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Legally Blind Miss Arkansas USA 2018 Regains Sight

One thing you might not have known about Miss Arkansas USA 2018 Lauren Weaver is that she was legally blind, but that recently changed as a result of Lasik eye surgery. (Read: 9 Former Teen USAs Will Compete at Miss USA 2018) New sight for Miss Ar...

19, March 2018

Etiquette Tips That No One Tells You as a Pageant Contestant

Within pageantry, there are certain unspoken rules that can influence the judges' decision when it comes to who will walk away with the title. Proper pageant etiquette is essential for all serious pageant competitors and can make the difference betw...

17, March 2018

Etiquette Rules That All Pageant Coaches Should Follow

Coach Lu Sierra works with the Miss Universe Organization titleholders. Photo: Lu Sierra Coaches play a crucial role in the journey of pageant contestants. They guide girls in every element of the competition, teaching them the ins and outs of th...

17, March 2018

Etiquette Rules That Every Pageant Judge Must Know

Judge and Journalist Maria Menounos speaks during the 2018 Miss America Competition press conference at Boardwalk Hall Arena on September 10, 2017, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Photo: Getty Images/Michael Loccisano Judging a pageant is no easy t...

17, March 2018

What Directors Need to Know About Pageant Etiquette

Diane Hardgrove (in green), Director of the Mrs. New York America Pageant surrounded by her contestants. Photo: Mrs. New York America Pageant directors are not just the people in charge, but they are the backbone of the entire pageant system. The...

17, March 2018

Etiquette Guidelines for Every Pageant Parent to Follow

So your daughter competes in pageants! No doubt, she's the star of the show while you're attending the competition. All eyes are on her most of the time, but it's important to remember that as parents, our actions do not go unnoticed in the pageant a...

17, March 2018

Pageant Questions for Princess Contestants

The Princess division in pageants is fun and all about being yourself and showing your personality! We gathered some of the most popular pageant questions for princess contestants to help you prepare for your personal interview with the judges. At a ...

13, March 2018

Are Planks Better Than Crunches?

When you think of typical abdominal exercises, you probably think of crunches as the go-to core workout. Are crunches really the best abdominal workout? Or are planks a better way to engage your core? To answer these questions, I consulted Steve H...

12, March 2018

20 Modeling Types and Requirements (And Which is Best for You)

Allie Ayers (left) and Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015, (right) pose for the 2018 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. Photo: Taylor Ballantyne Pageants have launched the modeling careers of quite a few queens. For example, this year during Sports I...

11, March 2018

How to Become a Model (And Get Your First Job)

In this article, you are going to learn how to become a model and how you can get booked for your very first job. Being overwhelmed with how to get started is the biggest obstacle we have seen for girls and guys launching a career. This article is go...

11, March 2018

How to Get Modeling Jobs: The Definitive Guide

Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2018 and model Sofie Rovenstine. Photo: Matt Castonos Many young girls consider pageantry to be a gateway into the modeling industry. For many titleholders, it has been. We can look at success stories like Olivia Culpo and...

11, March 2018

What to Look for in Modeling Agencies (And What to Stay Away From)

Miss Missouri Teen USA 2018, Chloe Bartlett. Photo: Chloe Bartlett Instagram Many girls desire to be models, but most of what is portrayed in movies and on television is not an accurate portrayal of how it usually happens in real life. The bigges...

11, March 2018

Pageant Planet Launches New Informational Courses

Starting today, March 11, 2018, Pageant Planet will launch courses each week that will provide you with all of the information you need about different topics in pageantry. You are probably familiar with the coaching articles that Pageant Pla...

11, March 2018

Titleholders #PressForProgress During International Women’s Day

Thursday kicked off the 107th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, and you can guess that women everywhere came together in droves to show everyone who truly runs the world. Miss Illinois USA 2018 Karolina Jasko shares her #PressForProgres...

09, March 2018

5 Tips for Developing Mental Toughness

We all know by now that winning a pageant requires so much more than just “pageant prep.” It requires a winning mindset and to get there, you have to get tough mentally. To bring you the very best advice on mental toughness, we looked to our O...

07, March 2018

Top 10 Best Pageants for Moms to Compete in

The top 6 at Mrs. America 2018. Photo: Rhonda Gilliam Mothers are the real life Wonder Women. They are some of the busiest humans on the planet. They always put their families first and sometimes, in consequence, end up neglecting their own dream...

03, March 2018

Top 10 Pageant Fashion Moments of February 2018

With February being the month of love, a lot of my favorite outfits worn by titleholders are, of course, showing my love for blush, red and all things girly. That being said, this month was also New York Fashion Week, meaning there were too many out-...

02, March 2018

Should Directors be Allowed to Coach Their Contestants?

Kara Knudsen (bottom left) and Shalyn Kernop (bottom right) pose with the newly crowned titleholders after the 2017 Miss California Collegiate America Pageant. Photo: Rod Aberegg Directors have a passion for pageantry that is just as strong as an...

01, March 2018

10 Reasons Why Feminists Should Compete in Pageants

Miss Peru contestants stun Peruvians by sharing facts on gender violence. Photo: NPR Feminism and pageantry are two words that are often not used in the same sentence. Many feminists actually believe pageantry is the antithesis of all that they s...

28, February 2018

Top 5 Miss Philippines Questions and Answers

Pageants in the Philippines are knowing to be as big as the Super Bowl or a Presidential Election. Because of this, the onstage interview is known to be one of the most intense parts of their pageants. We took five of the onstage questions from 2017...

27, February 2018

How to Raise Your Self Esteem in Middle School

USA National Preteen 2017, Gabriela Norwood, competes during the Runway competition at the 2017 USA National Miss Pageant. Photo: Amanda Ferguson Photography Middle school is.....weird. You are too young to be a kid but still not old enough to ex...

25, February 2018

Titleholder of the Day

Title Holder Of the Day

Sierra Beck

Miss Tennessee Junior National Teenager

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