photo: Goodwin Photography

3. Eric Choy

Eric Choy was listed in the third spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as International Junior Miss Washington 2018, Queens for a Cure 2018 and more!

“Amazing experience,” one review said. “Our first time in a pageant and he made it easy, quick, and the pictures turned out amazing!”

A candid shot of International Junior Miss Oregon Princess 2018 Abigail Akins. Photo: Eric Choy Photography

2. Imagine Studios

Imagine Studios was listed in the second spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as Princess of America 2018, National American Miss 2018 and more!

“Scotty and team are just lovely to work with!” says one reviewer. “The stage shots we got from POA Nationals were STUNNING! Additionally, they shot the Queen’s shoot right after Nationals and at Miss America. So easy to work with - highly recommend The Imagine Studios!”

Contestants at the Princess of America 2018 pageant. Photo: Imagine Studios

1. Believe Photography

Believe Photography was listed into the first place spot for the Top Event Photographers of 2018. They have photographed many events this year, such as National American Miss Georgia 2018, National American Miss Washington 2018 and more!

“Great photos each and every time!” raved one review. “I love Chris, he's a very talented photographer and as a photographer I see the detail and time he's takes in his work. I still haven't figured out how he gets the shots he does without sitting up front, but he does it.. Hes amazing!”

National American Miss Texas Titleholders. Photo: Believe Photography


Top 10 Pageant Headshot Photographers of 2017

Oops! Some of our photos went missing during a recent update. If you're featured here, send us your photo so that we can continue to celebrate your success!

10. Carlos Velez

Carlos Velez is a hot name in both fashion and pageantry photography right now. In both 2016 and 2017, Velez shot with the United States representative for each of the "Big Four" international pageants, including Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss International. While Velez is based in Orlando, Florida, he travels around the country throughout the year, so make sure to keep up with where he's going for an opportunity to shoot with him!

Carlos Velez shooting the Chrisley family, reality TV stars and directors of Miss Florida USA. Photo: Carlos Velez Facebook

9. Toni Overby

Toni Overby is best known for her glitz-style pageant headshots. She travels throughout the country to many different glitz pageants to provide hair and makeup services as well as photo sessions for her clients. Her extensive knowledge of glitz pageants coupled with her experience in the industry makes her the perfect fit if you're looking for your next super glamorous headshots!

Toni Overby's client. Photo: Toni Overby Facebook

8. Summerfrost Photography

While Summerfrost Photography is based out of Los Angeles, California, its reach extends far beyond the city. Summerfrost Photography is the official sponsor photographer for Miss Alaska USA, Miss Washington USA, Miss Idaho USA, Miss Montana USA and Miss Oregon USA. Not only will you leave your session with a phenomenal photo, you'll leave with a photo that makes you stand out from your competitors at your next pageant. 

Courtney Summerfrost with Summerfrost Photography. Photo: Summerfrost Photo Instagram

7. Fadil Berisha

Fadil Berisha is easily one of the most well-known photographers of our time. Berisha is a fashion, celebrity and pageant photographer who has worked with stars like Kendall Jenner, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Olivia Culpo and Pia Wurtzbach. As the long-time official photographer for the Miss Universe Organization, Berisha has had the opportunity to work with many former Miss Teen USAs, Miss USAs and Miss Universes to produce stunning headshots. His work has been featured on networks like MTV, CW, NBC, CBS, CNN, National Geographic and E! Currently based in New York City, this photographer sure knows how to produce stunning photographs of any aspiring star.

Fadil Berisha. Photo: fadilberisha.com

6. Grant Foto

Grant Foto is a photographer based in Houston, Texas, who specializes in fashion and beauty photography, fitness photography, pageant headshots and more. Whether you're looking to build your modeling portfolio or you just want a stunning headshot to wow your judges, Grant Foto has it covered. While Grant Foto does not usually travel around the country, clients do have the option of shooting in the studio or on location. Photographer Steven Grant always works with titleholders and contestants to capture their beauty and get the best photo possible! 

