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Best Pageant Directors: 2023 Edition

31, January 2023

Pageants are a whole lot of fun, but organizing one is no easy task. There are thousands of hours spent behind the scenes overseeing paperwork, sponsors, and dozens of state and local directors. Thousands of nominations were received for national and state directors across the globe. Narrowing down the list was no easy task, but without further ado, here are the top national and state pageant directors of this year!

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Top 10 State Pageant Directors of 2022

Top 10 National Pageant Directors of 2022


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Top 10 State Pageant Directors of 2022

10.) Nic Blaize, Miss Georgia Earth USA 

“Director Nic Blaize is by far one of the best directors/coaches in pageantry. I am a better director because of her willingness to share her industry knowledge with me. I'm a huge fan and would follow her anywhere. I highly, highly recommend her. She is one of the most loving, caring and supportive directors out here. Her queens LOVE her, I LOVE her! We need more directors like Nic Blaize.” - Teri Brown-Walker

Nic Blaize Photo: Unknown 


9.) Leticia Lambert, Miss Valley District Pageant & West Virginia American Women of Service

“I had the pleasure of being a part of the 2022 West Virginia AWOS family and won the Mrs. AWOS title. The WV/Tri-State pageant this year was outstanding and beautiful. I was blessed with not only getting to crown some of the new 2023 Ladies but crown my Mom and Daughter! This is a family thing you don't want to miss out on being a part of! Got my start with this pageant family as a Miss Valley District Contestant. To the Director Leticia (Tish). I wish I could fit all of the things I could tell you in one post but it’s just not possible, but I’m gonna try. My reign as the 2023 American Women of Service Mrs. wouldn't be possible without you. She is one of the people who always kept me believing in myself & my abilities. She has never let me fall when I thought I couldn’t continue. Supported me in all my crazy ideas. Pushes me to be a better version of myself every chance she gets. You have seen something in me that I didn’t. Most of all, you love me for who I truly am. Encourage me to be that way as well. You are beautiful inside & out. You are one of the hardest-working women I’ve EVER met. You continue to amaze me with all you do not only for me but for everyone around you. I love you beyond words. I am forever thankful for you.” - Beth Brenwalt



Leticia Lambert Photo: Facebook 


8.) Mary Oakes  Texas USA Ambassador

“I have competed in several pageants over the years. USA AMBASSADOR is completely different from any other pageant system. The open communication is refreshing! The Texas State Director, Mary Oakes, is the biggest supporter of all the contestants. USA Ambassador is a true pageant with a purpose. Community service and the size of your heart matter! It's not all about being the prettiest girl at the pageant, it's about the beauty within!” -Marina Mullenax

Photo: Unknown 


7.) Anna Huf, USOA Wisconsin & Illinois Pageant

“Such an extremely well run pageant by a VERY generous and personable director! I was given an on-stage crowning opportunity at the pageant being I am an 'at large' delegate. I was treated just like one of Ana's own, and felt cared for and important even though I wasn't actually competing. I have not one negative thing to say about this pageant or its director. Anyone thinking of joining this pageant needs to just do it, you will not be disappointed in the experience!” - Nicole Winke Gentes

 USOA Wisconsin & Illinois Pageant Photo: Unknown 


6.) Sarah Smith,  Florida Earth Pageants (Ms/Mrs/Jr/LittleTeen)

“I have been in pageants almost 11 years and met lots of directors and really some should not be in their role. Alot are so mean and biased. My director was upfront she is new and still learning but she is the best. A couple of us who actively compete attest that she is better than those who have directed for years! She tries to polish us all, gives us tools for success and teaches us to be gentle with ourselves and not stress. First pageant the director is kind and is also like a coach. She is unaware we nominated her but she derserves recognition” - Meochea Money

5.) Denise McKeon,  United States of America’s Miss New Jersey

“Taking the risk of doing something new and following your dreams can sometimes be scary. I joined the USOA organization in the summer of 2022 and from day one I have always received great treatment, guidance, clear communication, incredible support and all kinds of resources. Ms. Denise McKeon is not only the best director I could have ever had, but an incredible human being who treats all contestants with love and respect. During the pageant week, everything was handled according to her expectations because she provides clear communication, instructions and is super organized with everything she does. Despite all the details required to organize an event of this magnitude, she took her time to make sure that all the contestants felt comfortable and have everything they needed. I describe her as the mother who takes you by the hand throughout the pageant.” - Daya Burton

United States of America’s Miss New Jersey Photo: Unknown


4.) Susan Liebesman, Mrs. Pennsylvania and Miss Pennsylvania for America Pageant

“I highly recommend this pageant system! Pageant Director Susan Elder-Liebesman and her team have been incredibly supportive from day 1 and the contestants they draw are wonderful and accomplished women. The warm environment and sisterhood helped me gain personal growth. As reigning Miss Pennsylvania for America 2021 it was bittersweet to finish my reign on May 8, 2022, but since we built friendships for life, I know this is not a goodbye - rather a milestone in the long and exciting journey of life! Thank you to Susan, my sister queens and sash sisters. Can't wait to see the journeys of this year's queens and what else there is in stock for all of us!!! - And for you out there looking for an incredible pageant and life experience: JOIN US AND SIGN UP FOR 2023!!!” - Eva Kastner-Puschl

Mrs. Pennsylvania and Miss Pennsylvania for America Pageant Photo: Unknown 


3.)Tara Rice,  Miss West Coast 

“The Miss West Coast Pageant is an organized and competitive pageant. The Director, Tara Rice is outstanding at developing the contestants not only to win the pageant, but also contribute to the community and when at life. The prize package does not stop at the fabulous prizes that you receive. Tara has such a great relationship with businesses, brands and event organizers that she makes opportunities available to her Queens, as well as contestants year round. I have made so many long term friends with people that I met at the Miss West Coast Pageant. I highly recommend this pageant especially if you want to prepare for state and national pageants.” - Elise Brisco
May be an image of 1 person and standing
Tara Rice Photo: Unknown

2.) Chris Shannon, Miss Magnolia State Pageant

“I truly love everything about this wonderful organization. I have competed with some wonderful women in the Mrs division and made some great lifelong friends. Having done pageants as a young woman it has been such a delight to get back to competing in pageants again. What Chris Shannon does with this organization is outstanding. All of us feel valued and beautiful and treated with such care. If you are looking for a pageant to compete in and feel absolutely beautiful, this is your pageant.” - Beverly Brent

Miss Magnolia State Pageant 

1 .)Teri Walker-Brown,  Miss Earth USA (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) 

“There is a reason why Director Teri has many girls willing to follow her any system she is willing to direct. I hope the Earth system understand what they have and appreciates her. She is one of the kindest people with a huge heart that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She gives so much to her queens and anyone who comes in contact with her. She is by far the true definition of best in pageantry.” - Wyvonna White

Teri Brown-Walker Photo: Facebook


Top 10 National Pageant Directors of 2022

10.) Jackie Watson, USA National Miss

“​​USA National Miss has been my pageant of choice for the last four years! It’s more than just a pageant, it’s about building life long friendships; the sisterhood is like no other. UNM aligns perfectly with my life values. Placing 2nd runner up twice and then ultimately winning the Junior Miss title is a dream come true. Ms. Jackie B. Watson, National Director has given her national queens above and beyond what the already hefty prize package gives…..and I’m only 6 months into my reign! I wholeheartedly recommend USA National Miss!” - Alyssa Hernandez

Jackie Watson Photo: Unknown


9.) Ruth Wade, International Junior MIss United Kingdom

“Competing in IJM UK was the best decision I ever made! After winning my title of UK Miss this system has changed my life. IJM is professional, the whole pageant is incredible. A safe and friendly place to be yourself and have so much fun. Not only does Ruth make her queens feel so special but she treats all finalists like family and gives them the opportunity to thrive. Travelling to the states for the first ever time to compete at Internationals was a dream come true and I’ll be back next year!! None of these would have been possible without International Junior Miss UK” - Cerys Hewson

International Junior Miss United Kingdom Photo: Unknown

8.) Laura Clark, International Ms. Pageant

“I love International Ms! Laura is an amazing director. The pageant that she created really hits home with women that wants a true sisterhood when it comes to pageantry. I have never seen the amount of high quality women to compete in one pageant like International Ms. And she always has returning contestants coming year after year. That says something not only about her as a director but about the pageant that she created and it's amazing. I will definitely be back.” - Dr. Teresa Hansbrough 

Laura Clark Photo: Facebook

7.)Kristen Ayers,  Prime Pageants: USA Prime & USA Prime Ambassador 

“Prime Pageants is unique and unlike any other system! I am so grateful to be a part of this system and to have earned the title of Ms. USA Prime Ambassador 2022. The Mrs. Queen Director, Kristen Ayers, is an unstoppable force of empowerment, knowledge, encouragement, and so much more! She truly is blazing a path like no other pageant system has before her!” -Donna Boerger 


Kristen Ayers Photo: Unknown

6.) LaCrisha Burton Saba,  Global Continental National Pageants

“I love this pageant! LaCrisha is an amazing director. If you're looking for a pageant where the director truly understands what it takes to be a role model, pageant queen, community service advocate anything of that nature. This is definitely the pageant for you. The prizes are amazing, You get to take a cruise for every holiday. She is sending you something to thank you. Just because and even after your reign she continues to make sure she promotes you on social media as well as sending you gifts. You're never forgotten and that means a lot.” - Dr. Teresa Hansbrough

Global Continental National Pageant Photo: Facebook

5.) Kimberly and Courtney Dornheim, US American Miss

“This is such an amazing pageant system. If you are looking for a pageant system that genuinely cares about you and your natural self, this pageant system Is definitely for you. The national directors and staff are definitely there to help you. They make you feel welcome and you are just not a number to them', they truly care about the girls as a whole!! From the day the pageant started until the end the atmosphere of this pageant was so welcoming and relaxing. It was a breathe of fresh air to be in a pageant atmosphere like this. If you are looking for a pageant system that let's you be you, then I definitely reccomend Us American Miss. Best decision we ever made was trying this system!” - Mila Lucas


US American Miss Photo: Unknown

4.) Loreen Olney,  Continental Worldwide Pageant

“The director of this pageant, Loreen Olney, is second to none in the pageant industry! She has been my director for the last two years. The last of which, I was crowned her national titleholder under her previous pageant brand. When she rebranded to Continental Worldwide, my title changed just slightly, but my experience changed completely and for the better! Under her new brand and management, I felt I was truly able to blossom as a national titleholder. She is so incredibly warm and supportive, and inspires kindness and loyalty from everyone she meets. Having competed in pageants since I was 12, I have had my fair share of pageantry experiences from a wide range of systems. The Continental Worldwide Pageant is, hands-down, a 10 out of 10 pageant experience from the attention to detail put into every event, to the run of show, to the prizes and crowns, no detail was spared! If you are looking for an inspirational, fun and philanthropic pageant experience, this is it! Don't ask questions, just do Continental Worldwide! You will not regret it.”

