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Mallory Hagan is your Miss America 2013. Mallory won Miss America as Miss New York and was the second girl in a row from New York to win the crown. Mallory went on to crown Nina Davuluri Miss America 2014.

The email scandal spanning the Miss America Organization is far from over despite resignations from four members of the Board of Directors. Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan and other former Miss Americas are renewing their calls for a resignation from the entire Board of Directors effective immediately.

About the email scandal

In case you missed the breaking news plaguing the Miss America Organization leadership, here's a brief recap of the email scandal. Last week, the Huffington Post broke a story about emails sent to and from former Miss America CEO Sam Haskell. The emails targeted certain former titleholders, including Hagan, regarding their appearances, sexual history, businesses and reluctance to tear down another former Miss America. (Read: Miss America CEO Targets Former Miss Americas in Organization Emails)

Since the news was released, four members of the Board of Directors have resigned: CEO Sam Haskell, President and COO Josh Randle, Chair Lynn Weidner and Tammy Haddad. The organization also lost its partnership with Dick Clark Productions and Atlantic City is reconsidering its ties with the Miss America Organization. (Read: What You NEED to Know About the Miss America Email Scandal)

About the renewed resignation request

Last night, Hagan posted a live video on both her Facebook and Twitter pages reading additional emails sent and received by Haskell and renewing the call for an entire organization overhaul. The emails also contained statements made by the acting Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dan Myers. (Read: Miss America 2013 Calls for Organization Reinvention)

Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan Photo: Aristide Economopoulos/The Star-Ledger Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan. Photo: Aristide Economopoulos/The Star-Ledger

This video came after Hagan started another petition to request the resignation of the entire Board of Directors. As of midnight, the petition had over 11,000 signatures.

"In a continued exhibition of poor judgment, the current board of the Miss America Organization — which decided not to take action when appalling statements by Executive Chairman Sam Haskell were presented to them in September, and stood by Mr. Haskell while expressing “full confidence” in his leadership — has now voted up a new process that they alone control," Hagan wrote in the petition. "The majority of remaining board members plan to stay on and expect to nominate and elect replacements for those who have resigned... This is unacceptable and will only further damage the org."

Will the entire board resign and will the Miss America Organization survive this scandal? Let us know your thoughts below!

If you've been following the pageant news over the last few months, you've heard a lot about Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan. As the main target of former Miss America CEO Sam Haskell's unacceptable emails and one of the most vocal advocates for reform in the Miss America Organization, Hagan has stepped into the spotlight in the past few months. Is she using this platform and countless years of serving her community with integrity to run for elected office? (Read: Is Miss America 2018 Getting Political?)

Challenging a long-term U.S. Representative

Hagan currently lives in Alabama's 3rd Congressional District, where Republican Representative Mike D. Rogers has held the seat since the 2002 election. While Hagan is reportedly thinking about running for office, it would mean challenging this long-term Representative in the 2018 election. Hagan recently opened a CrowdPac page to garner support for her potential run for office. (Read: Who Are You After Your Pageant Days Have Ended?)

So far the CrowdPac has raised over $8,000 and gotten 71 endorsements for Hagan for the U.S. Representative seat. Many of these endorsements site Hagan's unwaveringly integrity and dedication to representing the reality of life for many people who live in Alabama's 3rd District.

Photo: Valenci Adair Photography Photo: Valenci Adair Photography

"I endorse Mallory because she speaks with compassion," wrote one endorser. "Enough of the cold, calculating, self-centeredness we have seen in this district. We need her voice, a young voice to speak for us."

"I support Mallory Hagan because she is an advocate for social justice and an example of how using your voice can change your community," another supporter wrote on the CrowdPac. "The people of Alabama would be lucky to have their district represented by Mallory. I only wish I could vote for her!"

So why does she want to run?

Hagan's CrowdPac page tells a compelling story of why she would be a good candidate to represent the people of Alabama's 3rd District. Hagan talks about finding herself in the middle of the national Miss America scandal and how hard and painful that experience was. She calls the experience transformative and is appreciative over using her voice to ignite, "a spark that fueled women – AND men – across this country to stand up, speak out, and believe that when people share their stories, positive change can occur." (Read: Miss America 2013 Calls for Organization Reinvention)

Hagan then goes on to talk about the problems that people in the 3rd District of Alabama face and how she can solve them. One such problem she talks about on her personal Facebook: being able to run for office due to a lack of information from the Lee County Board of Registrars. In order for any person to run for office, they must have accurate information from his or her Board of Registrars. As seen in the Facebook post, Hagan is already standing up

In case you missed it, former Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan is, in fact, running for the House of Representatives. Running as a Democrat in Alabama's third congressional district, Hagan just got the seal of approval from a well-known women's equality leader as she continues her campaign. (Read: Is Miss America 2013 Running for Office?)

Who's loving Hagan for Congress?

Tons of people but particularly, Lilly Ledbetter, the face of the women's equal pay movement. Ledbetter worked at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company when she found out that her male counterparts were making more money than she was for the same job. Using that experience, she spoke out and helped pass the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, an act that makes pay equality litigation more accessible for women.

Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan. Photo: Valencia Adair Photography Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan. Photo: Valencia Adair Photography

With Ledbetter's experience standing up for women facing discrimination, it should come as no surprise that Hagan has her support for this campaign. Ledbetter spoke about Hagan's response to the Miss America email scandal involving former CEO Sam Haskell and her work as a child abuse and child sexual abuse prevention advocate as reasons that Hagan is a "strong young woman." (Read: Miss America 2013 Calls for Organization Reinvention)

"It's simple: When the administration of the Miss America Organization behaved badly toward women, Mallory took them on and made change happen," Ledbetter said. "When funding for child advocacy centers was at risk, Mallory successfully demonstrated the benefits of these centers. Alabama needs more young women leaders who are willing to take action, and I believe Mallory Hagan has the background and drive to be a woman of action in Congress."

What does Hagan think of Ledbetter's backing?

The admiration among the two women is certainly mutual. Hagan has expressed thanks for Ledbetter's support and even implied that we may expect to see Ledbetter at a few of her campaign stops. (Read: How to Leverage Your Title for Opportunities After Your Reign)

"Lilly Ledbetter is a champion of Alabama and for women and families everywhere," Hagan said of Ledbetter. "She is a strong, smart, and determined woman who took on giants and made life better for so many women and families. Lilly is one of my role models. I am proud to have her support and I look forward to her joining me on the campaign trail."

Hagan has been chronicling her journey to the capitol on an Instagram page, @haganforhouse, which shows different campaign appearances and temporary campaign headquarters each day. Make sure you follow her journey as she campaigns for a congressional seat.

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