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BeBe Shopp Waring


  • Image Hair Color Brown
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  • Image Zodiac Sign Leo

BeBe Shopp was Miss America 1948!

Miss America Organization Involvement

Beatrice Bella "BeBe" Shopp won Miss America 1948. She was only 18 years old when she was crowned Miss America. Her reign has been considered "bumpy at times" due to criticisms her appearance, but she continued to thrive through her year with confidence.

Shopp was well known for her quote to the LA Times, disapproving of bikini bathing suits for women.

"The bathing beauty queen...blond Bebe Shopp, 18, of Hopkins, Minn...got an enthusiastic welcome in Paris, but she said she hasn't changed her mind about French swim suits. ... 'I don't approve of Bikini suits for American girls,' Bebe told her French interviewers. 'The French girls can wear them if they want to, but I still don't approve of them on American girls.'"

Professional Life

BeBe moved to New York City with the help of her scholarship money to attend the Manhattan School of Music.

Personal Life

She is the first Miss America to marry a Harvard graduate and has spent most of her marriage in his native home of New England; where she continues to support pageantry and remain active in the theater world. She and her husband, Bayard D. Waring, have four daughters.

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    August 17, 1930

  • Minnesota, United States


Instrumentalist, Vibraharp

Which School Did BeBe Shopp Waring Attend?

Manhattan School of Music

FUN FACTS about BeBe Shopp Waring

Beatrice Bella Shopp took the nickname "BeBe" to avoid being confused with her mother who was also name Beatrice. Although, taking the crown as Miss Minnesota, BeBe was born in Illinois and moved to the Twin Cities area with her family, as a 15-year-old. She later went to win the Miss America Swimsuit Competition with a one-piece she later called "horrible looking."

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