Continental Worldwide Pageant Photo: Unknown


3.) Crystal Horn, National Elite Miss

“I found NEM because of Pageant Planet and I am glad that I did!!! I competed last year at prelims and made it to my first Nationals. Although I took home first place in 2021, the experience made me want more and to return. So I did and I brought my daughter with me because she had been there when I competed the first time and loved the experience as well. I have been competed in several systems, but NEM Nationals is great!!! The director, Crystal, and her new co-directed, Trey, made 2022 NEM Nationals one of a kind. Crystal loves all of her contestants, even if you are new or seasoned and she loves to put on a professional and well organized Pageant. I am proud to be the 2022 National Elite Mrs. Oh.....and the prize package is AMAZING!!!” - Kortnee Wilson

National Elite Miss Photo: Unknown


2.)Tanice Smith,  United States of America Pageants 

“United States of America Pageants system is simply top of the line. From the organization, to the support and preparation you get from state to nationals. This is the system to compete in at 100% recommend 10 out of 10. Not only is it ran with pristine excellence, each, and every queen is made to feel like a winner during her reign, and during our respective pageant weeks for each level. I am grateful eternally for the opportunity to carry the crown of United States of America’s Ms. 2022 and I am excited for what is the come for this Pageant system. If anyone is wondering about USOA, take the leap! I promise, you won’t regret it” - Keerah Yeowang

Tanice Smith Photo: Unknown


1.) Morgan and Charlie Mancini,  Miss/Mr Diamond Australia Pageants 

“Outstanding is an understatement for this pageant because I had the MOST wonderful experience here. The support leading up to the pageant was spot on and I always knew what was going on and what needed to be done. I always felt understood and no query was ever too big or silly for the directors to help me with. I feel so lucky to have been able to take part in such a wonderful pageant and for those looking to compete look no further than Miss Diamond. The values the pageant stands for flows throughout the entire lead up and competition such as inclusivity, respect and compassion. Miss Diamond has been a life changing experience for me and I hope you get to experience the wonders this pageant system offers.” - Keriana King

Miss/Mr Diamond Australia Pageants Picture: Facebook

Top 10 State Pageant Directors of 2021


10. Deveney Shea, United States of America's Miss District of Columbia

"My first time competing in the USOA system was an unforgettable experience. This was the inaugural pageant for DC, MD, and VA and the state director did an awesome job of putting on a quality production! I'm excited to see how this organization grow over the years. There were so many talented, and accomplished women who took the stage to represent our Nation's Capital and I was proud to be one of them!" -  Mecole Hayes

Deveney Shea

9. Marryn Russell, Miss Nevada Earth USA

"My experience with the Miss Nevada Earth pageant system has been outstanding. The director, Maryn Russell goes above and beyond to put on an amazing pageant. She takes into consideration the event, the contestants, and the audience. As the current Mrs. Nevada Earth, I would definitely recommend this pageant to anyone interested. I also know that many of the contestants from the 2021 pageant are coming back to try their hand at the 2022 pageant. I have to say, this pageant far exceeded my expectations." - Eileen Garza

Miss Nevada Earth USA titleholders

8. Scotty and Rebecca Williams, National American Miss Illinois

"Scotty and Rebecca Williams are some of the best pageant directors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a long-time member of the National American Miss pageant system, I feel truly blessed to be ending my pageant career with the Williams as my state directors. They treat every contestant, queen, and family with the utmost kindness, respect, and professionalism and I have never met someone who does not absolutely adore them. They are incredibly knowledgeable and have the best resource for putting on a high-quality production and providing incredible stage photos and videos for contestants as well as putting on an exciting and impressive final show at the end of pageant weekend. A pageant is only as good as its directors and I truly believe that Scotty and Rebecca are the best in the business! I'm thrilled to see where NAM Illinois goes in the future under their leadership." - Alyssa Longanecker

National American Miss Illinois winners. Photo: Facebook

7. Leticia Lambert, West Virginia American Women of Service

"We got to attend. Since this is a Director we have been with in the past, definitely had to come out and support. This event went as well as all of the others we have attended. Very well organized. All the contestants did great and didn't hear any complaints from those attending. Tish provided everyone with COVID safety instructions even with no mandatory restrictions currently in place for our area; recommendations were still made." - Theia Pennington

West Virginia American Women of Service. Photo: Facebook

6. LaCrisha Burton Saba, Georgia Global Continental Pageants

"The girls, pageant, and venues looked amazing. You can really tell that LaCrisha really cares about her pageant and puts a lot of thought and time into her productions. She also spoils her contestants like crazy! As a volunteer, all of the contestants and families seemed to have had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. Definitely a pageant that I would recommend." - Katie Kollar

LaCrisha Burton Saba. Photo: Unknown

5. Michelle Michaels, USA National Miss Pennsylvania

"This was my first state pageant and the entire experience was awesome! Ms. Michelle and Miss Ryanne are so kind and truly care about every contestant. I’d recommend anyone, new or seasoned, to come be a part of the USA National Miss Pennsylvania system!" - Rachelle Saeger

Michelle Michaels. Photo: Eireann Photography

4. Amber Renee, United States of America's Miss Oregon

"Amazing Pageant, amazing Director, amazing Queens, and amazing team!" - Autumn Lynn

Amber Renee. 

3. Denise McKeon, United States of America's Miss Pennsylvania

"Director Denise has been the kindest person I have worked with within pageantry. After speaking to Denise regarding the registration process, I knew I wanted to be a part of USOA. Their motto and platform align with my belief as I strive to empower women, inspire others, and uplift everyone! I do not doubt that you will fall in love with the system and the amazing women who are a part of it." - Jennifer Vega

Denise McKeon. Photo: Facebook

2. Susan Liebesman, Mrs. Pennsylvania and Miss Pennsylvania For America Pageant

"Susan Liebesman, the director of the 2021 Mrs. & Miss Pennsylvania for America and Mrs. & Miss Delaware for America put on an extraordinary show that was flawlessly executed and exciting to watch. The lingering impressions from the memories helped inspired me to start my own pageant journey." - Antoina Clinton

Susan Liebesman

1. Teri-Brown Walker, Miss Earth USA (D.C., Maryland, Virginia & Pennsylvania)

"Director Teri truly represents the Best In Pageantry. She is incredibly helpful and caring. No matter the time or day, she takes the time to follow-up with you. I truly feel that my daughter is cared for and supported by her and she is the only reason I joined the Miss Earth USA system." - Sofia Gilani

Teri-Brown Walker with her recent winner, Miss Earth USA 2022. 

Top 10 National Pageant Directors of 2021

10. Tammy Johns, The All-Star United States Pageants

"I have nothing but incredible things to say about this system! I have been involved with the All-Star United States Pageant for several years. In 2017 I won the national teen title and I currently hold the title of Miss All-Star United States 2021! Tammy John’s always provides a wonderful, well organized, and fun experience at the national pageant and truly goes above and beyond for her queens. This system is all about family, community service, education, and patriotism which makes me love it even more! The All-Star United States Pageant System is wonderful!" - Madelyn Price

Tammy Johns. Photo: Gretchen Pingley Photography

9. Samantha Riddle, America's Most Beautiful Miss

"Wonderful experience on a National Level! All delegates were treated like queens the entire pageant week! Promoting empowerment and modernizing pageantry! Win! Win! Sponsors are amazing, and the prize package is incredible! Best access to the industry leading professionals! The National Director, Samantha, is passionate about pageantry and it shows in every detail! No question unanswered… and friendships for a lifetime! Can’t wait to compete again!" - Kandace Monney

Samantha Riddle

8. Teresa & Marissa Foli, Princess of America

"Princess of America was my daughters first national pageant. It was absolutely an amazing experience. Marissa and Teresa are the best and so sweet! Everything ran smoothly and so organized. My daughter was crowned Tiny Miss Princess of America and she is living her best life during her reign. Everybody that is part of this pageant system is absolutely wonderful! It is a big family! I can not say enough wonderful things about this system." - Kimberly Crawford

Teresa and Marissa Foli

7. Cindy Bradford, America's Majestic Miss

"My daughter has been a national queen twice now. She is the current national princess. Mrs Cindy and her co directors pour their hearts into this system. They truly care about all of their titleholders, regardless of level. I wish we could compete every year! The family you gain, and the prize package are out of this world." - Addison Bradley

Cindy Bradford. Photo: Cindy Bradford 

6. Sarah Shumaker, American Royal Beauties

"Our family has had multiple excellent experiences with ARB at both the State and National levels. They are very well organized, welcoming, and supportive of their pageant family. The directors are very involved and helpful. The number one important focus is community service, which is something we look for in a pageant. ARB offers many opportunities to earn a title and are very inclusive of all ages and experience level. It's a relief to find an all-around solid, legitimate, reputable national pageant system that we can put our hearts into!" - Marnie Boehlke

Sarah Shumaker

5. Tanice Smith, United States of America Pageants

"I cannot express enough positive words for this pageant system! 2021 was my first time competing in this system and it was a life changer. I felt the sense of family and girl power. The venue and show were outstanding, staff was welcoming and very helpful, and the memories it allowed me create are priceless. Tanice the director is one of a kind and knows her stuff. Hands down the best pageant system around! I will be back and will recommend this to everyone!"  - Kaedance Collette

Tanice Smith

4. Cyrstal Horn, National Elite Miss

"NEM is a system every young girl and women should experience. My granddaughter had the opportunity to be a part of NEM and we absolutely love it . The production number was very well run and very professional . The confidence she left with will last her for a lifetime. The director is very professional and there with the girls at all times." - Desirae King

Crystal Horn. Photo: Grant Foto

3. Sable Albanese and Barbara Butler, America's Miss Sweetheart

"Sable is such an amazing director. She came across my social profiles and gave me an opportunity to be apart of the Americas Miss Sweetheart Organization. Ever since, she has been a constant support for me and all my goals." - Mayda Berrios

