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27, October 2020

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What are director’s biggest pet peeves?

So, you have entered a pageant, or are thinking about entering a pageant and you are so excited to get started on your new pageant journey with this organization. Your pageant’s director is going to be a huge part of any experience with a pageant, so let's talk about some of their biggest pet peeves and how to avoid them so you can have a positive relationship with the director of your next pageant!

There is an old saying in pageantry that says if you are early, you are on time, if you are on time, you are late, and if you are late, you are left. Pageant directors run a tight ship in order to make sure that the show goes off without a hitch, and contestants who do not adhere to their schedule or itinerary make that very difficult.

Another pet peeve of directors is contestants who do not listen during rehearsals. Rehearsals may not be the most fun part of pageantry, but they are for your own benefit. You do not want to be the only one who walks off of introductions stage left, when everyone else goes off stage right!

There is nothing worse for a director than a contestant who constantly has to be asked to pay attention and stop interrupting in rehearsals!

Pageant directors put everything they have into a pageant weekend. Every detail is thought through to make sure that the contestants enjoy their time. A big pet peeve of pageant directors is the contestant who walks off stage during awards when they do not win.

Please do not be that contestant! You enjoyed the whole pageant that the director put together for you, so learn to lose gracefully! There is only ever going to be one winner at a pageant, so be respectful of the contestant who did take home the crown!

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Hey 2020, could you cut us a break?.... The answer is no, because now a tropical storm named Zeta is revving up to reach the Gulf Coast by mid week. The storm is predicted to be at or near hurricane strength before it reaches the coast...great!

Doing well, mate... Australia’s coronavirus epicenter has recorded zero new cases!

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7 thoughts on “Pageant Daily”

Angela Posillico [email protected]

Pageant Planet is a wonderful organization that has so many tools to help every young women that wants to compete in the world of pageant. Especially there People's Choice Award. A wonderful incentive for pageant women.

July 29, 2020

Katrina Summers [email protected]

I am an English teacher and media specialist. I enjoy reading the many different articles Pageant Planet has to offer. However, I can not begin to tell you how many errors I find in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure in the articles. Being an English teacher, these errors are just something that I see that probably no one else even notices. All the pageant systems spend a great deal of time discussing the art of effective communication and it is something that each contestant strives towards. Written communication is just as important as verbal communication. Again, I enjoy reading the many different articles, however, hire a proofreader for your articles!

September 21, 2019

CareeseMarie [email protected]

I can't seem to figure out how to sign up for the daily news letter. Send Help! :)

August 15, 2019

Wedding Time Bridal [email protected]

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, loved the dresses

July 03, 2019

Carol Lopez [email protected]

Miss Universe Puerto Rico IS Puerto Rican! Stop being part of the fake and sensationalist news! She represents all of the Puerto Rican that for many reasons lives in USA. She speaks Spanish with a cute accent for obvious reasons, she can communicate successfully in Spanish. If she won the crown is because she complete with all of the requirements of the Miss Universe Puerto Rico organization. She is is beautiful, sweet and very smart. Your post should says something positive about every girl and not trying to being part of the controversy.

June 17, 2019

Beverly McMahon [email protected]

I am a little aggravated that I have to fill out forms in order to vote for the People's Choice!

September 06, 2018

Beverly McMahon [email protected]

I am a little aggravated that I have to fill out forms in order to vote for the People's Choice!

September 06, 2018

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