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What Should You Post on Social Media as a Titleholder

18, April 2017

social media accounts,what International Junior Miss New York 2016 poses for a selfie with Miss Maryland United States 2016. Photo Credit: Stime Dickerson Photography.

Social media has now become part of our everyday lives. We all love to post, tweet, snap and hashtag every moment of our day and share with friends, family and followers. As a titleholder, however, your social media has a greater impact than others. What exactly should your social media look like before, during and after the crown? It is important that you understand the answer to this question and make sure that your social media account looks accordingly.

What Should Your Social Media Accounts Look Like as a Titleholder?

Personal Account vs. Titleholder Account Many pageant titleholders and hopefuls create separate social media accounts for the duration of their reign, for example, @MissLocal. While having a separate account for your reign can help increase brand awareness of the pageant, this does not mean that no one will look at your personal account. Your personal social media account should be reflective of you as a titleholder just as much as your titleholder account. Although the majority of the pageant community will follow your titleholder account, some may stumble across your personal account. You may wonder, if your account is private, does it matter what you post? In short, the answer is YES! Even if your account is private, you don't know who knows who and how that could impact your reign later. Avoid posting pictures of partying, drinking, extremely controversial issues or behavior that some may find inappropriate. (Read: Social Media Etiquette Guide For Titleholders) In no way, however, should you not stay true to yourself via social media. "Just as we encourage them to be their true selves during their reign, we encourage them to have their own voice on social media," said Josh Randle, Chief operating officer for the Miss America Organization, in an interview with the Press of Atlantic City in 2016.

International Junior Miss Colorado Selfie International Junior Miss Colorado state titleholders pose for a selfie after winning the crown. Photo Credit: CTPY Productions

Five Years From Now Go back to the beginning, the very beginning, of all of your social media accounts. Even though some of your posts may predate your pageantry career, it is important to go and take a look at them before hand. Are the things you posted five, even 10, years ago appropriate? Make an effort to "clean" your social media accounts before taking on the position of a titleholder as it may negatively impact you later. (Read: Former Miss Turkey Detained Over Remarks Made On Social Media About Turkish President) Anything you post on social media should still be acceptable five years from now, perhaps when you win Miss America or some other national title. Although you may only be a local titleholder, or even just considering pageantry, there is no time like the present to make sure your social media passes the five years from now test.

Miss Univers Kick Off Event Miss Universe Contestants pose with Miss Universe 2016. Photo Credit: Rappler.com

Social Media and Brand Recognition Social media is a tool used to promote the system and beliefs of the pageant that you represent. Most importantly, it is brand recognition for yourself as well as the pageant. Your social media accounts, all of them, should reflect the brand you have been chosen to represent. If you are a representative of a conservative, vegan-based pageant, it may not be a good idea to post photos of you gnawing down on a rack of ribs in short-shorts. As a titleholder, you have to be conscious of the items you post and how they represent the system as a whole. Make sure that your personal brand, the pageant's brand and the brand messages you convey via social media are consistent. (Read: How to Build up Your Pageant Brand)

USA National Miss Titleholders Social Media USA National Miss 2017 National Titleholders pose with their new phone cases. Photo Credit: Amanda Ferguson

Moving Forward Social media has become a huge part of pageantry and sometimes is even mentioned in the titleholder contract. As a titleholder or a potential titleholder, it is important that your social media look accordingly. As you move forward in your reign, be sure that your social media align with who you are. Monitor your social media closely and make sure they portray a positive image at all time. Although you may not always be a titleholder, it is likely that society will always view you as one, so make sure your social media accounts are a reflection of that!


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