Sable Albanese and Barbara Butler. Photo: EireAnn Photo

2. Laura Clark, Miss Earth USA

"The Miss Earth USA Organization has been above and beyond my expectations as a first-time pageant contestant. It is modern, organized, and exciting. The entire Miss Earth USA Sisterhood has been a great addition to my life. I have made lifelong friends, stretched myself to reach new goals, and I get to advocate for Mother Earth by promoting environmental causes and my platform sustainable tourism. Laura Clark has given us many opportunities to participate in modeling, pageant skill workshops, and sisterhood activities. I'm looking forward to our National competition. I have had the time of my life, and I have enjoyed every activity that has been offered. We even get virtual training sessions for fitness, nutrition, and interview prep which really helps us, rookies :) My state director Nic Blaize goes above and beyond for every one of us. She pours her heart and soul into all of her titleholders, ensuring their success. Thank you for having state directors that build their titleholders up! Thank you, Miss Earth USA, for being inclusive, welcoming, and fun! If you want to become a Beauty for A Cause, this system is for you!!!" - Jessica Woodall

Laura Clark. Photo: Carlos Velez

1. Steve & Kathleen Mayes, National American Miss

"National American Miss is more than just a pageant system. It is where dreams and goals are accomplished, where memories and friendships are made, and where positive pageantry exists. I started competing with NAM in 2013 at the age of 10. Year after year I didn’t win but the amazing staff and NAMily kept me coming back. After 6 NAM state pageants and 3 National pageants, I have gained life long skills that have made me the person I am today. The IAM Pageant Powerhouse provides all contestants with so many opportunities such as being scouted by model and talent agencies, being able to compete in numerous optional competitions, and the opportunity to use your voice to inspire others. They put on an amazing production and everyone on the IAM staff/team works so hard to make everything possible. I highly recommend competing for this amazing system!" - Ashlyn Drury

Steve & Kathleen Mayes

Top 10 State Pageant Directors of 2020

10. Nicole Miller, International Junior Miss Washington and Oregon State Pageant

"I have felt noticed since I first made contact with Nicole! She answered all my crazy questions and has always done so to this day! I feel like she is very fair and helpful and so caring! My daughter loves Miss Nicole and is excited to make her proud and show her how much she has learned. BEST DIRECTOR EVER," Michelle Satrum explained. 

Nicole Miller. Photo: Photographic Vision

9. Sandi Watts, American Pageants Texas

"The director and staff took great care in ensuring that everyone understood every aspect of the pageant and guided us through each part of the show so that things flowed seamlessly by showtime. This pageant was such an amazing and fulfilling experience," said Victoria Amen.

Junior Miss of Texas 2020. Photo: American Pageants Texas

8. Nicole Saenz, USA National Miss Texas

"Texas Director Nicole is the best Caring, hands on and makes time for every girl," wrote Abigail Gregory. 

Nicole Saenz. Photo: Kristi Carr

7. Dr. Kella Price, United States of America’s Mrs. Arizona

"The director and staff are helpful and professional. They provide great support and promote an encouraging and friendly atmosphere," said Sabrina Chapman. 

Dr. Kella Price. Photo: USOA Arizona Website

6. Julia Stephens Graham and Anna Barnes, Miss Georgia Elementary, Jr. High, High School and Collegiate America

"This pageant is hands down the best pageant to participate in. The directors go above and beyond to give these girls the time of their lives. My girls keep wanting to come back time after time. It’s not only fun for the girls, but the whole family. Very organized, over the top, and a blast," Lacey Hartley explained. 

Julia Stephens Graham and Anna Barnes. Photo: Miss Georgia High School website

5. Deb Landry, USA National Miss Maine

"Miss Deb, the state director has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met. She is gracious, kind, generous, and spends so much time looking after everyone around her. In this life there are certain people who always leave you feeling better each time you meet, Miss Deb is one of those people," wrote Abigail Brackett. 

Deb Landry. Photo: Deb Landry Facebook

4. Lauren Auxier Abner and Candice Maynard, America’s Majestic Miss Southeast Region

"Great well ran pageant!! Very organized! The directors (Candace & Lauren) are wonderful! Strongly suggest this system," said Jennifer Bailey. 

Lauren Abner and Candace Maynard. Photo: America's Majestic Miss Southeast website

3. Raquel Riley Thomas, Miss DC for America and Mrs. DC America Pageants

"Raquel comes from a military background and was the 1st-runner up in 2011 for Mrs. America. She is absolutely a sweet and hard working director who knows what it takes to succeed in this business. Raquel gives every girl individualized attention to make sure they are ready and confident to compete. She really takes the time out to get to know her contestants and prepares them for not only the pageant world, but gives great advice and training that you can take into the work force. I feel extremely fortunate to be under the leadership of this director and apart of the Miss DC for America team," Lakeisha C. Brown explained. 

Raquel Riley Thomas. Photo: Raquel Riley Thomas Facebook

2. Teri Brown-Walker, Miss Earth USA (D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania)

"There aren't enough words in the human dictionary to describe the type of woman, Leader, Director that Miss Teri is. She has consistently gone ABOVE & BEYOND for her girls, which has been no easy task. Speaking for myself (although I can confidently speak for others) she has supported me, emotionally/physically, and not to mention, been a listening ear and motivator when I felt discouraged. Her organizational skills, expertise, professionalism, quality and attention to detail has been undeniably on a top tier level. Nothing that she has done has been for self, but rather for the success of her team," write Alisha Wallace. 

Teri Brown-Walker. Photo: Teri Brown-Walker Facebook

1. Pamela Curnel, Mrs. Washington America, Mrs. Washington American, and Miss Washington for America 

Pamela Curnel. Photo: Naomia May Photography


Top 10 National Pageant Directors of 2020

10. Michelle Landry, Miss American Coed

Michelle Landry. Photo: Miss American Coed

9. Betty Davis Reliford, Miss American Teen and Collegiate Pageant

"The pageant director is very personal, kind, professional and responds quickly to questions and concerns. My daughter has had a lot of opportunities since being part of this pageant," wrote Rebecca Luna. 

Photo: Betty Reliford

8. Pat Miller, PURE International Pageants

"Such a fun, faith-filled environment of girls who encourage and support one another. The Directors are amazing, the pageants are fun and rewarding, and it is just a great system. I would highly recommend competing," said Megan Arthur.

Pat Miller, Director of PURE International Pageants. Photo: Miss Pure International Kentucky Teen 2020

7. Shelley Lacerda, Ms World International

"Ms World International is the most legitimate and worth attending pageant. My taking part in it was definitely one of the most beautiful gifts I have done to myself. I want to thank our wonderful Director Mrs Shelley Lacerda as well as her crew for letting us have the experience of a lifetime! Every event was carefully planned, the scoring system was fair, everything was wonderfully set out, so that each and everyone of us participants had a marvelous time ! Most of all I would like to thank our Director for her unique way of bringing out the very best in everyone," wrote Gogo Vagena. 

Shelley Lacerda. Photo: Shelley Lacerda

6. Cindy Bradford, America’s Majestic Miss

"I have been so impressed with the level of communication and the involvement that the Directors have with this pageant system. They are so encouraging and work so hard to promote all the contestants and their achievements. The emphasis on giving back to the community is very encouraging and we are so thrilled to get to be a part of this system," Karley Bond explained. 

Cindy Bradford. Photo: Cindy Bradford Facebook

5. Jackie Watson, USA National Miss

"One of the most beautifully organized pageant systems my daughter has ever been a part of. I love that Jackie loves all of her girls and her relationship with each girl is so caring. She’s personable and approachable. It would be an excellent experience for any girl to be on her national court and have her as a mentor and a lifelong friend," said Jacqueline Kate Ward. 

Jackie B Watson. Photo: Jackie B Watson

4. Laura Clark, Miss Earth USA

"Such a professional and passionate pageant system! They are really set on the positive mission to serving the environment, the community and empowering women to be beauties for a cause! Definitely a pageant I would recommend for women who are passionate about making a difference in our Earth," wrote Adesuwa Osayaren. 

Laura Clark. Photo: Carlos Velez

3. Teresa Foli and Marissa Foli Scoggin, Princess of America

"POA is hands down one of the most organized pageant systems I’ve ever seen. Marissa and Teresa really pour their hearts into everything and everyone involved," Laura Yost explained. 

Teresa Foli and Marissa Foli Scoggin. Photo: Teresa Foli

2. Tanice Smith, United States of America Pageants

"I love how organized and transparent this organization is. The leadership is so helpful and eager to answer any and all questions in a timely manner," wrote Spring Gray. 

Tanice Smith. Photo: Tanice Smith

1. Steve and Kathleen Mayes, National American Miss

"NAM Is absolutely an amazing organization it is more then just a pageant it’s family! I have learned so much and made so much memories and friends and I can not wait to continue my journey with them," said Elizabeth Wallace. 

Steve and Kathleen Mayes


Top 10 State Pageant Directors of 2019

10. Kara Knudsen and Shalyn Kernop 

Kara Knudsen and Shalyn Kernop came in at the number 10 spot on the list of the Best State Directors of 2019! Kara Knudsen and Shalyn Kernop are the pageant directors for Miss California Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate America. Their pageant is the California state preliminary pageant for the national competition.

Kara Knudsen and Shalyn Kernop met through competing in the same pageant system and realized their similar passion for the youth in the community and upholding the tradition of pageantry. Combining the artistic and creative, hair and makeup skills of Kara with Shalyn's teaching, stage production skills and eye for talent, the two best friends began a coaching business called Crowning Moments. Eventually, in 2015 the dynamic duo decided to take on another adventure as executive directors of the Miss California Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate America pageant. 

Photo Credit: Miss California Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate America

9. Darya Mizrachi

Darya Mizrachi placed in the number nine position on the list this year! She is the director for International United Miss Pennsylvania, which is a scholarship-based pageant that celebrates girls and women for their amazing accomplishments! They are a community service-centered system that places a strong emphasis on communication skills, community involvement and academic achievement. 

Darya has received stellar reviews for her work as a pageant director and even the official photographer for this event stated, "The pageant is a 1st Class Event and run so well. Darya runs a great program and her titleholders are all amazing young ladies. Could not be prouder to be associated with this organization!"

Photo: Eireann Photography

8. Dr. Charlotte Gerry

Selected for the number seven spot is Dr. Charlotte Gerry! She is the director for the Miss Florida American Teen And Collegiate pageant. The pageant is an organization of girls and young women between the ages of four and 26, and is a great fit for the first timer and those that have been competing for a long time.