Steven Grant working. Photo: Steven Grant Facebook

5. Carter Studios

Carter Studios is no stranger to the pageant industry as it is the official photography sponsor for multiple state pageants in the Miss USA and Miss America pageant systems. Photographer Jonathan Carter has previously had the opportunity to shoot with former Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Miss United States, Miss America and International Junior Miss titleholders to create stunning headshots. Carter Studios is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, so if you are in the area and looking for pageant headshots, be sure to book an appointment!

Jonathan Carter of Carter Studios with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. Photo: Jonathan Carter Facebook

4. Clay Spann

Clay Spann is not only a nationally recognized photographer, but he also has his own cosmetics line. Spann's skills with makeup and photography allow him to create a winning look for each and every client. While he is based in Alabama, it is not unusual for pageant contestants and titleholders to travel from across the country for a session with Spann.

3. Krisna Goodwin

Owner of Goodwin Photography, Krisna Goodwin is certainly familiar with the pageant world. She has been volunteering in the pageant industry for over 25 years and understands the value of a phenomenal pageant headshot. Goodwin works with her husband, a retired photographer, to create the perfect photo for a winning first impression with your pageant judges! She has previously worked with the Miss United States, Miss America and Miss USA pageant systems at the local and state levels.

2. Georgina Vaughan

Georgina Vaughan has been working with cameras since she was born. Vaughan found a love for photography and a natural-born skill after working with her father, a famous photographer. She has a passion for making her clients feel like superstars through her photos, and her work has been featured on the Miss Teen USA and Miss USA websites. Vaughan is proud of the unique vision she has for each of her clients' photoshoots and the stunning results they create. Whether you're a contestant looking for your next headshot or a titleholder looking for your crown photos, Georgina Vaughan Photography is one of the absolute best photographers in the industry!

1. Matt Boyd

Matt Boyd Photography is made up of husband and wife, Matt and Meredith Boyd, who make their clients feel and look like stars. Meredith glams up each client with her expert hair and makeup skills, and then Matt captures each client's individual beauty on camera. Boyd is an official Miss America photographer and has photographed many former Miss Americas. While Boyd works extensively with the Miss America Organization, the photos he produces can be used for almost every pageant system you could think of.


Top 10 Pageant Event Photographers of 2017

Oops! Some of our photos went missing during a recent update. If you're featured here, send us your photo so that we can continue to celebrate your success!

10. John Flynn

John Flynn is the owner of Clover Storm Photography and has experience in pageant event photography, runway photography, portrait photography and headshots. He has photographed numerous pageants, including PURE International Pageants and the Miss Ohio International pageant, a preliminary to Miss Teen International. 

9. Bobby Dalto

Bobby Dalto is the photographer for the MARUSA system and travels alongside the system to various locations. Having been the official photographer for Rocking Roll Magazine, Dalto has been able to develop his own unique style of photography. However, unique does not immediately mean pricy, as Dalto is known for his affordable stage shots.

8. Eric Choy 

Eric Choy is the official photographer for multiple pageants in the Northwest, including the International Junior Miss Washington and Oregon pageants and the Regal Majesty International pageant. Choy is repeatedly brought back to photograph pageants because of his dedication to the contestants. Not only does he capture beautiful stage shots, but he also photographs contestants throughout the entire competition, including when they are backstage or off stage.

Choy has been described by clients as "easy to work with, kind to all he interacts with in the different pageant systems and willing to go the extra mile for his clients when they need it." Not only is he a positive presence wherever he goes, but his photographs are a high-quality way to capture memories.

7. Amanda Ferguson 

Amanda Ferguson has over 13 years of photography experience under her belt. Although she is based in South Carolina, her passion for traveling has allowed her to photograph pageants across the country. Ferguson is best known for capturing spectacular moments at the USA National Miss national pageant and various USA National Miss state pageants. 

