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Maria Beale Fletcher


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Maria Beale Fletcher was Miss America 1962!

Personal life

Maria Beale Fletcher was born in Asheville, North Carolina. Her parents were the founders of the Asheville-area Fletcher School of Dance and the Land of the Sky Civic Ballet. She worked as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette.

Maria served as co-host of The Noon Show on Nashville, Tennessee, television station WSM. She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Miss America Organization involvement

She was crowned Miss North Carolina 1961. At the national pageant, she won a preliminary swimsuit award and was crowned Miss America 1962. As Miss America, her overseas tour included visits to 31 Army hospitals and Servicemen's Clubs.

She has been involved in the recent Miss America controversy. When a letter supporting Gretchen Carlson was released, including the names of 30 former Miss Americas, Maria said she did not give permission to use her name. Maria has signed a petition with 22 other former Miss Americas calling for the resignation of Gretchen Carlson and Regina Hopper. Read the full letter:

"Dear Miss America Sisters, and Mary McGinnis Blackburn,

I am startled to discover Mary McGinnis Blackburn's letter on Facebook, including my name among 30 Miss Americas, purporting to support a petition I've never seen. The posting on Facebook is the first time I have ever seen the "Mary McGinnis Blackburn - Statement from Former Miss Americas"!

I, Maria Beale Fletcher, Miss America 1962; did not and do not authorize you to use my name in this post on Facebook or any other media distribution of Mary McGinnis Blackburn "statement from former Miss Americas"!

Mary McGinnis Blackburn, you are not allowed to use my name without my knowledge and permission! Again, I did NOT give you my approval to use my name to support your petition

While I continue to love and appreciate all my Miss America Sisters, including you, Mary McGinnis Blackburn, the "facts" are changing moment to moment, even as I write this. Everyone appears to have a "personal or political" agenda.

Finally! Lest we forget who made us who we are as title holders, past and present: There could be no Miss America Competition without the "full and complete support of the State and Local Directors" - those wonderful volunteers who recruit candidates (contestants!), scholarships, and all the additional resources necessary which make the Miss America Competition a success on every level, year after year!

Immediately remove my name from your petition, and post a change notification on Facebook and any other media where this document appears.

Mary McGinnis Blackburn, should Nina be interested in supporting your document, please correct the spelling of my Sister's last name; it is "Davuluri", not the way you have spelled her name!

Maria Beale Fletcher
Miss America 1962"

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    June 23, 1942

  • North Carolina, United States

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Which School Did Maria Beale Fletcher Attend?

A.C. Reynolds High School

FUN FACTS about Maria Beale Fletcher

She is the only Miss America from North Carolina. She was a Radio City Rockette. Her parents owned a dance studio.

What is the Nationality of Maria Beale Fletcher