One of the reviewers said that when she competed this year, it was her very first pageant and everyone was so warm and welcoming. She said that Charlotte and her staff were super hands on, caring and professional.

"The atmosphere was very natural, and they were very interested in the real you & the girls could be our best selves by being ourselves."

Photo: Dr. Charlotte Gerry

7. Kathy Whittaker

Coming in at the seventh position is Kathy Whittaker! Director and professional pageant and talent photographer, Kathy Whittaker is a very busy lady!

When she isn't being a sought-after photographer taking professional headshots all over the country, Kathy is directing the Texas International Junior Miss pageant, which is the state preliminary to the international competition. The pageant places an emphasis on the importance of gaining self-confidence, learning new skills and setting and achieving personal goals!

One happy reviewer said, "This is such a great pageant system for girls of all ages. I have two girls and we've been coming back for five years. We've created lifelong friends and memories. You just can't ask for a better pageant system and director - Kathy Whittaker. She makes everyone feel right at home."

Photo: Makenzi Laine 

6. Nicole DiCini Saenz

Nicole DiCini Saenz ranks number six on our list of directors! Nicole DiCini Saenz is the director for USA National Miss Texas. This pageant is the official preliminary to the USA National Miss Scholarship Pageant.

Nicole's program recognizes the personal achievement, community involvement and excellence of young women across the USA in a fun and trendy community of sisters, who become ambassadors of many worthy causes and charities, including their national anti-bullying platform The Crown C.A.R.E.S. (Creating A Respectful Environment in Schools).

Photo: Kristi Carr

5. Madi and Valarie Marohn

Selected for the number five spot is mother and daughter duo, Madi and Valarie Marohn! They are the busy directors of the Princess of America pageants for Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Great Lakes.

One very happy reviewer stated, "I can say that this is the most organized, well run and welcoming pageant I have ever attended! The directors are completely hands on and work so hard to make sure all involved have the experience of a lifetime! Being a part of this pageant has definitely spoiled me!! They should be very proud of the way they represent their pageant! It is clear that the girls become family to them from the beginning!"

Photo: Valarie Marohn

4. LaCrisha Burton Saba

Pageant director and titleholder LaCrisha Burton Saba placed in the number four position!

LaCrisha served as the Georgia State Director for the Mrs. United States National Pageants Organization, before founding the Miss Global Continental National Pageants Organization. LaCrisha Burton Saba is no stranger to pageantry, having served as Mrs. Georgia America 2017 and Mrs. Georgia United States 2016. She is now using her expertise and experience to help others achieve their dreams.

It's clear from the contestants, judges, volunteers, staff and the pageant's sponsors, that she is a director who went above and beyond to make sure that everyone involved had a wonderful experience!

Photo: Matt Boyd Photography

3. Pam Curnel

Selected for the number three spot is long time pageant director, Pam Curnel!

Pam Curnel is the director and choreographer of the Mrs. Washington America Pageant, the Washington Miss for America and Mrs. Washington World America pageant. All three pageants are the official state preliminaries to the national competition. Pamela has been the Executive State Director for nearly 30 years and has produced not just a pageant competition that occurs over the course of a weekend, but she has created an organization that women want to belong to and invest in all year long.

Her titleholders have won the title of Mrs. America, as well as Mrs. Congeniality and Miss Congeniality at the national competition. Pam herself has also won countless awards during her career including Best Costume at Mrs. America twice, as well as the prestigious Best Director/Producer Award at the annual Global Beauty Awards in 2018, and is nominated again this year.

Photo: Pam Curnel

2. Raquel Riley Thomas 

Placing second on the list this year is Raquel Riley Thomas! Raquel Riley Thomas is a producer, director, pageant queen and military-veteran, with a long history in the pageant and fashion industry! She is the owner of An Officer and Gentlewoman, LLC, a production company headquartered in Washington, DC. The company oversees the Miss DC for America pageant, Mrs. DC America pageant, Mrs. DC World America and Little Miss North America.

Raquel is dedicated to helping and recognizing those that have served in the military, so she gives a portion of all pageant proceeds to a non-profit which supports veterans. Raquel Riley Thomas has been featured in countless magazines, newspapers and periodicals and is currently a recurring fashion and beauty expert on ABC7, "Lets Talk Live," "Good Morning Washington" and Fox5DC "Good Day DC." She was also recently inducted into the Library of Congress!

Photo: Raquel Riley Thomas 

1. Teri Brown Walker

Topping the list in the top spot of the Best State Directors of 2019 is Teri Brown Walker!

Teri Brown Walker is the Regional Director for the East Coast and Pennsylvania Miss Earth USA Pageants. Her pageants are the official state qualifiers for the prestigious Miss Earth USA competition, so this lady is super busy! Teri has experienced an outstanding career in the pageant industry and is a well-known and much beloved director. In fact, she had an unprecedented 21 reviews written about her and her pageant system on her profile, so she's got a league of adoring and dedicated fans!

˜Teri Brown-Walker's passion for pageantry and her commitment is second to none. Having watched her production several times, I can say she is most professional about all aspects of pageantry. That professionalism is exhibited in how she prepares the contestants; in how she plans and executes the event itself; and in the follow up."

Photo: Teri Brown Walker

Top 10 National Pageant Directors of 2019

10. Hailey Garcia

Hailey Garcia, the director of the Pretty in Pink pageant, places to number 10 for our best National Directors of 2019. The Pretty in Pink pageants are an all-inclusive system! The pageant is geared towards individuals with special needs but welcomes everyone to compete alongside one another. It offers different themed pageants such as Disney, Awareness pageants and state finals in Wisconsin and other states across America.

Hailey runs a fun and fair system that has many contestants returning year after year to compete with the Pretty in Pink family!

Photo: Facebook

9. Victoria Hughes

Victoria Hughes, director of Mrs. Universal, wins the ninth spot on our list. The Mrs. Universal pageant is an international pageant based out of the United States of America, for women aged 25 and older. The international pageant takes place in various countries around the world. This year it was in Bali, Indonesia! Women competing at Mrs. Universal compete in Interview, Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Final question. 

Victoria has made it her goal to create a pageant system for those who are both new to pageants and veterans at the sport. She has successfully created a pageant that follows the motto of Dare. Dream. Believe!

Photo: Facebook, Victoria Hughes

8. Susan West

Next on our list is the director of American Royalty Beauties, Susan West. With an extensive background in business, Susan has created a system that believes that beauty is truly on the inside. In keeping with this system's emphasis on community service, most of the delegates of American Royalty Beauties use their crowns and title in their communities, volunteering and making a difference. The national pageant is a natural scholarship system, focused on teaching the girls and women moral values, goals and how to become a community presence. 

Susan and her system Royal American Beauties shapes the future leaders of the world.

Photo: https://www.arbpageants.com/about

7. Evelyn McCleod

Seventh on our list is Evelyn McCleod, director of the Miss Next Level Pageant and Mentoring Program! This international pageant allows married and unmarried women to compete. With contestants starting at age seven and going all the way up, nationals are filled with inspiring women who are emerging in the pageant world. 

Evelyn helps her titleholders go farther in pageantry, sponsoring them after their reign as a Next Level queen at larger pageants all over the world. She truly wants to see them succeed in their dreams and pageant goals. A titleholder herself, she knows the stress of finals and can talk with her contestants on a personal level, knowing what the crown means to every single contestant.

Photo: Evelyn McCleod

6. Teresa Thomas Foli and Marissa Foli Scoggin

Coming in the sixth position are directors Teresa Thomas Foli and Marissa Foli Scoggin of Princess of American Pageants! This national pageant is for contestants age four to 24! Teresa and Marissa have been able to secure some top-notch sponsors for their queens and contestants, including Ellie Wild, Marc Defang and Image Studios, to name a few.

The Princess of America pageant is a natural pageant focused on making all contestants proud of their achievements and accomplishments. Contestants compete in Interview, introduction, evening gown and on-stage question. 

Photo: Facebook 

5. Steve Mayes and Kathleen Mayes

The National American Miss national directors come in the fifth spot on our list. National American Miss inspires its contestants to be tomorrow's leaders and to strive for their best. Steve and Kathleen have created a system that helps girls and women from the ages of four to 24. The contestants at National American Miss compete in formal wear, interview and introduction. 

Kathleen and Steve are known for the amazing message given to the contestants before the final girl in the Top 12 is called. Letting all of the contestants, whether they place or not, know they are loved and tried their best throughout the national weekend.

Photo: National American Miss

4. Laura Clark

Coming in fourth spot is Laura Clark, director of Miss Earth USA! Laura Clark has worked hard to create a friendly and professional pageant for women and girls age five to 38, holding a national pageant for those aged 13-38. Laura has created an atmosphere where more ladies can make an impact as the pageant crowns a winner as well as elemental queens.

With the winner of Miss Earth USA advancing to Miss Earth, Laura helps the reigning Miss Earth prepare to represent the USA at Miss Earth. Laura also travels with her Miss queen to cheer her on at Miss Earth!

Photo: Laura Clark 

3. Shelley Lacerda

Shelley Lacerda, director of Miss World International wins the third position of our list. This director put on a professional and fair environment for contestants all over the world. Not crowning only one winner but crowning several different titleholders, this pageant gives all the winners the same opportunity to hold a title and make a difference in their communities. 

Shelley has created a fun environment to compete in at internationals in Miami, Florida with exciting events such as Skidoo lessons, Yacht party, team building activities and modeling filming throughout the competition week! 

Photo: Shelley Lacerda

2. Jackie Watson

The second spot goes to Jackie B. Watson, director of USA National Miss, which is based out of Orlando, Florida. Jackie created a system that allows girls between the ages of four to 24 to become their best selves! She has helped USA National Miss become well-known in the industry for its fun and professional pageant. You may have heard of USA National Miss for its legendary panel of judges, including past Miss Americas, Past Miss USAs and Miss Universe contestants. It's no wonder everyone wants to be involved!

Jackie also created a Legacy Sisterhood Association where past national royalty can continue their community service and publicity!

Photo: Facebook, Jackie B. Watson

1. Charlie Mancini and Morgan Mancini

Winning the Best National Directors of 2019 is Charlie Mancini and Morgan Mancini of Miss/Mr. Diamond Australia. Charlie and Morgan founded this system and have created an unique organization in Australia, celebrating diversity and beauty in every contestant. Wanting to create a system that features all of these values, Charlie and Morgan have founded the pageant with no limits on weight, height or gender. They've changed the on-stage question competition to be one set question or "What's your chosen charity and why have you chosen it?," in hopes to limit the anxiety felt on stage during that portion and build the contestant's confidence. With titles ranging from Mr. to Mini Miss, and back to Miss, the Diamond Australia pageant is a pageant for everyone. All thanks to directors Charlie and Morgan, who built it from the ground up!