In addition to capturing once in a lifetime moments on stage, Ferguson is a headshot, wedding and fashion photographer. Her main focus, however, is fashion and pageant photography. Her ability to capture the perfect first impression for any contestant has allowed her to become a well-known name in pageant photography.

6. Edwin Shaw 

Edwin Shaw is the owner of Pageant Images, one of the leading pageant event photography businesses. Shaw has recently photographed the Miss USA state pageants in Michigan, Ohio and New York. His expertise in pageant photography has allowed him to travel all around the United States.

5. Heather Orawsky

Heather Orawsky is a Connecticut-based photographer who has a decade of experience in various types of photography. Orawsky has photographed both the 2017 International Junior Miss pageant and the 2017 Miss Teen America pageant. She has worked with both of these top-ranking systems for five years. In addition to having experience in photography, Orawsky has experience in graphic design and holds a degree in Visual Communications.

3. You Blinked Photography & Steve Drury Photography 

Rob Aberegg and Steve Drury tied for third place in this year's ranking. Both photographers always manage to capture photographs at the perfect time to show pure emotion. Every special moment on stage is captured and available to contestants for a reasonable price. Aberegg and Drury are photographers for one of the top 10 national pageants of 2017, National American Miss. Aberegg is also the photographer for the International Junior Miss California pageant and the California High School America pageant. 

2. Krisna Goodwin 

Krisna Goodwin of Goodwin Photography is the official photographer for an extensive number of pageant systems, including the Miss and Mrs. United States systems. She is the official headshot photographer for the Miss Virginia Organization and America's National Teenager system. The Miss Virginia Organization has raved about Goodwin's photography skills. "We’ve used their photos for official headshots and for our national ad in the Miss America Competition Magazine." Goodwin has been involved in pageantry for 25 years as a pageant volunteer. She is a pageant partner with Miss Virginia USA, Miss Virginia Teen USA and Miss Teen America. Her work has been featured on the cover of Pageantry Magazine and Supermodels Unlimited Magazine.

1. Colleen Charleton 

Colleen Charleton, of La Belle Fille Productions, has experience shooting both glitz and natural pageants. She has photographed numerous systems, including International Junior Miss, USA National Miss, National Elite Miss and Darling Divas. Her passion and expertise have propelled her to the forefronts of the pageant photography industry. Charleton also owns and runs Belle Visage' Photography. In addition to being a pageant event photographer, Charleton is a headshot photographer. She has captured glamorous headshots for contestants that compete in a variety of systems. Specifically, her glitz headshots for contestants in younger age divisions truly stand out from the rest. 


Top 10 Pageant Headshot Photographers of 2016

Oops! Some of our photos went missing during a recent update. If you're featured here, send us your photo so that we can continue to celebrate your success!

10. Jeanna Beasley

Jeanna is no stranger behind the camera; she is well-versed at working with numerous pageant contestants and titleholders across all types of systems. Her style of photography for headshots can be classic studio shots to trendy fashion-styled shoots to outdoor sessions. The Miss Virginia Organization uses Jeanna for the official headshots for their titleholders. Jeanna also does pop-up photo events throughout the Southeast to allow more pageant contestants to utilize her photography skills for their official pictures. Jeanna Beasley Photography is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

9. Lyndzie Hack

Located in Brandenburg, Kentucky, Lyndzie Hack Photography works with all ages and all walks of life. Her diversity of clientele allows her to not only photograph seniors, themed/styled sessions, but also pageant contestants, ranging from young girls to Teen, Miss, and even Mrs. contestants. Contact Lyndzie if you need a timeless, studio-based headshot for your upcoming pageant.

8. Kathy Whittaker 

Kathy Whittaker has a keen eye not only for posing her clients but also for lighting and the prep work that is involved in the perfect headshot. She even has a styling team for hair and makeup to make your session that much easier. Her approach is very fashion-forward and glamorous, but she can also do more casual photo sessions, such as senior portraits or professional headshots. Based in Austin, TX, she also travels throughout the country to widen her client reach.

