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How to Answer: Why Should You Be the Next Titleholder?

This is one of the most common questions asked in pageant interview, and yet a lot of girls don't like getting it because they think their answer will be similar to everyone else. To some extent, that's true: judges have probably heard a lot ...

14, January 2015

Top 5 Best Pageant Resale Sites

If your closet is anything like mine, it is full of things you only wore once or twice. That is all too common with pageant clothes -- evening gowns, talent wear, swimwear, even interview attire! Why should you hold on to things you'll ...

10, January 2015

How and When to Stand in Pretty Feet

The typical "pretty feet" every pageant girl is taught, is simple. But some girls are thrown into the pageant world without even being taught the pretty feet! Crazy, I know. But today I am here to show you the proper way and when to stand i...

04, December 2014

How to Master Onstage Introduction

More girls get nervous about speaking onstage than any other category of competition, and that's why it's so important to have a plan in place and to practice a lot before pageant weekend. Here are the top tips to have you deliver your introd...

20, November 2014

Miss America vs Miss United States

In the pageant world, we know of hundreds of thousands of pageant systems. But many pageant systems seem to stand out with how popular they have become or how long they have been a popular item. Note: Now before getting started, this isn't an art...

19, November 2014

How to Hide Stretch Marks

Miss Indonesia 2019 Fredrika Cull. Photo: Miss Universe Organization Stretch marks: the one body flaw women are conditioned to fear from the time they hit puberty. It isn’t unusual to hear an expectant mother express concern over the pos...

16, October 2014

4 Best Pageant Scholarship Programs

Girls enter pageants for different reasons, but many young women are drawn to programs that give outstanding scholarships to their winners or even to the runners up. While there are many pageants in which you can win some scholarship money, there are...

03, September 2014

3 Tips to Answer "Why Do You Want to Be Miss _______?" During Interview

"Why do you want to be the queen of your state?" may just be one of the worst questions a judge can ask a contestant right next to, “What can you tell me about yourself?” (Because you know you spent hours writing your resume for...

12, August 2014

Titleholders Respond to Voy Board Bullies

The other night I was watching Breaking Bad on Netflix when my iPhone chimed telling me that I had a new email. I saw that it was a alert from Google and that they found someone talking about, "Pageant Planet". Curious...I opened up my e...

02, July 2014

5 Positive Things We Learn From Pageantry

Many have the impression that pageantry is composed of beautiful, fit women who are self-absorbed, superficial and lack intellect. Once you become a part of this world you will realize that is far from the truth. Admittedly, the girls are beautiful; ...

18, June 2014

A Pageant Girl's Guide to Social Media

We're constantly surrounded with the latest news on our friends and family. We get so much information from social media these days.  What you post on your Facebook or Twitter can definitely affect your future career and opportunities. Bu...

22, May 2014

Service Project Ideas for Pageant Contestants

We've all seen the stereotypical portrayals of pageant contestants, a la Miss Congeniality, spreading peace, love and beauty throughout the world. I say, it's a tough job and someone's gotta do it! So, why not you? Making a difference i...

21, May 2014

How To Answer Beauty Pageant Questions

According to a magazine, the top ten beauty pageant questions are somewhat like these set of questions; “Tell us something about yourself and your family”, “What or who inspires you the most?”, “What would you do to be...

11, May 2014

What Are Pageant Flippers And How Much Do They Cost?

On almost every episode of TLC’s hit show Toddlers & Tiaras you will see a child distraught or upset over the pressure they face. Their hair is being pulled, fake tanning sprays are being applied and thousands of dollars worth of makeup is ...

27, March 2014

How To Answer the "Tell Me A Little About Yourself" Question

Even if you are a very prepared contestant when it comes to pageant interview, I see that a lot of girls trip over this question. Especially if you have practiced answering very pointed interview questions like "What is your favorite book?"...

08, March 2014

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Girls Make During Onstage Question

Even though it's often only a small portion of your overall score, onstage question is also frequently the last chance for the judges to see you and make their decision. In many pageants with an onstage question component, this phase of competiti...

01, March 2014

What Are Your Breakouts Telling You?

In a world of allergies, sensitivities, and ingredients that we cannot pronounce, your breakouts could be caused by more than just surface bacteria.  As more and more foods are processed with unnecessary additives, we are harming our bodies from...

31, January 2014

Miss America Pageant Talent Rules: What You Need to Know

Updated: July 9, 2018. To see all other Miss America rule updates visit, Miss America 2019 Changes. In the Miss America Organization, talent is a large portion to competing in the pageant. The talent competition counts as 50% of your overall score...

31, December 2013

10 First Pageant Tips You Need To Know (+ Prep Course)

Being a first timer in ANYTHING is uncomfortable and pageantry is no different. There are questions that you should be asking that you don't even know to ask because you have never competed before. To help with this we have created a pageant prep...

09, December 2013

Which Color Dress Wins the Most Pageants?

Shopping for the perfect gown can be so difficult when there are so many options. When I'm narrowing down the colors to choose from, I like to take into consideration what colors look good with my skin tone, as well as the top three colors that w...

04, December 2013

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Compete In Pageants?

Girls across the country dream of becoming the next Miss USA or Miss America, but many wonder if there is a height requirement to compete in pageants. Well good news for the vertically challenged out there, most major pageants do not have a height re...

16, November 2013

Titleholder of the Day

Title Holder Of the Day

Thais Ridgeway

Miss New York United States 2020

"The PA House of Representatives designated June 19, 2008 as "Thais Ridgeway Day" in my home state."

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