Photo: Facebook, Charlie Mancini 

Top 10 State Pageant Directors of 2018

10. Alabama’s Southern Miss

Shane and Doreena Mink were chosen for the 10th spot for the Top State Pageant Directors of 2018. As the directors of Alabama’s Southern Miss, they have been able to build up their pageant program through offering contestants a fair, fun and affordable pageant. Their program helps build self-confidence and is big on community service and academic achievement. ALSM is a great stepping stone for girls that want to compete in larger pageants. This is the team's 12th year directing the pageant and each year, they just keep improving!

Photo: Alabama’s Southern Miss Facebook Pageant

9. International Junior Miss Texas

In the ninth spot for the Top 10 State Directors of 2018 is Kathy Whittaker with International Junior Miss Texas. Whittaker was even named “Director of the Year” by the International Junior Miss pageant system. IJM Texas awards scholarships for excellence in talent, modeling and public speaking. This is Kathy’s 11th year directing the pageant and each year, the pageant just keeps getting better!

This isn’t the only Best in Pageantry list that International Junior Miss Texas and Kathy Whittaker are featured on. International Junior Miss Texas was the only state pageant to make the Top Prize Packages of 2018 list. Kathy Whittaker Photography was also featured in the number one spot in the Top Pageant Headshot Photographers of 2018. She’s on roll!

“This is truly the best pageant experience I’ve ever been a part of,” says one reviewer. “Such and amazing sisterhood and Kathy is an amazing director. I’m totally spoiled by this system, and don’t know how I’ll ever want to leave them!”

Photo: IJM Texas Facebook

8. The Chrisley Family

The Chrisley family was selected the eighth spot for the Top State Directors of 2018. As the directors of the Miss Florida USA and Teen USA pageant and the Miss California USA and Teen USA pageant, they attract young women to their pageant program through sticking to the traditional pageantry categories of on stage interview, private interview, evening gown and swimsuit/fitness wear. This family is no stranger to pageantry. In fact, Savannah Chrisley is a former Miss Tennessee Teen USA who placed in the Top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2016. In 2018, Chrisley family titleholder and Miss Florida USA 2018 Genesis Davila placed in the Top 5 at Miss USA. Clearly the Chrisleys know a thing or two about preparing their titleholders for success.

Initially directing Miss Florida USA only, the Chrisley family picked up the Miss California USA and Teen USA pageant in 2018 as well. This is the team's second year directing a Miss USA state pageant. With success in 2018, we cannot wait to see what the Miss USA 2019 pageant brings for the Chrisley titleholders.

Photo: Todd Chrisley Facebook

7. Vanbros

Directing five Miss USA and Teen USA state pageants, it’s no surprise Vanbros was chosen for the seventh spot for the Top State Directors of 2018. As the directors of the Miss Missouri, Miss Kansas, Miss Illinois, Miss Nebraska and Miss Arkansas USA and Teen USA pageants, they have been able to build up their pageant program through helping women and teens develop the confidence to achieve their personal best. Running five Miss USA and Teen USA state pageants and preparing 10 state titleholders for a national competition is certainly no easy feat.

The Vanbros have been going at it since 1992 and each year, they just keep improving! This year, two of their state titleholders, Sarah Rose Summers and Hailey Colborn, went on to win the national Miss USA title. Will they have another winner in 2019?

“I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful support and encouragements you gave me over the weekend of the pageant,” one reviewer said. “It will be an experience I will never forget. Nebraska is so blessed to have you and John as directors. I look forward to competing next year.”

Photo: John M. Vannatta Jr. Facebook

6. Pageant Associates

With over two decades of experience under their belt, Randy Sanders and Pageant Associates placed in the sixth spot for the Top State Directors of 2018. As the directors of the West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana USA and Teen USA state pageants and producers of the West Virginia festival and fairs pageants, he and Pageant Associates team are no strangers to pulling off an immaculate pageant. This is the team's 23rd year directing pageants and their experience clearly shows!

The team at Pageant Associates continuously executes Miss USA and Teen USA state pageants each year and works hard to prepare their titleholders for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Not only is the production value phenomenal, the prize packages really help to ensure the titleholders are their best selves going to nationals, and the hard work of the entire Pageant Associates team has to do with that.

Photo www.misswestvirginiausa.com

5. Princess of America Minnesota and Wisconsin

Madi and Valerie of the Princess of America Minnesota and Wisconsin pageant were chosen for the fifth spot for the Top State Directors of 2018. They have been able to build up their pageant program through providing a high quality event that teaches girls that beauty goes far beyond the hair and gown.

“Hands down one of the VERY best state pageants I have ever been to in almost 25 years in the industry,” one reviewer says. “The difference between a good event and a GREAT event are the small details, and Madi and Valerie leave no stone unturned. In addition, their queens are TRULY treated like real queens!”

Photo: Valerie Marohn Facebook

4. Miss California Elementary, Jr High, High School, Collegiate America Pageant

In the fourth spot for our Top State Directors of 2018 are Kara Knudsen and Shalyn Kernop. They’ve shared their love for pageantry with countless contestants as the directors of the Miss California Elementary, Jr High, High School and Collegiate America pageant! Their goal is to nurture girls’ confidence and self esteem needed for life. This is the team's 17th year directing the pageant and each year, their pageant just keeps getting bigger and better!

“A very well organized and professional pageant production,” one nomination said. “Moreover, there are so many fun activities for the contestants throughout the weekend leading up to the competition. The directors are phenomenal and the prize package is spectacular! Love every aspect of this pageant!”

Photo: Miss California Elementary, Jr High, High School and Collegiate America Facebook

3. USA National Miss New England

Returning to the list is Deb Landry in the third spot for the Top State Pageant Directors of 2018. As the director of USA National Miss New England, she has been able to build up USA National Miss pageant program in the New England area through awarding an amazing prize package including scholarship and prizes. She also stresses community involvement and help contestants develop a lifestyle of service.

Landry is no stranger to recognition for her excellent pageant directing skills. In fact, she was featured in the number two spot for last year’s Top State Pageant Directors of 2017 list and in the number five spot for the Top State Pageant Directors of 2016. We love seeing years of hard work being recognized!

“Deb Landry the director and Pageant Consultant equips each Girl with tools and instills positive values,” one reviewer said.

Photo: Deb Landry Facebook

2. Mrs. Washington America

Pam and David Curnel placed in the second spot for the Top State Directors of 2018. As the long-time directors of Mrs. Washington America, they have been able to build up their pageant program through providing a prestigious televised event for married woman of all ages. Their mission is to empower and mentor woman to “Make a Difference.” The Curnel’s have been directing this pageant for over 25 years and Pam has over 45 years of experience in the pageant industry!

“I have competed 3 times before winning this pageant,” one nomination said. “I am Mrs. Washington America 2018 and I can not begin to put into words how much I love this pageant and my directors they are the best and most amazing people that I have ever meet. They love me, spoil me and treat me and my family as though we are their family. Competing in this pageant has brought forth so many opportunities to me and my family and I am so blessed to be their Queen. Trust me when I say this pageant will change your life!”

Photo: Pam Curnell Facebook

1. Miss Michigan

Proudly featured in the top spot for the Best State Pageant Directors of 2018 is Shelley Taylor of the Miss Michigan Scholarship Organization. She volunteered in the organization for 20 years and served as the Executive Director of the Miss Michigan Organization for over 10 years! In that time, Taylor impacted many young women’s lives and was present when one of her titleholders won the national Miss America title. In 2018, Taylor passed away after period of declining health and was remembered and loved by all who knew her.

Many messages of sadness, condolences and prayer were shared at Taylor’s passing. It was clear that her presence had a huge impact on so many people throughout her years with the Miss Michigan Organization.

Photo: www.mlive.com

Top 10 National Directors of 2018

10. Miss American Coed

Featured in the tenth spot for the Top National Pageant Directors of 2018 is Patty Hawkins with the Miss American Coed (MAC) pageant. The Hawkins family has been able to build up this pageant program through a family-oriented and age-appropriate feel to the system. The pageant encourages and reinforces the confidence and natural beauty that we know is within each and every girl.

Current national director, Patty Hawkins took over this system from her mother and aunt who founded the program in 1983! Each contestant in the Miss American Coed pageant system becomes family and gets to know Patty and the MAC pageant staff.

“Have nothing but great memories and experiences with MAC,” one reviewer said. “My daughter has truly grown as a young girl with big dreams and expectations....MAC will be “home” as long as they will have us!!”

Photo: Miss American Coed


ANTSO National Director Jenny Telwar placed in the ninth spot for the Top National Directors of 2018. She has been able to expand the ANTSO pageant program by holding to the highest standards of quality and integrity throughout her events and conducting all competitions in a fair and unbiased manner. America’s National Teenager is recognized as one of the longest running, most prestigious female teen scholarship pageant competitions in the country.

“If you are looking for a system that places value on academics and service, then this is the place for you,” one reviewer writes. “We've done the national pageant twice and had [an] amazing [experience] both times. The pageant is well-run, organized, and professional. Their focus is on helping the girls be the best they can be and building self-esteem.”

Photo: Jenny Telwar-Daniel Facebook

8. Miss Earth United States

Coming in at number eight on the Top National Pageant Directors of 2018 is Laura Clark with the Miss Earth United States pageant. Laura Clark took over the national directorship of the Miss Earth United States program a few years ago and the program has only grown in prestige since then. The pageant participation keeps climbing every year and the stellar production has definitely something to do with it. During the crowning of the 2018 titleholder, sparklers went off on stage, making for a purely magical moment.

The Miss Earth United States pageant was just featured on our Best Pageant Prize Packages of 2018 and, of course, Clark has a large part to do with that. Everything from Miss Earth preparation to travel to photoshoots are included in the package so you know her titleholders get treated like royalty!

Photo: Laura Clark Facebook

7. National American Miss

Steve and Kathleen Mays of National American Miss placed in the seventh spot for the Top National Directors of 2018. As the directors of National American Miss, they have been able to build up their pageant program through showcasing contestants communication skills and offering a wide variety of categories to compete in. The director’s love their contestants and pageant so much that they use the hashtag #NAMily to combine their system and family!

