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Why Intelligent Women Participate in Pageants

Miss America 2018 Cara Mund and her campaign manager. Photo: Cara Mund Facebook Why Intelligent Women Participate in Pageants The hit movie “Miss Congeniality” is a favorite among pageant girls. It’s probably so popular because even though i...

24, February 2018

10 Things Every Pageant Mom Should Have on Hand for Pageant Weekend

We’re all so thankful for pageant moms (and dads!) who keep us together during pageant weekend. For new pageant moms, it can be difficult to know what to bring along for any and every crisis that can pop up over the weekend. We’ve asked o...

23, February 2018

What to Wear to Pageant Check-In

First impressions are important in pageantry and you never know where the judges will be when you check in for a pageant, so you want to look your very best. (Read: 4 Ways You Can Make a Good First Impression on Pageant Judges) The After 5 and Ie...

22, February 2018

7 Metallic Dresses That Would Look Great on a Pageant Stage

These gowns listed below are drool-worthy and so seasonally unseasonal. Metallics are always a good stage option because they sparkle without the sparkle and/or add sparkle to the sparkle. It’s a win-win. (Read: Mac Duggal Announces 2018 "This is ...

21, February 2018

5 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer could be the difference between a “10” and a “5” score during the fitness competition at your next pageant. The trick with personal trainers, however, isn’t just having one but having the right one for you. Finding...

21, February 2018

5 Things Every Titleholder MUST Have on Their Social Media Pages

So frequently we talk about what titleholders should not put on social media but we rarely ever talk about what titleholders should put on social media! As a titleholder, you should have a clear brand and your social media should reflect that. As ...

19, February 2018

7 Hairstyles for Red Highlights

Each new year brings us glamorous hairstyle trends. We don’t say “new” trends because it’s hardly possible to come up with something original these days. After all, everything we think is new is just the long-forgotten old. Thankfully, most o...

18, February 2018

15 Famous People You Didn't Know Were Pageant Girls

We all know the poster children for post-pageantry success: Oprah Winfrey, Gretchen Carlson and Halle Berry, but there are a vast number of women in Hollywood who got their start in pageantry. Pageantry is an excellent training ground for the ente...

17, February 2018

Top 10 Pageant Talents Of All Time

Miss America 2010, Caressa Cameron performs "Listen" at the 2010 Miss America pageant. Photo: Miss America Organization Talent is one of the most competitive parts of any pageant. On a national stage, like Miss America, contestants have often tra...

16, February 2018

Top 10 Outfits From New York Fashion Week 2018

For all of us fashionistas out there, New York Fashion Week is such a thrilling time to see the latest trends. I pulled together some current and former titleholders who absolutely slayed over the weekend at this year's New York Fashion Week shows. ...

15, February 2018

How to be a Confident Woman

Laura González, Miss Colombia 2017, during the swimsuit competition at Miss Universe 2017. Photo: The Miss Universe Organization When a pageant queen is asked is why someone should enter a pageant, more often than not, her answer refers to the s...

14, February 2018

6 Tips to Get Healthy in 2018

Raise your hand if your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier. Raise your hand if your New Year’s resolution was to get in shape. Raise your hand if you are still sticking to your New Year’s resolution. Raise your hand if you have...

13, February 2018

12 Dresses That Will Look Good on Every Body Type

For those of us who struggle with fluctuating body types or have been given a not-so-runway-model figure, going into dress stores can be intimidating. Take me, for example. I’m pear-shaped and 5 foot 3 inches with a tiny waist, larger hips, a bi...

11, February 2018

How to Find Pageants for Toddlers to Compete In

Miss Pure International Tot 2017, Makynnly Suire. Photo: Clover Storm Photography Taking a dive into the pageant world is a mix of emotions. There is the excitement of the competition, the butterflies that accompany being on stage and an intense fe...

08, February 2018

What’s a First Time Pageant Experience Really Like?

Miss Colorado USA 2018, Chloe Brown, and Miss Colorado Teen USA 2018, Chloe Zambrano. Photo: Future Productions, LLC Many of us have had the experience of watching Miss America or Miss USA on television and thought about how much fun it would be ...

07, February 2018

How to Teach Interview Etiquette for Princess Contestants

National All-American Miss Princess 2017-2018 Landry Piller before her interview at Nationals. Photo: National All American Miss Princess Facebook page It has been said a thousand times but it bears repeating. The interview is the most important ...

06, February 2018

How to Find Beauty Pageants to Compete in

Miss America 2017 contestants. Photo: Miss America Organization For those who are new to the pageant world, finding information on the first initial steps can be a difficult process. Pageant preparation is, of course, an ongoing process of discov...

04, February 2018

Here Are ALL of the Best in Pageantry 2017 Award Winners

The curtain has dropped on the Best in Pageantry 2017 awards season. Over the last few months, thousands upon thousands of nominations were received for categories celebrating all aspects of pageantry. With so many nominations, narrowing down the win...

03, February 2018

Best Pageant Interview Questions (and Answers) of 2017

During the interview portion of a pageant, judges have the opportunity to truly get to know who a contestant is. Whether it is a panel or one-on-one interview, judges can learn about a contestant's character, opinions and knowledge of current events....

02, February 2018

Top 10 Pageant Fashion Moments of January 2018

Is the rest of 2018 going to fly by as quickly as January did? I can't believe it is already time for another pageant fashion recap, and it is the first one of 2018. This year will be a big moment in fashion and pageants if January is any indication ...

01, February 2018

Top 10 Miss Fun Fashions of 2017

Fun fashion outfits are a fun way to show your personality and modeling skills on stage. Getting creative and glamorous through this competition is my favorite part of onstage competitions. These 10 Miss contestants wowed us all with their fun fashi...

31, January 2018

Titleholder of the Day

Title Holder Of the Day

Sierra Beck

Miss Tennessee Junior National Teenager

Sierra is partnered with Make-A-Wish of Middle TN to help shine brightness on Children's days.

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Top Pageant Hairstyles of All Time

Top Pageant Hairstyles of All Time

Your Reason & Vision to Win a Pageant

Your Reason & Vision to Win a Pageant

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Would a Hip-Hop Dance Routine be Good for Pageant Talent?

Will Our Next Miss World Be A Man?

Will Our Next Miss World Be A Man?

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Will Braids Hurt Your Chances of Winning the Crown?