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7 Best Ideas for Pageant Talent

Many pageants are now requiring contestants to perform a talent on stage as part of the judging process. This often worries some girls if they can't figure out their talent. I promise, even if  you think you aren't talented, you have the...

13, November 2013

How To Make Yourself A Stand Out in Introduction

Outside of pageant interview, your onstage introduction is the best way to connect with the judges. The introduction varies slightly from system to system, but as a generalized statement you are simply giving the judges a second glimpse at your poise...

07, November 2013

How to Prepare for a Pageant (Step by Step)

There are numerous things to take into consideration when preparing for a pageant. One thing however comes to mind immediately is your budget. If you have been competing in the sport of pageantry for a time, then you know full well the expense that i...

04, November 2013

How to Pin a Pageant Crown on the Head of Your Successor

We have all experienced that awkward moment (whether you are the crowner or the crownee), after all clapping has ceased  and you are still struggling to pin the crown onto the head of your successor. No offense to you queenies out there, but we ...

31, October 2013

How Much Does a Pageant Coach Cost?

We all know how expensive the top pageant coaches in America can be. On average, I see pageant coaching for $125 per hour and I know I have personally paid that in the past. Yikes! If you start working with a pageant coach who is just starting o...

18, September 2013

Your Reason & Vision to Win a Pageant

There are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. When you decide to sign up for a pageant, you are first often motivated by an external factor, such as winning the title and crown-this is a common motivation among all contestants. Every...

15, September 2013

Can Pageant Girls Have Tattoos

Since Miss Kansas 2013 has come onto the scene, the question isn't so much "can" pageant girls have tattoos, as much as "should" they have tattoos. Just as pop culture and politics are evolving, so is pageantry. While the idea...

12, September 2013

Top 10 Best Songs for Dance Pageant Talent

As a dancer it is so hard to pick a song for your talent routine. Sometimes the beat is perfect, but the lyrics aren’t appropriate or sometimes the lyrics are perfect but the song is just boring.  So if you’re stuck on what song...

04, September 2013

How to Deal with Losing a Pageant

You might put in blood, sweat, and tears when preparing for a pageant, many girls do. After investing time, love, and a lot of money into a competition and not receiving the highly sought after, sparkling crown, you might feel a little deflated. So w...

30, August 2013

Top 5 Best False Eyelashes for Pageants

When I was a little princess, all I would have to do was bat my little eyelashes and my dad would give me whatever I wanted. If you want to be a queen, you need a little bit more length to those lashes if you want that crown. Falsies have been around...

27, August 2013

Pageant Interview Questions For Kids

Pre-Teen and Teen interviews are meant to be simple, but can be very nerve racking. It is important to remember that during the interview the judges want to get to know the girls, while also evaluating their presentation and speaking abilities. Just ...

23, August 2013

Pageant Packing Checklist

Ironically enough, as I was writing this article, I was in the process of packing; although the packing criterion for my escapade was restrictive, which is no fun. I am a diva and a bit high maintenance when it comes to packing, do I have any compatr...

12, August 2013

How to Write a Pageant Farewell Speech

This article unfortunately has a melancholy tone. The farewell speech signifies the end of a fun-filled year of service. There are tears, goodbyes, and a lot of “thank you shout outs,” but there is a lot more to consider than just what pi...

06, August 2013

8 Miss USA Pageant Tips You Must Know

As we begin a new Miss USA pageant season, I would like to get an early start with all the ladies looking to qualify next year. When a young lady is competing for a pageant that is a beauty pageant (such as the Miss USA pageant) you may hear the foll...

20, July 2013

The BEST Adjectives to Use for a Perfect Pageant Interview

Pageant Interview is arguably the most important facet of the competition. There are dos and there are don’ts. I am here to examine those and help you attain that desired, perfectly polished interview for your next pageant. Many of you are in t...

08, June 2013

Pageant Opening Number: What You NEED To Know

 Oh, the joyful opening number. It’s the first time you get to step on the competition stage, shake the jitters, and dazzle the judges with your crown-winning smile. It’s also the cause of fear for many in the pageant world (I mean, ...

02, June 2013

10 Ways to Effectively Gain a Sponsorship

2018 USA National Miss queens. Photo: Austin Ryde Finding sponsors for a pageant can be very difficult and it constantly seems like you're being told no. We completely understand how frustrating it can be so here are 10 ways to find pagean...

31, March 2013

Which States Have Not Won Miss USA

The easiest way to make history and become famous in pageantry is to become the first girl to win in a state or country where there has never been a national or international titleholder. This rule is called that "Law of Firsts." Some ...

01, January 2013

107 Pageant Platform Examples (& How to Choose THE One)

It's no secret that pageant girls love to give back. That's why so many contestants have a pageant platform, or a cause that a contestant or titleholder dedicates their time to working on or giving back to. With so many causes out there, how ...

20, December 2012

14 Pageant Advertising Ideas

Nothing is more discouraging for the audience, girls competing and the directors than showing up to a pageant and having just a few girls competing. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time. Even in the Miss America Organization,&n...

30, November 2012

Pageant Sponsorship Letter Template

Sponsor letters are highly encouraged in the pageant world. Competition attire and various accessories, entry fees, spotlight pages, traveling costs and other expenses quickly add up. Therefore, it’s essential to turn to donations to help make ...

29, November 2012

Titleholder of the Day

Title Holder Of the Day

Thais Ridgeway

Miss New York United States 2020

"The PA House of Representatives designated June 19, 2008 as "Thais Ridgeway Day" in my home state."

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