“This organization is truly here to help girls of all ages, sizes, and colors to become strong, confident girls who can proceed into their career with life skills that are desperately needed in young women today,” one reviewer wrote.

Photo: Pageant Planet

6. International Junior Miss

Coming in at number six for the Top National Pageant Directors of 2018 is Nikki Clark with International Junior Miss. She has worked tirelessly over the past ten years to create an excellent production and impressive prizes. Now famous for being the “crown of opportunities,” this system brings in competitors looking to have an amazing year as a titleholder filled with gifts, experiences, travel and of course, opportunities. With such an amazing prize package, it’s no surprise this system was also featured in our Best Pageant Prize Packages of 2018 list!

Photo: Nikki Clark Facebook

5. USA National Miss

Jackie Watson placed in the fifth spot for the Top National Pageant Directors of 2018. USA National Miss is becoming increasingly popular and part of that is because of its Positive Pageantry motto. USA National Miss is a fashion-forward, national pageant organization that exists to enrich the lives of young women ages 4-25 through an unsurpassed pageant experience. USA National Miss offers unique opportunities for its state and national queens, including partnering with well known professionals in the fashion and modeling worlds. As the founder and national director, Jackie Watson has been improving her system for nine years and it is now a household name! Truly one of the best directors in the industry, Jackie Watson has made the Top 10 for the Best Pageant Directors for five years in a row!

“From her work ethic to the love she carries for each child that competes…,” one Facebook reviewer said. “Win or lose, jackie is a person that deeply cares about each relationship and what each girl takes away from participating at unm. You can see that by the amount of girls that come back every year... Just as i did!”

Photo: USA National Miss Facebook

4. Global United Pageant

The Global United Pageant Director Wendy Lindberg came in at the fourth spot for the Top National Directors of 2018. As the director of Global United Pageants, she has been able to build up the pageant program through being community service-focused. Their entire goal is community outreach and raising funds for childhood cancer research. Wendy is the founder and national director and continues to improve her system each year!

“A great pageant experience,” one reviewer said. “Directors take time to consider delegates and a great value for your dollar.”

Photo: Wendy Lindberg Facebook

3. Princess of America

Teresa Thomas Foli was voted in the third spot for the Top National Directors of 2018. The Princess of America pageant has grown through following Teresa’s vision of pageantry; finding your strengths, overcoming fears, meeting new challenges and uncovering that queen that was there all along! As the founder and national director, her small pageant has now grown into a national pageant and continues to grow each year!

This is the third consecutive year that Teresa has been featured on the Top Pageant Directors! Congratulations, Teresa!

“Incredible National pageant and Directors,” a review raved. “The attention to detail, amazing venue, focus on empowering young women, dedication to service, and SO much more make the POA National pageant experience top tier in our book!!”

Photo: Facebook

2. High School America

Amanda Smith was voted in the second spot for the Top National Directors of 2018. Not only does this system include high school-age contestants but it also has divisions for junior high school and collegiate age contestants, as well as a “Crown Academy” for younger girls. This year will be the team’s 11th year directing the pageant and with an incredible prize package, strong participation and raving reviews, their decade of experience certainly shows.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about this pageant program is the Jeep Wrangler each Miss High School America winner goes home with after she wins. This doesn’t even mention the $70,000 worth of prize packages the Miss Jr. High School, Miss High School and Miss Collegiate America receive. It’s no wonder this system was featured in our Best Pageant Prize Packages of 2018 list and Smith definitely has a lot to do with that!

https://www.pageantplanet.com/article/best-prize-packages-in-pageantry “I have been competing in pageants for over 10 years now and I cannot thank this organization, it’s directors and staff enough for all it’s taught me,” one reviewer says. “Miss Jr. High/ High School/ Collegiate America is an amazing system with an amazing prize package, ran by amazing people. One of the many reasons why I continue to return year after year, alongside of their national platform of BRAVE. I have met some of my best friends through this system and would HIGHLY recommend this organization to anybody considering it!”

Photo: Amanda Smith Facebook

1. Miss and Mr. Diamond Australia

Topping our list as the Best National Pageant Director of 2018 are the directors for Miss and Mr. Diamond Australia, Charlie and Morgan. As the directors of Miss and Mr. Diamond Australia, they have been able to build up their pageant program through celebrating the beauty and diversity of every individual. This unique system is an inclusive one, representing men and women of all ages. It’s primary purpose is to give its contestants a platform to raise awareness about causes close to their heart, and no doubt, its directors have a huge part in fostering that sense of community service and leadership.

“Absolutely amazing,” one review says. “Charlie and Morgan are super [organized] and fantastic at what they do. They deliver a quality pageant that's suitable for everyone from all walks of life. I truly believe my autistic daughter would not be who she is today if it weren't for the confidence instilled in her during her time im MDA18”

Photo: Miss and Mr. Diamond Australia


Top 10 National Pageant Directors of 2017

10. Patty Hawkins, Miss American Coed

Pageantry runs in this director's blood. Patty Hawkins' mother, Carolyn Hawkins, and her aunt, Mary Jo Scarborough, founded the pageant in 1983. Hawkins has continued the founders' dream by keeping this pageant a family affair. Miss American Coed keeps families in mind with low entry fees and competitions for all ages. Hawkins also takes the time to make every titleholder feel special.

According to one nominator, "She has hundreds of girls and still will take the time to help and knows your name and state title."

Patty Hawkins, Director of Miss American Coed. Photo: Miss American Coed Official Website

9. Jennie Lynch, Ireland Pageants

Introducing a new concept to an entire country is a bit intimating, to say the least. However, Jennie Lynch had a dream to dove right into the role of national director for Ireland Pageants. Before starting her organization, the pageant community in Ireland, outside of the Miss Ireland Universe Pageant, was basically non-existent. Lynch has built a pageant community and sisterhood in her country. Her titleholders include Junior Miss Ireland, Miss Teen Ireland, Lady of Ireland, Ms. Ireland, Mrs. Ireland and Miss Curves Ireland.

"Ireland Pageants and director Jennie Lynch have created a positive pageant environment in Ireland, a country where pageants were once taboo," said one nominator. "This system is open to everyone and presents pageantry in a very positive light."

Jennie Lynch, Director of Ireland Pageants. Photo: Facebook

8. Edie Klein, Ultimate Dream Queen and Ultimate Dream Face

Edie Klein has been running a lighthearted and enjoyable pageant for 16 years. According to nominators, "She goes above and beyond to ensure every child feels like the queen they are," and "makes every child feel so special regardless of the title they received."

Klein always puts her titleholders firsts and goes above and beyond to accommodate everyone's needs.

"Edie Klein is the best director, best run and so organized," said one nominator. "She always answered all my questions when I had concerns and put my mind at ease. She made every child feel so special regardless of the title the received. I felt like when my child was a princess she still went home with a bike, a doll and a bag full of misc toys. Edie does make everyone feel like a winner."

Edie Klein Director of Ultimate Dream Queen and Ultimate Dream Face. Photo: Facebook

7. Evelyn McCleod, Miss Next Level Youth Pageant

Evelyn McCleod is the leader of this unique mentorship program whose mission is to empower underprivileged young women through the power of pageantry. She started the program is 2009 and had over 100 participants.

"Evelyn McLeod and the Next Level Pageant transforms girls by mentoring underprivileged girls and then letting girls who would otherwise not be able to afford pageants, participate in a pageant," said one nominator. "My foster daughter participated and her confidence grew in school and out of school. It is a pageant like none other!"

The organization is a nonprofit with free workshops and a heavy emphasis on community service. McCleod has a huge heart for her titleholders and is an inspiration to many. 

Evelyn McCleod, Director of Miss Next Level Youth Pageant. Photo: Facebook

6. Frank and Jennifer Huntley, Miss American Royalty USA

This is a truly special team in the pageant world. The embodiment of positive pageantry, the directors at Miss American Royalty USA touch the lives of every titleholder. 

"My special needs daughter finally feels beautiful because of Miss American Royalty USA and their BeaYOUtiful division for uniquely-abled participants," said one nominator. "We will never forget their kindness and support." The team of national directors is always available with a belief that every question is worthy of an answer. As one nominator said, "They have great customer service yet you never feel like a customer."

Jennifer Huntley, Director of Miss American Royalty USA. Photo: Jennifer Huntley

5. Jenny Telwar-Daniels, America's National Teenager Scholarship Organization

Founded in 1970, America's National Teenager Scholarship Organization (ANTSO) is the longest running pageant for teens in the United States. This huge success is in part by a director who has been hailed by nominators over and over again as an incredible role model for her titleholders. Jenny Telwar-Daniels has built a pageant that values sisterhood, community service and scholarship.

"My daughter has competed in America's National Teenager Scholarship Organization nationals three times," said one nominator. "She has come away with a better understanding of who she is as a person, more self confident and more driven to help others and serve our community. Jenny Telwar-Daniels has been an incredible role model for my daughter and she is simply amazing."

Jenny Telwar, Director of American't National Teenager Scholarship Program. Photo: American't National Teenager Scholarship Pageant Official Website

4. Morgan Mancini, Miss Diamond Australia

Morgan Mancini has one of the biggest hearts of any director. The organization was founded in 2013, making it still relatively new. However, the pageant and its leadership are already changing industry standards. Mancini and her team founded the pageant with a mission to celebrate the diversity and beauty of every woman. There are absolutely no restrictions to compete. Zero. Having already made such an impact, Mancini is set to revolutionize the pageant world.

"I would like to nominate Miss Diamond Australia and Morgan for the amazing pageant and system she has created, her dedication and utmost care for all contestants and their families," said one nominator. "This truly is a special pageant, you become one of the family and the icebreaker party ensures you make life long friends. Morgan is always available for any questions you have. The inclusion of diversity is a game changer and many other pageants should take notice and follow suit. Well done Miss Diamond Australia you really are the best of the best."

Morgan Mancini, Director of Miss Diamond Australia. Photo: Hung Pham

3. Steve and Kathleen Mayes, National American Miss

National American Miss is the largest pageant for young women in the United States, boasting numbers that have greater participation than even Miss America and Miss USA. Each year, the organization awards $1.5 million through cash scholarships and prizes. This success has to do with the "perfect combination of heart and excellence" brought by national directors Steve and Kathleen Mayes. A point brought up again and again by nominators was the Mayes' true love for their titleholders. The sisterhood created by the pageant is so strong, they even have their own hashtag on Instagram.