7. John Flynn

Based in Dayton, Ohio, John Flynn owns Clover Storm Photography and specializes in pageant headshots as well as dance and cheer photography. John is great at capturing both still and action shots, perfect not only for your headshots but even your pageant itself if you are a director. According to his reviews, he is also quick with his editing turn around, so even if your pageant is quickly approaching you can still contact John.

6. Edwin Shaw

Edwin is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Detroit, Michigan. He specializes in glamour headshots and photo sessions for any pageant contestant, but also does events and weddings. Edwin's style is more traditional studio images for his headshots, but his lighting and posing is timeless. Edwin also photographs many pageant events and takes the first shots of the winners of numerous state Miss USA pageants.

5. Jonathan Carter

Although based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Jonathan Carter of Carter Studios also travels to numerous states to reach more and more pageant contestants looking for great headshots. Specializing in glamour and more fashion-forward sessions, Carter Studio is very on-trend. Carter Studios is also the official pageant photographer for numerous Miss USA and Miss America state programs. 

Carter Studios Photography is very on-trend for any pageant system.

4. Clay Spann

Talk about a one-stop shop! Clay Spann is not only an extremely talented photographer but also an impeccable makeup artist. Embedded in each of his sessions is a makeup session with him to ensure you look and feel your best during the time spent with him. Clay has worked with the national title holders for the International System and numerous state and local titleholders for both Miss America Organization and Miss USA pageants. Clay is located in Dothan, Alabama and has a very glamorous approach to both makeup and photography. A bonus about working with Clay? If you love the products he uses on you during your makeup session, you can buy the products from him as he also has his own cosmetics line.

3. Krisna Goodwin

It was difficult to pick one photo to encompass the skill and flair that Krisna Goodwin of Goodwin Photography has for headshots. Not only is she the official photography sponsor of the United States National Pageants, but she also works with numerous titleholders for other systems. Her ability to work with all ages is showcased by her impressive portfolio, and she also helps showcase the personal brand of career men and women with professional photography. Goodwin Photography is located in Blountville, Tennessee.

2. Matt Boyd

Matt Boyd's skill and talent for photography have not gone unnoticed as he has captured beautiful images for numerous state titleholders, as well as plenty of Miss Americas (ahem, Betty Cantrell, 2015, Nina Davuluri, 2014, Mallory Hytes Hagan, 2013, just to name drop a few). His style of photography is extremely diverse. Able to capture casual sessions in an outdoor setting, timeless and classic headshots in a studio, or extremely glamorous fashionable photo sessions, his knack for showcasing the essence of each client is paramount to his business. Matt Boyd is located in Canton, Georgia.

1. Fadil Berisha

Fadil Berisha is one of the most sought-after photographers not only for pageant contestants but also for fashion models and celebrities (his client list not only includes Kardashians but other celebritiess like Halle Berry and Tyra Banks). His skill behind the camera is unequivocally one of the best (hence his spot on this countdown), as his range of style is so diverse. Fadil takes fashion-forward to the next level with his glamorous headshots for pageant contestants, action shots, and even high-fashion photos worthy of Vogue magazine. Fadil is the official portrait photographer at the Miss USA pageant. If you are seeking the most impeccable, trendy, and fashion-forward headshot, Fadil Berisha is your photographer.

Fadil Berisha. Photo: Fadil Berisha Photography

Top 8 Pageant Event Photographers of 2016

Oops! Some of our photos went missing during a recent update. If you're featured here, send us your photo so that we can continue to celebrate your success!

8. Steve Drury

Steve Drury of Steve Drury Photography is based in Irvine, California. He has worked with California International Junior Miss, California Miss Amazing, National American Miss, Miss Jr. America, Miss and Miss Teen Los Angeles County International 2016, and various stage productions. He manages to capture the movement on stage and the fun, lighthearted moments off the stage.

