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What You NEED to Know to Prepare for Pageant Fitness Wear

With the official transition of many systems from swimsuit to fitness, like Miss Teen USA, you may be wondering how you can train your body to appeal in fitness gear where it once shined in a bikini. There are a few details to know when it comes from...

14, January 2017

Guidelines for Parents When Practicing for a Pageant

“Parents, particularly those involved in children's pageants, often forget that it's just a pageant which can be equated to Little League for boys – a hobby where one learns good sportsmanship, gains self-esteem and most impo...

18, December 2016

10 Common Questions Asked in a Miss America Interview

Our new Miss America was just crowned, and while we saw the ladies strut their stuff on stage in Evening Gown, Talent, and Onstage Question, earlier this week each delegate participated in the Interview competition. The interview is a panel-style int...

12, September 2016

10 Lazy Beauty Hacks Every Pageant Girl Should Know

We all know the feeling: It's 6 a.m., you've hit the snooze button multiple times stalling until the last possible second, and you definitely can't function without your favorite cup of Starbucks or Dunkin coffee. Chances are, you're ...

22, March 2016

How to Perfect Your Pageant Walk

Nothing is more important to your overall pageant score than perfecting your pageant walk and mastering your pageant pose. I have seen girls with perfect swimsuit bodies score average while girls with average bodies have score perfectly. Likewise I&#...

17, March 2016

The Ultimate Guide to African American Pageants

The pageant world broadens itself daily as new and exciting systems are emerging. There are so many different types of pageants out there for every type of pageant girl that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. On the bright side, you have...

12, March 2016

Crown and Sash Etiquette: Are You Breaking the Rules?

Some systems do not clarify the "rules" or "etiquette" of wearing your crown and sash, but it is a topic of great importance for pageant queens and directors. Without realizing it, wearing the wrong sash and crown to an appearance...

11, March 2016

Why You Should Compete as a Ms Contestant

It's easy to get down in the dumps about a Ms. title. Historically, the Ms. title in front of a name denoted a divorcee or the crazy cat lady down the street. It used to mark the time when youth is lost on us and we are no longer privy to the Mis...

06, March 2016

How Pageant Directors Choose and Instruct Judges

Outside of the competitors themselves, the pageant judges a system uses become the cornerstone of the contest. Because all roads lead to these individuals who will decide the fate of the competitors, choosing and more importantly educating them ...

01, December 2015

6 Pageant Platform Money Raising Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Work!

Raising money for your platform can be rewarding and fun, but only if you know how to get started. Here's how to raise money for your platform! Miss Pennsylvania Collegiate America 2019 Alexis Wintle at the Portland Sea Dogs Mother&rs...

27, October 2015

What You NEED to Know to Increase Your Pageant Fun Fashion Score

Fun Fashion Wear has quickly become a staple in pageantry. Girls love another reason to get all glitzed up and sparkle like a disco ball.  After all, no pageant girl can have enough rhinestoned outfits; Elvis would be proud. But for gi...

06, September 2015

What To Do When You Start Rambling During Your Pageant Onstage Question

The onstage question.... Now if you talk to some contestants, the onstage question is both the most stressful part of the competition and the most rewarding. Being asked an onstage question usually means that you have advanced to the next round of co...

10, May 2015

9 Tips to Scheduling More Pageant Appearances

If you're hoping to get a lot of appearances with your pageant title, you need to put in the legwork. While it's okay for your director to schedule some of them, you can do some good by putting your name out there. Follow these 9 tips to ensu...

23, April 2015

What is the Difference Between Natural & Glitz Pageants?

Yes, the media is overrun with the "Toddlers & Tiaras" image of pageantry... and while those pageants are exceptional, there is so much more to the pageant world that just "glitz"! To reality television, it is normal to s...

08, February 2015

What You MUST Know About Miss America Rules Before Competing

The Miss America Organization is known for having very strict rules for titleholders. To girls new to the pageant world, or new to the Miss America Org., these rules can be very confusing (or even seem like a foreign language!) As a MAO competitor my...

17, January 2015

How to Answer: Why Should You Be the Next Titleholder?

This is one of the most common questions asked in pageant interview, and yet a lot of girls don't like getting it because they think their answer will be similar to everyone else. To some extent, that's true: judges have probably heard a lot ...

14, January 2015

Top 5 Best Pageant Resale Sites

If your closet is anything like mine, it is full of things you only wore once or twice. That is all too common with pageant clothes -- evening gowns, talent wear, swimwear, even interview attire! Why should you hold on to things you'll ...

10, January 2015

How and When to Stand in Pretty Feet

The typical "pretty feet" every pageant girl is taught, is simple. But some girls are thrown into the pageant world without even being taught the pretty feet! Crazy, I know. But today I am here to show you the proper way and when to stand i...

04, December 2014

How to Master Onstage Introduction

More girls get nervous about speaking onstage than any other category of competition, and that's why it's so important to have a plan in place and to practice a lot before pageant weekend. Here are the top tips to have you deliver your introd...

20, November 2014

Miss America vs Miss United States

In the pageant world, we know of hundreds of thousands of pageant systems. But many pageant systems seem to stand out with how popular they have become or how long they have been a popular item. Note: Now before getting started, this isn't an art...

19, November 2014

How to Hide Stretch Marks

Miss Indonesia 2019 Fredrika Cull. Photo: Miss Universe Organization Stretch marks: the one body flaw women are conditioned to fear from the time they hit puberty. It isn’t unusual to hear an expectant mother express concern over the pos...

16, October 2014

4 Best Pageant Scholarship Programs

Girls enter pageants for different reasons, but many young women are drawn to programs that give outstanding scholarships to their winners or even to the runners up. While there are many pageants in which you can win some scholarship money, there are...

03, September 2014

3 Tips to Answer "Why Do You Want to Be Miss _______?" During Interview

"Why do you want to be the queen of your state?" may just be one of the worst questions a judge can ask a contestant right next to, “What can you tell me about yourself?” (Because you know you spent hours writing your resume for...

12, August 2014

Titleholders Respond to Voy Board Bullies

The other night I was watching Breaking Bad on Netflix when my iPhone chimed telling me that I had a new email. I saw that it was a alert from Google and that they found someone talking about, "Pageant Planet". Curious...I opened up my e...

02, July 2014


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