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Miss American Coed

Welcome to MAC Pageants! I am Patty Hawkins, National Director of MAC (Miss American Coed) Pageants, a scholarship pageant system for girls and young women between the ages of 3 and 22. My mother, Carolyn Hawkins, and my aunt, Mary Jo Scarborough, founded Miss American Coed in 1983. Each year since then Miss American Coed has presented thousands of dollars in cash awards, prizes and scholarships to contestants from all over the United States. Through the years, MAC Pageants have been one of the country's most popular pageants for girls and young women for a reason: our events are family-oriented and age-appropriate. We encourage and reinforce the confidence and natural beauty that we know is within each and every girl. That's why you'll never find any make-up on a MAC Pageant contestant under age 13 during our required competitions. We've never had it and we never will. Likewise, the clothing and onstage presentations are always age-appropriate.

Kids are kids at MAC Pageants.

We offer a friendly and supportive environment for girls and young women so they may gain self-confidence and self-esteem. MAC Pageants are events where our country's youth may learn to express themselves, to set and achieve goals, and to interact comfortably with others; all skills that are crucial to a successful life.

Many MAC Pageant contestants, and winners, have never entered a pageant before! Every year girls and young women arrive on Pageant Weekend too nervous or too shy to walk on stage or speak into a microphone. Through fun rehearsals, activities and competitions during a MAC Pageant weekend, contestants develop new friendships, cultivate new levels of confidence, and discover a new love of being in the spotlight by the time Pageant Finals begin!

We encourage teamwork, an appreciation for family, and personal achievement. Most importantly we want every contestant who competes in a MAC Pageant to return home with a new sense of self-worth, a higher degree of self-confidence, and poise that are only developed through practice and stage experience in a supportive environment. These are the most important rewards contestants take home after Pageant Weekend, and that’s what Miss American Coed Pageants are all about!

MAC Pageants is a family affair.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of staff members committed to creating the most magical experience possible for all of the MAC Pageant contestants and their families. It's not uncommon to have 3rd and 4th generations of family members on staff any given weekend. With former MAC Pageant contestants and their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, on our team, the MAC Pageant Staff is uniquely qualified to create a friendly and empathetic environment for new MAC Pageant contestants and their families. They've been where you are and they know how you feel. They how to make your entire family feel at home and welcome at MAC Pageants.

This is your invitation to enter the Miss American Coed, Teen, Junior Teen, Preteen, Sweetheart or Princess Pageant in your region. Just think of the excitement and glamour as you walk across the stage in your beautiful evening gown with the spotlight and applause all for you! Any girl or young woman who is interested in pursuing a career as a model or entertainer, or competing at a very high level within the Miss America or Miss USA pageant systems, will benefit greatly from her involvement with MAC (Miss American Coed) Pageants. Regional contestants also have the opportunity to compete in the National MAC Pageant at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL! You may get to spend Thanksgiving with your family and Mickey Mouse!

We can't wait for you to join the MAC Pageant family!

Mrs. Patty Hawkins
National Director
MAC Pageants

Miss American Coed Rules

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Are you allowed to be married?

Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

Are you allowed to have kids?

Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

Age group

Teen, Sweetheart, Princess, Pre-Teen, Junior Teen, Miss, Collegiate, Ms

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