"Steve and Kathleen Mayes have created a wonderful program that instills confidence in every contestant," said one nominator. "They make sure every girl feels like family and truly care about their "#NAMily."

Steve & Kathleen Mayes, Directors of National American Miss. Photo: National American Miss

2. Jackie Watson, USA National Miss

Jackie Watson has earned the #2 post for the overwhelming amount of nominations she recieved and for how she continues to innovate her system. From celebrity judges like Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields to getting to walk in New York Fashion Week to cruise vacations, her titleholders are treated like true royalty. 

Watson has also received praise for her willingness to listen to her titleholders. She is open to their suggestions on how to improve the organization. She thinks outsides the box and is willing to try new things, which are qualities essential to a great leader.

"USA National Miss and national director Jackie Watson have created a program that has made all other national pageants have to step their game up," said one nominator. "Through innovative and creative approaches to the pageant norm, they have been able to break from the pack and lead it, for a new type of pageantry that focuses on exploring new and exciting things to offer their participants and queens."

Jackie Watson (right), Director of USA National Miss. Photo: Facebook

1. Natasha Coleman, American Beauties National Pageant

The true test of leadership comes in times of tragedy. Natasha Coleman stepped up to lead the American Beauties National Pageant organization after the sudden death of national director Angela Howell in March. According to one nominator, "She has held all the pieces together with grace and style despite the circumstances." 

Coleman is also a huge supporter of positive pageantry. She regularly supports other pageant systems and understands the value of others' time. While the year may have been tough, the future of the organization is shining bright.

Natasha Coleman, Director of American Beauties Pageant. Photo: Kimberly J Walker Official Website


Top 10 State Pageant Directors of 2017

10. Kara Knudsen, Miss California High School America

This is one of the top state pageants in the Miss High School America System. Kara Knudsen has sent two national winners and multiple Top 15 placements in the last three years. Chloe Hatfield won the title of Miss Collegiate America in 2015 and Leona Koxha won the title this year. Knudsen is focused on developing young women so they can not only be role models at the state level but the national level as well. Her work ethic and dedication to the system is something from which all directors can learn.

Kara Knudsen (right), Director of Miss California High School America. Photo: Facebook/Rod Aberegg

9. Nicole Miller, International Junior Miss Washington and Oregon

Nicole Miller juggles not one but two state pageants. As the director for both International Junior Miss Washington and Oregon, she coordinates the schedules of dozens of titleholders and their families. Miller wears her multiple hats well and as one nominator puts it, "She takes the time to make sure every girl feels special."


Nicole Miller, Director of International Junior Miss Washington and Oregon. Photo: Photogenic Visions

8. Caleb Mathis, Miss Southern Sweetheart

"I've never seen a more passionate director!" one nominator commented. This comment describes Caleb Mathis to a T. Mathis is the director of the Miss Southern Sweetheart and runs one of the smoothest ships in the pageant world. He flawlessly executes multiple local pageants that lead to a glamours state event. The community fosters friendship and sisterhood between the titleholders.


Caleb Scott Mathis, Director of Miss Southern Sweetheart. Photo: Facebook

7. Jodi Cessna, Teen/Miss/Mrs. Pennsylvania International

Jodi Cessna is the definition of dedication to a pageant. Cessna held the title of Mrs. Pennsylvania International 2003 and soon after became the director of the pageant. This year marks her 15th year as the head of the state pageant. She is one of the longest-serving directors since the Miss International Pageant was founded in 1987. Cessna has been recognized by the national office as the "Director of Year" three times, including this past summer. 


Jodi Cessna, Director of Miss Pennsylvania International. Photo: Facebook

6. Bill and Vicki Randall, Miss Minnesota United States

This directing duo will welcome every contestant with a "giant hug." Described as "top-notch," the Randalls hold open practices throughout the year so all contestants have a chance to prepare.

"They help each girl open doors to their future, whether it's gaining confidence, speaking skills, interview skills, walking with poise, or finding ways to expand within their platforms," one nominator said. "They go above and beyond trying to show you the steps to success. Minnesota is very lucky to have two directors that care so much!"


Bill and Vicki Randall, Directors of Miss Minnesota United States. Photo: Facebook

5. Denise Russo-Caiazzo, Ms. Pennsylvania Senior America

Denise Russo-Caiazzo was crowned Ms. Pennsylvania Senior America 2015. She now directs the pageant and runs it with "the highest level of professionalism." The pageant was founded for women 60 and over who have entered the "Age of Elegance." Russo-Caiazzo embodied this as a titleholder and that has translated into her leadership as the director.

As one nominator put it, "She really exudes leadership and true 'Age of Elegance.'"


Denise Russo-Caiazzo (right), Director of Ms. Pennsylvania Senior America. Photo: Facebook

4. Judy Kyees, Miss Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia Cinderella 

Judy Kyees has made it her life mission to help young women accomplish their dreams through the Cinderella Scholarship Program. She serves as the director of multiple state pageants and treats every contestant she meets as her own child. 

"She has spent countless hours hand sewing, rhinestoning and designing girls' outfits for competition and will stay up all hours of the night, and I mean all hours, to talk to any of her girls and prepare them for the competition," one nominator said.


Judy Kyees, Director of Miss Ohio, Pennsylvania Indiana and West Virginia Cinderella. Photo: Facebook

3. Stef Williams, USA National Miss Maryland

Stef Williams is dedicated to giving her titleholders the experience of a lifetime. The state pageant is an elegant production that makes every contestant feel like a true queen. After the state pageant, Williams keeps in constant contact with her new titleholders to ensure they make the most out of their reigns.


Stef Williams (left), Director of USA National Miss Maryland. Photo: Facebook

2. Deb Landry, USA National Miss Maine 

Maine is small in terms of population. However, Deb Landry managed to recruit 92 girls to compete at the USA National Miss Maine Pageant this year. That is nearly half of the total number of contestants at the national pageant. Coordinating a pageant this huge and successful takes a countless of hours of hard work and dedication. 

"She goes above and beyond to produce a quality program that empowers young women and provides them with opportunities," one nominator said.

Deb Landry, Director of USA National Miss Maine. Photo: Facebook

1. Teri Brown-Walker, Miss Delaware, Maryland and District of Colombia United States

Teri Brown-Walker is a shining example of what it means to be a state director. She became the director for Miss Delaware United States two years ago. Since then, she has gone on to grow the program and become the director for both Maryland and the District of Colombia. She oversees all the state titleholders as well as local titleholders.

"The young girls and women under Teri Brown-Walker's directorship are a priority to her," one nominator said. "Each of them receives nothing less than her very best."

Teri Brown-Walker, Director of Miss Delaware, Maryland and District of Colombia United States. Photo: Facebook

Top 10 Pageant National Directors of 2016

10. Jenny Telwar, America's National Teenager Scholarship Organization

Teenage years can be the hardest for girls, especially when it comes to being confident and having a positive self-image. Jenny, director of America's National Teenager Scholarship Organization, holds a positive atmosphere to help the teens grow however she can. This scholarship organization gives young women a chance to grow and have more opportunities in their communities.

America's National Teenager titleholders posing for a photoshoot. Photo: America's National Teenager Scholarship Organization Facebook Page

9. Liz McKinnon, National Canadian Girl, Teen and Miss Scholarship Pageant

The National Canadian Girl, Teen and Miss Scholarship Pageant is another pageant system that really helps young women grow. Liz has opened an atmosphere that is very welcoming, light and loving to all of her contestants and titleholders in the pageant world.

The reigning national royalty. Photo: Dupree Pageant Photography

8. Angela Howell and Natasha Coleman, American Beauties

Angela and Natasha run one of the most loving pageant organizations for women in the Ms. division and above. They are welcoming, positive and helpful to everyone involved in their pageant system. 

American Beauties National Pageant titleholders. Photo: American Beauties National Pageant Facebook Page

7. Didi Henry, Sterling Miss USA

Sterling Miss USA works hard to provide different opportunities for young women inside their own communities. Didi is always pushing to help her girls succeed, with and without the crown.

Sterling Miss USA titleholders. Photo: Sterling Miss USA Facebook Page

6. Monica Berginc, Regal Majesty

Monica has opened the doors of her pageant, Regal Majesty, to girls of all ages, even starting in the toddler ages. She has worked with all different age categories and has helped girls at a young age start to understand what it's like to be a positive role model in their communities and with their title.

Monica Berginc. Photo: Regal Majesty Pageant Facebook Page

5. Pat Miller, Pure International Pageant

Pat leads an organization based off of Christian Biblical principles. Although you don't have to be of Christian Faith to compete, Pat leads the Pure International Pageant based on acceptance, love and helping others. Pat is always striving to help all of her contestants and titleholders achiever their dreams.

Pure International Pageants director Pat Miller. Photo: Pure International Facebook Page

4. Teresa Foli, Princess of America

Teresa, director of Princess of America, produces six shows a year, even outside of her own organization. As a hard-working woman, Teresa strives to empower other women through her work of pageantry. Her leading drive is to help each individual find their own strengths and to be confident and positive in who they are.

Princess of America. Photo: Princess of America Official Website

3. Patty Hawkins, Miss American Coed

"Personal growth with a dash of glitter." This slogan is what Patty Hawkins has instilled into her pageant system and within all of her titleholders. Patty runs Miss American Coed with a family atmosphere and wants each member in her community to always go home with a sense of self-worth.

Patty Hawkins. Photo: MAC Pageants Official Website

2. Steve and Kathleen Mayes, National American Miss

National American Miss is one of the largest pageant systems in the nation. With titleholders ranging in age, Steve and Kathleen have taken this opportunity to give each contestant and titleholder a very positive atmosphere with their system. Their goal is to provide each girl with growing their own self-confidence and potential.

National American Miss Preteen crowned on stage. Photo: National American Miss Facebook Page

1. Jackie Watson, USA National Miss

"The crown cares" is the heart of the USA National Miss pageant system. Jackie provides lots of strength, encouragement and love for her titleholders and is always helping them care for others. She wants each of her titleholders to use the crown and system to help care for others in their own communities and around the nation. Being able to serve each contestant and the nation is what makes Jackie an amazing director. She loves helping others!

Jackie Watson. Photo: USA National Miss Facebook Page

Top 10 Pageant State Directors of 2016

10. Bernee Thurow, Miss Arkansas International 

Bernee Thurow is the state director of the Miss Arkansas International pageant and is the owner of Crown Image Productions, Inc., which produces pageants, special events and television shows. Bernee has been a state director with the International system for 22 years and a national staff member since 1991 and has received the Director of the Year award for the Mrs. and Miss pageants. She has been a member of the pageant industry for over 35 years as a contestant, judge, coach and director.