7. Catherine Fiehn

Catherine Fiehn photographs multiple pageants throughout New England. She captures movement and memorable moments throughout the day that you'll sure want to remember. She even has a whole album on her Facebook featuring Miss America's "Show Me Your Shoes" 2016 Parade.

6. Eve DuPree

Eve DuPree was featured in our Top 10 Pageant Photographers of 2015, so it's no surprise we see her again this year. Based in Canada, Eve specializes in kid's pageants. She artfully captures all the fun and fashion of pageant day.

5. John Flynn

John Flynn of Clover Storm Photography produces consistently high-quality work and truly makes the contestants come alive in the photos from the stage. Other action shots on the Clover Storm Photography website demonstrate this quality, and anyone who produces consistent quality across platforms is certainly reliable. In fact, Flynn has been known to attend rehearsals and other pageant events to take note of the contestants' routines to ensure a perfectly timed photo.

4. Eric Choy

Based in Oregon, Eric Choy is the official photographer for Pajama Pageant by IJM Washington Oregon, Ultimate Dream Queen Washington Oregon, National Regal Majesty Pageant, and Queens for Cure. His photos include onstage, off stage, and even selfies with the titleholders.

3. Select Studios

Select Studios was established in 1990 by fashion photographer Arthur Garcia and is based in Houston, Texas. The photos are candid and make you feel like you are actually at the event and not just looking at a photograph. Staying true to their roots, contestants will be photographed from their beautiful faces to the interesting shoes covering their toes.

2. Laurel Austin

Laurel Austin is based in Kansas and was also featured in our Top 10 Pageant Photographers of 2015. She photographs the state USA pageants with VanBros. She captures all of the photos during the event from check-in to rehearsal fun to crowning moments and even their first photo shoot the next day as the brand new titleholders. 

1. Edwin Shaw

Edwin Shaw, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Detroit, Michigan with Edwin Shaw Productions/PageantImages.com, photographs pageant day for Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania USA. He documents every moment of pageant day including the setup, contestants signing in, rehearsing in robes, answering on-stage questions, and being crowned. His photos are focused on the subject, even from afar, and the girl stands out every time.


Top 10 Pageant Photographers of 2015

Oops! Some of our photos went missing during a recent update. If you're featured here, send us your photo so that we can continue to celebrate your success!

10. Eve Dupree

Specializing in kids photography for natural and glitz pageants, Eve Dupree can get you what you need for a pageant. She is based in White Rock, British Columbia and also does print modeling shots. Glitz photos are very different from natural photos, so when going for this look be sure to choose a photographer who is familiar with glitz style.

9. Paula Preston

Each year, Paula Preston and her team pick up and move from Minnesota to Jacksonville, FL for two weeks to photograph the events surrounding the Mrs., Miss, and Teen International Pageants. In addtion to the national pageants and pageant headshots, Paula also photographs seniors, families, and beauty shots. Her client, Brookley Wofford, Miss Minnesota United States 2015 won Most Photogenic at Miss United States 2015. You can find her on Facebook and at paulapreston.com.

8. Laura Hunter - Beyond Photography

As a pageant contestant herself, Laura knows just how to accent the contestant in a headshot and in a crown and sash shot. Her portfolio is filled with girls of all shapes, sizes, age divisions, and pageant systems. She is based in Mill Creek, WA and has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Photography. Visit beyondphotography.net for more information.

7. Laurel Austin Studio

Laurel Austin Studio partners with Vanbros and Associates for headshots of their titleholders and pageant shots of the contestants during pageant week. The Laurel Austin Studio Facebook page is filled with crowning moments and silly group shots of the girls backstage. Knowing there is a great photographer snapping away as you walk the runway helps you to stay focused on stage. Visit her on Facebook or at laurelaustinstudio.com.

6. Southern Exposure Photography

Owned by Jack Bains, Southern Exposure Photography, Inc. has 4,000 square feet of studio space in Oneonta, AL. Their Facebook page is full of pageant contestant photos that showcase both the girl and her personality. Visit them on Facebook or at southernexposurephotos.com.

5. Goodwin Photography

Founded in 2006 and based in Blountville, TN, Goodwin Photography can do it all from headshots to crowning moments. Their headshots accentuate the natural beauty of the girl and highlight her smile and eyes. You can find more information of their Facebook and at their website, goodwinphotography.com.

4. Clay Spann

Clay Spann Photography began in 1998 and is based in Dothan, AL. He and his team also have a cosmetics line and can provide a full service photoshoot with hair and makeup. They sponsor the International Pageants queens during their reign, provide their official portraits, and host a Trunk Show in April to help prepare contestants for the competition. You can visit his website at clayspann.com

3. Georgina Vaughan

Georgina Vaughan's work is seen on both the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA website. Her titleholders photos are vibrant and full of life, and could easily be put on a glossy magazine cover as they are nothing short of glamorous. Georgina's headshots are always bold and beautiful, and stand out among the crowd of headshots. You can see her work on her website at georginavaughanphotography.com or on her Facebook page.

2. Matt Boyd

A Southern gentleman always knows how to make a girl look and feel beautiful. Matt Boyd is no different. Based in Smyrna, GA, he has photographed many pageant contestants across the country across a variety of pageant systems. He is known for his photos of our gorgeous Miss Americas, and he is an official MAO photographer. You can find him on Facebook or at mattboydstudio.com.

1. Fadil Berisha

Based in NYC and founded in 2006, Fadil is the go-to photographer for any girl looking for a high fashion, Miss Universe look. He has worked with numerous titleholders including Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015, and Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014. Fadil also works with Sherri Hill.

Fadil Berisha shooting with Miss Russia. Photo: Fadil Berisha Facebook


Top 10 Pageant Photographers of 2014

Oops! Some of our photos went missing during a recent update. If you're featured here, send us your photo so that we can continue to celebrate your success!

10. Angel Samples

As you can see, Angel does amazing work! Black and white or color, this pageant photographer's work is excellent! Based out of South Carolina, check out this popular artist.  

9: Eve Dupree

Eve Dupree's work is cute and fun for kids! Specializing in natural and glitz photos for children, you're sure to walk away with a stunning and beautiful photo.  

 8. John Flynn- Clover Storm Photography

John Flynn of Clover Storm Photography shot the Miss Galaxy titleholders! Group shots, headshots and a range of unique photos are found in this photographer's portfolio. Go there for a headshot but you may end up adding several other pieces to your collection! Talented and innovative, according to his fans, their office is located in Dayton, Ohio.  

7. Todd Ward

Todd's photos aren't always your traditional pageant headshots. Fashionable and multi-purpose, the images from Todd Ward's studio are visually compelling and fun.

6. Fadil Berisha

Fadil is a popular photographer for the Miss USA system. From concept to final product, it's no surprise that this very popular pageant photographer was nominated so many times! His work with the MUO is always highly sought-after by pageant fans.  

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo shot by Fadil Berisha

5. Jeanna Beasley

Jeanna Beasley creates beautiful pageant headshots. If you've been in pageants for any period of time, you have definitely seen one of this photographer's headshots. She's got an eye for color and pageant headshots that stand out in program books, and she's very fun to work with!

4. Goodwin Photography

Goodwin Photography is a notable pageant photographer If you haven't heard of this company yet, you will see more and more of their work in the future. An up and comer, this photography studio earned the #4 spot because they've got a knack for techniques that highlight the subject's individual beauty and personality.

3. Southern Exposure Photography

Based out of Alabama, Southern Exposure Photography is skilled in working with all kinds of subjects.

2. Amanda Ferguson

Amanda has photographed Miss Nevada Teen USA. Whether you're a reigning titleholder or hoping to capture the crown yourself, you can expect vivid images from Amanda Ferguson's work!

1. Matt Boyd

Matt Boyd's work is notoriously beautiful. This photography team has made a name for themselves in the realm of pageants by working with titleholders in many different systems.

Matt Boyd. Photo: Meredith Boyd


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