Bernee Thurow, state director of the Miss Arkansas International pageant. Photo: Miss Arkansas International

9. Jeff LeForce, Royal International Miss Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Colorado

Not only is Jeff LeForce a state director of Royal International Miss for Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Colorado, he is also the founder, coach and all-star director of the Oklahoma Twisters all-star cheerleading gym. Jeff opened the gym in 1996 and has been involved in the Royal International Miss pageant system since 2014.

Jeff LeForce, state director of Royal International Miss. Photo: Facebook

8. Angela Howell and Natasha Coleman, American Beauties National Pageant

Angela Howell and Natasha Coleman are the directors and owners of American Beauties National Pageant, directing and producing all of their state pageants. After competing in pageants for many years, Angela decided to create her own pageant with hopes of developing a drama-free, honest and fun environment for her contestants. Natasha became involved in the pageant after competing within the system for many years and is a former reigning titleholder.

Angela Howell and Natasha Coleman, state directors and owners of American Beauties National Pageant at the Queen of Queens Lifetime pageant. Photo: Facebook

7. Monica Berginc, Regal Majesty

Residing in the Northwest, Monica Berginc is the director and owner of Regal Majesty pageants, a northwestern based pageant system. Monica created the pageant in hopes of making a system that has a family feel and a connection to the community by giving all girls the chance to be a part of something and celebrate a girl's own personality.

Monica Berginc (right), director and owner of Regal Majesty pageants. Photo: Facebook

6. Teresa Foli, Princess of America

A former Mrs. Missouri, Teresa Foli believes that you are never too young to acquire skills that will build self-esteem and create confidence in your ability to succeed at whatever you choose, which is why she founded the Princess of America pageant and is the director and producer of all of their state pageants. Teresa is also the founder of Ballet Arts Inc. where she serves as creative director, choreographer and instructor, as well as Crown Productions LLC.

Teresa Foli, director and owner of the Princess of America pageant. Photo: Facebook

5. Deb Landry, USA National Miss Maine 

As Director of State Operations for the USA National Miss system and the state director for USA National Miss Maine, Deb Landry works hard to make sure each pageant runs smoothly. Deb is also the author of the bestselling, award-winning children's book, "Sticks Stones and Stumped" and authored "Yankee Go Home," the co-founder, President/Chairman of the Board and former Executive Director of Crossroads Youth Center, and a business owner and entrepreneur as the President/CEO of Bryson Taylor Inc.

Deb Landry, Director of State Operations for the USA National Miss system and the state director for USA National Miss Maine. Photo: Facebook

4. Jacque Georgia, USA National Miss Wisconsin

Jacque Georgia is the state director for the USA National Miss Wisconsin pageant. Not only is Jacque a devoted state director, she is also a business leader, author, community activist and blogger. She wrote an inspirational novel titled "Live. Breath. Do."

Jacque Georgia, state director for the USA National Miss Wisconsin pageant. Photo: Facebook

3. Teri Brown-Walker, Mrs. Maryland United States  

Teri Brown-Walker has been the executive state director of Mrs. Maryland United States since 2015. Although new to the Mrs. United States pageant system, Terri has wasted no time working hard to make the Mrs. Maryland United States pageant the best it can be.

Teri Brown-Walker, executive state director of Mrs. Maryland United States. Photo: Facebook

2. Raquel Riley Thomas, Mrs. Delaware, D.C. and Pennsylvania America

Not only is Raquel Riley Thomas a director of the Mrs. D.C., Pennslyvania, and Delaware America pageants, she is also a decorated U.S. Army Ordnance Officer, producer, pageant queen, entrepreneur and activist. Raquel has plenty of experience within the Mrs. America pageant system as a former Mrs. Maryland America and 1st Runner-up to Mrs. America 2010.

Raquel Riley Thomas, director of the Mrs. D.C., Pennslyvania, and Delaware America pageants. Photo: Facebook

1. Michelle Landry, Miss New England Coed

Residing in Boston, Michelle Landry is the director of the Miss New England Coed pageant. Michelle has been a devoted state director for over five years and also works for the United States Air Force as a contract specialist.

Top 10 Pageant Directors of 2015

10. Amanda Patterson Bennefield, Miss Jr. High America, Miss High School America, and Miss Collegiate America

As the director of the Miss Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate America pageants, Amanda Patterson Bennefield has been selected for creating a great environment and pageant for all of her titleholders. She goes above and beyond to make her titleholders feel like royalty throughout their year of reign!

9. Debbie Miller and Cindy Provost Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state director for Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Rhode Island

Both former Miss USA titleholders, Debbie Miller and Cindy Provost have directed and produced state Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants. This year they rank among our Top 10 Pageant Directors of 2015 list for their dedication to the Miss USA pageant system and for having four of their titleholders place in the Top 15 at Miss USA, including 2nd Runner-up Miss Rhode Island.

Debbie Miller and Cindy Provost

8. Mary Richardson Mrs. International, Miss International, and Miss Teen International 

Directing the system in it's 27th year, Mary works to create a pageant system based on family values and making a difference through contestant platforms. She is the direct and main point for all at-large contestants and state directors, and her titleholders appreciate that she recognizes that there is life outside of pageantry and that personal and family needs come first.

Mary Richardson, Miss International director with Miss International 2013.

7. Nikki Clark International Junior Miss International Director

Nikki Clark's passion for the girls competing in her system is shown in all of the comments from IJM contestants. She is admired for how put-together she and her pageant system are, and is appreciated for her passion for all of the girls who compete in her system. Click here to learn more about International Junior Miss.

Nikki Clark, IJM International director. Photo Credit: Matt Boyd

6. Chet Welch Miss Pennsylvania 

Chet Welch, president and state executive director of the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, makes our Top 10 Directors of 2015 list for his dedication to excellence as a state director for the Miss America Organization. He was the 2015 recipient of the Academy of Honor award at Miss America 2015, and began volunteering for the Miss America Organization 35 years ago. According to the Miss America Organization, he has served in varying roles including local director for 24 years.

Chet Welch, Miss Pennsylvania director on stage to receive the Academy of Honor Award at Miss America 2015

5. Craig and Denise Heitkamp Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state directors for Minnesota, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming

Future Productions owners and operators Craig and Denise Heitkamp are the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA directors for seven states and have been directing for the Miss Universe Organization since 2002. Contestants appreciate that their pageants are smooth and organized and recognize their amazing communication as an incredible benefit of working with them.

Craig and Denise Heitkamp, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state directors.

4. Jackie Watson USA National Miss

As the Director of USA National Miss, Jackie creates a positive, uplifting experience for everyone involved. According to Katie Stam Irk, Miss America 2009 and the Head Judge for USA National Miss last year, "she desires to share her faith and ministry by making young women feel special, encouraging them to be their best selves, and empowering them through scholarship earnings." 

Jackie Watson, USA National Miss director.

3. John M. Vanatta Jr., Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state director for Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, and Mrs. United States for Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas

Founder and President of Vanbros associates, John M. Vanatta maintains an excellence in his pageant competitions across the nation. This year, two of his Miss USA state titleholders placed in the Top 15 at Miss USA, including the reigning Miss USA 2015, Olivia Jordan. Along with his brother Jason Vanatta and sister Jennifer Vanatta-Fisher, he is the proud "pageant parent" of 158 titleholders.  

John M. Vanatta Jr. (left), a Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state director with brother Jason Vanatta (right).

2. Randy Sanders Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state director for Connecticut, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia. 

Randy Sanders is the owner of Sanders and Associates, Inc., also known as Pageant Associates, that put on five state pageants for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. He has been involved in pageantry for three decades and is recognized for his excellence as a pageant director.

Randy Sanders, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state director. Photo: Edwin Shaw

1. Steve and Kathleen Mayes, National American Miss

Co-founders and directors of the National American Miss pageant based out of Texas who are "dedicated to celebrating America's greatness and encouraging it's future leaders," Steve and Kathleen have won the hearts of not only NAM titleholders, but of their parents as well. Their love and support of the girls who compete is what draws many of their competitors to choose NAM pageants every year. 

Steve and Kathleen Mayes, National American Miss Directors


Top 10 Pageant Directors of 2014

10. Stephanie Warren Harris

America's Natural Supreme Beauties is an up and coming event that is getting more popular every year, and perhaps some of that is due to the direction of Stephanie Harris. Stephanie takes the #10 spot in our top pageant directors.

9. Patty Hawkins

Miss American Coed has been around for several decades and Patty serves as the national director but also the state director for the majority of programs across the country. Many contestants who have participated in this program speak highly of Patty's commitment to her winners and the positive values promoted by the system.

8. Steve and Kathleen Mayes

With National American Miss being such a big player in the game of pageantry overall, it's not surprising that these two are appearing on our top ten list. They grew the National American Miss program into one of the most popular programs for young women in the country!

7. Liz McKinnon

Liz has directed more than 60 pageants and currently runs the National Canadian Girl program. The fact that she has successfully dedicated so many pageants means she has impacted a lot of young women and their families, which is why she's appearing on the top ten list!

6. Renee McNair

Renee has earned her reputation working with the Miss United States program in North Carolina and South Carolina. This program is really picking up steam not just in these states but around the country. They have a broad range of eligibility in their age categories, so if you want to become a part of this program, now is definitely the time!

5. Breanne Ewing

This is the second mention for NAM directors on our list, and it's clear that the queens who have had Breanne as a director are thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to work with her!

4. Nikki Clark

Miss Teen America seemingly dropped off the radar for a few years but it is back and better than ever. If you're a Jr. Teen or a Teen, don't miss out the great opportunities to represent this system and interact with a highly-recommended director!

3. Valerie Best

Valerie is the director of the BEST Shining Stars pageant in Indiana with lots of prelims throughout the state. Contestants in this program enjoy the positive experience to build their self-esteem.

2. Pat Miller

Pure American pageants is pretty new on the radar, but this is good news for contestants who are looking for a new program to try out. With a lot of categories, women of all ages enjoy this program with prelims across the country as well as a national program.

1. Jackie B. Watson

USA National Miss is another program to try out if you're looking for a fun, fresh pageant to hone your skills and represent your state or the national pageant! Jackie's queens are thrilled with the effort she makes to serve young women everywhere! 



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